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Sail Date: September 2015
We are on the last leg of a 21 day cruise and are currently experiencing very rough seas on route to our final destination New York. To give you a flavour of this ship our bath is currently filling up with sewage and the plug is broken so ... Read More
We are on the last leg of a 21 day cruise and are currently experiencing very rough seas on route to our final destination New York. To give you a flavour of this ship our bath is currently filling up with sewage and the plug is broken so we cannot stop it. The staff say that is what happens on this ship in rough seas! We await the results! Last week our toilet flooded and although a plumber was on hand within minutes is this really what we should expect of so called luxury cruising? We understand that they are taking this ship on a world cruise in 2017. Our advice for what it is worth? Do not go! The choice of food is very limited and on a 21 day cruise the menus did not change once. Can you imagine 128 days of it! The menus are the same as they were five years ago. The ship is cramped. The staff are generally indifferent and unlike five years ago when we started with Regent it is now a case of spot the really keen friendly staff as opposed to the poor ones standing out from the rest. The same test should be applied to the food with the occasional meal standing out. The cafeteria style breakfast is now dated. Food is being cooked to order in good hotels such as our pre cruise one in San Francisco. Here the bacon is piled high and the beans congeal as time goes by! Service by staff inside and on deck is intermittent. The top pool deck was often ignored by the pool staff. The woman behind the bar both by the pool, and again in the evening was terse and argumentative. She basically told me I was wrong when I suggested I had ordered soda and lime many times and had been served Sprite and lime. According to her that was impossible. When I returned a glass of champagne which had clearly been poured hours before I was met with a scowl. I have served myself wine and cleared my own table more than once. On the pool deck I forgot to look at my table number so rather than help me out by looking across the deck to where I had pointed the waiter simply refused to take my order. I actually took a soiled sunbed cover to reception to show them the standard of cleanliness. After three days of finding dirty covers I thought at least if I took it down something would be done. I was treated as if my complaint was not worth the time and subsequently found that it had not been passed on. It was only when I followed it up a week later having heard nothing that someone called me to say it had been noted and would not happen again. Needless to say it did. We did not have any representative or information at our hotel on embarkation day. A driver pulled up to collect four people from our hotel but did not have names of clients or the ship. We just got in with two others and directed him to the Navigator berth in the terminal. We are taking a post cruise tour. Our hotel has been changed twice. The woman here on Destination Sevices failed to listen to our request for confirmation and just kept talking about something else so we walked off and are having to phone Regent in England to find out what is going on. The fixtures and fittings in the cabin are worn out. The drawers stick, the pillows are lumpy and the shower is dated. Who needs a soap tray these days? Somewhere flat to stand the shower gel would be better. The television and video player which we relied heavily upon because of the lack of entertainment, were unreliable and out of date. We have spent a lot of money in our own house to upgrade our standard of living and did not expect to be going down a notch in terms of comfort. The standard of cleaning in our cabin was poor. I often found items I had placed in the bin such as dental floss on the floor after the staff had been in. At least they came I suppose apart from two days when they forgot us completely. I decided I would use the gym on this cruise as a kick start to a new fitness regime at home. I wanted to use the time to familiarise myself with the machines. The fitness instructor was either absent from the gym or could not find the time to explain the machines to me. I felt like I was too unfit for him to take time over. When I did ask a question about heart rates and programmes on the cross trainer he barely gave me the time of day and kept darting out to reception as if looking for more important clients who had booked extra sessions and paid for them. I gave up on him and did it myself and yes I lost 6 kilos! That should give you an idea of how easy it has been to refuse the food which was often just not worth the calories. We found the entertainment team aloof and very much seperate from the guests unlike our experience on Seabourne where they really join you on the dance floor! The dancing here is late at night and the Regent orchestra is poor and boring. Everything seems rooted in the 1940's in terms of music and shows which have hardly changed over five years. We didn't bother with any and just stuck to our own films and box sets whenever we could coax the dvd player and remote in to life. This is an all inclusive cruise and in the past has been well worth it but not anymore. We are gold members as a result of all the cruises we have taken with Regent over the last five years. This is to be our last with this company. I am always fair whenever I review anything and this may seem a harsh review but it is all true. We like to reward good service and are loyal clients to may firms and companies. Although not required we did tip two waiters Siva and Alvin who embodied the old spirit of Regent. Such a shame it has come to this. We are going to book two luxury land holidays next year and give cruising certainly with this company a miss. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2012
