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25 Regent Seven Seas First-Time Cruisers Cruise Reviews

Beautiful and well maintained boat. The employees were friendly and helpful. The ship is amazing, beautiful and easy to navigate around. Spent a fair amount of time at Galileo's bar which was fun and the drinks were great. Best ... Read More
Beautiful and well maintained boat. The employees were friendly and helpful. The ship is amazing, beautiful and easy to navigate around. Spent a fair amount of time at Galileo's bar which was fun and the drinks were great. Best dinner at Prime 7, small filet and crab legs were delicious. Compass Rose was also good, but the evening dinner at Setti Mari was a disappointment. Did not make it to any shows, but heard they were good. Did a couple excursions including Atlantis. It was well organized and worth the day visit. We also visited Great Stirrup Cay which I really enjoyed. I loved just relaxing and listening to the steel drum band. Also had a massage at Canyon Ranch Spa and enjoyed that as well. The gym is just okay. It's small and during high peak hours there was no cardio available. However, I enjoyed walking the deck when we were docked. There is a little track you can stroll around to get some exercise in. They have a small putting green and shuffleboard on deck 12 which got some action. The pool is small, but perfect for this size ship. Jacuzzi's were used and they were clean and the right temperature. Other than a just okay meal at Setti Mari everything was amazing. Read Less
Sail Date January 2016
How dare this ship class it's self as 6 star. The first hotel Regency put us prior to embarking the ship was. the Hyatt in Miami, I would not put my dog in there. We where left on the curb side for 3 hours while the luggage was being ... Read More
How dare this ship class it's self as 6 star. The first hotel Regency put us prior to embarking the ship was. the Hyatt in Miami, I would not put my dog in there. We where left on the curb side for 3 hours while the luggage was being put on coaches, nobody had a clue what was going on including the Rep. We got on the ship eventually, disappointing , stained carpets, a burger for lunch, red wine served in tumblers, a cup of tea was a cup of boiled water with a teabag on the side. The staff left here smiles in the Phillopines I assume. Coffee tasted dreadful. Food was ok some days, not good good others. No drop of at St, Barts, why God knows, the weather was perfect, the rest of the Caribbean was dirty. I decided to log a complaint early on in the trip, to garentee a response before disembarking, This was the response 15 minutes after I spoke with someone, sort it out with Miami head office, regards The General Manager. What a cop out. No way 6 star, will never use you again. I have given you a chance to reply to our complaint, but nothing from you at all. This ship was supposed to be refurbed, it. Is still in the 1980s. Read Less
Sail Date December 2015
I am a retired Navy Captain with 30 years of service and a Doctor with 2 postgraduate degrees. My spouse is retired and has a computer science engineering degree. I have spent 2 years aboard a naval aircraft-carrier and 2 years aboard a ... Read More
I am a retired Navy Captain with 30 years of service and a Doctor with 2 postgraduate degrees. My spouse is retired and has a computer science engineering degree. I have spent 2 years aboard a naval aircraft-carrier and 2 years aboard a naval destroyer tender, which had approximately the same propulsion system as the Seven Seas Navigator, two controllable pitch propellers. We departed New York Harbor 26 Sept 2015 around 8:00 PM. As the ship began backing away from the pier, we noticed heavy vibrations and the rear section of the ship began shacking violently. The heavy vibrations and violent shacking remained throughout the duration of the cruise. We noticed that the Captain reduced the cruising speed to try and reduce the vibrations. At times it become much worse. We had approximately 3 hrs of sleep that night, with calm seas. 27 Sept., we arrived in Newport, Rhode Island on time in calm seas, with blue skies and high clouds. Departed on time calm seas. Heavy vibrations and noise from ceiling, drawers, cabinets and doors. Unable to sleep, period. 28 Sept., we arrived in Boston on time. After two nights with very little sleep, I went to the Guest Relations desk and asked if I could change to a room further forward. I was told that would be impossible, because the ship was full. I stated that there is something wrong with the ship’s propulsion system causing excessive vibrations. They looked at me with a total blank stare and declared, “There is nothing wrong with the ship.” Lie #1. 29 Sept., arrived Portland, Maine with calm seas and fog. It is now obvious that the action of the seas is NOT the cause of excessive vibration. That evening the Captain announces that we will not be stopping in Rockland, Maine, due to the weather and that it would be difficult to operate the tenders. Another sleepless night. 30 Sept., as we slowly limp our way North to Saint John, NB the vibrations and noise level in our stateroom and La Veranda dinning area increased dramatically. At breakfast in La Veranda, the room was shacking so badly that passengers were holding on to the tables attempting to eat. Many just got up and left. This has now escalated into a safety and comfort issue for many of the passengers. This was unacceptable. My spouse and I went to the Guest Relations area to speak to the General Manager, Davor . I asked him directly and politely what is wrong with this ship and I informed him that I believe that there is something very wrong with the propulsion system. He stated there was nothing wrong with the ship that the vibrations were due to the action of the rough seas. Lies #2 & #3. I also stated that I believe that may be a contributing factor, minor at least, that we were unable to visit Rockland, Maine. I suggested that at the very least to compensate the passengers with free wifi. This set Davor off in a rage. In front of other passengers and staff, he said, “if you do not keep your mouth shut, I will throw you off the ship”! We pull into Saint John, NB that evening with heavy wind and rain. 01 Oct., Saint John, NB. at breakfast the Captain makes an announcement. He did not realize the low tide was more extreme than expected, due to the full moon. As a result, we would not be able to leave the ship for a few hours until the crew can place the gangway on the starboard side. Note: the ship was docked with the stern facing the storm rather than bow and I believe that there is a disembarkation exit on a higher deck on the port side? 01-02 Oct., night sailing from Halifax to Sydney finally got to sleep with the help of sleeping pills supplied by another miserable passenger. Woke up in the middle of the night by 4 extremely loud bangs on the hull?! 03-05 Oct. asked to see the Captain on the bridge. Told by the Guest Relations Dept., that would not be possible. I only saw the Captain once with another officer walking through the restaurant La Veranda ,while we were experiencing heavy vibrations. 06 Oct., Montreal: As the ship backed up along side the pier on the port side, I noticed a large crane and 2 enormous trucks with the name Divex Marine Inc. emblems on the sides of each truck. This company is noted for its underwater ship repair services and has been used by the US Navy. Once the ship was securely docked they had 3 divers in the water. The divers worked continually 24-30 hours in rotating shifts. I spoke with one of the divers and he said that they were working on one of the propellers. In conclusion: 1) In speaking with some of the service crew, one who had only been on the ship for one month and worked on other Regent ships, they all said that they have never seen a ship shake so violently, for so long. 2) In speaking with one of the restaurant managers early on in the cruise as to why the ship vibrates so much and he said that there is a problem with one of the propellers. Staff also indicated the ship was going in for an overhaul/refurbishment in March 2016. 3) There were several passengers at any given time at the Guest Relations Dept. desk complaining about wet, moldy carpet in their rooms, stained passageway carpets, heavy vibration and noise in there staterooms. It is obvious that the Captain,Chief Engineer and General Manager knew of the condition of the ship. Yet, they chose to, or were told to go to sea. They put the safety and comfort passengers at risk. I personally spoke with the president of Divex Marine Inc., Mr. Michel Birs, phone # 450-441-2974. He confirmed that there is a problem but could not go into detail because he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Obviously, one must conclude that ship staff and management is trying to coverup a very big problem. My spouse and I feel we deserve a full refund from this experience, and hope Regent will do the right thing. We chose this cruise because we have sailed on the Seven Seas Mariner to Alaska, and had a fabulous time on a wonderful ship. We will not accept credit toward another/future cruise as compensation. In short, we found our Regent Seven Seas Navigator experience a complete disaster, and Regent Management dismissive and far short of the standard of service one would expect from a five star passenger vessel. To think we paid over $20,000 for this dismal experience. Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
We just completed a 7 day Alaska cruise on the Regent Navigator from Vancouver to Anchorage. We were an extended family group of 15 ranging in age from 9 to 86. I just want to say at the outset what a fabulous job Regent's staff did ... Read More
We just completed a 7 day Alaska cruise on the Regent Navigator from Vancouver to Anchorage. We were an extended family group of 15 ranging in age from 9 to 86. I just want to say at the outset what a fabulous job Regent's staff did to make this really a perfect cruise. This was a first cruise for many of us and we were quite concerned after reading some of the previous reviews about this trip and the ship. However, our concerns were quickly put to rest after only a few hours on the ship! Regent has done an amazing job of providing impeccable service on a lovely, intimately sized ship. Honestly, Regent's staff outperforms some of the best luxury franchise hotels in service. I do not think a single staff member said "no" to anything that we asked for. They went out of their way to make sure that every need was met. For example, the restaurant staff prepared special meals for us - they found out that many of us liked Indian cuisine, so one evening prepared an entire Indian dinner for us in Compass Rose! Our steward, Clifford, was so helpful and accommodating- always providing whatever we needed and keeping our cabins spotless in the most unobtrusive way. Our niece had her birthday on the ship and found her room filled with balloons on the morning of her birthday! These are only a few examples of the amazing service we received on Regent. The food on Regent is very good. There is always such a good selection and the fruit and vegetables always very fresh. Chef Fox is very nice and we even did a galley tour on our last day. The galley is spotless and the staff just as nice as everyone else we met! We only ate at Prime 7 once and it is very hard to get into, but the meal was quite good and the service perfect. The Navigator is a smaller ship, so the captain got us in closer than most ships in several spots. For instance, we got within 1/2 mile of Hubbard Glacier, which was spectacular! Our cruise was a mix of families and older clientele. There were plenty of families on this cruise and the Purser made sure to have plenty of activities for kids to do despite the fact that they don't have all the kid zones of a bigger ship. We really can't recommend this cruise highly enough. I can honestly say you get what you pay for on Regent. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Read Less
Sail Date July 2015
I have long wanted to visit St Petersburg and revisit some of the old Baltic ports I visited 10-20 years ago on business and see more of them at leisure. This cruise was perfect, with 2 overnights in St Petersburg so that you can get to as ... Read More
I have long wanted to visit St Petersburg and revisit some of the old Baltic ports I visited 10-20 years ago on business and see more of them at leisure. This cruise was perfect, with 2 overnights in St Petersburg so that you can get to as many of the wonderful sites there as possible and stops in the Baltic republics, Finland, old East Germany and Denmark as well as an overnight in Stockholm. This was our first cruise and a true delight. People saying standards have slipped don't gel with my experience, things were so well organised in general, with complicated logistics of many different tours on the same day well handled with the minimum of delay. The suite (Penthouse A) was perfect, so stabile and quiet, so comfortable and lacking little except maybe more power points that someone from the UK could use (our adapter are large so when 2 are close together you can only use 1 of them) but unplugging the iPod unit (bit old fashioned now, I use bluetooth speakers when travelling and as modern iPod 6 doesn't fit it anyway) managed OK. The service was excellent, from the butler who was great through any staff we met who were friendly, polite and very helpful. The crew must be well managed at officer level for such consistent good customer relations. The food was great in all restaurants, though I liked the choices in Compass Rose best, Prime 7 is OK but just a standard London type steak house really, what I possibly missed was a good eastern choice. The curry lunch was good, the beef vindaloo actually spicy, surprising given the normal blandness of so much USA food. Let's have a good Thai/Chinese or Indian restaurant on the new ship. Service was good in all restaurants, the standard wine good enough mostly so that better wines really a waste of money, though the Sav Blanc and CabSav in Prime 7 were virtually tasteless, but then Sav Blanc most is poor. The tours which I had really looked forward to after looking through and booking then well in advance were mostly great, as luckily was the weather. I could happily have missed out Helsinki (especially when the shuttle bus driver took an hour off when we were trying to get back to the ship for our lunch, but Scandinavian customer service is often poor and you expect them to put their own breaks ahead of yours I guess even if you are only there for a few hours). ST Petersburg was the highlight of the cruise. Russian customs have got much more user friendly in recent years , especially since they did away with the landing card, and queuing was minimal (you should have tried going to Moscow before Domodedevo opened , back in the 1980s it was hell). The Regent only tour to Catherine's Palace in the evening was a triumph with the music, dancing and the meal + lack of crowns, and the timing at Peterhof was perfect too. The enrichment lectures were great and there always seemed a lot going on even if you just wanted to sit on the balcony and drink champagne, which always seemed to be there on ice!! Our only bad incident on the trip was an awful rep in the Hermitage who had no feeling for the people she guided, walked off quickly without a backward glance all tour and at the end lost us completely for 15 mins which could have been very serious. She had made no effort that we could see to find us, maybe hadn't missed us as she never counted, and I have no faith they would have done much to look for us, glad we found the bus eventually on our own. I put this on the feedback form and the Destinations people kindly called me to check and said they would look into it. So they really do read the feedback forms. A great 1st cruise and we will be back again, though the onboard discounts were nowhere near attractive enough to make us jump in again without checking the market as we have no fixed opinion yet where to go next. Our one bugbear all trip was the Internet. It is hopeless, so 20th century speed wise and hard to access and to quit. They really need to spend some money on getting a fast wifi available in port (Tallinn and Helsinki have great ones) as well as improving the speed and ease of use on ship. It just doesn't wash anymore saying its difficult. Its just technology and can be sorted. It needs to be, more and more people live on line and will not put up with slow on line service when they start cruising. Small niggles though, a great experience and a wonderful ship and crew. Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
