Carnival Pride - October 6, 2019

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  • mintsugarcube
    mintsugarcube October 5, 2019 12:34 am

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering. I've ruled out Freeport. If it happens, it will be a pleasant surprise

  • oncemayan
    oncemayan October 4, 2019 11:54 am

    FYI...I've been tracking the Pride and it was supposed to be in Freeport today, but it's heading back to Baltimore.  Never stopped in Freeport.

  • RiverqueenSS
    RiverqueenSS September 30, 2019 5:11 pm

    We took 6-packs of juice -- not soda -- check on Carnival's site to make sure.



  • John Reid
    John Reid September 26, 2019 1:06 am
    On 9/24/2019 at 5:02 PM, mss22859 said:

    Is the 6 pack of soda correct? I had always taken a 12 pack.


    My experience is a 12 pack of soda per person.

  • mss22859
    mss22859 September 24, 2019 9:02 pm
    On 9/23/2019 at 2:52 PM, RiverqueenSS said:

    Yes -- we are still going to Freeport, but we won't be getting off the ship.


    For those of you who have never been on the Pride before, I have some information for you -- this will be my 8th trip on the Pride.  It is very long, but loaded with information.


    ·       When you get to the port, your luggage will be unloaded from your vehicle and loaded onto carts – you will need a tip for that person.  Then you will park your vehicle, pay the $15.00 per day fee, then enter the Cruise Terminal.  You can’t carry any open containers in there.  You will need your Boarding Pass, License, Passport and a Credit Card that you Sea Pass will be linked to.  After you have your Sea Pass, you won’t need your Passport again – put it in the safe in your cabin.




    ·       You will be able to get into your cabin when you board the ship, but your luggage won’t be there yet – be sure to pack what you will need in your carry on.  If your group has any kids, you will definitely want them to have a bathing suit!




    ·       About the pools – they empty the water and fill it every day with the water where you are – Monday might be water from North or South Carolina, Tuesday might be water from Florida, etc.  It will be salty!  The further down the coast, the more salty.  It is so salty that you actually don’t have to tread water – you will automatically float!




    ·       There are two main pools and hot tubs and another pool and hot tub in the “Serenity” area – no kids are allowed.  The “Serenity” area is in the back of the ship on Deck 9, past the buffets. 




    ·       If you use the complimentary Liter of water they give you, they will replace it and charge you $4.50 for the replacement.  Instead, before you cruise, go to: to order 12-pack bottles of water at $4.50 each.  It will be delivered to your cabin and be there when you arrive.  You will have a refrigerator in your cabin.




    ·       Your room steward will introduce himself/herself when you arrive.  They will ask you if you want them to clean twice a day or just in the evening.  I always choose the evening because the used shower towels will be replaced, the bed will be made and turned down and your towel animal will be sitting on the bed.  They don’t really have to clean in the morning.  I don’t want to have to worry about them coming in my cabin more than once a day.  Let them know if you want fresh ice every day too.




    ·       Suitcases fit under the bed.  There is plenty of storage space, so move in when you get there and put your suitcases away. 




    ·       Take half full shampoo, cream rinse, body wash, toothpaste, etc. – then you can just throw it away at the end of your cruise.  It will make your luggage a little less heavy too.




    ·       Take spray sunscreen – it is so much easier to put it on!




    ·       Staple colorful bows to your luggage so you can identify yours when everyone’s luggage will be in a giant warehouse at the end of the cruise – it will be so much easier to find yours.




    ·       I always pack a few plastic hangers to hang up bathing suits – they don’t really have anywhere to hang wet clothes in the cabin rooms. 




    ·       Pack a Laundry Bag for your dirty clothes – you can hang it in the closet to keep clutter down.




    ·       One the Pride, there is plenty of space above the bathroom counter – 3 shelves on the left side and 3 shelves on the right side.




    ·       Cabin walls & doors are magnetic.  You can hang decorations, etc. outside your cabin door – it will make it easier to find your cabin.  Magnetic hooks would come in handy too.




    ·       Your Muster Station (for the mandatory life jacket/safety drill) will take place before you set sail on Sunday.  Your Muster Station is printed on your Sea Pass.  Don’t go too early or you will be in the back row of 6 layers of people and it can get very hot out there.  Take a drink with you!  Take an accordion fan too.


           Also designated on your Sea Pass is the floor you will go to when you have dinner in the Normandie Restaurant.  You don’t want to wait in line on Deck 2, when you should be on Deck 3 for dinner.




    ·       You will use your Sea Pass in the slot machines (if you play).  It will be linked to your credit card, but you can use money too.  You will have to ask someone to show you how to access the money that you have left and how to use your Sea Pass to play.




