AIDA Cruises, Germany's largest cruise line, emphasizes an active, ultra-casual cruise experience. AIDA passengers tend to be young, active and out to have fun.

AIDA Cruise Highlights

Why Go?

Geared to young, active and fun-loving German speakers

Casual atmosphere with no dress code, open dining

Sails Europe, Middle East, Canary Islands, Caribbean

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AIDA's emphasis is on an active, ultra-casual cruise experience. The informal "club" ethos is reflected in every facet of the experience -- for starters, unlike almost all other cruise ships, off-duty crew are allowed to mingle freely with passengers. By day there is a big emphasis on wellness and fitness activities in the large and popular AIDA Spa and Fit & Fun, and on the expansive open decks. At night there's lively entertainment in the theatre, and the well-patronized bars and lounges create a festive, easygoing atmosphere.

Dining, as befits the unstructured "club ship" concept, is entirely open-seating and takes place in two (or, on the new AIDAdiva, three) large self-service restaurants. While there is no main dining room, buffets on AIDA are executed with unusual finesse for mass-market ships. For those who get tired of buffet meals, an a la carte restaurant (several on AIDAdiva) offers high-quality cuisine in a more elegant atmosphere.

Fellow Passengers

German is the onboard language, so passengers consist almost entirely of Germans and other German-speaking Europeans like Austrians and Swiss. AIDA passengers, as the onboard experience suggests, tend to be young, active, and out to have fun; older Germans gravitate to the many more traditional and sedate cruise lines operating in the German-speaking market.

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