Regent claim six star all inclusive of premium wines. Ran out of French rose on third day. No NZ wines at all! We did two back to back cruises and despite re-stocking in Copenhagen they ran out of Sancerre and Pouilly Fuisse 13 days into a ... Read More
Regent claim six star all inclusive of premium wines. Ran out of French rose on third day. No NZ wines at all! We did two back to back cruises and despite re-stocking in Copenhagen they ran out of Sancerre and Pouilly Fuisse 13 days into a 20 day cruise. In the end we bought ourselves some wine in Kristiansund. If we could find a decent supplier why couldn't they? This was our sixth cruise (140 days) with Regent and the second one where they have run out of certain wines. The Regent standards are undoubtedly slipping. Service on board is still excellent but staff are embarrassed and very apologetic of situation. Entertainment was adequate apart from a terrible American comedian. We agree with other reviews regarding the shamble prior to tours. You can wait for ages in the theatre and be addressed as if we are in nursery school or old peoples home! Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
We (45, no kids, non smoking, travel frequently) loved this ship and this cruise. The ship is gorgeous! Because it's so small, it's easy to get anywhere in 10 minutes or less. Staff is superior, always looking to make your ... Read More
We (45, no kids, non smoking, travel frequently) loved this ship and this cruise. The ship is gorgeous! Because it's so small, it's easy to get anywhere in 10 minutes or less. Staff is superior, always looking to make your experience a better one. We had a penthouse cabin with a butler. Room was beautiful, so spacious with a lovely balcony. In the end we felt we didn't benefit much from a butler. But our cabin class gave us the ability to choose a cabin and gave us advanced opportunity to choose excursions which was a real treat. Food was amazing. The Compass Rose restaurant was outstanding. Excellent service with wonderful views of the sea and menus which changed completely every day. Tables with beautiful linens-- much fancier than we expected. Beverage package was awesome. High end liquors and wines. Tip: be sure to ask to see the included wine list. They'll open a bottle just for you! Each night a few wines are featured but there is also a list. We had some fabulous wines. Entertainment was thin. This is an older crowd but there are 40 somethings as well. Shows were ok. Live music was ok but ended at 10:30 p. Wish the live piano played longer as well. I think it ended at 9. Lots of wonderful included excursions. Having everything included, even tips, was so nice. While this is an expensive line, you aren't nickel and dimed for anything. Well worth the money. BEWARE: of the fly fishing excursion which is an extra 800$ per couple. Trip included 10 people in the same location. Two lazy guides, only one of whom had a net. No picture taking! We fished over each other. Newbies to experienced anglers made it tough to get any attention or help. Waders even leaked! Wrote detailed email to Regent and was basically told no one said there would be photo taking and nobody else complained. Several people openly complained during the excursion. Total waste of $800! Have fun! We'll be cruising here again because of the luxury and small size of the ship (500 guests, 300 staff!). Naturalist was onboard for lectures which was terrific. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
This was our first cruise and, having undertaken extensive research, booked RSS with the USP of Holy Land tours included. We travelled business class from LHR on Virgin, which was the worse business cabin we have ever experienced. Dubai ... Read More
This was our first cruise and, having undertaken extensive research, booked RSS with the USP of Holy Land tours included. We travelled business class from LHR on Virgin, which was the worse business cabin we have ever experienced. Dubai hotel, JW Marriott Marquis, was excellent. Embarkation was very well managed and lunch on the pool deck was a wonderful start to our trip. Our Butler Suite, thank you Joshua, was spotlessly clean, fantastic walk in closet with all the space you could wish for, champagne on ice to welcome us, mini-bar stocked with our personal choices, and nightly canapés delivered shortly after we had unpacked. Our Stewardess, Recel, and Steward, Michael, looked after us so well - it was almost magic, our suite was always serviced, twice a day, and we were never inconvenienced. The balcony had a lounger, two reclining chairs and a table. As we were in a stern suite we invariably enjoyed sunshine most of the day and enjoyed really good views of the ports. We were very close to the launderette, but not close enough to hear the noise generated by the very efficient machines. Food: pool lunches were varied and tasty; Compass Rose - good solid product; Prime 7 - steaks and sea food to die for; Signatures - highest quality food, presentation and service. Sette Mari - good quality but menu repetitive. La Veranda - breakfast was the weak point but still not bad. Drinks free flowing and good quality. Tours: all very well organised with friendly, military precision. Tour guides all well informed professionals with one exception in Cyprus, who was shockingly awful! Trips in Israel were really good and the highlight of the trip for us. Comfort: bed very comfy with good linen. Bathroom well supplied with top end toiletries and towels. Plenty of bathroom storage space. Very convenient all together. Well serviced by Recel and Michael, great ambassadors for RSS! Safety: this is taken very seriously from the lifeboat drill on day 1, the piracy drill because of our sailing itinerary, and the regular crew drills and updated safety information for passengers. Entertainment and Enrichment: all looked high end but we were not interested in participating. Good variety if this is for you. Overall organisation, especially disembarkation day when Voyager arrived 2.25 hours late due to a Force 9 gale. Staff quickly changed flights and re-scheduled D-bark times to accommodate revised arrangements so smoothly, very well done with no problems. We stayed on in Barcelona, making a great finale to our trip and using RSS business class return flights with BA. Special mention for Ray Solaire, Cruise Director, a real character, Daniel Green the Captain, and Roxana from Signatures who was the most delightful and helpful member of the crew, and that is high praise as all the crew were truly outstanding. We are looking to re-book with RSS before too long. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
This was our first cruise and it could not have been more beautiful. We were treated like royalty the entire trip and wanted for nothing. We felt completely spoiled. Yes is was a smaller ship but that was the fun of it. Everything was ... Read More
This was our first cruise and it could not have been more beautiful. We were treated like royalty the entire trip and wanted for nothing. We felt completely spoiled. Yes is was a smaller ship but that was the fun of it. Everything was more personal and the crew from top to bottom all tried to please. The only naysayers we encountered were a very few snobs with a sense of arrogance and entitlement. There is more activities on board than one can do , unless you never sleep! The shore excursions could be a little more replete in their explanations. For instance, the "jungle ATV trip" (Cozumel)does not go from point "A" to point "B" as it implies; it is all on a course and I guess for good reason, but you cover about a five-acre course that day. However, the guides and their crew were soooo accommodating we had a great time. The Belieze Mayan ruins were fantastic and the guides could not have been more wonderful and friendly. Roatan was our favorite. The guides on the snorkeling and kayaking went above and beyond their duties. We plan on going back just to visit this spot and meet those people again. Key West was extremely interesting, lots of history, and just plain fun. I would not recommend the glass bottom boat unless you're not prone to motion sickness. I would recommend the walking tour and the vehicle tour. At times there was some vibration on the ship, especially at the back end; but , Hey! , you're out on a ship on the ocean. The "suite" we had out-performed those on Crystal cruises and the bed was the best I ever slept in. The entertainers were far above what we expected for such a small venue. They worked hard and were flawless in their shows as well as Jimmy Travist, the musician/comedian. Our only regret was it ended too soon and we can't wait to go on another one with Regent. One last hint; book your cruise through Regent. We discovered too late that , had we done so, we could have had our airfare and motel included for what we paid. Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
Hello, we are Jim (72) and Kathryn (65) from the San Francisco Bay Area reporting on our first cruise roundtrip from Miami to the Western Caribbean. So, there was cross-country flying involved and several nights at the Four Seasons Miami ... Read More
Hello, we are Jim (72) and Kathryn (65) from the San Francisco Bay Area reporting on our first cruise roundtrip from Miami to the Western Caribbean. So, there was cross-country flying involved and several nights at the Four Seasons Miami (which, by the way, was mighty fine). We eschewed the Regent air and hotel offerings as they were insufficiently attractive which was surprising considering the self-proclaimed luxury appellation. Embarkation was smooth and easy. Greeted onboard by staff proffering scant half-flutes of sparkling wine (? really, half a flute?!) followed by lunch on the pool deck which was a poor choice but what did we know? Then to our master suite which we adored and would not consider cruising in lesser accommodations, space matters. Very comfortable digs although veranda seating not optimal. Butler and stewards marvelous. Ship condition ... not great. Stained carpets everywhere, clunky furniture, crowded pool deck, insufficient deck chairs in shaded areas, no toilet near Prime 7, Sette Marie (sp?). Afternoon tea crowded and uncomfortable and accompanied by electric guitar music, geez. Tea bags, not pots of tea. Tawdry famous painting reproductions in the main dining room (Compass Rose) where service was stiff, formal and uncomfortable. Food: eh. But the ice cream bar on the pool deck is fabulous. Included wines ranged from fine to awful. Entertainment: have no clue, tried to avoid. Service: in our suite, service was great. Elsewhere it was hit and miss. We loved cruising and being at sea. That, at least, turned out just fine. Our cruise aboard Regent Navigator, eh. We have three more cruises booked aboard Seabourn and Silversea (Amazon, Panama Canal, Norwegian fjords). As for luxury -- not so much. Disappointing in that regard, not much luxury apparent. We're off to try other lines to see if luxury really is available. Read Less
Sail Date January 2015
This cruise was our first...booked at the last minute as a "shake-down cruise" to familiarize ourselves with cruising prior to a 15-day cruise we had booked for Autumn. I chose Regent because of an ad in "Travel and ... Read More
This cruise was our first...booked at the last minute as a "shake-down cruise" to familiarize ourselves with cruising prior to a 15-day cruise we had booked for Autumn. I chose Regent because of an ad in "Travel and Leisure" magazine, and I am so glad I did. We booked a Penthouse-level suite, and so had Business Class Air and a pre-trip hotel in Copenhagen as part of the package. Regent offered Icelandia Airlines Business Class, but my research indicated we would be disappointed with them, so we upgraded (for $2500! Seemed like a lot, to me. Regent must get REALLY cheap "business class" tickets!) to Air Canada, which flew us non-stop to CPH. A Regent agent met us at CPH and seamlessly organized our transfer to the Marriott Hotel. Our room was lovely and very comfortable. We took a canal boat tour that first day, arranged through the hotel concierge, and enjoyed it very much. The next morning, Regent picked up our baggage to take to the ship, and provided us with a very nice coach tour of Copenhagen. Once on the ship, Regent gallantly helped my husband, who does not walk strongly, up the long gangplank on one of their wheelchairs. We were soon in our comfortable handicapped-equipped suite, being greeted by our wonderful butler, Samir. He introduced us to various features of the suite and the ship, and looked after us SO efficiently for our entire trip. As much as anything, he sold us on Regent! In talking with Samir, we had come to realize that some of the tours we had pre-booked would probably be too strenuous for my husband. This is an area Regent could improve on...It seems clear that they often simply take the tour operator's word for how "strenuous" a tour is, and do not check it themselves. The resulting misleading descriptions can cause real discomfort and anxiety for those who are not physically strong. Samir helped us cancel and rebook tours, but in Warnemunde, we simply stayed on the ship. No tour was "gentle" enough for him, in terms of terrain and stamina. In Tallinn, we took the shuttle into the town, thinking it would go to the scenic "tourist" area. When it stopped a 10 minute or so walk from that area, we simply rode it back to the ship. That was a disappointment. The service and food on the ship, with 2 exceptions, was exemplary. I have read a negative review written by someone on this same cruise and simply could not believe it! we never saw disarray or a lack of cleanliness. Just the opposite, in fact. One day, I noticed a maid on the floor actually POLISHING the brass strip between the carpet and the wood floor. This ship was spotless, everywhere we looked. The many glass and chrome surfaces had NO fingerprints, smudges, etc. There were giant bouquets of lovely fresh flowers everywhere, etc. The staff were all so friendly that we jokingly complained about how very many times we had to respond to "Hello. How are you today?" as we walked about the ship! We were constantly asked if we wanted anything and every effort was made to be sure we were content. Perhaps you get back what you give out. I cannot otherwise explain how there could be complaints about this crew! The food was consistently very, very good, and the desserts were TOO good! However, there was so much fresh fruit and delicious vegetables that I gained only 4 pounds...and have already lost it, 2 weeks later. We were disappointed in the steaks at exception of the steak in Prime 7, which we found to be only average...a bit tough and short on flavor. We chalked that off, with typical American chauvenism, I suppose, to the rest of the world perhaps being impressed with beef we regard as only average. Certainly, it did not appear to be prime beef, properly dry-aged. The whole Prime 7 experience was otherwise very nice. The other exception was Setti Mari, which we visited only the last night. We found the service to be disorganized and careless... the old tablecloth still on our table, no water glass at one of the place settings, ALL the utensils cleared when the canapé dishes were cleared, cold soup, etc... as if the staff were new or untrained. The Maitre de', who we normally count on to notice and correct such problems, was apparantly too intensely interested in talking to a select few special guests to supervise the quality of service in his "room," and we all suffered for it. Upon disembarkation, we were escorted efficiently to Stockholm airport by a Regent agent, who went "the extra mile" for me. I had ordered a wheelchair from the airline for the airport, but, even though we were flying business Class, none was forthcoming. It seems it was a holiday weekend in Sweden (watch out for "Midsommer"!) This lovely Regent lady found a chair for us, and then helped me get him to the baggage-check line. I am very grateful. We were so impressed that i am right now in the process of booking a 17 day Carribean cruise on Regent for November of this year. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
