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16 Regent Seven Seas Cruises for the Disabled Cruise Reviews

I am writing this review after a 3 day pre-cruise itinerary in Hong Kong and first full day, while fresh in my mind. I will add further updates. The airport pickup and transfer well, even though they were not prepared for 4 people with ... Read More
I am writing this review after a 3 day pre-cruise itinerary in Hong Kong and first full day, while fresh in my mind. I will add further updates. The airport pickup and transfer well, even though they were not prepared for 4 people with 2 pieces of luggage with carryons each (although that is what we told them we would have). The Langham Hotel was excellent in all aspects - location, rooms, breakfast provided. The first day tour was just hotel transfer to the hotel, but we booked our own private tour which was great. Day 2 with Regent was really sub-par, made worse by rainy, cloudy weather. Nevertheless, we stuck to the itinerary of a train trip to the top of Victoria Peak for the (non)view (we went to the top to re-board our bus and spent no time there). Then on to our lunch at Stanley Market (which was a pretty poor example of a street market compared to the center of Kowloon). We ate at an authentic buffet lunch of —— German food in Hong Kong! Day 3 was a long trip to Po Lin Monastery (of course the cable car was closed) , a better than expected vegetarian lunch, then a visit to tourist trap Ngong Ping village. Pretty lame day - definitely best to explore on your own and set up private tours. The mid-cruise feedback form was filled with issues. We have not heard back from the crew - do not believe the “commitment to excellence.” They are committed to apologizing and being empathetic, as they have much practice from what I have heard from many other cruisers. More specifics: 1] The towels placed on the poolside chairs are changed once a day. If someone is lying on the towel and leaves, the towels are reused for the unsuspecting next poolside guest. 2] First day of the cruise (we paid plenty extra for alcohol included, but no Riesling wine (they did find one bottle for the 12 day cruise) and no Pina Colada mix ( after 9 days they did get off the ship to get more mix, but ran out after 1 day). 3] Salad poolside is served warm - not kept on ice or refrigerated. The salad plates are hot, also not kept in a cooler. Who really wants warm salad? 4] Same for the sodas. Warm Coke cans are opened - so they are not carbonated well. Poured over ice results in flat, diluted soda. I’ll stick to water, but it is warm if you want it from a bottle (or boxed water) - only water from the ship is cold (gee - wasn’t it brown water in my room)? Even refrigerator in room barely kept drinks cool. 5] Although I had expected great service due to a smaller ship with a high staff:passenger ratio, I felt that the service was really poor compared to Oceana. At the buffets, people were leaning over food and mis-handling the serving utensils (not very hygienic) similar to any Golden Corral in the U.S.)- as opposed to being served by gloved staff. It frequently took my asking servers multiple times to bring me drinks, bread, etc. Sometimes I just got up to do it myself. 6] The food menu is pretty extensive - which is good. The food is generally good (although I personally did not think it was uniformly good, but I did have alternative choices) - not as good as the restaurants I had experienced on Oceana but much better than Royal Carribean. Prime 7 is very good. The staff in the Italian buffet are understaffed and running around making it a hectic, not relaxing dinner, but better the second night. 7] When going on tours, only warm water is handed out when leaving the ship. Cold water is not routinely given out on the buses. Generally, the tour buses are good, the tours are pretty average to sub-par. 8] Now at day 10 after completing Bangkok “2 day“ visit. Rather than dock in Bangkok as was in the original itinerary, we docked 2.5 hours away in Laem Chabang. The excuse was low tide (we found out after boarding, others found out 1 week before). I am sure the real reason was it cheaper, as there were no other cruise ships in our port and other cruise ships were docked in Bangkok at the same time. The times of our docking did not change, so there was no way to reasonably go to Bangkok on day 1, with the “alternative offered was to go to Bangkok on day 1 (and at my own expense) book a hotel room and book my own tours to return on day 2 at 1:30 PM. On day 2 we left at 6 AM to have a very rushed visit to the Grand Palace, canal ride on the Chao Phraya river and a buffet lunch at a Sheraton hotel before returning at 1:30 PM - spent more time driving than touring - 2 days wasted in Thailand. I need to come back another time to actually visit the sites and see Bangkok! The entertainment has been better than expected. Staff are pleasant and very apologetic. When we explained our concerns personally to the ship General Manager, she was understanding and apologetic, offering a laughable $750 credit toward a future cruise, with no adjustment to the top dollar price of this cruise. With more protests, we were offered $750 each current cruise credit or $1500 eachfuture cruise credit. 