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18 Regent Seven Seas New York (Manhattan) Cruise Reviews

Six months since our last holiday, by May 2019 it was time for a break. I am a firm believer in the HR notion that a break every six months is restorative (if not to ones bank account, at least for the soul). So I looked for a cruise that ... Read More
Six months since our last holiday, by May 2019 it was time for a break. I am a firm believer in the HR notion that a break every six months is restorative (if not to ones bank account, at least for the soul). So I looked for a cruise that would please me and my wife. A bit about us: we are late middle-aged (later 50's, early 60's), one of us still works, and we have done many cruises since 2001. Mostly on Holland America, yet more recently on Seabourn. We very much liked the almost all-inclusive nature of our Seabourn cruises, as well as the smaller ships. In May 2019 Seabourn had an interesting cruise option, yet on that ship the verandah cabin guarantee offered may well have come with the opaque (metal) balcony railings. That is a show-stopper for my wife, who wants to be able to see out her balcony while seated. Seabourn would put us in a balcony with the Plexiglas railing--yet only if we ponied up another $2 grand each. It looked like we would not be cruising after all in May. Happily, searching the usual websites, I found this interesting Regent cruise--a trans-Atlantic, which we like (the days at sea can be quite restful), some interesting ports, a departure from New York, which is only an hours flight from Toronto, and with the airfare and shore excursions included. We also would have a proper balcony in the verandah cabin, with no metal railing blocking the view. All this, including business class air for the transatlantic flight home, for about the same price as Seabourn wanted for the obstructed view balcony. Hmmm, it was time to give Regent a try. Cutting to the chase for any impatient readers, we quite enjoyed our Regent cruise and would return to them. This line is now on our list, along with Seabourn. We would also return to HAL, even though we do like not having to sign for most things, for the right itinerary and pricing. It is nice to have options and choices. We found Regent a well organized operator. Their shore staff met us at Newark airport, and we were escorted to the van (we were the only passengers) provided to take us to the port of Manhattan. Ironically, the drive from the airport took longer than our 1.3 hour flight. It was nice, accordingly, that I did not have to pay for a taxi or limo, and that such ground transportation was included. As we checked in around 2PM, we had missed the rush. On board quickly, we headed to the Verandah for a casual lunch. This was the first of many very good meals on board. Ultimately to our cabin--we had received and accepted an upsell offer for a penthouse. The basic amenity was that the cabin, same size as the verandah cabin but better located, came with a butler, who was excellent! Between the butler and our stewardess, and her assistant, we were very well looked after for the next 15 days. Having never had a butler before, and wondering what we would use him for, now I wonder how we could survive without one! The cabin was a little tight compared with what we are used to. On HAL we get a Neptune Suite, and on Seabourn a regular verandah. Yet the Seabourn ships are newer than this particular ship, Navigator, which is about 20 years old. We found that there was not quite as much drawer space or storage generally, as we have had on Seabourn in the regular verandah cabins--yet we managed to get everything put away. Still, I would not have wanted a room service dinner in the cabin. Again, other than having the daily snacks which the butler brought, it was a tad tight for dining. We were not impressed with the lifeboat drill. Held partly inside, and then being taken out to the boat deck was superfluous, as the boats you were shown at the drill may well not be the boat to which you would be assigned when you gather in the event of an emergency. In my view this is not well thought out. Either do the entire drill outside, or inside. I would also think specific lifeboats should be assigned per cabin, so everyone knows exactly where to go in case of an emergency. Other lines do this in a more organized fashion. We had a little difficulty in getting the cabin stocked with my wife's favourite Vodka, Chopin, a potato-based vodka. A substitute was provided, and Chopin was available in the bars. Ultimately, our butler scrounged us a bottle for the cabin. Unfortunately, we were told that Chopin was no longer to be provided on Regent once current inventory was finished. Too bad, as it is an excellent luxury brand. The included/available Scotches were also not quite top drawer. I mean, seriously, Johnny Walker Red? Yes, they had Black, Chivas Regal (my daily tipple), and some single malts. Yet for a luxury cruise line, at a minimum 12 year old single malts (not just one, but a choice of several) should be included, and frankly, they should provide 15 year old Scotch without a surcharge. In addition to most friendly, warm, welcoming, and personable cabin staff, the same could be said about all the bar staff. They were great. It was nice to be seated, and ones regular drink brought around without having to say a word. Kudos to them for fostering a welcoming and clubby atmosphere. The food quality was truly excellent--and we are foodies. It was the best we have experienced on any cruise. Being fair, HAL provides in our experience very good Banquet style meals. Seabourn provides very good meals as well, just not a lot of variety at times, and at times, overly salted. Regent's food was not overly salted, yet was well seasoned. There was also plenty of variety at lunch, and especially at dinner in the main restaurant. Some of the "always available" dinner items included genuine whole Dover Sole, which would be filleted table-side--a pleasure to watch. We found the food prepared "a la minute", and was an example of fine dining. Not every dish was a success, but the effort was clearly present. We were surprised that someone on the cruise after ours, a Veterans charter, did not enjoy the food. Yet that may have been because it was a charter. We enjoyed the dining room or the upstairs casual restaurant which becomes an Italian restaurant at night. Happily, it was not a buffet, unless one wanted to go up and select items. We much preferred the lovely Italian servers bringing us our meal. We also enjoyed two meals in the steakhouse. We found the personnel there most welcoming and accommodating, too. The beef was very good. Yet, as I have a great local butcher, and enjoy making a BBQ during decent weather, unlike some I do not get all excited about a steakhouse! Service in the dining room, however, was not quite as good as was the food. Some of the servers were great: warm, friendly, yet also competent. Over 15 days there can be one or two food items that are not to ones taste--the better wait staff knew to check and to quickly rectify the situation. Alas, not all of the servers fit into that category. We are used to on HAL our fixed table at 8PM, where we build a rapport with the same team of waiter, assistant waiter, and wine waiter over the cruise. While we do appreciate the flexibility of open seating available on smaller ships, one sacrifices, to some extent, that personal rapport which can, if one is lucky (and we have always had good luck on HAL in that regard), develop between server and customer. The challenge for Regent and Seabourn is to imbue their wait staff with the feeling that, even if for one night, each passenger is "their" passenger, and the goal should be to make the evening special, for each guest. Not easy to accomplish, but worth aiming for. In any case on this cruise we had a word with hotel management about some initial service issues, and happily, things improved. The ports included Bermuda, and the shore excursions, also included, were very good. Unfortunately, a couple of the afternoon tours were cancelled. As I get up early most weekday mornings, the last thing I want to do on any cruise is get up early to go on tour. I prefer a leisurely morning. In most European ports, Regent did offer afternoon tours, and again, we enjoyed them. We found the laundry to be expensive, albeit thankfully we were using "Monopoly money" (our ship-board credits) for that. Seabourn offers laundry at $50 for as much as one can stuff into a bag. Regent should follow that example. If I did not have sufficient credits, the cost of laundry would be a factor worth considering, along with the other factors such as included shore excursions, included air-fare, etc. There are, it seems, always trade-offs to be made. The lectures were in our view poorly timed. The fellow who spoke at 10 AM I would have preferred hearing in the afternoon, and I could have skipped the afternoon guy who talked about photography. The onboard shows were decent, although the layout of the theatre makes it hard to find an unobstructed view unless you arrive early. Some of the specialty performers were excellent! The piano bar was ok. While the piano player could play, he often mangled the lyrics. A little more practice to make perfect may help. Bar staff there, however, were great. The demographics of this cruise included, in our view, a somewhat older crowd. That made us feel comparatively younger (not a bad thing!). Still, we met a few folk to, on occasion, have a drink with. People were quite pleasant for the most part. We were surprised that the dress code on Regent was specified as "elegant-casual" each night. Apparently for cruises of 15 days or less, there are no formal-optional nights. I had brought a couple of ties, yet never wore one. In the main dining room, however, most men did wear a sports-jacket or the ubiquitous navy blazer. People were for the most part indeed elegantly casual. We flew home on May 30, and have to say that Amsterdam's airport is very disorganized. I would also warn folks not to connect through London-Heathrow, as the security and other line ups are horrendous. In hindsight, I would have tried for a non-stop flight which, as we all know, is the best bet. Generally, and if the price is right, we would definitely return to Regent. Yet right now they seem to be charging nearly $1,000.00 per person per day. That is far more than what we paid for this cruise. So, if one can afford it, go for it--yet it pays to shop around. Read Less
