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Bangkok-based Cruise Asia Ltd. was created in 2003 for the sole purpose of providing upscale river cruise options on the inland waterways of Thailand. The company operates one vessel -- the 20-passenger RV River Kwai, which sails the Kwai Noi River west of Bangkok.

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This is a simple vessel with elegant but basic accommodations and public spaces. The teak-lined cabins include air conditioning, safes and in-suite bathrooms with showers. All cabins are outside with outside entries, and all have twin-bed configurations. Dining is al fresco for all meals; the dining room is on the upper deck, which is covered with a collapsible awning (so the vessel can go under low bridges). The ship was built to resemble a colonial river cruiser in the style of the Irrawaddi Flotilla; by the 1920's, this Burmese company operated the largest fleet of privately-owned ships worldwide.

Meals are served buffet-style. All excursions and lectures are included in the fare, with the exception of the new "elephant driving" program, which has a surcharge of 1,900 Thai Baht ($55 USD, £37).

Fellow Passengers

Passengers onboard this vessel will not confuse the luxury of this atypical glimpse into Southeast Asian culture and history with that of a six-star resort. Those who are looking for soft adventure with a convivial atmosphere, a great learning environment and offbeat experiences will relish these trips. Expect an international and eclectic mix of latter-day Indiana Joneses, who know that you can't get "elephant driving" lessons at your typical Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons resort, who can leave their cell phones and laptops behind and who want to avoid CNBC and CNN for a week.

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