9] The regular internet is very spotty, which I have found. To be fairly typical at sea. I paid for the upgrade to streaming internet, but became good friends with the internet guru with my daily visits due to inability to access the internet, and inability to stream (I tried to video stream a Peloton 45 minute exercise program, which worked for 12 minutes during my 45 minute exercise period). Other sites would not stream at all. Finally, I was told I would not be charged the $120 for the fast internet access I was not receiving). The good parts of this cruise: 1] The staff are friendly and try to be helpful, but are poorly trained (not their fault) and are limited with the ability to fix issues with a ship that should be taken out of service. The 10 day dry dock is not going to repair all the issues with the ship. They did try hard to address the many issues. 2] Bed is comfortable. The suite is comfortable (excluding the smell, toilet and brown sink water). High beds had plenty of storage underneath for big luggage. 3] Good quality entertainment. 4] Very good food and food choices. 5] We received a credit in order to book our own air travel, and were met in a timely fashion at the airport. Luggage transfers were seamless and done well. 6] Itinerary was good (better than the ports actually docked or the time allotted for touring). 7] Although it took great effort, we did receive $ credit. It did not make up for the lost time and aggravation of our vacation, but at least it was a token acknowledgement that there are major issues with the ship that were known beforehand but not publicized. We paid for a Ritz Carlton , and got a Motel 6 (sorry to Motel 6- as I am sure they have clean water in the bathroom Read Less
Sail Date March 2019
My father and I had always wanted to go to Tahiti, he was turning 80 and I was wondering if we would ever get a chance to travel together since his health had suddenly deteriorated. Regent was the perfect cruise line. We were tired of ... Read More
My father and I had always wanted to go to Tahiti, he was turning 80 and I was wondering if we would ever get a chance to travel together since his health had suddenly deteriorated. Regent was the perfect cruise line. We were tired of the up charging for this and that. Wanted a cruise that we didn’t have to check our receipts for the day or worry about the extras. Everything was taken care of! This was a truly all inclusive trip. Of course there were crazy expensive drinks and cigars were extra ( which should be). Being people who enjoy finer scotches and Bourbons we were still satisfied with the selection on the ship. The staff went above and beyond to make our vacation unforgettable. The Crew even arranged to get us on a tour that had already left! It was the first time my mom was in the ocean with stingrays and sharks. Amazing! We got to know some wonderful passengers and staff which I know our paths will cross again. The entertainment was not like the mega ships, but we didn’t care. The craft sessions far surpassed anything on the mega ships! Unfortunately, I can’t remember names since I am writing so late. Broke my back riding horseback in Nuka Hiva. Do the Le Truck! Don’t go off and make your own plans there. My husband and I went diving and though the cruise line did not offer any assistance, some of the crew were very helpful in assisting us with getting some dives in and communicating with the dive shops for us, as well as making sure we got out on the first tender if needed. Definitely a trip of a lifetime! Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
I have been a long time Regent cruiser and was concerned about the quality of service after the takeover by Norwegian. In October my wife and I took a 10-day cruise to Canada and then Bermuda. We found the staff as warm and friendly as ... Read More
I have been a long time Regent cruiser and was concerned about the quality of service after the takeover by Norwegian. In October my wife and I took a 10-day cruise to Canada and then Bermuda. We found the staff as warm and friendly as in the past and the food was at least as good. The entertainment was moderate as I expect on a small ship, but the performers were enthusiastic. But… My wife uses a mobility scooter and transport chair which we brought on the cruise. The access to the pool deck and specialty restaurants was made especially difficult. Scooters had to navigate the lip between the corridor and deck and they created an extra barricade with an inclined plane to ease the scooter across the lip. But the plane did not slope to the ground but started with a two-inch vertical rise. To negotiate this the scooter had to be perpendicular to the rise and moving relatively fast. The problem was the stairwell was close to the deck access and there was little room for maneuvering. It was worse leaving the deck since the fast-moving scooter was headed toward the stairwell. A tense experience, to say the least. Leaving the ship in port was an adventure-in-itself. The gangway was set up in much the same way as the as access to the pool deck and disregards the needs of those who need mobility assistance. It took two crew members to move the scooter over the hump. The ship stayed in Bermuda for two days, the longest on the cruise. But none of the excursions were available to the mobility impaired -- even folding wheelchairs. This really did not matter since the gangway was steps rather than an incline. The crew offered to carry my wife and scooter down the steps, but we did not want to be singled out. Finally, the stress was too much and the scooter transmission was damaged. Half way through the cruise we filled out a questionnaire and we expressed these complaints. We were ignored. The changes that would have solved these problems were simple and inexpensive and the failure to implement these changes shows indifference, at best. Read Less