DW (Dear wife, for the uninitiated( and I are retired Seniors living in S.Fl. This was our 43rd voyage; we had been wanting to try the Regent line but it had not been convenient before, so when we found they were to move its home port to ... Read More
DW (Dear wife, for the uninitiated( and I are retired Seniors living in S.Fl. This was our 43rd voyage; we had been wanting to try the Regent line but it had not been convenient before, so when we found they were to move its home port to Miami, we decided to "sign on". We booked through our local agent, and were glad we did. (I have never remarked to any degree on an agent before as felt it might be considered a personal plug, but have to remove that precedent here) There were several problems with this booking, not the fault of the line but a very complicated situation emerged. Our agent and her parent company alike (surfturftravel@aol.com) performed heroically to solve the several problems, spending a great amount of time and energy and kept in touch admirably, keeping us apprised of progress, as, frankly, the entire issue was more than a little "iffy" at certain points. We arrived at the port by private transportation and found check-in uncrowded and well handled. The area used by Regent (it was their first sailing from Miami) is or was (?) the facility used by Oceania and could not be more convenient, being the first terminal as you enter the port, so traffic and congestion were relatively non-existent. Here came the first surprise: We were told that rooms would be ready at a specific time and, in a pleasant manner, not to attempt to enter your cabin until so announced. We soon found out why. When the announcement was made that "all cabins" were ready, we found, on our floor, and we assume all others, all cabin doors open into the hallway and...are you ready...stewards standing in near military style at the individual cabin doors...eerily reminiscent of the latrine scene in Andy Griffith's "No Time For Sergeants) in which Griffith, the new recruit, has rigged the bathroom facilities to snap to attention for the inspecting Officer. To add to that, in our bathroom, when you open the lower cabinet underneath the sink, the clever drawstring apparatus gradually opens the wastebasket, saving you that "effort". Our cabin (all facilities are termed "suites") was indeed that. Without a doubt, the nicest and most well laid out we have ever experienced in our prior 42 voyages. To be fair, we usually book Ocean View or Veranda, so the 301 total sq.ft. was a welcome surprise. A tub and separate shower, four, yes, 4 mirrors NOT counting the bathroom, & 3 telephones.+ We were both impressed no end by the amount of usable and well thought out storage. In fact, I was still finding more up to the third day. Adjacent to the nice sized walk in closet (our first ever) there was a cleverly spaced seven drawer cabinet. It would not be a problem in this regard to do a very long voyage, which we have not found to be so on two prior world cruises on two other more mainstream lines. Our steward, Jay, took good care of us and our suite at every turn. On our table was a spray of fresh orchids, a basket of fruit and a chilled bottle of champagne to welcome us and set the tone. Impressive indeed. We dined time wise almost equally between the cafeteria and main dining room. Several times we ordered room service breakfast when there were early tours. Worthy of note indeed, said room service breakfast. A smiling waiter enters the room, sets the tray on the sofa, and, voila, magically causes a perfectly sized table top to appear from its hiding place behind the sofa. Settling it expertly in place, he then sets the table with a white cloth and full silver service. The cafeteria is set up in a different manner than most. You may take as you desire from the line, of course, but there are no trays; if possible a staff member will take your plate and lead to your table. A free standing one person station, immediately between the two opposite service lines, handles eggs/omelets to order at breakfast, and pasta and stir fry at lunch. A very helpful and efficient lady Maitre'd stands by to help with order taking and service. A noteworthy hallmark is: if an item from the main dining room is not available, it can be sent up and brought to your table. In the evening, as with other lines, this area is converted to a sit-down Italian restaurant. There is no self-service beverage service; a waiter will take your drink order. Service in all categories is truly above and beyond most others,of course of the ones we have sailed. The charming and helpful lady concierge, whose desk abuts the customer service and shore excursion desks, was so helpful and pleasant that I discreetly informed her that my wife and I would like to take her home with us. She politely declined, but did thank us! Anything desired, within reason, I believe could and would be taken care of. Example of the unexpected: As is becoming a habit on most lines, midway through a comment card asking; "How are we doing?" is distributed. Wife noted what to her was a shortage of the chocolate in certain items (Trust me here, she is an expert of all things chocolate.) and received a phone call from the chef. She subsequently, some hours later, received a followup call that a delivery from the bakery was on the way. Soon, the doorbell (yes, no knock on the door, an actual doorbell) rang and a smiling staff member presented her with an impressive plate of very very chocolaty cookies. (Think impressive chunks) This was later followed up by the chef to check on his performance, ha, wife informed him that they were the best chocolate chunk cookies she had ever had. I even had a bite myself, no comment as to whether her back was turned at the time... Main dining room is run efficiently and well. We never had a wait for a table and always found ourselves with convivial and friendly people. Food was excellent, and complimentary wine or beer, and some mixed drinks are complimentary all