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SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream promotes its style of cruising as "yacht-like" with a "resort-casual" dress code (read: no formalwear required) and upscale cuisine and amenities. "We are not a cruise line" is the mantra repeated by top executives.

SeaDream Yacht Club Cruise Highlights

Why Go?

True yacht-like cruising: sophisticated yet unpretentious

Features outstanding service and cuisine

Coziest cabins at sea

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Casual, sophisticated and unpretentious, the SeaDream experience is highlighted by outstanding service, delicious cuisine and visits to ports of call where you'll rarely see another cruise ship.

There's no dress code, but plan on "elegant casual" by day and, well, "casually elegant" by night. Women do dress up in cocktail dresses, so don't take "casually elegant" as a euphemism for turning up for dinner in shorts. Just don't bother to pack a tie if you're a man.

All meals are open-seating, and many tables for two are available, which makes SeaDream a terrific choice for the romantically inclined. On the other hand, the ship's intimate size fosters a lovely community, and it's easy to meet others. Weather permitting, limited dining is available on deck. Tell the maitre d' at breakfast if you'd like a table outside that night.

SeaDream is one of the more all-inclusive lines in cruising, so beverages (including cocktails), gratuities, equipment offered at the water sports platform and DVD's for in-cabin viewing are part of the fare. You will, however, shell out for treatments at the small but well-appointed spa, super premium liquors and wines, and shore excursions.

On SeaDream's two yachts, a unique and popular activity is sleeping under the stars, either on the double Balinese loungers facing the sea, aft of the Top of the Yacht Bar, or, if you put in your request early, on the big, eight-person bed on the forward deck. Duvets and pillows are provided. It's first come, first served, but we didn't have a problem securing a bed for a night.

Fellow Passengers

What passengers tend to have in common is that they're well-heeled, well-traveled, sophisticated -- and laid-back. Ages range from 30 to infinity. Couples predominate, though you'll also encounter sophisticated solo travelers, as well as the occasional large group of family and friends.

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