Sail Date October 2018
After a dozen cruises on large common cruise lines, my husband and I chose Regent. We’ve been on the 7 Seas Explorer 3 times in the past 3 years. We plan on going on another Regent cruise, they are that good. The first two were in ... Read More
After a dozen cruises on large common cruise lines, my husband and I chose Regent. We’ve been on the 7 Seas Explorer 3 times in the past 3 years. We plan on going on another Regent cruise, they are that good. The first two were in Europe and the last one was in the Caribbean. We are in our early 60’s, fit, & seasoned travelers. All 3 of the cruises had truly excellent service in all areas. This is a main attraction along with their gourmet food. All 3 times we have had true culinary experiences in their restaurants, Prime 7 and Pacific Rim in particular. Their service and food are clearly superior to all the major large cruise lines. Although Regent is a more expensive cruise line, it’s totally worth it. Also, all of the tipping/service charges are included. For me, that’s a relief. It’s hard to figure out how they get such friendly, helpful, respectful workers but they do. All of the rooms have verandas, as well. The majority of the passengers of the 3 we were on, were probably average age of 70 - at least it seemed like it. I’d like to know the true average age. To be honest, on the first night of the first cruise I looked around the dining room and the main lobby and thought: “OMG, I am trapped in in floating nursing home.” There are a lot of slow-moving passengers using canes and walkers which is quite a contrast to some of the other cruise lines we’ve been on. Some have wheelchairs and personal assistants; but as the week went on, we realized there were a lot of advantages to being the younger ones on an older-person’s cruise. First of all, I ended up being inspired by these older, handicapped passengers who continued to enjoy life despite their difficulties with ambulation etc. Most of the time, they yield the hallway to the faster-moving passengers. They are respectful and courteous. They converse in just the right amount of pleasantries. If you wanted to talk, most had very interesting lives and stories to tell. Never even once did we see anyone drunk or causing a problem. The “active” excursions are usually small since most of the older passengers choose less energetic tours (there were only 6 of us who went on the jungle river tubing experience in Belize - which actually was rather boring and don’t recommend it but it was very personalized). The gym and spa area are practically empty (except for a few of the staff working out). I found all of this to be tremendously advantageous. A few tips: If you can’t get the excursion you want when you first book your cruise on line - check back before you leave and definitely when you get on board. People often cancel and the cruise line adds excursions. You can almost always get what you want if you are a little persistent. The excursions in Europe were really well done and totally worth going on - even if you’re not a group-tour kind of person. The tour guides know the history, culture, and geography of the area and it’s a very good learning experience. There wasn’t even one disappointing tour. It’s a little frustrating with loading up the bus with slow-moving passengers but as long as you know it ahead of time, just don’t rush back to be first on the bus. Linger at your destination and enjoy the extra time while the bus is being loaded. I could go on FOREVER about the EXCELLENT ports of call in Europe; but suffice it to say you would not be disappointed on the cruise that starts in Rome going through the Mediterranean or the cruise that starts in Athens and goes up the Aegean coast line. They were truly breathtaking & fascinating. The Caribbean excursions were not as good as the European cruise excursions; but I think it’s a reflection of the countries. The tour guides in Belize, Guatemala, and especially Honduras were somewhat disorganized and the guides had little to say on the bus which was a bit disappointing but not a huge negative. All of the Mexican ports of call, the Grand Cayman, and Key West were terrific though. For us, the Caribbean excursions took up so much time that there was little or no time left to look around the port on our own. For that reason, here’s another tip: most excursions meet in the ship theatre using a ticket system. Once you get your ticket, you meet your group out on the pier. If your excursion is a couple hours after the ship docks, you don’t have to wait around for your tour. You can go out - check out the port area - and come back for your excursion. Twice we missed an opportunity