Sail Date May 2019
I have been a long time Regent cruiser and was concerned about the quality of service after the takeover by Norwegian. In October my wife and I took a 10-day cruise to Canada and then Bermuda. We found the staff as warm and friendly as ... Read More
I have been a long time Regent cruiser and was concerned about the quality of service after the takeover by Norwegian. In October my wife and I took a 10-day cruise to Canada and then Bermuda. We found the staff as warm and friendly as in the past and the food was at least as good. The entertainment was moderate as I expect on a small ship, but the performers were enthusiastic. But… My wife uses a mobility scooter and transport chair which we brought on the cruise. The access to the pool deck and specialty restaurants was made especially difficult. Scooters had to navigate the lip between the corridor and deck and they created an extra barricade with an inclined plane to ease the scooter across the lip. But the plane did not slope to the ground but started with a two-inch vertical rise. To negotiate this the scooter had to be perpendicular to the rise and moving relatively fast. The problem was the stairwell was close to the deck access and there was little room for maneuvering. It was worse leaving the deck since the fast-moving scooter was headed toward the stairwell. A tense experience, to say the least. Leaving the ship in port was an adventure-in-itself. The gangway was set up in much the same way as the as access to the pool deck and disregards the needs of those who need mobility assistance. It took two crew members to move the scooter over the hump. The ship stayed in Bermuda for two days, the longest on the cruise. But none of the excursions were available to the mobility impaired -- even folding wheelchairs. This really did not matter since the gangway was steps rather than an incline. The crew offered to carry my wife and scooter down the steps, but we did not want to be singled out. Finally, the stress was too much and the scooter transmission was damaged. Half way through the cruise we filled out a questionnaire and we expressed these complaints. We were ignored. The changes that would have solved these problems were simple and inexpensive and the failure to implement these changes shows indifference, at best. Read Less
Sail Date October 2018
I’ve cruised many lines, including Princess, Celebrity, Windstar, Paul Gauguin, RCCL, HAL & Crystal. I had heard so many accolades regarding Regent, & I was determined to try them. It’s been 6 months since our cruise (there ... Read More
I’ve cruised many lines, including Princess, Celebrity, Windstar, Paul Gauguin, RCCL, HAL & Crystal. I had heard so many accolades regarding Regent, & I was determined to try them. It’s been 6 months since our cruise (there were 4 of us, in 2 cabins), but my disappointment has not waned & I cannot see myself attempting another Regent cruise - at their prices, they were far below my expectations & not worthy of a repeat. — The cabins were wonderful, comfortable, & our attendant was also wonderful. — The main dining room was too brightly lit & it ruined the ambiance of a gracious evening. One night they lost power for a short time in the brightest lights & people cheered; when the brights came back on, you could hear the grumbling disappointment. We asked for dimmer lighting, but I suppose we were one of the few because that did not happen. It was bright like a MacDonalds, no exaggeration. The food was very good, the wait staff rushed with service varying accordingly. We had some kind of VIPs on board & it was pretty angering to watch the multiple staff tripping on themselves to serve them - while we sat unattended waiting. — The 2 specialty restaurants were both disappointments, in food & in service. All 4 of us agreed, our meals were poor. We complained about the meals in the steak restaurant & they apologized profusely, asked us to give them another try ... why would we try again when we couldn’t even eat the steaks? — The drinks were poor & I sent back a few of them. I also had to start asking for doubles and/or extra shots because they skimped on the alcohol. Even the martini olives were small! That may sound petty, but I enjoy a well made martini with great olives - which was not to be had on this ship ... nor a decent Old Fashion, nor a decent Manhattan. The bar staff were polite, but not friendly & after 10 days on the ship not one of them acted like they had ever seen us before, even when we greeted them by name & tried to engage them. — Most of the tours were terrible. We paid $150 per person extra (as best I recall) for a tour in Boston to the Kennedy Library. We arrived at the library later than had been expected by the guide & our time in the library was very rushed - so I didn’t enjoy what I had been looking forward to. Our tours on Bermuda were both terrible - one was on a sailboat that was too small for all the passengers & many of us sat uncomfortably on deck. Many sat packed into the well. There was never a discussion of safety or life jackets & if I had not sailed before I imagine I would’ve been scaired sitting against the mast on a flat deck, cutting through windy seas. The other Bermuda tour was 7 people packed into an RV & a drive-about. We ended up in the 3rd row of seats, with 3 of us tucked in, which meant that 2 of us half-sat on the wheel wells & the one in the middle was a sardine. We left that tour at the first stop & were thrilled to be out of that RV. A very disappointing cruise, for many reasons. This was definitely not the “luxury” I had anticipated, was far less luxurious than many other ships I’ve been on, and was way, WAY overpriced for what we received. Read Less
Sail Date October 2018
The destinations and season were both of interest to my wife and myself. Since it's a small ship (490 passengers) entertainment is constrained. The performers did a good job in a small space. The ports were good and some are only ... Read More
The destinations and season were both of interest to my wife and myself. Since it's a small ship (490 passengers) entertainment is constrained. The performers did a good job in a small space. The ports were good and some are only accessible by small ships. The food was excellent, fresh, tasty and served efficiently. Beverages were included as usual with Regent with a good selection and they were well prepared. The pre-cruise hotel was top of the line and in a good location. We were able to walk to the theater for Hamilton. Transfers between airports and hotel were comfortable and well managed. We missed one scheduled port due to rough seas. Even though it's a small ship it is very seaworthy. The staff were both friendly and efficient. It was quick and easy to get to shore when tied up a the dock and when tenders were used. High quality as usual with Regent! Read Less
Sail Date September 2018
We are on a cruise from New York to Iceland and we picked the cruise for its destinations. The ship is old and is poorly maintained; lots of rust,scuff marks,stained carpets,faded wood on the decks.The vibration in the cabins is ... Read More
We are on a cruise from New York to Iceland and we picked the cruise for its destinations. The ship is old and is poorly maintained; lots of rust,scuff marks,stained carpets,faded wood on the decks.The vibration in the cabins is constant and unbelievable like sleeping on top of a freight train. The food is on par with Hometown buffet.Ar breakfast the hot foods were covered in grease.No fresh yogurt or berries.There are few choices for food on the ship with restrictive hours.The room service took forever and was poor quality. For dinner you are forced to dress up and go the main dining room so you don’t starve and you see fed like warm mediocre food. Most of the senior patrons don’t seem to mind or notice.We have been on about 29 cruises and this is by far the worst. There was bad weather last night and many cabins and hallways leaked and were inundated with water.Ernember this is an old ship. There is virtually no entertainment or enrichment programs and at the moment the pool and jacuzzi ms are drained with a full day at sea.The days entertainment choice a movie in the theater? The staff are very nice and well trained for the most part but they have very little to work with. I would stick with Silversea,Viking and Seabourn if you wish to experience a luxury cruise. Give these guys a miss unless you like bad food and old ships and a vibrating cabin where you can’t sleep. Read Less
Sail Date June 2018
Despite missing Bermuda and adding a day in New York and an extra sea day, this cruise was very nice. The service was excellent. The tours were well organized. Embarkation and disembarkation went smoothly. The food is good and well ... Read More
Despite missing Bermuda and adding a day in New York and an extra sea day, this cruise was very nice. The service was excellent. The tours were well organized. Embarkation and disembarkation went smoothly. The food is good and well presented. We had not been on the Navigator since it was refurbished and thought the decor overall was very pleasant. Tea time was poorly attended which we found surprising. Setti Mari was also not very busy the one time we dined there. The food was very good, but we do not like the buffet part of it. We ate in Prime 7 once, and found the service a bit lacking. The Compass Rose is our favorite restaurant. The maitre’d’s and wait staff are just outstanding. We found there was always enough on the menu to choose from when the specials did not appeal to us. There is a reason this was our sixth cruise with Regent: the level of personal service is outstanding. Read Less
Sail Date October 2017
We wanted to stay closer to home and had never been to some of the cities on this itinerary. What a beautiful time to see the New England foliage and learn about several Canadian cities/towns. The staff could not have been friendlier ... Read More