throughout the ship, including the full content of your cabin minibar. Tables also have a spray of fresh orchids. Entertainment was excellent and unexpectedly so for a smaller ship, the Navigator being the smallest of Regent's three ships. The Jean Ann Ryan troupe performed several fully staged shows and were enthusiastically received. Their performances feature a highly talented acrobatic duo who were audience favorites. An excellent female singer did multiple shows, being also well received. An excellent cruise staff show rounded out the overall more than good entertainment. We found disappointment (admittedly hard to do) in only one area, the gym/fitness center. Small even for a small ship...only four machines (excluding the usual treadmill pieces) and even though they could be set for multiple configurations, we were not as impressed as with other aspects of the ship. Good use was made of the space provided, but why not more space to start with? With beverages being complimentary, perhaps one bar might have been made smaller or even eliminated? To some this may not be of importance, to us, it is. Ports: Costa Maya, Mexico: We repeated (most shore excursions are [also] complimentary) a trip to an ancient Pyramid site we had done once before. Santo Tomas de Castilla,Guatemala: we enjoyed the tour (Via local tender) of a highly rated resort, with a complimentary BBQ lunch. It is well done with what we were told by staff is recreations of fortifications of earlier times. Belize City: I truly wish I could tell you, but there was a mixup on our part of the time and place to begin, and we missed our connection. We were supposed to enjoy the airboat tour which we were told was more than worthwhile. Cozumel: Can you spell; "The good and the Very annoying"? Good: We docked at the downtown area, instead of being fed into an offshore shopping center, as has happened in the past. The "Annoying"? The most, well, the only word is indeed, annoying, storefront touts in your face with every step you take. I finally solved this by walking off the sidewalk behind the pedestrian stream, and when this became impractical, we simply gave up and returned to the ship. Note to Tourism Department; The only purchase we made was from a shopkeeper who did not hassle us and informed us that he had no intention of doing so. This does NOT create good will and in my opinion can simply drive people away. Key West: No strangers to this locale, we took the glass bottom boat tour to what was described as one of the world's largest offshore reefs. A long boat ride to get there and back, and from what we saw, to us not a standout. Others may disagree. Would we do the Navigator again? Probably not. Would we do the line again? Absolutely. Mainly to have access to a larger fitness center, which is more important to us than it may be to you. Outstanding service and the nicest cabin we have ever had in our experience, of the usual class we book (Ocean View or Veranda) turn the tide for us. And without our truly amazing travel agent, we might have missed this one, in fact! Did I say that as is the trend to "all inclusive", gratuities are also included. No? I didn't? Well, they are. Bye! 30 Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2011
We booked this cruise because of the itinerary and joined in Montreal. The boarding procedure was somewhat shambolic, herded into an old port warehouse and told to fill in a health form and take a seat on one of the old chairs set out in ... Read More
We booked this cruise because of the itinerary and joined in Montreal. The boarding procedure was somewhat shambolic, herded into an old port warehouse and told to fill in a health form and take a seat on one of the old chairs set out in rows. After 40 minutes we were called to board the ship, approximately 100 people crowding around the entry to the security system to go through x-ray equipment etc. Eventually we managed to board and found ourselves in a corridor, we thought for a moment we were boarding a cargo ship, eventually we emerged in the show lounge, were given a glass of champagne, it tasted acidic so we left it, and were issued with our boarding pass and suite key card. Not a very good first impression as this was the first time we had cruised with Regent. Once we got to our suite it was better that expected, very clean and an excellent layout. There was a bottle of champagne awaiting us however I noticed it was the same brand as we were served in the lounge so left it until we had a chance to try another glass elsewhere. All the restaurants turned out to be very good although in the self service restaurant called La Veranda we were careful about what we ate. The reason for this is that there are clear plastic fixed covers over the food and we noticed on several occasions guests had to reach under the cover to get to food placed at the back and their clothing was brushing over the food placed at the front, also some guests took food, dropped it from the server then replaced it and took a different one, not a good idea. There were no staff behind some of the of the counters to assist or to watch what was happening. This was the first ship we have ever sailed on that had the observation lounge at the stern, which continually vibrated when at sea. The worse the sea conditions became the more it vibrated. When docking and manouvering in a port the vibration became excessive, it felt as though the stern was going to shake itself to pieces on occasions. I noticed that a skirt had been added to the stern of the ship and asked one of the officers about this, he told me it had been added two years ago to increase the stability. our suite was situated mid- ships and we could not feel any vibration however those at the stern told me they were somewhat fed up with it as it disturbed their sleep. To sum up I would say Regent probably deserve their six star rating on their other two ships which we understand are far superior but not on the Navigator due to its layout and vibration. Everything else is six star so I would classify it as 5*+ I think if we had the choice on two similar cruise itineraries we would opt for Seabourn as they definitely have the edge. Read Less