My husband and I are new to cruising – we’ve always preferred to base ourselves somewhere on land and spend time finding our way around ourselves. However, we decided to do this once-only voyage because we really wanted to see ... Read More
My husband and I are new to cruising – we’ve always preferred to base ourselves somewhere on land and spend time finding our way around ourselves. However, we decided to do this once-only voyage because we really wanted to see something of Alaska and this seemed to be the most efficient way of doing it. Our daughter and a friend of hers were travelling with us. After quite a bit of trawling through CruiseCritic for opinions, we settled on the Seven Seas Navigator (that plus the fact that its schedule fitted in with my husband’s), and I guess it all went pretty well because now we’re planning another cruise ... Because it was only going to be a one-time thing, we splurged and went for a larger suite with a separate living room and a wrap-around deck, plus an inter-connecting cabin for our daughter and her friend; this added element of luxury may have influenced our overall impression – whatever, we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and generally the RSS experience (a few caveats however, see later). Our suite was great, we really did enjoy the extra room, and the bed was supremely comfortable; our butler was good (well, we didn’t really ask that much of him but he was pleasant and obliging, although in retrospect he could have given us a little more information about some of the things we were entitled to); the cabin staff were excellent, always had a welcoming smile and addressed us by name; we thought the food in all the restaurants was excellent (I now need to go to boot camp!); our tours were mostly pretty good; in fact, the service almost everywhere was exemplary. There are a couple of issues which I think are worth raising: 1. In terms of Regent’s presentation of what they are providing, a major one is the pre-cruise deal. This is referred to in the RSS literature as a “luxury hotel package”, and it simply isn’t. In our case it was the Anchorage Hilton, which is dated, shabby, and under no stretch of the imagination could it be called luxurious. The room we got was tiny, poky, no sign of the work-station (which, according to the Hilton’s own advertising, every room is supposed to have), and not particularly clean – hair and “unidentifiable splashes” in the bathroom, perfectly easy to wipe off because I eventually did it myself, but it had not been done by the cleaning staff; stained carpet so thin it was ‘wrinkled’. Yes, we should have complained but we didn’t because after all, it wasn’t as if we were spending much time in it. We also assumed that all the rooms would be the same, but then our daughter’s room, when she and her friend arrived, was noticeably more spacious, so maybe we were just unlucky. Whatever, the overall presentation of the hotel was certainly not remotely upscale and therefore totally misrepresented by the RSS advertising. 2. We found the food served at all the restaurants on the ship very good indeed, and the service was also usually good. That said, we tend to eat early and that worked well for us – as others have also noted, if you get there at the same time as everybody else you will no doubt wait for service, just as you do at restaurants. I also agree with the reviewer who advised sticking with the same seating area and wait staff – they get to know you and your preferences and the whole experience will be more pleasurable. 3. This is just by way of general information. We booked a suite which gave us a front wrap-around balcony (Deck 8). It was fantastic on the day we were cruising to the Hubbard Glacier because we were lucky enough to have wonderful weather for that, so we had uncrowded and unobstructed views of the truly astounding scenery. (I literally could not stop taking photographs and can now bore my friends stupid for 6 hours straight!) This, however, is not the norm. I did not know until I went there that actually Alaska gets A LOT of rain, at least in the south-western part where we were cruising, in fact that part of Alaska is mainly covered with temperate rain forest. In other words, your chances of getting good weather are relatively slim, and if that is your reason for choosing a suite with a wrap-around balcony, forget it. It would be really advantageous to have a gate or door dividing the side part of the balcony from the front deck part, so that when it’s windy you could at least use the side balcony. We suspect that there is meant to be something of the sort because the cabin floor-plan shows a barrier between the two areas; however in reality there was nothing, which made our entire wrap-around balcony unusable most of the time because the wind was too strong (whereas our daughter’s balcony next door, even if the temperature was chilly, was quite sheltered from the wind by the wall between her and us). As another reviewer noted, the sun-loungers, table and chairs out front were not able to be used because they were strapped down so they couldn’t be blown around (and that didn’t work too well either – we heard a couple of big thuds one afternoon and looked out to find the wind was so strong that two of the chairs had actually been blown out of their protective strapping and had crashed into the side furniture … and it was too windy for anyone to put them back that day!). That area would only be useful in a calm, tropical climate. 4. We did a selection of tours in the various ports of call, some free and some not. In general they were ok, I would just question Regent’s assessment as to whether or not a particular cruise is too strenuous or not. I didn’t do the dog-sledding with my husband and daughter because the description said it was not recommended for people with back problems, which I have slightly. I understand that Regent should be cautious but they might be overdoing it – according to my husband the dog-sledding was very gentle, there was no risk to my back, and I could have done it with no problems. All in all, though, it was for the most part a thoroughly luxurious experience and as I said before, we are now planning another foray into cruising which we hope will be with Regent.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
We sailed from Seward to Vancouver June 2013. We were pleasantly surprised with our vacation on the Navigator: Fitness - Great Spin Class and decent sized gym for the size of the ship Spa - We each got a massage and I got an oxygen ... Read More
We sailed from Seward to Vancouver June 2013. We were pleasantly surprised with our vacation on the Navigator: Fitness - Great Spin Class and decent sized gym for the size of the ship Spa - We each got a massage and I got an oxygen facial - very pleased with both La Veranda - Ate breakfast there most mornings. Dinner once. The dinner was good but I preferred the atmosphere of Compass Rose Compass Rose - Never had a bad meal and REALLY enjoyed the waitstaff: Olga, Norman and Faustine to name a few Wine selection - We are red wine drinkers and enjoyed Simi Cab, Hess, and Chilensis - Prime 7 - Ate here the last night and LOVED to atmosphere. Shrimp cocktail and crabcakes were great. Chowder outstanding. Steak could have been better. Crew - NEVER had a bad experience!! Entertainment - Very talented dancers and we really enjoyed the crew production on the last night Room Service and Room attendants - Always very attentive Excursions - Sitka - Advanced Bike Tour (free) had fun and it also presented a challenge Juneau - Taku Lodge Flight and Feast - FABULOUS! Saw a black bear and cub! Skagway - White Pass (free) - Loved this beautiful, scenic trip Ketchikan - Chose not to do an excursion and just walked around town (this was our least favorite town) Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
We recently returned from the 6/18 Monte Carlo to Venice sailing. It was our first cruise, and we traveled with my mother (who has been on this ship several times) and our two kids ages 11 and 13. The hotel Columbus was fine- small, ... Read More
We recently returned from the 6/18 Monte Carlo to Venice sailing. It was our first cruise, and we traveled with my mother (who has been on this ship several times) and our two kids ages 11 and 13. The hotel Columbus was fine- small, pleasant staff but had tiny bathrooms and was far from the main part of town. Embarkation at the port of Monaco was super-easy and well organized, and the trip to the port from the hotel took only five minutes. The ship was lovely and much like we were expecting. We did not want to go on a 4,000-person super ship even though there may have been more activities for the kids on board. The staterooms were a good size and all had balconies. I don't know that I could live without one! The walk-in closet and the bathroom were good sized considering it is a cruise ship. The service in almost all areas was excellent. No employee ever passed by without saying hello. The cost is high but it is so nice to just go to the bar or restaurant and order without having to pay extra for everything. And we sure ate and drank our money's worth. We enjoyed the daily updates from the captain. We also loved the "view from the bridge" channel on TV. The restaurants were generally good. We mostly stuck with La Veranda and Compass Rose, and the food and service were consistent and solid. We had a really fantastic meal at Signatures. The only real disappointment was Prime 7. The food was mediocre at best ("beefsteak tomatoes" should not be sliced thin like carpaccio, HELLO!) and the service was frankly the worst on the entire ship. We sat for 15-20 minutes at a time with no one to even come by and fill our water, let alone bring our courses. I was not impressed and would probably skip it next time. For a ship that doesn't normally cater to kids, there were a lot of families on board. The kids club staff were enthusiastic and the schedule was good. This itinerary had no days at sea, so we were busy every day off the ship anyway. To be able to return and send the kids to be with their new friends was nice, and our kids had a blast. They wanted to do almost every activity there was. The entertainment staff that stars in the shows were also very, very friendly and went out of their way to include the kids. The shore excursions were supremely well organized. Tour guides were uniformly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, buses reliable, and there were none that I regretted doing. The only one I'd question is "Best of Rome and the Vatican," which cost extra and we didn't realize that "the best of Rome" meant driving by some famous landmarks on a bus and then having two hours to explore on our own before meeting up after lunch. That part could use some work. We actually begged the tour guide to let us off the bus at the Colisseum because our kids wanted to go inside. (He did let us, and later when we met up with the group, several people told us they wished they had taken our lead.) The excursion to Taormina and Mt. Etna was VERY worth the extra money. Taormina is beautiful, they gave us a fabulous lunch, and the volcano was amazing. And three cheers for the bus driver, safely negotiating all those hills and switchbacks! We also thought they did a great job with Pompeii- we learned so much. I wish I didn't have to choose between Pompeii and Capri, so I guess we'll have to go back. ;) Disembarkation was a hot mess. It was pouring rain, and there were not enough shuttle vans to take us to the terminal building several hundred yards away. Once we got our luggage, there was another 100 yard walk to the bus. I'm not sure why the Port security wouldn't let the buses pull up closer in the rain. But, it is impossible to hold an umbrella and pull two suitcases. The older folks were huffing and puffing and it was not a good scene. Who wants to get on a 9 hour flight in wet clothes? I think Regent could have planned better for the weather and made things a bit more convenient for everyone. A few things could use improvement. Though the ship is immaculate, the decor is straight out of 1983 and some of the carpets looks awful- like they were wet at some point. There needs to be some major redecorating going on. I personally hate the creepy mesh art in the elevator bank and think they need something more impressive. There were a couple occasions where an event was called for a certain time, and they started setting up almost an hour before they were supposed to. When in Montenegro, there was a party on the pool deck that night. As a result, they had asked in the daily Passages for everyone to plan to clear the area near the pool at 3:30. But, they never even put out 1/3 of the usual pool loungers, and then started making us all move at 2:45. It was very aggravating to have climbed a mountain in the heat that morning and wanting to take a swim, only to be told that we had to leave 45 minutes earlier than scheduled. And they were rude about it, not "I'm so sorry for the inconvenience" but more like "this is what we are doing so just deal with it." Some of the staff functioned well in their roles, but seemed to freeze or panic if you asked them to do anything "above and beyond" their routine. For example, we asked our steward if by some small chance we didn't make it back to the ship in Venice by 11pm if he could roll our luggage into the hallway (since we had dinner reservations at 8pm) and his response was "If you no be back, you call front desk and they help you." Really? I guess he wasn't expecting a tip??? He also seemed a little irritated if we were not out of the room early so he could clean it. (Sorry, buddy! It is my vacation!) The boutique was nice but after 10 days of seeing the same things over and over, it would be nice to have a little variety in the offerings. Overall, we had a fantastic time. Compared to some stories I have heard from friends about other cruise lines, our complaints are few and far between. I would definitely recommend the Mariner to others and hope to be able to take another trip in the near future. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
We have just returned from the Regent Seven Seas Pathway to Antiquity Cruise (Oct 30 to Nov.14th). We also did the pre and post land packages offered by the cruise line extending the trip 3 days at each end. We found the trip to be what ... Read More