We wanted to stay closer to home and had never been to some of the cities on this itinerary. What a beautiful time to see the New England foliage and learn about several Canadian cities/towns. The staff could not have been friendlier and more accommodating. This trip had the best entertainment on the off nights of the production cast. The restaurant servers were hardworking, but missed serving courses in all three dining rooms. The food in the Compass Rose was the best. Also, the tea is beautifully done. There is never a time on this ship that you could not get something to eat. Shore excursions were terrific and we learned quite a bit from all the guides. The gym had some mechanical issues with the equipment, but had a good variety to get a workout. The musical entertainment, from the Signature Band with Igor, to Nick Messina on the piano to the duo, were terrific. They got the crowd dancing. Read Less
Sail Date October 2017
We had heard such wonderful reviews of Regent Seven Seas we had a high anticipation that our cruise of New England and Canada would be exceptional. Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed, but we still had a good vacation. Our ... Read More
We had heard such wonderful reviews of Regent Seven Seas we had a high anticipation that our cruise of New England and Canada would be exceptional. Unfortunately we were a bit disappointed, but we still had a good vacation. Our embarkation in New York was unfortunately delayed by local officials not opening up the security process at the announced time. This was not Regent's issue, but rather the problem of the local representatives not having the coordination of the embarkation process started when the first guests arrived. We were in line for an hour and we were in the second or third group to be transferred to the ship. That begs the question, how can a ship with only 700 passengers take an hour to process guests onto the ship? The two year old furnishings in the Seven Seas Suite were worn and stained with the sheer curtain torn in two locations. The carbon steel fasteners on furnishings on the expansive balcony were rusting as they were not of the quality that can be put into marine environments. While the public areas of the ship were well maintained, we found the work out facility disappointing as the equipment was not fully connected to media outlets and the equipment was worn in appearance. We did enjoy the meals in La Veranda/Tutta Mari, Signatures and Compass Rose. Unfortunately Prime Seven was not as exceptional as advertised. Service onboard the Mariner was excellent and it seemed that every request was anticipated. The most disappointing aspect of the New England/Canada Cruise were the shore excursions and time in port. We were originally scheduled to dock in all but three ports, but the dock was taken in two additional ports by the Norwegian Dawn of Regent's parent company. This resulted in delays getting ashore through tendering which often took a full hour away from our time in port. When we did get a berth in Quebec, we were berthed at a dry goods loading port, not the cruise ship port in the old city of Quebec (Very Disappointing). While we anticipated a "Six Star Cruise" as advertised by Regent Seven Seas we did not get what we believe was even a five star cruise. Hopefully this is an anomaly for Regent, but our vacation time is rare and when we get away for ten days we want and expect to get the value and luxury we pay for, unfortunately Regent Seven Seas disappointed us in terms of value and we are cancelling the cruise we have scheduled on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer for next year. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
For many years we wanted to take this cruise; finally the timing was perfect. However, we did not expect to be disappointed on so many levels. We have sailed on all the Regent ships other than the newest one and only had 10+ experiences; ... Read More
For many years we wanted to take this cruise; finally the timing was perfect. However, we did not expect to be disappointed on so many levels. We have sailed on all the Regent ships other than the newest one and only had 10+ experiences; this time was different. The ship is beautifully appointed and the cabin as perfect as usual. However, the staff did not meet expectations, not did the choices of dining. La Veranda no longer has buffet dinner as an option; many nights we had a 1/2 hour to 45 minute wait to be seated for dinner and one half of one of dining rooms was not used for anything. The quality of food was still exceptional. When it came to excursions, we were wait listed and never got on to two excursions. One of the reasons we chose Regent was because the excursions are included. If there is not enough room for the guests, the included excursions become a moot point! Needless to say, we were very disappointed.Two destinations were worthless. There was very little to choose from in Saguenay, and Charlottetown, where we were wait listed for a carriage ride offtered us nothing other than a tour of "Anne of Green Gables" house, which was a wasted few hours. We were also wait listed for a carriage ride in Quebec City and wound up walking around on our own (although the cost of the Regent cruise includes excursions, we were not renumerated for the excurions). We should have stayed an extra day in Boston where this is much to see. The staff at reception and destinations were less than friendly. We did not feel welcomed with a smile and felt as though we were bothering them with simple questions. Friends whom we convinced to sail with us on their first Regent cruise (they were Princess and Celebrity sailors), did not have past Regent cruises to compare, but they were surprised that the choice of dining rooms and extracurriculars (such as art classes, cooking classes, daytime activities) were not available. We were sorry we asked them to join us and are a bit embarrassed we raved about Regent. Read Less
Sail Date September 2016
I am a retired Navy Captain with 30 years of service and a Doctor with 2 postgraduate degrees. My spouse is retired and has a computer science engineering degree. I have spent 2 years aboard a naval aircraft-carrier and 2 years aboard a ... Read More
I am a retired Navy Captain with 30 years of service and a Doctor with 2 postgraduate degrees. My spouse is retired and has a computer science engineering degree. I have spent 2 years aboard a naval aircraft-carrier and 2 years aboard a naval destroyer tender, which had approximately the same propulsion system as the Seven Seas Navigator, two controllable pitch propellers. We departed New York Harbor 26 Sept 2015 around 8:00 PM. As the ship began backing away from the pier, we noticed heavy vibrations and the rear section of the ship began shacking violently. The heavy vibrations and violent shacking remained throughout the duration of the cruise. We noticed that the Captain reduced the cruising speed to try and reduce the vibrations. At times it become much worse. We had approximately 3 hrs of sleep that night, with calm seas. 27 Sept., we arrived in Newport, Rhode Island on time in calm seas, with blue skies and high clouds. Departed on time calm seas. Heavy vibrations and noise from ceiling, drawers, cabinets and doors. Unable to sleep, period. 28 Sept., we arrived in Boston on time. After two nights with very little sleep, I went to the Guest Relations desk and asked if I could change to a room further forward. I was told that would be impossible, because the ship was full. I stated that there is something wrong with the ship’s propulsion system causing excessive vibrations. They looked at me with a total blank stare and declared, “There is nothing wrong with the ship.” Lie #1. 29 Sept., arrived Portland, Maine with calm seas and fog. It is now obvious that the action of the seas is NOT the cause of excessive vibration. That evening the Captain announces that we will not be stopping in Rockland, Maine, due to the weather and that it would be difficult to operate the tenders. Another sleepless night. 30 Sept., as we slowly limp our way North to Saint John, NB the vibrations and noise level in our stateroom and La Veranda dinning area increased dramatically. At breakfast in La Veranda, the room was shacking so badly that passengers were holding on to the tables attempting to eat. Many just got up and left. This has now escalated into a safety and comfort issue for many of the passengers. This was unacceptable. My spouse and I went to the Guest Relations area to speak to the General Manager, Davor . I asked him directly and politely what is wrong with this ship and I informed him that I believe that there is something very wrong with the propulsion system. He stated there was nothing wrong with the ship that the vibrations were due to the action of the rough seas. Lies #2 & #3. I also stated that I believe that may be a contributing factor, minor at least, that we were unable to visit Rockland, Maine. I suggested that at the very least to compensate the passengers with free wifi. This set Davor off in a rage. In front of other passengers and staff, he said, “if you do not keep your mouth shut, I will throw you off the ship”! We pull into Saint John, NB that evening with heavy wind and rain. 01 Oct., Saint John, NB. at breakfast the Captain makes an announcement. He did not realize the low tide was more extreme than expected, due to the full moon. As a result, we would not be able to leave the ship for a few hours until the crew can place the gangway on the starboard side. Note: the ship was docked with the stern facing the storm rather than bow and I believe that there is a disembarkation exit on a higher deck on the port side? 01-02 Oct., night sailing from Halifax to Sydney finally got to sleep with the help of sleeping pills supplied by another miserable passenger. Woke up in the middle of the night by 4 extremely loud bangs on the hull?! 03-05 Oct. asked to see the Captain on the bridge. Told by the Guest Relations Dept., that would not be possible. I only saw the Captain once with another officer walking through the restaurant La Veranda ,while we were experiencing heavy vibrations. 