Sail Date: December 2009
Our arrival in Rio was a bit fraught, with long airport queues for immigration and customs followed by an "interesting" 90 minutes in a Rio gridlock. We arrived at our hotel in Copacabana at 1.30am Rio time (3.30am UK time) fit ... Read More
Our arrival in Rio was a bit fraught, with long airport queues for immigration and customs followed by an "interesting" 90 minutes in a Rio gridlock. We arrived at our hotel in Copacabana at 1.30am Rio time (3.30am UK time) fit only for bed and sleep. We arrived at the port to board the Voyager at 1.30pm next day. I would like to describe the embarkation process but it was so quick and efficient that we were in La Verandah eating lunch before we knew it! Our cabin - or should one say suite or stateroom - was everything we expected. It was spacious and well laid out and proved to be ideal for our 14 day cruise. Our stewardess quickly introduced herself and was always friendly and efficient, keeping the cabin immaculate. The bed was exceptionally comfortable and we slept well every night - although the alcohol may have helped. What about the food. I thought the food was very good at all times. Breakfast was usually in La Verandah, although we had room service on a few occasions and had a more formal breakfast in Compass Rose only the once. All these options were good in their own way and we always had whatever we wanted. Apart from one occasion we had lunch in Le Verandah or at the pool grill. The special barbecues and themed lunches were very good but, one day, how could I choose berween two of my favourite dishes, bouillabaisse and paella, both of which were very well executed. I took the easy, if greedy option of having both. The one criticism here was that it was not always very easy to dine al fresco as there were never enough tables outside. We had lunch in Compass Rose just the once. Some friends organised a special curry lunch and it was magnificent. As a curry afficionado I have to say that it ranked with the very best - and I think the Lamb Madras was the best I have ever had. We never had dinner in La Verandah so I cannot comment on that venue. Signatures (once) was absolutely superb, as was Prime 7 (twice). To be very picky, the steaks in Prime 7 were underseasoned - but that was easily remedied with a bit of DIY at the table. Our usual dinner venue was Compass Rose and this was always very enjoyable. We never experienced one bad meal or wrong order. Wine service was sometimes a little slow - not the fault of the wine waiters as there occasionally seemed too few of them. The wines themselves were good enough with plenty of choice always available. "Good enough" may seem like damning with faint praise, but they were right for the location. Finer wines would not have been appropriate in my opinion, as storage on a ship is not conducive to the health of fine wines. I should also add that I think the pastry chef did a magnificent job. We were lucky to be given a galley tour by the Executive Chef. This was very interesting in itself, but now having an understanding of the difficulties of provisioning and the effect of climate conditions on, for example, bread making I think the cuisine on the ship was probably as good as it could get (at least for that part of the world). There we a few niggles - eggs benedict not on the menu, the tea served was too weak for my taste, coffee was served before dessert rather than after, courses were served too quickly and a few others. However, I quickly learned that there was a simple solution - just ask! Magically, everything was then as I liked it or, in the case of the eggs benedict, available in every location. The waiters did an excellent job. Service was always just right - and in Compass Rose this must have been a very difficult task for the waiters as the design of the chairs severely hampered their movement. Bar service was generally good, although in places and at times it could be slow. Again, not the fault of the staff working, but a management issue. Excursions were good and always interesting. There was crowding sometimes - particularly in Salvador - but this wasn't a major issue. The one big shock for me was the rudeness and downright ignorance of a small minority of the passengers. Some appear to have a vocabulary that omits "please" and "thank you"; some were actually offensive to the staff;some complained long and loudly about very trivial issues. At trivia one afternoon, when setting a space for my team I was told "you can't sit there - we always sit there" - being a stoic Brit I simply moved rather than responding in a suitably Anglo-Saxon way. And was I also surprised at the venom that was spat by some players when they didn't agree with the answer to a question! The icing on the cake was the fiasco at disembarkation where some passengers ignored the very clear instructions and left before their colour was called. This resulted in a strike by the porters and a much delayed exit. This must have been a worry for those with early flights - a situation caused by the selfishness of a few others. (Actually, the delay for us probably wasn't an entirely bad thing, given the torrential rain outside!) Finally, I must mention the added enjoyment from Terry Breen's lectures. Superb! So, all in all, an excellent and enjoyable cruise. However, I do fail to see why we were told in advance that yellow fever jabs were mandatory, when clearly they were not. It was also a huge disappointment that, because the engine problems, we could not visit Antigua. I accept that such situations do happen but I do not think it was handled very well. I will not dwell on this except to say that the way it was (or was not) handled was much more concerning than the missed port call itself. Read Less
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