By Ben Lyons
Cruise Critic Contributor
2.0 / 5.0
Cruise Critic Editor Rating: Cabins

The vast majority of cabins are identical, with the only difference being their locations on the ship. The Main and Lower Decks feature two categories of cabins. The small, spare rooms measure approximately 127 square feet and feature narrow, hard, single beds. (No double beds are available, although some cabins accommodate a third person from a pull-down berth.) One plus is that all cabins are outside, and in a real throwback to another era, all cabin windows (except those on the Lower Deck) actually open to the fresh air, which makes for a delightful way to liven up the otherwise stuffy cabins.

Cabins on the Captain's Deck have windows (instead of portholes), looking out onto the promenade deck. These cabins are actually 15 square feet smaller than the less-expensive cabins on the Lower and Main Decks, but they feature TV's and safes, which the lower-priced cabins don't have. It probably isn't worth spending the extra money for the TV and safe with the trade-off being a smaller cabin and a window that looks out onto a public deck. Unless you want a suite, stick with the Lower or Main Deck cabins, and then choose between those two categories by factoring in how much you want a cabin with a porthole that opens, versus one that remains shut.

Baffin Suites on the Upper Deck are the same size as the regular cabins on the Lower and Main Decks, but they feature three windows. These windows open onto the enclosed promenade. The only true suites are the two Hudson Suites, also on the Upper Deck, which (at 334 square feet) are almost three times larger than the other cabins onboard. Again, their windows look out onto the interior promenade, although one-way glass prevents anyone from looking in. Both the Baffin and Hudson Suites feature safes and TV's, but without satellite television, the TV is only useful for watching movies from the small DVD library onboard.

Bathrooms are tiny, and because flimsy curtains separate the showers from the rest of the bathroom, it's pretty much guaranteed that some of the shower water will spill over. Shower gel and shampoo dispensers are available in the bathrooms, but I heard many tales from other passengers that soap bars were not placed in their cabins until six days into the trip. In addition, many of my fellow passengers and I found the shower water to be weak and tepid, which was very unsatisfying after a cold outing ashore.

Hairdryers are available in each cabin. Despite the small sizes of the accommodations, the storage space is decent for two people, and the cabins offer enough hooks on which to hang your parkas and other clothing.

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