Emerald Waterways Ships

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Emerald Waterways Ship Reviews

Emerald Liberte
Ranked #1 of 7 Emerald Waterways Ships
96% Loved It
  • Pro: Wonderful crew, good food and wine, and a mix of international passengers
  • Con: Small, uninspired cabins and uncomfortable pillows
  • Bottom Line: Excellent service and ample inclusions for a more affordable price
  • Launched: 2017;  Passengers: 138
Emerald Star
Ranked #3 of 7 Emerald Waterways Ships
77% Loved It
  • Pro: Laidback onboard experience; fantastic wall-sized windows that open in cabins
  • Con: No evening entertainment to speak of, little enrichment and food is not a highlight
  • Bottom Line: Friendly vibe combined with lots of inclusions make for a value-oriented way to see Europe
  • Launched: 2014;  Passengers: 182