We have just returned from the Regent Seven Seas Pathway to Antiquity Cruise (Oct 30 to Nov.14th). We also did the pre and post land packages offered by the cruise line extending the trip 3 days at each end. We found the trip to be what people describe as a 'trip of a lifetime'. Everything was so well organized from beginning to end. The room was a lot bigger than we had anticipated. Others had mentioned that you don't need a big room since you only sleep in it. True enough but it was lovely having a walk in closet, separate bath and huge shower and sitting area. Every suite had a balcony. The staff was professional and friendly, always willing to help if you needed it. The excursions that were offered ranged from full 10 hours to short ones of 3 hours. There were normally a range of tours from "stay close to the bus" type for people with mobility problems to hiking up mountains to ancient ruins on little winding paths. All of our daily excursions were included in the cruise price except for one that we opted to take. We had meals with all of the longer tours. At Ephesus we picked the excursion that included the recently opened Terrace Houses. They are normally an add-on to the daily entrance fee for visitors, but it was included for us. It was a real highlight of the day. Regent's excursion staff is so well organized. We were very happy with how the excursions set off every morning with bus allocations, water bottles available etc. I am an organized person and I was impressed! Our visit to Cairo had to be changed as Egyptians were planning demonstrations in Cairo the day of our visit. We arrived in our room to find a notice on our bed with a choice to make. Did we want to go to Cairo the next day a Thursday rather than as scheduled one on Friday? We would give up our Thursday Alexandria day but we were happy to do that. All we had to do was say check a box and drop it off at the Destinations Counter. A few hours later our new tickets for Cairo were at our door. The trip to Cairo was fun. The buses headed off and soon got caught in a traffic snarl where road work was being done. That slowed us down a lot but we continued to the pyramids, a late lunch and a papyrus shop. The return trip was slowed down with a very unusual heavy rain and lightning storm causing traffic to slow down. But we loved it. We arrived back at the ship about 2 hours late and were very surprised to find a lot of staff including the Captain, the Cruise director, and one of the performers on the dock welcoming us back. They assured us that dinner was held for us and to just shove our stuff in our rooms and head up to eat. We had the choice to do the pre-cruise Turkey land portion with a flight to Cappadocia -- Land of the Fairy Chimneys from Istanbul before boarding the cruise ship. We stayed at the Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa which was previously cave dwellings. From our patio area we had views of the entire valley including all the balloons that were rising at sunrise for their flight. At one time there were 77 in the air. This pre-cruise trip was so worthwhile and yes it did cost extra. The land there is very different with cave dwellings, unusual valleys full of odd land formations, a valley of churches cut into the rock and an underground city inhabited from 8th- 7th century B.C. We flew back to Istanbul and did Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, lunch and the grand bazaar before boarding the ship. Our post cruise land portion was included in the cruise fee if you wanted to spend the extra days doing that. Not every did as a lot were continuing on to the next cruise and I guess some people had to get back to work. The post cruise was 1 ½ days extra in Luxor including a caravan of buses crossing the eastern dessert and a stay at a very deluxe hotel. Here we did the Valley of the Kings and the Temples of Luxor and Karnak. We were then off on a flight to Cairo and for us another visit to the pyramids and another super hotel. Both our visits to Cairo were very different as we had a different Egyptologist with us on each trip. The one that we had for the post cruise we really got to know as she stayed at the hotels with us and did lead the excursions for the 3 days. We enjoyed them both and got a very good feel as to what it is like to live in Cairo now and as a pharaoh. The food on the ship was tremendous; there were no buffet dinners in any of the restaurants. They did offer though two buffet options in one of the restaurants (and only if you wanted that specifically)on two nights the rest of the guests there ordered off the menu. The best thing is they don't have fixed seating times for dinners or particular tables of people that you always have to eat with. You have your choice of eating by yourselves or joining a table of 4 or a table of 6. We ate alone twice and the rest of the evenings we shared tables with others. We loved getting to talk with people from around the world. You got to know so many people by name that you could chat with on excursions etc. There were so many interesting and knowledgeable travellers with a lot of advice about places to visit. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Cruise Review. I am a first time cruiser. Here's my report. Ship: Regent Seven Seas Mariner. 7 Nights. Monte Carlo-Florence-Rome-Sorrento-Olbia Sardinia-St. Tropez-Marseilles-Barcelona. Pre-Cruise: Our documentation arrived ... Read More
Cruise Review. I am a first time cruiser. Here's my report. Ship: Regent Seven Seas Mariner. 7 Nights. Monte Carlo-Florence-Rome-Sorrento-Olbia Sardinia-St. Tropez-Marseilles-Barcelona. Pre-Cruise: Our documentation arrived a couple of weeks before sailing. I learned that I book a "guarantee" and not a cabin. That means I was assured of a suite but not able to pick a particular one. It was assigned a week or so prior to sailing. We booked and were assigned a "G" level suite which ended up being at the back of the boat on deck 8. Flights: We made our own arrangements to fly to Nice and return from Barcelona. Transfer to the ship: There were several choices here. I opted for the total cheap way to get from Nice Airport to Monte Carlo. There's a Helicopter, taxi, express bus, bus and train, and bus/bus. Also, Regent will arrange to pick you up for a steep fee. We caught the city bus into Nice for 4 Euros and then connected at the same stop for an additional 1 Euro to Monte Carlo. If we hadn't stopped to shop in Nice for an hour, the journey would have been 55 min from the airport to Monte Carlo. The bus dropped us off about 300 meters from the port and at sea level. Monte Carlo is built on a steep hillside. We each had a rolling bag and one shoulder bag. With any more luggage I'd suggest a taxi or at least the express bus (19 euros) and then a taxi in Monte Carlo. Check-In: We walked up to the boat and were welcomed aboard quickly. A glass of champagne was offered as we completed the check-in process in the ships theater. Key cards and a welcome package were pre-printed. We were taken all the way back to our suite. Suite: We were in the most aft "G" suite on deck 8. I was worried about engine noise and vibration, but there was little if any. I did notice some rocking or swaying when underway at high speed. It was really not an issue and it was also noticeable in other parts of the ship. The suite was as advertised. We noticed a slight foul odor in the suite which was coming from the drains. We ran the water and aired the room out and it seemed to go away. The bed was very comfortable , the climate controls worked well, and the walk-in closet was really nice. The bathroom was ok. This suite still had the bath tub and had not been upgraded to the walk-in shower. I'm 6'3" and had expressed my concern to Regent about being able to stand in the shower or lay down in the tub. Despite my questions and concerns I was still assigned this suite and had to scrunch down to get in the shower or curl up to get in the tub. I complained about the smell and small shower in the mid-cruise survey and was offered another G Suite on another deck. Since we were fully moved into this suite, I declined the offer. It was nice that they showed concern, visited the cabin, and made the offer. Restaurants: All the restaurants and food service aboard the ship are good. Breakfasts at La Veranda were just ok. The experience lacked "wow" factor. It reminded me more of a Holiday Inn buffet breakfast. On this ship it should be a Four Seasons type experience. Breakfast at the Coffee Connection: There was a nice continental breakfast with a coffee bar. We opted for this most mornings as it was far less hectic than the buffet upstairs. There's also a high end coffee machine available 24 hours here. Breakfast at the Compass Rose: Standard high end service and ordering off the menu. They serve a nice peaceful breakfast. You can't however eat here and go on a morning shore excursion. They don't start serving early enough. Lunch at La Veranda: We had lunch here a couple of times. There a decent selection of salads or "antipasti". You can also bring in food from the pool deck if you want a burger or something from the bbq. The food here is comparable to a good Las Vegas buffet. Shrimp, seafood salads, cheeses, etc. Dinner at La Veranda: The same Antipasti buffet is setup and then you order additional items from the menu. It a bit more relaxed atmosphere and the view is very nice. We enjoyed a million dollar window seat with a view of Monte Carlo. Dinner at Prime 7: We ate here once. Everything was very good. There a great selection of steaks and other dishes on the menu. Dinner at Signatures: We ate here twice and would have gone again. I give this place an "awesome" rating. We loved everything we ate. I ordered two starters almost every night in each restaurant and usually skipped the salad. The Fois Gras was fantastic. Everything was pretty darn perfect! I did get the feeling from our shared table that others didn't share my love of the type of food that was on the menu. They serve a great selection of French classics to include duck breast, seafood, beef etc. However, if French food isn't your favorite, you may want to consider other dining options. I loved the place. Dinner at The Compass Rose: Great service with good food. Not very good and not awesome, the food was "good". Think high end wedding food. You simply can't seat 500 people at once and expect any better, so it was good. There a nice selection of food and the service was very good. We were seated promptly each of 3 nights. You order, your server dashes into the back and grabs your pre-prepared food from a warming or cooling rack and brings it out with grace and style. The soups in all the restaurants were very good. The menu changed and offers specials as well. There were menus in the lounges and poolside and that helped me pick where to eat each night. Room Service: Available 24/7 and a good idea after a shore excursion. General Comments on Food, wine, and Service: Food: Everything was prepared well and of good quality. There were a few regional dishes on the menus each night to try to give you a taste of where you were visiting. I'd love to see more fresh local food on each menu. Service: There servers and the service are some of the best I've ever had. They do a fantastic job! Period. Wine: This was my big let down. The "Fine Wines" turned out to be $8-10 a bottle stuff. That certainly is better than box wine or banquet wine, but it's not really "fine wine". I'm a wine enthusiast and was looking forward to experiencing some amazing wine. What we got was stuff I usually buy for a weeknight dinner at home. Even more strange was the selection of wines. This cruise was in the heart of wine country visiting both Italy and France. After spending a day in St. Tropez tasting local wines of Provence, we were served California wine. What? We are in France! I think they need to do some more local wine purchasing and serving aboard the ship. Their selection of wines were decent, I just think they fell short of the "fine wine" that they advertised. A notable exception was the Champagne. They served a very nice bottle when I ordered room service. Lounges / Bars: We enjoyed a pre-dinner drink in the Observation lounge almost each evening. The complimentary drinks were of high quality. Grey Goose vodka, Tanqueray Gin, and other good spirits were available at no additional charge. You are free to walk out of the bars with your drinks and enjoy a seat on the deck etc. They serve some little appetizers in the pre-dinner hours as well. The music was very enjoyable. Shows: We caught a couple of the shows and they were very good. The theater is all the way forward and had plenty of seats. Shore Excursions: We found all the shore excursions to be enjoyable and not overly crowded. We were waitlisted for 3 excursions and were cleared for one of them. Additionally we just showed up for one that was full and waitlisted during the boarding process. 5 weeks before sailing many of the "free" excursions were fully booked. Regent needs to charge people $50 if they no-show their free excursion. It seems people book and don't show up nor do they bother to cancel. Then the waitlist can't be cleared and the tour goes with empty seats. The Shore Excursion team does a great job. They are up early and work very hard to make the process go smoothly. The quality of the excursions was top notch as well. The Ship: The Mariner is a basic but very nice ship. There's few bells and whistles. There are nice quiet areas, plenty of privacy, and room to roam. I guessed that there were 450 guests aboard. It turned out that the ship was almost full with 687. I don't know where they were all hiding and I don't want to know! I felt like we had the ship to ourselves most of the time. Also, there were very few public announcements. There was a morning shore excursion announcement and an evening departure announcement. The television and a daily briefing page left in your room had all the information you needed. It was up to you to plan your day and enjoy it announcement free. Last Day- Leaving the boat was well organized. Coded bag tags and announcements of when your checked luggage would be available on the pier were being made. I wasn't impressed with the hectic pace or the feeling that I was being rushed off the boat. The Cruise Director's TV show explained how busy the crew was, how they need everyone off the boat, new guests were arriving soon, they had to depart that afternoon.... Let me say this.... I DONT CARE! Schedule an extra day in port and don't make me miserable because you scheduled too little time in port. Last impressions are lasting impressions. This was the one and only time I felt rushed and burdened with the crews woes. Im sure it's the same on other lines. However this one is supposed to be better than the rest. You can take the Port of Barcelona public bus for a couple of Euros. It takes you off the dock. From there you can walk across the street to the metro. Taxis were available shipside as well. For about 4 Euros each were were able to get to Barcelona Sants station and check into our hotel. It took under 1 hour to get off the ship and arrive at the hotel. Overall impression: Regent lives up to the standard they set. The service the crew provides overcomes any short fallings in most cases. I look forward to my next Regent Cruise. Skysurfr. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
We were cruise virgins & went on this cruise with some ambivalence. We went with several other couples, all of whom were new to cruising. I was concerned because of a couple of negative reviews that were posted here after we had signed ... Read More
We were cruise virgins & went on this cruise with some ambivalence. We went with several other couples, all of whom were new to cruising. I was concerned because of a couple of negative reviews that were posted here after we had signed on to the cruise. Bottom line: we loved it, as did all our friends!! The level of service was impeccable. The staff on board practically stood on their heads to make us all comfortable & happy. Every person with whom we dealt was pleasant & accommodating. The wine was surprisingly good, the food excellent, the service delightful. Cleanliness was maintained fastidiously. Even the fresh flowers in the room & in the public spaces were a delight. The excursions were fabulous and, without exception, our guides were great fun. We hiked, kayaked, rafted, took float planes, saw bears, seals, whales, eagles, & calving glaciers. It was a fabulous trip. That was the unanimous opinion, and, by the way, this is a group that included oenophiles & gourmet cooks. To the complainers who posted previously, I cannot imagine how hard it is to please you in life & I wish you good luck. To the rest of you, I heartily recommend this cruise. It was worth every penny. Read Less