06 Oct., Montreal: As the ship backed up along side the pier on the port side, I noticed a large crane and 2 enormous trucks with the name Divex Marine Inc. emblems on the sides of each truck. This company is noted for its underwater ship repair services and has been used by the US Navy. Once the ship was securely docked they had 3 divers in the water. The divers worked continually 24-30 hours in rotating shifts. I spoke with one of the divers and he said that they were working on one of the propellers. In conclusion: 1) In speaking with some of the service crew, one who had only been on the ship for one month and worked on other Regent ships, they all said that they have never seen a ship shake so violently, for so long. 2) In speaking with one of the restaurant managers early on in the cruise as to why the ship vibrates so much and he said that there is a problem with one of the propellers. Staff also indicated the ship was going in for an overhaul/refurbishment in March 2016. 3) There were several passengers at any given time at the Guest Relations Dept. desk complaining about wet, moldy carpet in their rooms, stained passageway carpets, heavy vibration and noise in there staterooms. It is obvious that the Captain,Chief Engineer and General Manager knew of the condition of the ship. Yet, they chose to, or were told to go to sea. They put the safety and comfort passengers at risk. I personally spoke with the president of Divex Marine Inc., Mr. Michel Birs, phone # 450-441-2974. He confirmed that there is a problem but could not go into detail because he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Obviously, one must conclude that ship staff and management is trying to coverup a very big problem. My spouse and I feel we deserve a full refund from this experience, and hope Regent will do the right thing. We chose this cruise because we have sailed on the Seven Seas Mariner to Alaska, and had a fabulous time on a wonderful ship. We will not accept credit toward another/future cruise as compensation. In short, we found our Regent Seven Seas Navigator experience a complete disaster, and Regent Management dismissive and far short of the standard of service one would expect from a five star passenger vessel. To think we paid over $20,000 for this dismal experience. Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
This was our first ever cruise and we were very impressed on arrival. During the cruise, the crew was exceptional and attentive and the food was overall very good including the wine selections. The furnishings in the ship were good as ... Read More
This was our first ever cruise and we were very impressed on arrival. During the cruise, the crew was exceptional and attentive and the food was overall very good including the wine selections. The furnishings in the ship were good as well. The excursions ranged from excellent to average. We did experience vibrations as others have commented on especially in the rear of the ship and in the theater. We did have a MAJOR problem with a recurring noise in our cabin that woke us every night or early morning. As a result, we never got a good night's sleep and were extremely tired most days. When the noise first started, I complained to the Guest Services/Reception desk who said they would look into it. The loud noise sounded like two empty pipes hitting together and originated from the ceiling in the bathroom or in the hall inside the cabin outside the bathroom. It lasted no more that 1 or 2 seconds but was loud enough to wake us. Guest Services/Reception was good in following up saying they checked during the day when we were on an excursion and could not hear anything. I continued to complain and finally took my complaint to the General Manager. I suggested the clanging noise might be due to water hammer causing the pipes to vibrate and hit together. At my suggestion, he went to the cabin above while the guests were out and opened and closed the faucets and could not replicate the noise. As the days passed, I started noting the time noise occurred. The strange thing was that it happened every morning at ~2:50 am! I kept my watch by the bed and every morning was awakened at that time by the clanging. It also happened at other times sometime one clang and sometime two clangs, one after another. I asked about moving to another cabin but the only one available was at or near the rear of the ship where there would be some amount of vibration. We had already experienced vibration in the rear of the ship in the restaurant, etc. so that did not sound like a good alternative so I declined. We had also had a couple of nights of rough seas and purposely selected our cabin to minimize ship movement. The last night we were onboard, we had just fallen asleep at ~10:15 pm and got a double clang! I was very upset and called the GM. After apologizing, he or the Concierge said they could move us to cabin 619, next door. I was shocked that the cabin door was vacant and wondered why we had not been offered this before! In any case, to get dressed and move at 10:30 pm did not have much appeal and the move might be so upsetting we may not have gone back to sleep so we stayed in 621. Unfortunately, maybe we should have moved. The double clang at 10:15 pm was followed by the 2:50 am clang, another at 4:30 am and a double clang at 6:30 am! By 6:30 we had enough clanging and got up. We were not in the cabin much during the day except during a day of sailing. The noise did occur but I cannot remember how many times.   Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
Our third trip with Regent ( we've been with Seabourn and Silversea) and our second on Navigator, having done the San Francisco to New York leg last year, we opted for the NY to Montreal section. This was an unusual cruise for us as ... Read More
Our third trip with Regent ( we've been with Seabourn and Silversea) and our second on Navigator, having done the San Francisco to New York leg last year, we opted for the NY to Montreal section. This was an unusual cruise for us as we were going from sun to decidedly cool weather. The other 6 star lines are very good in their different ways, but we do feel Regent staff seem to have that spontaneous friendliness which pervades - and yes we do know that they work all hours for months at a time. The Compass Rose really is excellent and one feels comfortable as a two or sharing a table. We personally would prefer the verandh/setti Mari to be service only in the evening with a change of appetisers as well. Some items in tureens for self service tend to dry a bit. Prime 7 is an excellent fine dining experience and performs well. Thankfully they seem to have reduced vegetables a bit so one is not so overwhelmed and the waste on plates (which we as elderly UK residents who had to eat up everything after the war hate to see) may be less. We had a penthouse suite which has similar configuration to others but a 'butler' service as well as the attentive housekeeping staff. An interesting experience and one which we enjoyed with an extremely pleasant and knowledgeable young man. Cabins have everything you need. Trips were good and interesting with one hiccup where a group was sent early to the tender without us - a learning point more fore the staff than us! In particular Sanguenay and Quebec City are not to be missed ( although perhaps you might see more of Chateau Frontenac if you visit on your own rather than for the group tea.) The odd hiccup and thought - the agents for transfer from the Hotel in New York were somewhat dysfunctional and might have come from Fred Carno's circus (Regent were aware of this from several members). In my last review I lamented the lack of a fourth restaurant like their other two ships, and similar sized ships on other lines ( but their 3 restaurants are good). I personally can't come to terms with tumblers provided for wine at lunchtime in the verandh, and the catering manager could only name one quirky hotel in Switzerland that does the same. Wine glasses were provided when requested! My wife and I can't come to terms with the somewhat boring and repetitive moves of the dancers and gymnasts - we could have walked into the theatre in any of our 3 Regent cruises and not known which one! Jean Ann Ryan needs a rethink. Other entertainment and particularly Crew Kapers were excellent. These are minor items because overall it is a five star/six star experience and there is plenty to keep even the most picky people (could that be us?) happy. We shall be back on Regent.   Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
For those of you unfamiliar with Regent, do yourself a favor and go to Cruise Reviews section of Cruise Critic and read the article on Regent. This will give you an idea of what to expect, but, hopefully my review will give you some ... Read More
For those of you unfamiliar with Regent, do yourself a favor and go to Cruise Reviews section of Cruise Critic and read the article on Regent. This will give you an idea of what to expect, but, hopefully my review will give you some additional insights. We do not consider ourselves seasoned cruisers, having only 5 cruises between us, on everything from a now defunct Greek line to Princess to Regent. However, we do consider ourselves as well traveled, having been all over the world. We like great food and wine, expect good service and first class accommodations. We're not big into the casino scene or late night entertainment, but love history, sight seeing, beautiful scenery and meeting interesting people. After a wonderful trip on Navigator from Vancouver to Anchorage in August of 2011, we looked for another trip for this year. Our travel agent is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and mentioned that they were putting together a group of clients to do the October 14-24 trip from New York to Montreal. We readily signed up and looked forward to seeing New England and Canada from Navigator. Arrived one day prior to sailing on a balmy fall day in New York City. Our transfer from La Guardia to the Intercontinental Times Square was a private town car with a former NYPD officer as our driver. He regaled us with stories as we entered Manhattan, even pointing out his favorite restaurants along the way. We were quickly checked into the Intercontinental and were disappointed to be assigned a handicapped accessible room on the third floor. It had two queens, rather