Avalon Waterways Ships

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Avalon Waterways Ship Reviews

Avalon Passion
Ranked #3 of 19 Avalon Waterways Ships
92% Loved It
  • Pro: Waterview beds, French balconies running the room length and well-designed bathrooms
  • Con: European plugs are annoying for North Americans; inclusions slightly weak for price point
  • Bottom Line: Healthy menus and a boutique feel equal a modern but comfortable take on river cruising
  • Launched: 2016;  Passengers: 166
Avalon Felicity
Ranked #2 of 19 Avalon Waterways Ships
88% Loved It
  • Debuted in March 2010, fourth in Scenery class
  • All outside cabins are spacious for river ship
  • Sails traditional itineraries along Europe's rivers
  • Launched: March 2010;  Passengers: 138
Avalon Visionary
Ranked #3 of 19 Avalon Waterways Ships
87% Loved It
  • Pro: Panoramic sliding-glass doors that create "open-air balconies" and beds facing the river
  • Con: All plugs are European only
  • Bottom Line: An intimate and comfortable ship, small enough to sail places others can't
  • Launched: 2012;  Passengers: 128
Avalon Scenery
Ranked #4 of 19 Avalon Waterways Ships
86% Loved It
  • Sails the smaller European rivers
  • Cabins have either windows or French balconies
  • Intimate ship carries just 138 passengers
  • Launched: April 2008;  Passengers: 138
Avalon Myanmar
Ranked #13 of 19 Avalon Waterways Ships
100% Loved It
  • Pro: Small size gets passenger into remote spots of Myanmar
  • Con: Technology limits will leave you disconnected
  • Bottom Line: An intimate cruise for active travelers into a region still relatively untouched by tourism
  • Launched: 2015;  Passengers: 36