Sail Date August 2011
If Regent Seven Seas had only made a couple of minor errors I wouldn't be writing this review but our experience was one of incompetence and disinterest in customer service from booking to stepping ashore at the end of the trip. The ... Read More
If Regent Seven Seas had only made a couple of minor errors I wouldn't be writing this review but our experience was one of incompetence and disinterest in customer service from booking to stepping ashore at the end of the trip. The good news is that the ship is fine (and there are only 500 other people), the service and food is excellent (but four or five stars, not seven) and the scenery is superb. The butler and maid that came with our suite were both delightful but I wouldn't pay the premium. The bad news is the hassle of dealing with Regent. They just don't get it when it comes to customer service. To start with, as first timers, we took their brochure literally - ie that all shore excursions are included. No they aren't. Many or most of them are chargeable and at a significant premium to what you would actually pay locally. Sorting out excursions took at least five phone calls and as many emails - largely because their web site isn't up to making changes. Booking dinner in the premium restaurant (only once allowed per voyage) for a birthday was another struggle; again their website didn't work on the day that bookings opened and by the following day the restaurant was full on the evening of the birthday we wanted to celebrate so more phone calls and emails. Arriving at Vancouver airport we weren't on the list for hotel transfers nor did they believe we had paid for them. We insisted they check; they insisted we produce paperwork as proof. Eventually they accepted their error. Not a good start. Then towards the end of the week we discovered that they didn't have us booked on the correct shore excursions (despite a printed confirmation) and these were now full. Finally they booked us on the wrong departure schedule despite confirming it in advance. None of these in isolation would have been a problem but in every case the initial response was "no" rather than "how can we fix this for you". It seemed to be a pervasive attitude that it was my problem to live with, not theirs to fix. Maybe it is the cruise industry or maybe we had unreasonable expectations but we won't travel with Regent again until and unless they sort this out. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Background InformationThis was our first cruise and was to celebrate our retirement. We had always holidayed independently before, usually travelling by car in Western Europe and avoiding crowds and too much heat but as we were limited to ... Read More
Background InformationThis was our first cruise and was to celebrate our retirement. We had always holidayed independently before, usually travelling by car in Western Europe and avoiding crowds and too much heat but as we were limited to school holidays, this was not easy. We chose this cruise after much research, mainly on Cruise Critic and its invaluable forums.Travel to SS MarinerWe did not use Regent's included air option as it was confined to flights from LHR whereas we have very much easier road access to LGW and STN. We flew EasyJet LGW - VCE and although the flight was delayed by an hour arrived at SS Mariner in good time. Being rather apprehensive about travelling in Venice, we had pre-booked a water-taxi with meet and greet service at the airport which was very expensive but very efficient, taking about 40 minutes in total. If we went again we would take a cheaper option as there was no real sightseeing element to the trip - the route goes around Venice rather than through it.At the taxi drop-off point we were met by a young man from Regent who took our heaviest case for delivery to our suite and pointed out the route to the Terminal and the ship. This involved a 5 minute walk in quite hot weather, some of which was over rather unsteady pontoons and was not very well signposted. We coped but it would have been daunting for those less able or fit. In the embarkation hall we first had to complete a form at one desk to confirm we did not have swine 'flu or other contagious diseases before we could proceed to another desk to have our passports checked and photos taken for the key cards. This was done very quickly and pleasantly and after a luggage check, we were climbing aboard.Reception on boardOn board we were welcomed and given a very small serving of 'champagne' which was actually a sweetish and rather characterless Loire sparkling wine. This does not set the right tone for a luxury cruise: it seems penny-pinching and implies that guests do not know the difference. We were told that suites would not be ready until 14.30 and the venues where we could get some lunch were explained. There was apparently nowhere we could leave the carry-on luggage we had with us so we dragged it up to deck 11 and La Veranda where we enjoyed another glass of rather better Loire sparkling wine with a good salad selection from the buffet. After an announcement that the rooms were ready, we went down to our suite. There we found yet another bottle of Loire sparkling wine and a note introducing our stewardess, Hannah.After unpacking our carry-on case, our larger case was delivered. Hannah then called in to see if we needed anything. I asked for a bottle of gin and some real champagne. She explained that they were still loading and there was none on board yet but she would put some in the room later in the evening. This she did.StateroomWe were in an E category suite on deck 9. We had tried to get a lower deck, the rooms being otherwise identical, to minimise any risk of motion sickness but they had all gone - presumably to RSSC regulars who take early advantage of the considerable saving that goes with a lower deck location. At first sight the suite looks rather small - there is a 6ft passage way past the bathroom - but is so well-designed that it seems more than adequate once you are settled in. The bed is what Europeans would class as king-size, about 6'3" square and very comfortable except that it seems to have soft 2" layer on top of the mattress which tends to retain body heat. To avoid overheating at night, we had to have the AC quite high - fortunately this was very quiet.The sitting area, which can be curtained off from the bed, contains a comfortable sofa and armchair but is rather dominated by the LCD TV which protrudes from the desk opposite. The minibar, which was regularly re-stocked, was located under the desk and proved effective in keeping its contents cold despite being silent in operation.Mariner is an all-balcony ship which was one of the reasons why we chose it. The balcony has a small table and two chairs and is more than adequate for breakfast or to sit reading and enjoying the view. The bathroom is excellent: plenty of space, both Regent and L'Occitaine toiletries supplied and a splendid walk-in shower with both rain-head and handheld spray. Water temperature was always stable and pressure high. Overall the room and its facilities would be comparable to a junior suite in a high-end hotel on land - but with a balcony, a sea view and a variety of beautiful locations, of course - and it was very discreetly and efficiently serviced by the charming Hannah.Ship InfoThe Mariner's maximum capacity is 700 and we were told that the ship was full and had no reason to doubt it - other than the fact that it rarely seemed crowded. There was always somewhere to sit in the Observation Lounge on deck 12, although the best tables (nearest the windows) rapidly filled in the late afternoon. In the evenings there was always space in the Horizon and Mariner bars both of which, though very comfortable, were rather gloomy. When there was a popular show in the Theatre or many passengers were late back from excursions, the main dining room, the Compass Rose, could be very busy and it was necessary to wait for a table unless you were prepared to share - which we usually enjoyed doing.This was a port-intensive cruise and all sailing took place between 6am and 8am so most passengers were out on excursions every day. This meant that there was usually plenty of room to lounge around the (very small) pool particularly if you wanted to sunbathe. If, like us, you can't take too much sun there were many loungers in the shade and although these were surprisingly popular, we never failed to find a couple unoccupied. The ship was in immaculate condition having been in dry-dock for refurbishment only a few weeks earlier and the occasional aroma of varnish indicated that the maintenance programme is on-going.FoodBreakfastWhen we had an early excursion we ate a light breakfast of fruit and muesli in our room. Our only minor complaint about the otherwise excellent room service was in terms of timing: the meal always arrived well before the beginning of the specified 30 minute slot, catching us still in bed. We also breakfasted a couple of times in La Veranda where there was a very good selection on the buffet.LunchWhen on-board for lunch we always had a delicious mixed salad with king prawns, scallops and smoked salmon, followed by fresh fruit: melons, mango and pineapple. We soon discovered that Coffee Connection on deck 6 made by far the best fresh coffee so usually finished up there - often succumbing to the temptation of a biscuit or slice of cake.DinnerWe usually dined in the Compass Rose. The food, wine and service were generally of a very high standard. The meal is based on the US pattern with which we were not familiar: appetiser, soup, salad, sorbet, entrEe and then dessert. We always skipped the soup and the salads were sometimes too heavy on cheese and bacon so we learnt to specify a plain green version. The sorbets were usually fine apart from a spiced red wine one which recalled all too vividly the ghastly mulled wines of Christmastide and did anything but refresh the palate. The appetisers were varied and usually delicious, as were the entrees: both fish and meat were always properly cooked. Particularly good was the Dover sole and rib eye steak. We always find lobster rather bland and the Wiener schnitzel also lacked flavour but apart from those two (poor choices on our part), the cooking was on a par with that of top class international hotels.WinesThe wines were of a good standard: usually New World varietals of the type which would retail in the UK at between £10 and £20 - which you could multiply by 50 to 100% for restaurant prices. We were surprised and delighted, however, by the early appearance of a Dopff et Irion Gewurtztraminer, to which we returned quite often at subsequent meals. As we had an on board credit to spend, we chose one red wine off the list: a Penfolds Bin 407 which came highly recommended by some Aussies on a nearby table and represented amazingly good value at Regent's price. The only minor criticism of the wine policy is the tendency to serve a Loire sparkling wine unless one specifies 'real champagne' or names the house wine ('Montaudon' on our cruise).ServiceWith only one very minor exception, the service throughout the ship was excellent: unfailingly courteous and prompt. The exception was at the 'caviar and champagne' event where we waited in vain to have our order for caviar taken, having missed the first round of service because we were waiting for someone. On the plus side, however, this meant we saved money as we ate the free canapEs and drank the house champagne as usual!EntertainmentWe found that after the excursion every day, several aperitifs and a multi-course dinner with wines, we did not have the energy for dancing or even a show! The shows started at nearly 10pm and those we spoke to who did go said they were generally very good. We did go to the crew show on the final evening as it was early evening and enjoyed it and the farewell speeches.ExcursionsThere is a choice of 'free' (i.e. included) and paid for excursions in every port. We made our selections through the RSSC website and chose two paid for. Strangely, one of our paid for choices was already waitlisted even though booking had only been open for an hour or so at most. We later received a phone call from Regent's UK office to say that the waitlist had cleared and we could now book. On board, however, that excursion was cancelled 'due to low numbers'! The standard of excursions was variable: none were excellent, some were good and some were poor. Of the included excursions, many involved travelling on a large and almost full bus with limited legroom. The roads were often very narrow with sharp chicanes and some passengers experienced motion sickness. Where the destination was small, e.g. an olive oil mill or winery, it was crowded. In larger places, e.g. museums, we were often following even larger groups and having to wait until the next room in the predetermined sequence was vacated. Of those tours which included meals, the timing was clearly dictated by the need to fit in with other groups rather than our interests: a wine-tasting with local food for 'lunch' at 10am on one; a seafood and pasta 'lunch' at 5.30pm on another! The quality of the guides was variable - only one or two were really good speakers. Others we spoke to made similar criticisms of the included excursions but some were very pleased with those they paid extra for. Interestingly, when looking for a non-bus excursion we were actually warned off a particular boat trip by a member of destinations staff as 'not worth the bother' and were grateful for that advice when others reported back that it was indeed very poor. Perhaps our expectations were too high or simply unrealistic because of our lack of experience but we must agree with those who feel that this is by far the weakest aspect of the Regent product.DisembarkationAs we still had unused on-board credit, we booked a private car to ensure we got to Nice in time for our EasyJet flight - we had been advised by the Destinations team that taxis could be thin on the ground in Monte Carlo. We left our luggage out the night before with the colour-coded tags attached. In the morning we assembled in the theatre and waited while other colours were called. We were told that, although our car was at the dockside, the driver could not be found. After another 10 minutes rather anxious wait, we were finally called and went down the gangway to begin the search for our cases. When we found the correct area, there was no sign of our cases! I explained the position to the driver and giving him our hand luggage set off in search. Regent staff were conspicuous by their absence at this stage! I finally spied our smaller case on a cart about 50 yards away and, despite the protests of the baggage handlers, reclaimed it. No sign of the larger case anywhere, so back to the appointed area to wait in the hope it would turn up. My wife decided to have a good rummage, however, and after moving a very large case which was sitting at an odd angle, we discovered our own case buried beneath it. Mightily relieved, we were on our way. Again Regent was let down by its destinations staff and/or systems so that our final experience of the cruise was less than luxurious.SummaryOverall, it was a very good cruise which could have been excellent but for the shortcomings of the destinations department. Would we do it again? Probably not in the same way: when shopping around, we would certainly discount the value of the included excursions in comparing Regent's prices with others. But the Mariner is a wonderful ship and I suspect we will sail on her again! Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