than the requested king, and had a lower hanging rod in the only closet, which meant our suit bag dragged on the floor. As it was only one night, we made the best of it and set out to explore the hotel and neighborhood. We had a fabulous meal at Keens Steakhouse (72 W. 36th) - do try the famous mutton chop! After a good night's sleep we went to the pre-cruise buffet and met some fellow passengers. Service was poor at the buffet and after trying to track down more coffee, we made a bee line for the closest Starbucks. I usually judge a pre-cruise hotel with one simple question - would I come back on my own on a future trip and the answer here is simply no. The nearby Westin is a better hotel for a comparable price. Embarkation was not as smooth as it could have been. We were told to wait in a lower level ballroom and only come out to the transfer area when our number was called. Needless to say, we waited and waited well past our 1:30 PM departure time. It was finally about 2:30 when we were called to identify our luggage and board the bus. Fortunately we had a nice, scenic drive along the west side of Manhattan, passing the Intrepid and the construction of the new World Trade Center. Emerging from the Brooklyn/Battery Tunnel, it was a short drive to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, which is a huge and beautiful facility. As we were the last bus from the Intercontinental, it was a breeze getting on board. We went to our suite and leaned out on the balcony to see the Manhattan skyline to our right and to our left, in the distance, the Statue of Liberty. A bottle of champagne was chilled and waiting as were envelopes containing all of our excursions and spa appointments. We spent the rest of the day wandering around, re-acquainting ourselves with the ship. Dinner was at Setti Mari, which was new for us. The La Veranda is turned into an Italian themed dining venue for dinner only. Ala carte choices are excellent, including primi and secondi courses of pasta, chicken, seafood and beef and veal. We ended up dining in Setti Mari more than any other restaurant during the entire cruise due to the intimate size of the space, enthusiastic staff, headed by Stefano, and the excellent antipasti buffet and scrumptious dessert selections. All wines were Italian unless you requested something else, which we did occasionally. Scheid Chardonnay was excellent and something I can't find in my hometown. Sail Away was spectacular, with the Manhattan skyline ablaze with lights, Lady Liberty holding her torch and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge straight ahead. We went to the upper deck to crane our necks as we sailed under the bridge and then returned to our suite to turn in and get ready for Newport, Rhode Island. The suite's are really fantastic. Plush bedding, flat screen tv, comfortable seating and oodles of storage. The walk in closet is stocked with built in drawers, three different hanging rods, with wooden hangars, a long row of hooks, belt/tie rack and a safe. The marble bath is spacious with a small tub and walk in shower. Bath products are L'Occitane and the towels are plentiful and appear new. I appreciate the built in vanity area, with good lighting and a portable magnifying mirror. Robes and slippers are standard, as is a huge umbrella, extra blanket and a fully stocked beverage refrigerator. Our routine was established last August on Navigator - while I get ready, my husband gets us a latte and mocha from the espresso bar on the 6th deck, then we decide where to catch breakfast. We usually did La Veranda, though lots of hardy souls browsed the pool deck for cold options and ate under heat lamps. Choices in La Veranda run the gamut from pastries, cereal, fruit, meat, cheeses to made to order eggs, pancakes, and the best french toast you'll have anywhere. We always approached either Stefano or Alan, who manage the restaurant, and asked to be seated. Upon being seated we were always promptly offered water, coffee and juice and asked if we wanted to order or go to the buffet. If we were in a hurry to catch an excursion, we usually did the buffet, but found they were super fast with made to order items as well. We never had to wait for a table and almost always had a window seat. Excursions were handled well by meeting in the theater area and trading your pre-planned excursion tickets for a tour number. When called, you were escorted to the gangway and either were tendered or walked off the ship, depending on which port we were in. (By the way, I booked all of our excursions on line back in April). Representatives always met you on the dock and off you go. Most Regent excursions are included in the cruise price, with a few exceptions. For example, we did pay extra to attend a Seafood 101 Cooking Course at the Culinary Institute of Canada (trust me....worth every penny!) A few excursions were spectacular (Acadia National Park) and a few were duds (Sydney Walking Tour), but all in all, very enjoyable. Many people wore comfortable clothes, lots of jeans, khakis, layers and sturdy shoes. Our post excursion routine was either reading by the pool - yes, I said pool, or playing team trivia in the Galileo Lounge. We had unseasonably warm, sunny weather and calm seas. We always changed for dinner and my husband was glad he brought two sport coats as most gentlemen wore a jacket after 6:00 PM. I saw few dresses on ladies, but lots of nice slacks, beautiful sweaters, scarves and the occasional bling. We did dine twice in the reservation-only Prime Seven. Steaks and seafood are king here and the service and atmosphere are top drawer. Compass Rose is your other dining choice and is by far the largest dining room. I really appreciated the addition of some Prime Seven entrees on the Compass Rose menu every night. We ended up in Compass Rose three nights, one of them as guests of the General Manager, Davor. I can heartily recommend any opportunity you get to meet the officers and crew. We learn so much every time we meet them. The captain, Daniel Green, was everywhere. He was often at the gangway when we entered or exited the ship and could usually be spotted in the restaurants dining with staff and passengers. After dinner you have a few choices. Entertainment takes place nightly in the theater, or you could opt to go to the casino or have a drink in one of the lounges where a piano player or the orchestra might be playing. We often stopped by the computer room in the library to check email or read the news. WiFi is available, but expensive. If you reach "Silver" status as a frequent Regent traveller, you receive free WiFi, but as we discovered, it was not consistently reliable. With only one sea day, we saved our spa appointments for the day we cruised the Gulf of St. Lawrence. My husband was skeptical that he would get a really intense massage on a cruise, but was raving about the quality of his deep tissue massage. My hot stone pedicure was fabulous. Spa services are provided through Canyon Ranch and are top notch. Again, we booked these services directly through Canyon Ranch at Sea before we left home. This is important as we noticed people trying to book last minute treatments and not being able to get their choice (if at all). All in all, Navigator is a great ship. Small size - 480 passengers, large crew, excellent dining, beautiful public spaces and large suites. The crew are phenomenal. We were usually greeted by name everywhere we went, wait staff remembered our drink preferences - whether is was Perrier, Diet Coke, Grey Goose Martini - up, twist, no vermouth, non-fat latte, mocha with whipped cream....Chardonnay, Dark Beer...they never missed a beat. I admit to having favorite staff - Elvis, Navin, Austin, Eduardo, Stefano, Alan and, of course, Davor and Capt. Green. To improve the experience, I would recommend a few things: 1. Update your computer/wifi system. We found the computer area too small, the equipment dated and it appeared that the servers were overwhelmed when everyone was online at once. 2. Expand your gateway airports to include regional airports. Free airfare isn't really free if it's only out of a handful of major cities. We are 6 hours from either Detroit or Chicago and are forced to pay extra to get to the cruise. 3. Allow us to rate excursions and other non ship processes. Although very interested in seeking survey feedback on-board, there was no mechanism to report on the quality of the pre-cruise hotels, transfer process, or each excursion. With Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the east coast, I am grateful that we had beautiful weather and hope everyone stays safe on Navigator (I think she's in Sydney, Cape Breton Island today). Happy Cruising! Lady Madeline Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
This was our first time with Regent, having previously sailed extensively with HAL, and were looking forward to an "enhanced" experience. Unfortunately this was not the case. The problems started with the hotel and transfer ... Read More
This was our first time with Regent, having previously sailed extensively with HAL, and were looking forward to an "enhanced" experience. Unfortunately this was not the case. The problems started with the hotel and transfer arrangements pre cruise. The hotel was nice, but we were herded into the hotel lobby like cattle awaiting slaughter, before boarding the buses. Many Regent passengers are elderly, and have difficulties with mobility, and there was no seating. Although we were to depart from a Manhattan pier, our bus driver took us to Brooklyn.I thought we were being hijacked. We were on that bus for 2 hours, while other passengers were at the ship in 15 min.For our "troubles" we were offered nothing. With persistence we received a box of chocolates. The cruise was very nice, aside from the loss of all power in the Gulf of St. Lawrence for 2 hours, a fire on the pool deck and several errors and omissions in room service orders.The crew was lovely (like HAL), the food was excellent (like HAL), the room was nice (like HAL), the dining areas were nicely decorated, but probably not as nice as HAL. The itinerary was wonderful,which is why it is popular with many cruise lines. So I started doing some calculations: if we had been on HAL, in a "Neptune Suite" (much larger than our Regent cabin), and we drank up a storm, went on numerous excursions we still would have spent $4000 pp less on HAL. We met lovely people on the Regent cruise, and had a good time despite the problems. Upon our return I contacted our travel agent who contacted Regent regarding the problems. After an initial contact from them, I have heard nothing. Not good value for money. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Regent Voyager Transatlantic sailing from Ft. Lauderdale to Reykjavik, Iceland May 15, 2010 This spring my husband reminded me it had been 16 years since we had vacationed alone together without our children. 2010 marked a big ... Read More
