Star Clippers Ships

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Star Clippers Ship Reviews

Star Clipper
Ranked #1 of 4 Star Clippers Ships
76% Loved It
  • Pro: More open deck space than on many large cruise ships
  • Con: Extremely laid back without any additional fanfare
  • Bottom Line: Tall-masted clipper ship is modern yet retro
  • Launched: 1992;  Passengers: 170
Royal Clipper
Ranked #2 of 4 Star Clippers Ships
75% Loved It
  • Pro: A classic clipper ship whose sails aren't just for show; it's powered by wind, when possible
  • Con: Minimal entertainment venues and planned activities
  • Bottom Line: A good choice for adults seeking the ambiance of an old-fashioned sailing ship
  • Launched: 2000;  Passengers: 227