My mother was kind enough to take me on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean this year, and it was a fantastic trip. It was my very first cruise, and everyone told me I'd be "spoiled" by going with Regent for my first cruise. ... Read More
My mother was kind enough to take me on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean this year, and it was a fantastic trip. It was my very first cruise, and everyone told me I'd be "spoiled" by going with Regent for my first cruise. They were right!I loved the smallness of the ship: only 490 passengers. We had one of the few non-balcony suites, but that didn't matter at all - we had a fabulous view out the big window, and I could always go up on deck if I wanted to be outside.Everything was relaxed, yet genteel. I really had the feeling that every single Regent employee genuinely wanted me to have a wonderful time: from our sweet & efficient stewardess Jane, to the cruise director Lorraine, to Noel who works in the Pool Bar, to the Captain himself, John MacNeill. Loved his bagpipe anthems steaming us out of port!The excursions were great, too. I did a lot of snorkelling and enjoyed it all. The best was probably off of Grand Turk, where the sea plummets to 7000 ft! And, the "bike, hike, kayak" adventure on the Dominican Republic was unique, too, in that we were (mostly) alone in the forest. Loved it.I like that I saw a number of Regent employees off the ship when we were in port, including some on our excursions. I think (hope) Regent treats and pays its staff well, because they seem to be happy with their jobs, and that makes for an even better experience for the passengers, too.I'm already trying to figure out my next cruise on Regent! Read Less
Sail Date March 2011
I would like to share with you my review of our cruise to Alaska aboard the Regent Seven Seas Navigator. This was our first ever cruise and while my husband lived in Alaska years ago, it was my first visit to Alaska. The two-for-one deals ... Read More
I would like to share with you my review of our cruise to Alaska aboard the Regent Seven Seas Navigator. This was our first ever cruise and while my husband lived in Alaska years ago, it was my first visit to Alaska. The two-for-one deals and the all inclusive nature of the cruise made it very affordable and I am very glad that we made the decision to go the luxury route. From the moment we arrived at Canada Place in Vancouver to boarding, we were made to feel special. The line for the HAL ship was quite long but we were asked if we were cruising with Regent and then we were ushered to a non-existent line and from then until boarding we did not wait more than 10 minutes. We boarded at about 12 noon and made our way to check in, where we were offered champagne, and then to La Veranda for lunch. This buffet is like no other I have ever encountered. The food was fresh and delicious. After lunch we explored the ship as we waited for our suite to become ready. Just a little after 2:00PM they announced they we could see our suite (#945) and we found all our luggage waiting for us. I spent the next couple of hours watching a free movie (Alice In Wonderland) from a large selection of free movies and unpacking and decorating our suite for our 50th birthdays. My husband was celebrating his 50th on the 9th and I was the following day. After getting settled we dressed up for sail away and joined our fellow cruisers on the upper forward deck. The weather was beautiful and warm and we immediately started making friends. I was pleased to see a mix of ages and everyone was very friendly. I told my husband that it must be because everyone was so darned happy to be there. After sail away we returned to La Veranda for a Prime Rib dinner that was melt-in-your-mouth good. We were off to a spectacular start. The next day we awoke to a rather gray sky but no rain. Neither of us experienced any problems with seasickness, I was taking Bonine every day at bedtime and my husband was taking nothing after feeling "foggy" from the Bonine. The inside passage seas were very calm which I am sure helped us get our sea legs. The Bonine (Dramamine Non-Drowsy) also gave me the great benefit of deep sleep. It worked for me. I also had ginger candy and Sea Bands, just in case. Never needed them. We spent the day having breakfast at La Veranda, which became our habit, enjoying the scenery, setting up our internet connection, writing a brief blog and having lunch with our Cruise Critic Roll Call friends at Compass Rose. This restaurant served you after ordering and the food was also very, very good. I had an amazing shrimp and avocado sandwich. We were offered a white or red wine, beer, soda or juice and there was no check to sign. It was strange getting up and leaving the table without figuring out the tip. Fantastic! We ordered dinner in our suite and strolled around the deck where we saw WHALES! There was whale blow all around us and there must have been about 20 Humpback Whales all around the ship. A few got very close, it was really exciting as I had never seen whales in the wild before. We then called it an early night as we were heading for... Ketchikan We arrived early in the morning and there was a light rain falling. This was completely expected and really a nice change from our 90 degree summer back home. We dressed for the weather and after an in-suite (24-hour room service) breakfast of fabulous bacon and scrambled eggs, fresh melon, fried potatoes and fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee, we headed into town for some shopping. The stores were open very early and we bought a bunch of things which we had shipped home for a coupon price of $9.99. Then we explored Creek St. and the creek was at low tide. There were many salmon present, dead and alive, and the smell was intense. We visited Dolly's House and took the tour. "Dale" gave us a great history, with jokes included, and we enjoyed this tour. Well worth the $3.50 each. We then made our way back to the ship to prepare for our first (free) excursion arranged by Regent, a Cruise of George Inlet & Crab Feast. I chose this excursion especially for my birthday because I LOVE crab. The rain had stopped but the sky remained cloudy as we boarded the bus for the George Inlet Lodge. There we boarded enclosed party boats which took us on a short cruise to where the crab pots were located. I volunteered to pull up the crab pot (a nice birthday memory). We received a lesson on identifying crab and crabbing in general. The weather cleared and the sun came out! It was really nice. On the way back we spotted a few harbor seals, and a young eagle. The guides were very nice, informative and very funny. We left them a tip onboard. At the George Inlet Lodge we all found tables and were served a crab feast to end all crab feasts. A glass of wine or soda was also included. Large, heaping, steaming bowls of fresh dungeness crab. I was in heaven. I especially enjoyed the ladies who brought us constant refills of melted butter. Along with our tablemates, we competed in a contest to create the highest mound of crab shells. This is when we coined the term, "crabalanche". We finished with a really great piece of blueberry topped cheesecake. My husband, who is not a big fan of crab, was served a cajun styled chicken breast. As we boarded the bus back to the ship it began to rain again. We found a table at the Pool Grill where we enjoyed a few drinks with our new friends. We had dinner at La Veranda and, once again, fell into a deep sleep to the rocking of the ship. The next day was... Tracy Arm & Juneau The skies were completely clear this morning as we woke up approaching Tracy Arm. We bundled up because it was really cold and quite windy up on deck. This fjord rivals those in Norway, that is what Terry Breen told us as she narrated our approach. We spent the next few hours marveling at the amazing scenery and enjoying the serenity and silence of the fjord. We did not choose to take a separate catamaran excursion which took people much deeper into the fjord and within view of the Sawyer Glacier. The Navigator went as far as the waterfall and then made a slow turn and sailed out of the fjord. We sailed into a fog bank and heard the fog horns as we headed to La Veranda for breakfast. By the time we arrived in Juneau the sun was out and the day much warmer. We had lunch at the Pool Grill and then walked around the town for awhile. I thought the prices here were higher and we closed the purse strings. We headed back to the ship and boarded our bus for our free excursion, a Native Canoe Adventure at Mendenhall Glacier. We boarded 12 man canoes (no motors allowed on the lake) and paddled up very close to the face of the glacier. Our guides were personable and friendly and gave us lots of good information. We also stopped at Nugget Falls which was spectacular as well. We had a snack before paddling back to the beach for the bus ride back to the ship. We ate at Compass Rose for dinner which was great and a night cap at the Galileo Lounge and early to bed because tomorrow we head for... Skagway On this day we awoke to clear skies! We were up early and decided to have an early breakfast and then walk the 1/2 mile into town. Most of the stores were closed and since we were the only ship in port, we had the town to ourselves except for some locals in a small cafe. We found one open store, a Russian American store, here we spent a bunch again on some really special things like a classic Russian style winter hat and Russian nesting dolls. The clerk here was really nice and we enjoyed listening to him talk in his slight Russian accent. We headed back to the ship and at the small boat harbor we saw OTTERS! I LOVE otters! There was a group of 5 or 6 of them playing on the dock and swimming amongst the boats. We took pictures and laughed as we made kissing noises and called them. They would turn and look right at us. We then went aboard and prepared for our free excursion, Zip Lines! This was my favorite excursion. Here the guides took very careful care of us and we felt safe and secure always. We really bonded with our fellow zip liners and we cheered each other on. We made fast friends here and on return to the ship we enjoyed a late lunch and drinks with them at the Pool Grill. After resting up and sail away, we had dinner with our roll call friends at Compass Rose. Another fantastic, perfect day! How could it be better? Oh, it was, next was... Sitka The dawn at Sitka revealed a charming town with lovely island homes, Russian influenced buildings and churches and a blindingly bright beautiful sunny day. After breakfast at La Veranda (loved the Chef here, Martin Jordan) we took a tender (small boat hung on the side of the ship) into port and we headed off for some serious shopping. Again we splurged and decided to have our purchases shipped home rather than trying to fit it all into our luggage. We met up with our free excursion for this day, The Sea Life Discovery Tour, and boarded a semi-submersible boat. They took us out for a view of a really green, murky sea floor where we saw starfish, a crab, small fish and lots of sea grass. This was a bit boring so we went up on the outside deck and enjoyed views of a Kelp Forest from above. The day was spectacular and it was really nice being out in the sun. We went back down for the divers who took cameras deeper and showed us many more fish and sea life. One diver scared me silly when he popped up in my window with a giant multi-legged starfish. They were very entertaining. After the undersea part we had a very informative, top deck ride, back to the harbor where we boarded the tender back to the ship. We stopped at the Pool Grill for lunch and headed to our cabin to prepare for a special dinner with 7 new friends. The food was good although I did not particularly like the soup. After dinner we went to the only show we saw which was a Navigator version of Cirque De Soleil and was very well done. After the show I decided to try my luck on the slots as my husband headed back to the suite. After just a few pulls I was ahead $15.00 and that was it for me. I rarely win so I always give up when I am ahead. When I arrived back at the suite I stepped out on our balcony and was shocked and amazed to see a huge display of the Aurora Borealis!! It was not very colorful but it stretched all the way across the sky with rays of light shooting upwards. Fantastic. I immediately returned to the casino where I told my friends to come see and I promptly emptied most of the casino as everyone headed up on deck to see. With a less than 10% chance, how lucky were we? I could not believe that the next day was the day we would visit the famous... Hubbard Glacier We were up very early and bundled up for the cold to another spectacular day. The dawn was incredibly beautiful as we cruised into Yakutat Bay and watched the sun come up and illuminate the magnificent mountains all around us. As we approached Hubbard Glacier the mountains and the glacier became larger and larger. There was very little ice (another blessing) and we were able to get very close to the face of this 6 mile long glacier. We concentrated on 3 miles of it and watched calving of the 350 foot face and listened to the amazing sounds a glacier makes. Cracking, booming and groaning, we were presented with quite the show. Terry Breen (our onboard cultural anthropologist and guide) was able to pinpoint where the ice would calve and she was right on! As the captain turned the ship around slowly we made our way down to the suite as the decks were packed with everyone standing at the railings. We were treated to the best of the calving from the comfort of our balcony and caught all of it on rapid fire photos and video tape. It was awe inspiring and could not have been a better visit to this magnificent sight. Magical. We had a great BBQ lunch at the Pool Grill and started packing our bags. We dressed up extra nicely because this was our one night at the reservation required restaurant, Prime 7. I had a great full Maine Lobster and Brian had a New York Strip. The food was great but, honestly, it was no better or worse than all the other food we had onboard. All of it was awesome. We returned to the cabin, finished packing and set the bags outside to be picked up. It was sad to leave but we were anxious to head home to see our kids. The next day we rode the... Grandview Train to Anchorage After breakfast at La Veranda with many goodbyes and hugs for the staff and our friends we boarded the train right were we docked in Seward. The time passed quickly as we rode along through the fog, with some breaks for views of glaciers and Moose country. The only wildlife we saw was a Moose butt as it headed off into the fog and an eagle in a tree. Someone saw Dall Sheep but we missed them. The fog made it difficult. We arrived right at the Anchorage Airport where some went straight to their flights while a number of us with later flights we were bussed over to the Anchorage Hilton where Regent had booked the 15th floor Hospitality Suite for us to lounge in and enjoy coffee, tea and water while we waited for shuttles that left on the hour to take us back to the airport. Our flight was really late (10:50PM) but it was a non-stop flight and we could sleep on the way home. We spent some time walking around and getting a few last minute souvenirs (I got my Ulu Knife) and we had lunch at the Glacier Brewhouse. The food was great and they had wi-fi so we were able to Skype with our kids and see their happy faces for the first time since we left for Vancouver. The internet connection on the ship was slow and I only used it to upload short blogs each day. Once we returned to the Hilton a nice employee took pity on us a gave us the access code for the hotel wi-fi so were were able to connect from the Regent suite (like a large restaurant area with booths and tables) so everyone was checking their flights because they were concerned about the fog. Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy the view from the 15th floor because of the fog. Eventually it was time to board the 7:00PM shuttle to the airport so we picked up our big luggage from a secured area and they loaded them on to a shuttle for us. It was a quick ride to the airport where we waited on briefly for Frontier to open their ticket counter and I weighed our 3 bags to find them 48.2 pounds, 49.1 pounds and exactly 50.0 pounds! Awesome! We were quickly through security and found a table at the Chili's Too restaurant where we spent an hour waiting for our flight. Then we headed over to the gate and boarded a full flight home. A perfect end to a perfect vacation. Overview Alaska is spectacular and amazing and I returned a changed person, for the better. Don't say "maybe"...GO! I cannot recommend it more highly. We very much enjoyed Terry Breen and we attended a couple of her lectures where we learned a lot. She really added to the entire experience with her narration over the loudspeakers, which never intruded on the peace and quiet of our suite. And what a suite it was, it was huge! The shower was huge and the bathtub was deep. Everything was new, clean and luxurious, great feather pillows! We never heard a neighbor or people in the hall. You can read our blog here: http://alaskacruise2010.shutterfly.com where we have posted about 175 pictures. I hope you like it. Feel free to comment or ask questions, I will check and respond. My husband said the only concern he had were loose screws in the suite but, with the vibration in the aft part of the ship, it is understandable. We were not bothered by the vibration, it is a ship after all. Some might find it bothersome though. I understand that mid-ships and lower decks it was not as noticeable, if at all. We really enjoyed the intimacy of a smaller ship (490 passengers) and were very pleased that we rarely had a wait for anything. I was also impressed that I never heard the word "NO". Everyone was smiling and happy, including all the passengers. A special shout out and kudos to: Arul (with the great smile) and Jerel (who read my mind) at the Pool Grill, The Sommeliers, Daniella, Mykola and Plamen (The Bear), Headwaiter, Delfim Bento Couto and Hostess, Monique from Compass Rose. Anatoli Makaev in La Veranda who was very accommodating and my special friend, Waitress, Pornipa (Em). Our Steward, Augustin (thank you) and the Stewardess who greeted me each day so sweetly, Lorie. The Prime 7 Maitre D, Christiaan Du Plooy (great sense of humor) and especially the Chef, Martin Jordan who never failed to make me laugh. Thank you all for making our once-in-lifetime extra special and very memorable. We appreciate you and we miss you. We hope to see you again someday...soon. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Background We booked our cruise directly with Regent, which provided one interesting aspect. When the cruise was overbooked the direct bookers all were offered incentives to postpone and back out of the tour. It eventually reached getting ... Read More
Background We booked our cruise directly with Regent, which provided one interesting aspect. When the cruise was overbooked the direct bookers all were offered incentives to postpone and back out of the tour. It eventually reached getting an extra $7000 back in cash in addition to all your deposits of the cruise. Those who booked through travel agents never had that chance. We also opted for the pre-cruise land package called Discover Denali. That had good accommodations in Anchorage, in near Denali National Park and an extra night at a luxurious ski resort called Alyeska. Everything about the pre-cruise tour went very smoothly, and we went from the plane through the tour to the ship without a hitch. It also gave us the opportunity to meet some of the people we would spend time with onboard so we had a built in set of friends by the time we arrived at the Navigator. Embarkation This went without a hitch, and, as others have said, we went from the pier to our suite inside of 15 minutes. We were handed champagne as we entered, and we never stopped having people serve us drinks wherever we were on the ship for the next 7 days. We immediately went to the Destination desk to sign up for another shore excursion, which I had not added in advance. That took all of 2 minutes to make that change. Stateroom We were in room 718. The port side gave us a good view of most things as we cruised south. It was about 1/3 of the way back from the bow, and we had no problems with movement except during rough weather or first night on the open sea. The Regent staterooms are gorgeous and spacious. 350 square feet was more than enough room for the two of us, and we had plenty of closet space and drawer space to completely unpack. The bathroom has a shower (excellent pressure and drainage) as well as a tub. The only disappointment was that the satellite TV system lost several of its channels for the last three days, and all we had was FOX news to watch. The information channels with site visits by our cruise director Jamie were information, however. The rebroadcast of our onboard expert, Terry Breen, were also helpful if we missed the lectures live. She was outstanding. The room was kept spotless by our stewardess, Jocelyn, and she went out of her way to get us whatever we wanted. If we did this again, we would probably opt for one of the lower level staterooms without a balcony. We really didn't get much use out of it in Alaska. Ship Info The ship was just refurbished in December, and most everything seemed clean and new. The amount of routine cleaning, vacuuming and maintenance that went on throughout the voyage was impressive. It seemed as spotless as DisneyWorld. There were enough things to do at various stations throughout the ship. The pool got little use until the final day. There is a reasonably well-equipped gym and exercise room. There are about four laundromats for anyone who needed to clean a few things, but the cleaning services were not outrageously expensive. The casino was never overly used, but sometimes up to half the slot machines would be occupied. Elevator service was very prompt. We never had to wait more than a minute or two for a car when we chose not to walk. We did notice the vibration that other people have mentioned. It was sporadic and only in the stern. It was probably most bothersome when we had dinner next to the rear door of Prime 7. However it went away after awhile. Dining I had read that dining is what Regent excels at. We began eating at the buffet, and could have been satisfied there. Options abounded. There is Prime 7, a reservation-only space. We ate there once, on our last night, but the menus were so good at the "regular" restaurant (Compass Rose) that we wouldn't have missed it. Our normal dinner always had beautifully prepared appetizers and interesting salads. Soups were outstanding, and the entrees, particularly fish dishes, were as good as I can get anywhere where we live. The house red and white wine seldom left us needing alternatives, and the desserts were wonderful, too. For those watching their weight, the back of the menu has a "light" calorie restricted four-course meal suggested by the company that runs the spa (which we did not use). Breakfast and lunch were available at the buffet room or out on the pool deck. One of the small bars also served some breads and other assorted items for a continental breakfast. They have a terrific espresso/cappuccino maker for anyone having Starbucks withdrawal. Altogether, food was a real highlight. Activities We never wanted for something to do. Despite the small size of the ship, there were games, trivia contests each day, shuffleboard and a putting green, lectures, and a whole host of things to partake of. We were too busy taking advantage of the free excursions to get involved in much, but opportunities for bridge and other organized activities were adequate. One interesting ploy was to hold a late afternoon "Block Party." At the sound of a gong, everyone was supposed to go out into the hallway to meet their neighbors while the crew served champagne and hors d'ourves. That was actually helpful and one of the best ways we got to meet people. Children's Clubs There were more young kids than I expected to see, and there were several young crew members acting as counselors and keeping them entertained throughout the duration. This isn't a strong point, but they seemed to have handled it very well. Service In a word - outstanding. Everyone, from running into the captain just after boarding, to the cruise directors to our waiters and our cabin personnel, were friendly and constantly asking us what more they could do for us. Since there is a no tipping policy, this was particularly impressive. I never saw anyone ask for anything that they couldn't get, whether at a meal or anywhere else on board. In another word - classy. Entertainment Again, since I have nothing to compare it to, I can't really gauge this. There was a different show almost every night by the resident singers and dancers, including a Cirque show that was very impressive. The singers were professional, the dancers were energetic, and the whole production was always entertaining, if not overly imaginative. The ship orchestra was very good in all their different forms. They backed the productions and did other lounge shows. I really enjoyed the little jazz trio when it played. On the final night, the screened Avatar in the theater. Almost no one went; I guess everyone had already seen it in 3-D. It was better than what I was expecting. Shore Excursions There isn't too much to see in the cities themselves that we visited. We took advantage of a least one excursion at each port (and two in Juneau). Over half of ours were extra cost options, but even $199 to fly in a helicopter to a glacier seemed more than reasonable. The side trip to Endicott Arm (Tray's Arm was fogged in) was impressive. If we had never done anything but the complimentary trips, however, we could have been happy. There are a lot to choose from in every port, and they cater to a wide variety of interests. Disembarkation This was the only thing that didn't go as smooth as silk. We didn't receive our luggage tags and instructions until long after most others did, for some reason. And even then, we didn't have a time to leave listed on our sheet. As it turned out, that was moot because people who were scheduled to leave at 8 pm were standing around for nearly 45 minutes. I saw the captain and the ass't cruise director running around during this time, and it seems as though something was going wrong. We, fortunately, did what you weren't supposed to do and stayed comfortably in our cabin. We let our stewardess go about her business and kept out of the way. We finally got to disembark about an hour after we were scheduled (9:15 or so) and the process went smoothly after that as we boarded a bus directly to the airport. Dealing with the airport in Vancouver is a whole separate nightmare. I've never been in so many lines, including a separate wait to drop off your checked luggage after you check in. Summary Regent Seven Seas Navigator was all I could imagine a cruise should be. We were pampered and fussed over and basically had our ever whim catered to. Alaska itself is spectacular, but this ship really made us want to keep sailing. The all-inclusive nature of the Regent price had the added advantage of arriving back home with only an extra $200 charged to my credit card. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
This was our first ever cruise so, no doubt, that will affect our perceptions. We had chosen Regent after talking to acquaintances who had sailed many times on their ships and who told us that this was the only way to cruise. Originally, ... Read More
This was our first ever cruise so, no doubt, that will affect our perceptions. We had chosen Regent after talking to acquaintances who had sailed many times on their ships and who told us that this was the only way to cruise. Originally, it was just going to be my husband and I on the cruise as our fifteen year old son was meant to be away on a month long expedition with his school to Venezuela. Unfortunately, this was postponed until July of 2011, so we were suddenly faced with the dilemma of a romantic cruise for two becoming a family cruise. As the only child of older parents our son is, thank goodness, both well travelled and reasonably self sufficient when it comes to entertaining himself, qualities that helped him enjoy the cruise as the youngest person on board. We travelled to Fort Lauderdale a day ahead of the cruise, staying at the Courtyard Marriott, Fort Lauderdale Beach. The hotel was adequate but I thought it bore very little resemblance to the obviously airbrushed and carefully staged photographs on its website. Its location was ideal, however, and it took only five minutes to reach Port Everglades on the Monday morning of the cruise. Embarkation was extremely efficient and in less than fifteen minutes from our arrival at noon, we were onboard with a glass of sparkling wine in hand which we enjoyed while the teen had a quick lope around the ship to get his bearings before lunch in La Veranda. We had opted for a Grand Suite (701) which was a good thing as it is one of the suites that easily sleeps three, having a separate bedroom. Teresa, our stewardess made up the sofa bed every night for our son, and he said that, as sofa beds go, it was extremely comfortable. We enjoyed the suite and its location very much, finding it spacious and comfortable. The pre-loaded films on the two televisions are a nice touch and one our son liked as in the first few days of the cruise he did not want to go to any of the evening entertainment and preferred to retire to the suite and watch a film. This changed after we went to Galileo's lounge one evening with him, and George, the barman there, started to challenge him with various puzzles and mind games. Binoy, our butler, was most attentive and nothing was too much trouble. When the itinerary changed due to water issues, and our visit to St. Barts took place two days later than originally scheduled he took charge of altering a restaurant reservation we had made there. The only downside to 701, and it wasn't one that bothered us as we are early risers, is that it when the anchors were raised or lowered, being right by them we not only heard them but also felt the vibration. We had few issues with the food or restaurants onboard. My husband is wheat intolerant and the brand of special crackers he prefers were found for him and kept in the restaurants and a supply was also placed in the suite for his use when the butler brought canapEs before dinner. Such attention to detail was much appreciated. We dined in Prime 7 twice, once by ourselves and once as part of a larger group. On both occasions the food was excellent. We particularly enjoyed the foie gras sliders and also the chateaubriand. Apart from the night we boarded when we had a very grumpy waiter in Compass Rose, service was exceptionally good. Stefano, the head waiter in Le Veranda at breakfast and lunchtime and also in Compass Rose in the evenings, was charming and went out of his way to ensure that not only we but all passengers had exactly what we wanted. The one disappointment for us was in the wine selections. We are wine collectors and we both felt the everday selections to be rather uninspired, relying too heavily on Californian and South American wines. We would have liked to see more French, Australian and Italian wines