Regent Voyager Transatlantic sailing from Ft. Lauderdale to Reykjavik, Iceland May 15, 2010 This spring my husband reminded me it had been 16 years since we had vacationed alone together without our children. 2010 marked a big anniversary and my husband's 50th birthday - both warranted a special vacation. Cruising has long been our vacation of choice, and we been cruising for more than 20 years, and each year for the past 16 with our 2 sons. We've enjoyed all the activities offered by the megaships - especially with the boys. But this year we decided to leave the kids at home, and try something special. After lots of research and considering several options and recommendations - we choose the Regent Voyager. This cruise marked a lot of "firsts" for us. This was our first voyage with Regent; our first transatlantic sailing; and our first holiday longer than 3 days without our sons. Our itinerary began in Fort Lauderdale and ended in Reykjavik, Iceland, although some passengers stayed on through Southampton. We boarded the ship in New York on day 3 of the sailing. This ship stayed in North America until the 3 day journey across the Atlantic to Iceland. This was a bonus for my husband who needed to stay somewhat connected to his business while we were gone. Our ports of call included New York, NY; Newport, RI; Boston, MA; Bar Harbor, ME; Halifax, NS; Cornerbrook, NFLD, and Lans Aux Meadows, NFLD and Reykjavik, Icleand. The Ship and Our Suite Our first impression of the ship as we boarded was elegant and graceful. The voyager carries 700 guests and weighs in at 46,000 tons. It's large enough to provide all the amenities and options you could possibly want for your vacation - but still maintains an intimate feel. The Voyager is an all suite, all balcony ship. We were in a category D - 300 sq. ft, plus a 56 sq. ft. balcony. Our tastefully decorated suite was spacious and comfortable. It was a pleasure to unpack with a walk-in closet complete with drawers, hooks, shelves and plenty of hanging space with both padded and wooded hangers. The small vanity area next to the bed had a lighted makeup mirror and a drawer, perfect for storing cosmetics. The marble bathroom was the largest I've had on a cruise ship complete with a large vanity, good lighting, a glass enclosed shower and a separate soaking tub. The king size bed was dressed in luxurious Egyptian cotton linens and beautiful pillows. I overheard a guest at the purser's desk inquiry about purchasing the pillows - They were that lovely! The sitting area had a full sized sofa, two chairs and an oval coffee table. The coffee table was taller than normal height and also served for in-suite dining. A plastic square tabletop that was stored in the closet fit snuggly over the coffee table. Most mornings we ordered a continental breakfast in the room. The room service attendant would beautifully set the table with linens, silver and china making even a simple continental breakfast seem very special. The adjacent wall of built in cabinetry had a 27 inch flat screen TV, writing desk, glass ware, additional drawer space, and stocked mini fridge. The balcony was just off the sitting area, with two chairs and a table - the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee, or a glass of wine surrounded by the vast ocean and the sound of the lapping waves. Dining We had heard that Regent offered exceptional on board dining. If you think that cruise ship dining cannot match the experience of a land side, fine dining restaurant - think again! We were pleasantly surprised that each of the Voyager restaurants offered a dining experience that far exceeded our expectations. The elegant Compass Rose is the main dining room offering full service, and a great variety of selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can dine whenever you choose - there are no scheduled dining times. You can request a table for two, or choose to be seated with other guests. The Verandah restaurant is a slightly more casual experience. Breakfast and lunch at the Verandah feature fantastic buffet selections. Breakfast offers a great selection of fresh fruits, eggs and made to order omelets; lunch features a carving station and an exceptional array of salads and seafood including stone crab claws and seared Ahi tuna. Dinner in the Verandah is casual but elegant offering an antipasti and dessert buffet and main courses are selected from a menu and served at the table. Voyager features two outstanding specialty restaurants - Signatures and Prime 7 - and this is where the magic happens! Signatures is a classic French restaurant which operates in partnership with Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. The menu items are traditional with a contemporary twist, offering some lighter selections. The service begins with freshly baked bread and a pot of compound butter with black pepper and parmesan cheese. Bread and butter are something I usually try to avoid - but this cannot be missed. But be careful - you'll want to save room for desert! Prime 7 - a Classic Steak House is an intimate, dramatic, sexy restaurant with warm colours and comfy leather club chairs. This is a" big night out restaurant" - and every element of the dining experience from ambiance, service and cuisine is spot on! The steaks and seafood were simply outstanding! I indulged in a bone-in rib eye that would satisfy any carnivore and cooked perfectly to medium. The king crab legs with drawn butter were the best I've ever had, and a tempting selection of sides including twice baked potatoes and grilled asparagus will insure to get all your food groups. There is no surcharge to dine in the specialty restaurants, but reservations are required. You can make 1 reservation for each of the 2 restaurants on-line, once your cruise booking has been finalized. To ensure all guest have an opportunity to experience the specialty restaurants, the advance reservations are limited to 1 per restaurant. However, you can inquire about additional reservations once on board the ship. On our 11 night voyage, we had the pleasure of dining twice in each of the 2 specialty restaurants. Lounges The lounges and public areas on the ship - both inside and out - were most inviting. My favourite was Horizons, located all the way aft on deck 5. Gabrielle was the bartender and instantly knew our preferences. One day during the crossing, I was a little susceptible to the rolling seas. Gabrielle took it upon himself to make me a "special" tonic of ginger ale, fresh OJ, bitters and mint. I felt better within minutes of drinking it. Gabrielle's warm personality and exceptional service was as much a feature of the Horizon Lounge as the floor to ceiling windows offering spectacular ocean views. You can access the aft outside deck from Horizons and this space is furnished big comfy sofas with pillows where you can enjoy your cocktails or just relax while looking over the wake of the ship. Activities and Entertainment When you're not off in port experiencing the destinations through one of Regent's inclusive shore excursions, there is plenty to do on board. The Canyon Ranch Spa and fitness center offers everything you need to relax or burn off some of the added calories. I took Yoga and Pilates classes and hit the tread mill a couple of times during the Voyage. Wellness classes were also part of the featured curriculum. We met some great new friends that we frequently met up with in the cafe and the Horizon's lounge. Each day at 4pm Tea and Trivia begins. A beautiful high tea is served with white gloved servers to teams of fiercely competitive passengers who gather each afternoon to answer the 12 trivia questions. After the trivia - you have just enough time to dress for dinner and gather in the Observation lounge - all the way forward on deck 11. At 6pm each evening pre-dinner cocktails are enjoyed with a "name that tune" contest. We joined a team with other passengers and had a blast. Regent is well known for their enrichment programs. We attended a number of very informative and topical lectures. 