    ·       On the Pride, “Formal Night” only means “Formal” if you want it to.  A few people really dress up and have portraits done, but any dress, sundress, skirt or nice suit will be acceptable – you can dress anything up with jewelry.  Men don’t have to wear a tuxedo or even a suit jacket or tie – a nice shirt and dress pants are fine.  They don’t want you to wear flip flops, shorts or jeans, but some people will wear them anyway.  By not packing “Formal” clothes & shoes, you will have a lot less luggage.  The Pride is very casual!




    ·       When you are on-board, I suggest that you go to the elevator that is closest to your cabin, and take it to Deck 9 – the Lido Deck – notice where your elevator is on that deck.  If you use that elevator each time you want to go from the Lido Deck to your cabin, you will save yourself from walking down long hallways of cabin doors.  Also, if you go to the Lido Deck when you first get on the ship, you can have lunch at Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint or go to the buffet for lunch while you wait for your luggage to be delivered.




    ·       In February of 2019, the Carnival Pride updated its carpet, flat screen TVs in cabins and removed the Wedding Chapel and the Library and put in a new Arcade.  Their TV channels will include:  HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, CBS News, Cruise Life Television, Fun Aboard, Carnival Adventures, Fun Finds, Fun for All, Ocean View (forward & aft) – if you have an inside cabin, you can turn off the volume and use Ocean View as a night light – you will know when the sun comes up!




    ·       If you plan to go to the Comedy Club shows, or any other shows– go early so you can get a seat.  FYI – the early Comedy Club show will be PG13 and the later show will be rated R.  Crude.




    ·       You can take a drink with you anywhere on the ship.




    ·       In the morning, the Lido Deck buffet has omelet chefs – there are 3 “Omelets Your Way” stations (only one is open until noon – it is across from the glass elevators and coffee station -- the others close at 10:00).  Also, OJ and fruit juice are only available at breakfast time.  You can fill empty water bottles with juice in the morning.  Tea, coffee and lemonade are available all day. 




    ·       In the Fun Shops, cigarettes are cheap!!!  Tax free & duty free and they have less chemicals than ours have too.  The “duty free” Fun Shops won’t be open until the ship passes the Francis Scott Key Bridge.  That means that they won’t be open until about 6:30 p.m. on Sunday night, so take some with you if you smoke – the Pride is a smoking ship!  Also, the shops won’t be open if the ship is in any port.  The same goes for the Casino.




    ·       Pall Mall – Emerald -- $29.00 per carton;


    Marlboro – buy 3 get 1 free (They are $44 per carton & 1 free makes them $34.00 per carton).  Go Saturday, after 5:00 to get the best deals!  If they have a per person limit on the cartons that you can have, take them out of the carton and it won’t be considered a carton any more – ta da!!! 




    ·       They also sell alcohol really cheap.  On Saturday, after 5:00, there will be special deals, like 4 bottles of Bacardi Rum for $40.00.  If you buy it earlier in the week, they will “store it for you.”  I mean, you can’t have it until they deliver it to you on Saturday evening.  If you buy it after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday in the Fun Shops, you can take it to your cabin and pack it in your luggage.





    ·       Each guest is allowed to bring a bottle of wine.  They will charge a “corkage fee” of $15.00 to open it for you (take your own cork screw and open it in your cabin).  You can take a glass of wine to dinner with you.  Each guest can also bring a six-pack of soda or juice, but only in cans.  It has to be in your carry-on luggage.  Cases of water are not allowed -- they will confiscate it before you board the ship. 




    ·       During the days and evenings, lots of fun happens at the main pool – the Cruise Director is very good at keeping all of the people dancing, cheering and happy. 




    ·       Drinks served on the pool deck in “Souvenir” containers would be cheaper if you asked for them to be in a regular glass.




    ·       The free ice cream/frozen yogurt is located in a hallway to the right of Guy Fieri’s Burgers.  The ice cream station on the other side of the ship will have different flavors, or yogurt instead of ice cream.




    ·       The Pizza Pirate is open 24/7.




    ·       The Movies under the Stars will be at the main pool on the giant screen. 




    ·       Formal Night will be the first “Sea Day” (Monday).  That is the night they will serve Lobster -- and yes, you can order two!  You can always order as many appetizers as you want to try.  When you have “Our Time Dining,” you won’t be seated on the main deck in the dining room – it is much more casual on the third deck.  You don’t have to dress formal.  No flip flops will be allowed.  The second formal night will be on the first Sea Day on the way back – no lobster that night, but their prime rib is awesome!  Don’t forget to have some Chocolate Melting Cake too – YUMMY!!!


    Is the 6 pack of soda correct? I had always taken a 12 pack.

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