available as part of the daily selections. The sommeliers in all the restaurants were well informed and we had some interesting discussions with them, getting the impression that they were sometimes frustrated by the wines that had been selected. We made use of the free shore excursions and our choices were probably changed by our son's presence as we went for more active ones than those we would have chosen if travelling alone. Some were better than others and we got the sense that the destination staff need to check more carefully that what was described in the write ups actually happens. While our catamaran snorkelling trip in Tortola was great fun, the wine and snacks that were advertised never actually happened. Instead, we were dropped off at a beach bar on Norman's Island to buy lunch if we wanted it and then given a plastic cup of rum punch while sailing back to Road Town. Equally friends of ours took what was meant to be an elegant sail around St. Barts, only to find that the skipper of the boat thought he was taking them snorkelling. They didn't mind and had come prepared with swimming gear, but some of their fellow guests were quite unhappy expecting to be on board a large, comfortable yacht where they would sit in comfort, sipping wine. The excursions we particularly enjoyed were snorkelling in Tortola and the America's Cup 12 metre challenge in St. Maarten. The cave and mangrove exploration in Cayo Levantado in the Dominican Republic was interesting, but the ten mile speed boat ride back to the ship in 4 metre waves was one of the scariest boat rides I have ever taken. We took a glass bottomed boat ride in Nassau and all agreed that it was very ho hum. Our son scathingly called it snorkelling for the faint of heart and lazy. We enjoyed the onboard activities on the whole. I found the fitness area very small for the number of passengers on board - line ups to use exercise machines were the norm. My husband played bridge on several occasions and was full of praise for the instructors, Terri and Carla. Our son liked all the games like ping pong, putting, pool volleyball, and shuffle golf, playing them with enthusiasm, and amassing quite a haul of Regent points by the end of the cruise. The entertainment staff who ran these were very pleasant and enthusiastic. One small disappointment was that the golf driving cage on deck twelve was removed during the recent dry dock. We dined one night with Franck Galzy, the general manager, and he told us that this was because it affected the stability of the ship. The special focus of this cruise was Theatre at Sea which meant that Ed Asner, Carol Channing and Carol Lawrence were on board giving shows and also participating in panel discussions. I am ashamed to say that I never made it to any of these, but my husband saw Ed Asner's one man show FDR and said he was incredible. We enjoyed the James Bond Martini and trivia event very much and also the Krew Kapers, but can't comment on the regular nights' entertainment as we never went to them. Not having been on the Navigator before we also cannot comment on what changes were made during the recentdry dock. We found the ship to be very well maintained and the staff worked hard at all times to ensure this, particularly in the pool area. I do, however, think that there needs to be a more senior member of staff there to oversee this area, as this was the only place where I felt things did not run smoothly due to rather selfish behaviour on the part of some passengers. Obviously, there are not enough loungers around the pool to accommodate everyone on board (especially on at sea days) and ones in the shade are definitely at a premium, but the practice of "bagging" them at 8:00 in the morning by placing belongings on them and then not turning up until noon (something we witnessed one day) struck me as incredibly inconsiderate and selfish. The waiters/attendants at the pool were understandably reluctant to intervene as they were asked to do on this occasion by someone who had noticed the length of time in which the loungers had not been used. So, I think that someone with a little more power is needed to enforce say a 30 minute rule - if you don't use the lounger, after 30 minutes your belongings are removed, stored for you, and someone else is given the opportunity to use it. So, did the cruise live up to our expectations? It most definitely did. Everyone enjoyed it. While it might not have been our son's first choice, he rated it very highly saying it would rank in his top ten vacations ever. We liked the level of service, thought the food was very good, with the odd flash of excellence, and enjoyed the experience of being on a ship - ideal for making a lot of stops without having to unpack and repack constantly. Would we travel with Regent again? We are already looking at Russia/Scandinavia when our son finally goes to Venezuela in the summer of 2011. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
Personal Background Information: My husband and I are Kiwis, namely from New Zealand. This is our first cruise, and we undertook to do one for his 40th birthday. With the help of an amazing travel agent specializing in cruises, we ... Read More
Personal Background Information: My husband and I are Kiwis, namely from New Zealand. This is our first cruise, and we undertook to do one for his 40th birthday. With the help of an amazing travel agent specializing in cruises, we decided on the Seven Seas Navigator for 10 days, travelling the Western Carribean, in and out of Fort Lauderdale. Travel To Port of Embarkation Air New Zealand - fabulous!! - Auckland to San Francisco Virgin America - SFO to Fort Lauderdale - wow!! Internet service inflight. How much better can it get? Hotel Info (if any) In SFO, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency SFO Airport. Its Tripadvisor reviews were appalling, but we really quite liked it. Everyone was super-friendly, and the facilities were great, especially for the price. $139 including an upgrade to the Regency Club. In Fort Lauderdale, we stayed at the Marriott Harbour Beach & Spa. It was really nice, but I don't think I'd pay the $450 rack rate per night. The room wasn't much nicer than the Hyatt, although the grounds were well-cared for. Embarkation Smooth and seamless...a great welcome to the pampering we were about to experience. Stateroom We just loooove our little stateroom. It was in the centre of the ship. It has a balcony but is one of the smallest on the ship. It's perfectly formed without feeling cramped, and is much nicer than most hotel rooms. There are beautiful wood fittings everywhere, the walk-in closet is gorgeous, so is the desk and shelves. The curtains are sumptuous. The bathroom is marble, with a shower AND bath. I expected to have to make some sacrifices for space, but it's beautiful, just beautiful. And I love the balcony, and sat out there to meditate or just watch the waves go by. Ship Info At 490 passengers, the ship feels intimate and spacious. The ship was fresh out of dry dock and beautifully outfitted. Everything feels like luxury - when we were on day excursions, we looked forward to getting back to our "womb". Dining I couldn't tell, either from the Regent website or from Cruise Critic that the quality of the food would be so nice. So many courses! So many plates! So little room in my stomach! And the wines were lovely too. When we didn't like the wine that was being poured (and I have something against Chardonnay), they happily poured a different one. My chief level of concern was whether my dietary preferences would be catered for, and they were!! Top marks awarded here. Each night after stuffing myself on far too many courses at Compass Rose, I would return to the room to find the next day's menus tucked into my door. I ticked my choices, and the chefs did their very best to accommodate me. I realize that sometimes this meant cooking a separate version of something; for instance, I know that they made special sugar-free sorbets for my intermezzo. ;-) I sing with joy at being so looked after. The maitre d, Luis, and the deputy head water, Manuel stood out as being exceptional, and invariably made me feel as though we were dining amongst friends. A big fuss was made for my husband's 40th birthday, with singing and a special cake. Staff & Service The staff were all gorgeously friendly, took their jobs seriously and made us feel truly pampered. It can't be easy offering such a high level of service consistently, but they did it, and did it well. I came away having given our address details to several of the crew, making them promise to call in when they come to New Zealand. Entertainment Sorry, can't comment on entertainment: my husband and I didn't take in a single show. We did, however, love the visiting mixologist, Adam Segar and his inventive cocktails. We are inspired! My husband loved the Connoisseur Club, aka the cigar bar. S Shore Excursions The shore excursions ranged from the sublime (the Mayan ruins at Tikal) to the ridiculous. I heard other people complain about the quality of the tours, but all I can say is that they obviously aren't arranged by the people working on the ship. They aren't of the same high quality that we had come to expect from being on the ship. What we did: Costa Maya, Mexico: - I was appalled at the extent of the devastation from their 2007 hurricane. Obviously they have tried to rebuild as best they can, but it's still in nascent stages and no one can do anything about the wastelands of dead mangroves. We did the 2-tank dive, which was cool in that we saw turtles and got to swim in the blue water. Then it was Mexican food on the beach at Mahajual, and a dash back to the ship in a taxi in the sudden downpour. Roatan, Honduras On Roatan, we just did our own thing. Hired a taxi for the day ($50 + tip) and got an island tour. The driver wasn't particularly interested in us as people, but gave us a fine tour and stopped where we'd requested. My husband wanted cigars, and we got some cool souvenirs at a shop called Yabba Ding Ding which was outside the port complex. The prices weren't much better outside the port complex though, just for reference! We had lunch at Half Moon Bay, and watched the waves and the wild weather. That was the last bad weather we had on the tour, until disembarkation day. Santo Tomas, Guatemala: - I really enjoyed gliding into the port in the early morning. It was really beautiful and felt like we were really travelling to exotic places. Well, I guess we were, but without the dusty, bumpy bus ride and risk of dysentery... Guatemala looks very much like a third world country with attendant problems of corruption, rubbish strewn everywhere and lack of education; and that makes me feel sad. We did the "Route of the Mayans by Air" tour, and while it was expensive ($749), I'd say it was worth every penny. We flew up to Santa Elena and then bussed to the ruins and walked around. The lunch afterward at Maya Internacional hotel was decidedly average, but probably the best option around those parts! Our chartered plane waited for us and took us back to Gautemala City, past the shacks, McDonalds and third world spendour, back to the dizzying luxury of our ship. That felt a bit strange, and a bit wrong. Cozumel, Mexico: Here, a group of us organized our own diving expedition with Aldora Divers; ably aided by the ship's concierge, Martha. This was the best diving on the trip; and I especially enjoyed our second dive which was a drift dive. Then off for some more Mexican at a tacky-looking place called Tiki Tok (upstairs towards the southern end of town), for surprisingly good food & service; especially compared with Pancho's Backyard, where the ship staff recommended we go the previous night. Rather disappointing, I thought! Cayman Islands: On learning that we only had 4 hours in Grand Cayman, we cancelled our Shore Diving excursion and just did our own thing. We grabbed a taxi to the Marriott at Seven Mile Beach, rented chairs and snorkels and just did the beach thing. Ahh. Disembarkation Well, the end HAD to come. It was less a disembarkation than an ejection from the womb.... The staff were very friendly and efficient, but I can't help but feel sad that it's over. Summary In short, we loved our Regent experience. Truly, deeply loved it. There are some rather negative reviews on Cruise Critic about the Navigator. In fact, some are so negative (staff don't care, room smelled like sewage, it's gone downhill, they're cost-cutting) that I panicked after we'd paid our deposit, wondering if we'd gone with the wrong cruise line. But I can honestly say that I don't know what those people are talking about. Sure, everything has a downside, a negative; and even the nicest of people have bad days...but the Navigator is a beautiful ship with fantastic service. A 10-day cruise will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed and wishing that life could be like this all the time. What I really loved: The elegant casual dress code: I looooved getting dressed up and wafting around om tropical breezes among beautiful surroundings. Who wouldn't? I would even have loved a few formal evenings, but the lack of a mandate didn't mean I couldn't wear a strapless dress, so I did for our night at the captain's table. The all-inclusive price tag: We really loved not being charged drink by drink, and not feeling the pressure to tip. Being able to have whatever you want, whenever you want it is very lovely, liberating and indulgent. Champagne cocktails after dinner, while sitting on the couches at the stern of the ship in the warm night air... the boys smoking cigars... why not? The other people on the boat: There were some really interesting, really nice people on the cruise. Despite a profusion of massive diamonds, we didn't encounter any snootiness, just friendly, interesting people on holiday. We kept running into the same group of 6 or 7 couples, and I'll say we've made some new friends for life. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
We have travelled worldwide and vacationed a lot. But never cruised, For my 60th Birthday we decided we would try it. After considerable research and lots of friends recommending Holland America, Cunard, Princess, we opted for midsize ... Read More
We have travelled worldwide and vacationed a lot. But never cruised, For my 60th Birthday we decided we would try it. After considerable research and lots of friends recommending Holland America, Cunard, Princess, we opted for midsize luxury with Regent. I liked the all inclusive idea. We added a 5 day land tour also booked with Regent which subsequently we regretted as it would have been better to do land tour first and end on a high of luxury cruise ship, rather than be disappointed even by 5 star hotels. and a bus with guide and others was not what we wanted. Next time we would still cruise with Regent but hire a car and do our own tour. Regent booked and included flights from Orlando, met us in the Vancouver air baggage claim and that was last we saw of our bags until we reached our suite onboard. A private car took us from air to ship terminal. The TSA were still there but were not as annoying as usual. Champagne welcomed us on board, and as it is my favourite drink when mixed with cassis, Kir Royale,we started as it continued for 7 days, free booze throughout trip including wine with all meals. The room was big with a balcony, I would not travel without one. The service was exquisite. Food knockout. We breakfasted in bed every day, and it was about 3 days before we got hang of order card so we ended up with 4 breakfasts every day for the 2 of us. Scenery is fantastic on Inside Passage, and we saw whales, dolphins,seals, and went on some excursions which took us even closer to blue glaciers. All well organised, no queues as we were about 500 folk on a 700 ship. Read Less
Sail Date June 2007
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