2 scientists sailed with us and lectured on the History of the Vikings; and Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We also enjoyed the company of a TV Writer from the series "Frasier". He hosted several sessions in which he described many aspects of this hit sitcom including the character development and evolution of the show. It was very interesting. The Voyager Lounge was a great venue for both the lectures and the evening entertainment. We saw some dazzling musical entertainment as well as a hysterical husband and wife comedy act . At night after dinner and possibly a show, we retired to our suite and watched the occasional movie ( a selection of 200 movies, from new releases to classics were available through your stateroom TV, complimentary) Service Each of the staff members we encountered on board the ship was a pleasure. The service was attentive and gracious. The staff truly go out of their way to exceed your expectations and ensure your optimum enjoyment - from the room stewardess to the dining room staff . We made a point of recognizing several of the staff who served us during our voyage. The wines were served by sommeliers who made excellent suggestions and wine pairings. Jayson is a young, but knowledgeable sommelier who introduced my husband to his new favourite California Cabernet Sauvignon. When we returned to our suite that evening after dinner we found 2 bottles of the vintage - compliments of Jayson (and Regent). This gesture was indicative of personal service delivered by each of the staff members on board. It was All Included! This was our first experience on an all-inclusive ship. Included in the cruise fare are premium wines and spirits, unlimited shore excursions and gratuities. The selection of inclusive premium spirits and wines were wonderful. The shore excursions we took were well planned for the destinations and a variety of experiences for every traveller. When making our shore excursion selections before we sailed, 2 of our first choices where sold out. We waitlisted for these tours anyway and to our delight - we received notification before we sailed that we had cleared the waitlists and were confirmed. My understanding is that Regent works very hard to accommodate the wishes of guests. And we cannot say enough about the service. There is tremendous value and satisfaction in the inclusive nature of a vacation. It was refreshing pleasure to not constantly be signing for purchases. The Regent Alumni Each and every other passenger we met on the board was a past guest of Regent. It was remarkable! Many of them had enjoyed multiple voyages, and talked with us about the other Regent ships and some of the great journeys they had experienced. We have been communicating with our new friends, and hope we meet up with them on a future cruise. We have enjoyed the pleasure of sailing on most of the popular cruise lines. We now consider ourselves Regent Alumni and cannot wait for our next voyage. I would recommend Regent with confidence to anyone who is looking for a cruise experience offering refined luxury, exceptional cuisine, stimulating enrichment programs, and a casual elegant ambiance. Bon Voyage! Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
We sailed on Navigator's cruise from New York to Reykjavik, Iceland, during the latter part of June 2005. We took advantage of Radisson's free coach air package. We have sailed previously on Crystal (several cruises), HAL, ... Read More
We sailed on Navigator's cruise from New York to Reykjavik, Iceland, during the latter part of June 2005. We took advantage of Radisson's free coach air package. We have sailed previously on Crystal (several cruises), HAL, Celebrity and NCL. This was our first Radisson cruise. We chose this cruise primarily for the itinerary, which included port stops at Boston, Bar Harbor, Halifax, L'Anse aux Meadows (Newfoundland), Heimaey in the Westermann Islands, and an overnight in Reykjavik. The precruise transportation and hospitality which included a night at the New York Hilton and Towers was very good. After we boarded we found that the number of passengers was well below capacity (about 265 pax on a 490 pax ship). I will be posting a much longer review on the RSSC board later, so will just list the highlights and lowlights here. Highlights: Our standard verandah cabin on deck 6 midship (631) was exceptionally large and comfortable. The walk-in closet and large bathroom with separate shower and tub make these "standard" cabins really outstanding. Our cabin stewardess did and excellent job keeping everything in the cabin clean and neat. Room service was outstanding -- the food was very good and it was delivered in an unbelievably short time. The ports were interesting for the most part, although the recreated Viking village at L'Anse aux Meadows was a bit underwhelming. We missed Heimaey because of mechanical problems that prevented the ship from sailing at normal cruising speed for the last two days of the cruise. Iceland was spectacular even though the weather was quite cool and cloudy. The ship's staff, for the most part, were friendly and helpful. The quality of the food in the dining room and alternative restaurant generally was very good to excellent in quality, although often too rich for our taste (too much butter and cream). Lowlights: The ship's public rooms are small and dreary. Most of the art on the walls was supplied by the Park West art auctioneers -- really, really tacky. The entertainment was strictly amateur hour, nowhere near the quality of Crystal or for that matter HAL. Open seating dining turned out to be not so great. When we sat at a large table the speed of service was determined by the slowest eater. And since we never were at the same table the wait staff never really learned our preferences. Even when we arrived at the dining room at 6:45 p.m., we were not finished with dinner until close to 9 p.m. The swimming pool area is small, and there is no protection from the elements (no retractable cover) so the pool grill was closed for most of the trip owing to the cool weather. The Internet service has to be the worst I ever experienced. It was slow beyond belief, and the Radisson firewall is the most restrictive I've ever encountered. The vibration in the aft areas of the ship was very intense and objectionable at times. Read Less
Sail Date June 2005
Review of Radisson Seven Seas Navigator ~ July 28, 2004 New York to Bermuda Guests: I am in my late thirties and serve as executive director of a charitable foundation. My husband is in his early forties and runs a consulting business. ... Read More
Review of Radisson Seven Seas Navigator ~ July 28, 2004 New York to Bermuda Guests: I am in my late thirties and serve as executive director of a charitable foundation. My husband is in his early forties and runs a consulting business. We have been on 15 previous cruises together, mostly on Princess and Celebrity to the Caribbean. Pre-Cruise: We departed Atlanta for New York the day before the cruise. This turned out to be wise, as we were delayed due to heavy storms on the way to Newark. After a 90-minute ground hold, our flight was released and was the last to land before Newark was closed for 3 hours later in the evening. We used Marriott Reward miles for a complimentary night at the New York Marriott Financial District. By the time we arrived, it was late and pouring outside, so we had a quick dinner at 85 West, the hotel bar/casual restaurant. Prior to making our way to the pier on Wednesday, we took a walking tour of Ground Zero, Wall Street and the Battery Park area. We had not been to New York since the 9/11 attacks, and the hole where the World Trade Center had been was a sobering reminder of the tragedy. Also, we noted a high degree of police presence around the NYSE, including guards with body armor and automatic weapons. (And this was the Wednesday before the terror alerts were issued on Sunday.) After a short cab ride to the pier, we were ready to board the Navigator. Embarkation: We arrived at the pier around 12:30 and were checked in with no waiting. A member of the ship's crew escorted us on board, where we were met with a glass of champagne, and directed to the Portofino Grill Restaurant for a buffet lunch. This was to be the beginning of a week of wonderful cuisine and service on the Navigator. On Princess and Celebrity cruises, we studiously avoid the buffet areas, because of the chaotic atmosphere. On the Navigator, the ratio of servers was much higher and the experience was much more relaxed. Since our suite was not yet ready, we left our carry luggage at the Reception Desk and ventured back off the ship to explore the USS Intrepid museum, which was located on the next pier. Although the flight deck was closed in preparation for Bobby Knievel's jump, to be televised on Saturday, we found the rest of the museum to be informative and entertaining. From there we were able to hear the Navigator's announcement that the suites were ready and headed back to the ship around 2:45. Suite: We had booked the ship's minimum accommodation, a Cat H oceanview suite on Deck 5. Having previously sailed in balcony staterooms and mini-suites on Princess and Celebrity, we found our suite on Radisson to exceed those accommodations in every respect (with the exception of the absence of the balcony.) We had been worried that we would miss having a balcony, but actually only wished for one the day we sailed from Bermuda. The suite was 301 sq. ft. and was separated into a bedroom and living area by a heavy curtain. The marble bathroom included a tub with hand-held and stationery faucet and a glass shower. One minor annoyance was the uneven water pressure and varying water temperature. After being scalded during my first shower, I used the tub for the rest of the voyage. The walk-in closet was more than ample for a week's worth of clothes and offered a tie rack, eight drawers and numerous hooks and shelves. It also had a safe which allowed you to set your own combination. A real plus to me were the real wooden hangers. The bedroom area had a king-size bed with an assortment of pillows and duvet cover. Although the bed was very comfortable, the pillows needed to be replaced. Night stands with two drawers and individual reading lights were on each side of the bed. The living area contained a long sofa, cocktail table and two small barrel chairs. On the opposite wall was a built-in cabinet holding a TV (with VCR), four additional drawers, a writing desk and bar setup. We requested our two complimentary bottles of liquor before going to dinner and they arrived with our turn-down that evening. A small fridge underneath contained 1 large and 2 small bottles of water, 2 Cokes, 2 diet Cokes, 2 7-Ups, 2 Club Soda, 2 Tonic Water and 2 Heinekens. All except the beer were replenished each day as they were consumed. Our cabin stewardess and her assistant (Jane and Stanley) were most efficient and unobtrusive. Sailing from New York: The sail away from New York Harbor was breathtaking and WINDY! The atmosphere was very festive, with the bar staff serving complimentary rum punch. (Lucky for me, that is my customary sail away beverage on every cruise!) As we stood near the bow watching the sights go by, we began to notice how many families with children were on board. Quick contextual note: We have an 11-year-old daughter, but made arrangements to go on this cruise without her due to our perception of the more adult, elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of Radisson Seven Seas Cruises. We like kids, but expect them to behave in a manner appropriate for their surroundings. We later learned that this voyage was a "Kids Under 17 Sail Free Promotion." There were 62 children on a ship with a normal capacity of 490. This is around the same ratio that Princess employs as the maximum number of children allowed on one of its ships. However, the big difference was that the Navigator had no dedicated facilities for children. Although they had 2 youth counselors on board, only about a third of the kids participated in the planned activities, leaving the rest to roam the ship with minimal supervision from their parents. The ship's security officers attempted to keep them under control, but were clearly outnumbered. Did the disruption caused by a number of unruly children ruin our cruise?? No way, the rest of the experience was too exceptional for that to happen. However, I would definitely check to make sure I was not sailing on the "Kids Sail Free" trip again. (The other dates for this season are the August 25 and September 1 sailings to Bermuda.) Dining: I can't think of enough superlatives to use to describe our dining experience on the Navigator. Each and every meal was a highlight! Standout items for me were: Eggs Florentine and Benedict, Beef Wellington, Seafood Newburg, Rack of Lamb and Almond Souffle with Vanilla Sauce. My husband loved the Lobster Tails and Chateaubriand. All of the appetizers, salads and soups were delicious. The desserts did not appeal to me as much, so I usually had cheese instead. I like white wine and hubby likes red, so which bottle to order usually becomes a negotiation. On Celebrity, we usually order one of each, since they are great about saving the remainder for the next night. Radisson has solved this problem with serving a house red and house white each evening free of charge. Service in the Compass Rose dining room and Portofino Grill was exceptional and unobtrusive. We never had any wait for a table for two. On the frequent occasions that my husband was having a hard time deciding between two entrEe choices, the waiters brought the one he ordered, along with a sample of the other. (Without being asked.) After the first night, the sommeliers remembered our wine preferences, and the waiters remembered that I drink regular coffee and hubby sticks to decaf. The Pool Grill served the usual fare of hamburgers, etc, with the addition of a poolside buffet. The Fish al Fresco and Tex Mex buffets were both very good. We were never in the mood to eat at tea time, but the pastries looked superb. Each night, there was a selection of canapEs in the lounges before dinner, which were a great accompaniment for our pre-dinner cocktail. Because we had read so many complaints about vibration at the aft of the vessel, we made reservations for Portofino (which is converted to the Italian alternative restaurant in the evening) for Saturday evening, which we would be docked in Hamilton. It was a fun, less formal, dining experience. The food was very delicious Northern Italian fare. The daily special that day was Osso Bucco with Risotto, which was as good as any I have had. Although each suite is limited to one reservation in Portofino per cruise, we were able to walk up and get a table on the last night, as they were not full. Bermuda: I can't comment much on the shopping, as my husband had us fully scheduled with activities during the hours the shops were open. (Coincidence? I suspect not!) Friday: Navigator docked promptly at 9:00. It was a national holiday (for the cricket Cup Match), so many shops were closed, and the bus/ferry system was operating on the holiday schedule. We took the 11:45 ferry to Somerset Bridge to get to Blue Water Diving at Robinson's Marina. Enjoyed a one-tank dive on Blue Hole, which featured a long swim-through. We returned to Hamilton via bus just in time to shower and get back off for the Chelonia Sunset Cruise. If you enjoy catamarans, cocktails, gourmet appetizers and interesting commentary from a captain whose family has lived in Bermuda for 200 years, this shore excursion is for you! Saturday: Caught the 7:15 (am!!) bus back out to Blue Water Divers for a two-tank dive. Our first site was the Badlands and Bad Caves. It is a large expanse of coral, with outcropping of fossilized algae (I think) forming overhangs that were interesting to swim through. The current was very strong, and we ended up a LONG way from the boat. Second site was the wreck of L'Hermine, a French battleship that ran aground. Although the wooden hull is long gone, there were 50+ cannons and a huge anchor. We took the bus to Horseshoe Bay, which is a beautiful beach, with very nice changing facilities. We were a little hesitant to swim, since the waves were crashing strongly over submerged rocks. Since we are not big "beach people", we enjoyed a long walk up and down the beach, then were back on the bus to Hamilton. The extent of my shopping in Bermuda was from 5:30 to 6:00 that day. My favorite store was Trimingham's, which seemed like Bermuda's version of Macy's. We found good souvenirs there and at Onion Jack's Trading Post. Sunday: The threat of high winds prevented us from repositioning to St. George's for the day. The ship provided bus passes for those of us who wanted to go over on our own. We were scheduled to play 18 holes at St. George's Club, but cut back to 11 to allow plenty of travel time to get back to the ship. Frank Thomas, the golf pro on board, encouraged us to play, even though we had not planned on it when we packed. St. George's Club is a par 62 course, with all par 3 and 4 holes. The course is tight, with some great views over the ocean. Although there are undoubtedly better courses in Bermuda, this one was fun for a beginner and a 10 handicap to play together. The course had a very casual atmosphere, and we were not self-conscious playing in our tennis shoes with rental clubs. Also, the price was very reasonable. Shortly after the ship sailed, the Captain announced that Tropical Storm Alex was approaching Cape Hatteras and was expected to reach Hurricane Force. Instead of sailing to Norfolk, VA as scheduled, we sailed to Newport, RI to avoid the storm. This was fine for us, since we would still get back to New York as scheduled. However, it created great complications for those who expected to disembark in Norfolk. Most of them stayed on the ship an extra night and disembarked in New York. The cruise line provided motor coach transportation back to Norfolk on Wednesday. Newport: This unexpected diversion ended up being delightful for us. We toured The Breakers, the 138,000 square foot summer home of the Vanderbilt family. From there, we could see the Cliff Walk, a 3.5 mile pathway along the cliffs. We figured that we were about 2 miles from the end, where we could pick up the trolley to ride back downtown. After walking for about 20 minutes along a nice wide walkway on top of the sea wall with great views of some of the other mansions, we encountered a sign warning that it was 2 miles until the next exit. No problem, we thought, we can easily walk 2 miles. After another 30 minutes of increasingly rocky terrain, we came to a sign that said "Next ¾ mile is very uneven. Turn back if you are unsure of your capabilities." Boy, we're glad we wore tennis shoes, we thought, and forged ahead. It took us another 45 minutes or so of climbing up and down the rocks to make it to the end. The Cliff Walk turned out to be another fun adventure for us, but might have posed a problem for people with physical limitations. Since we entered the walk in the middle we missed signs advising of the length and level of difficulty. The best views of the mansions and easiest walk was between Salve Regina University and the "Next Exit 2 miles" sign. Random thoughts on random topics: Bermuda Bus/Ferry System: We found this to be a great way to see the island, and it was clean, safe and economical. (I was too much of a chicken to rent mopeds and drive on the left.) We purposely chose different routes each way so that we could see as much of the island as possible. By the end of the three days, we had covered all but the Dockyards area. Note: Although there is a stop in front of Horseshoe Bay, it's a pretty long walk down (and back up, of course!) a hill to get to the beach. Diving in Bermuda: We have done most of our previous diving in the Southern Caribbean. I like the fact that all of our dives in Bermuda were more shallow (between 30 and 40 ft. max), and we saw some very interesting coral formations and shipwrecks. However the abundance and variety of sea life and color is far superior in the Southern Caribbean, IMO. Vibration: Much has been written about vibration at the aft end of the Navigator. It was very pronounced while the ship was underway in the Portofino Grill on deck 10 and the Seven Seas Show Lounge on deck 7. I can only imagine that it would have been felt in the aft passenger accommodations as well. Our cabin was near midships on deck 5, and there was no vibration or perceptible noise at all. I think this must bother some people more than others. We noticed the vibration in Portofino, but were not concerned. However, the couple at the table next to us asked to be moved to a table more midships to avoid it. Is Radisson Seven Seas really "all-inclusive"?: The only things that we signed for were shore excursions, shop purchases, photographs and a few beers by the pool. Although we don't typically drink during the day, we enjoy our pre-dinner cocktails and wine with dinner. The en suite bar setup and complimentary wine with dinner eliminated a pretty sizable line item on other cruises. Also, it just seems right that all soft drinks, juice and bottled water should be included. None of the staff seemed to expect tipping, which created a much more relaxed and genuine interaction with them. Photographs: The photo shop offered a "Cruise Memories" special whereby one could purchase ALL photos taken during the cruise for $99. This was a great way to avoid making decisions! As you can tell, we loved the Navigator and would recommend it highly! P.S. Upon our return to Atlanta, I spoke with our travel agent (who has booked at least our last dozen cruises). She was unaware of the "Kids Sail Free" promotion, but did not seem surprised. Apparently, Crystal Cruises initiated the practice. In any event, she said that she would call the Radisson District Sales Manager to register our concern. Read Less
Sail Date July 2004
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