to see a port because we thought we’d have time afterwards but the shops were closed when we got back. We should have gone out before our excursion. We took excursions in Guatemala and Honduras that involved long bus rides through poverty stricken areas. I felt sad seeing all that - such that I wished I was there on a mission trip rather than as a tourist. There’s nothing anybody can do about that but something to keep in mind if seeing all that on a vacation would bother you. Book your specialty restaurant reservations early - the prime times around 7 pm go fast. The Compass Rose serves excellent food if you don’t get all the specialty reservations you want, though. No worries - you won’t have mediocre food anywhere on that ship. Remember that room service is 24/7 and they do a great job. If you want to book spa services (especially on Days at Sea) do that early too. Something else to keep in mind, the medical office has very limited services. We had an accident on one of the excursions causing large bruising and scrapes but we had to see the security officer first to determine if we were truly on a ship-sponsored excursion before they would take care of us. They didn’t do any of the wound care - they just gave us supplies to do it ourselves. For a variety of reasons, passengers are safer all-around if they stick with ship-sponsored excursions. As always when traveling, you have to really keep your wits about you. On our Regent cruise that stopped in Venice, I had my phone stolen by the port screening person as it went through the X-ray machine. I didn’t notice right away but went back in less than a minute and I got no cooperation from anyone to help me get it back. It was very upsetting. Stay at the screening place until you confirm all of your belongings are there. On the European cruises, the speaker was Terry Bishop. He’s unbelievable. He mixed knowledge, humor, and music perfectly. We looked forward to the lectures every day. The speaker series on the Caribbean cruise was terrible, though. For some reason, the cruise line decided to go political and had a speaker who discussed one side of US politics. That was very disappointing. As with all cruise lines - the daily activities sheet is important to check. There’s a LOT going on around the ship each day and it’s easy to miss out on something if you don’t check out the schedule of daily events. Their small-group bands, theatre shows, comedians, etc are all good. One night there was a party on the pool deck with the buffet & dancing under the stars that was really tremendous. Overall - this is a 5 star, sophisticated cruise line providing cultural experiences and good fun. Read Less
Sail Date March 2018
We chose this cruise because of the itinerary. We had a choice of Regent or their sister line, Oceania for the same itinerary. We decided to give Regent a try and we were very happy we did. We had sailed Oceania before and we found Regent ... Read More
We chose this cruise because of the itinerary. We had a choice of Regent or their sister line, Oceania for the same itinerary. We decided to give Regent a try and we were very happy we did. We had sailed Oceania before and we found Regent and Oceania comparable in most ways. We also found the cost to be about the same when you add the things that are included on Regent to similar things at extra cost on Oceania. We also liked that business class air was available. The things that we found better on Regent than Oceania: Embarkation was smooth and simple. We disembarked independently and that went smoothly as well. Our Category G cabin was larger and the bathroom much nicer than the similar category on Oceania's small ships. The included excursions were not nearly as crowded as similar excursion either included or at cost on Oceania. Fewer people made for a more intimate and comfortable excursion experience. Also, the excursions seemed to be paced better for the audience. Food is comparable on both lines. Launderettes are free and busy but we never had a serious problem using them when they were open. The shore excursion organization on the Regent Mariner was much better organized and operated more smoothly than our last cruise on the Oceania Insignia last April/May. The one complaint many people had came during the time the ship was dealing with a gastroenteritis outbreak. The quarantine process was well run and the staff worked hard and contained the outbreak but the outbreak required the closing of the free launderettes for over a week. That made it difficult for those onboard that needed to wash clothes. A larger group of the passengers felt like the ship should have offered free laundry during that period of time. All in all, we really enjoyed the experience enough to book another cruise on Regent. Read Less
Sail Date January 2018
We sailed for 18 days from San Francisco to New York via the Panama Canal. Prior to the cruise we had a one day tour of Muir Woods and Sonoma, with lunch in Sonoma City - a lovely small town. Embarkation and disembarkation were the ... Read More
We sailed for 18 days from San Francisco to New York via the Panama Canal. Prior to the cruise we had a one day tour of Muir Woods and Sonoma, with lunch in Sonoma City - a lovely small town. Embarkation and disembarkation were the only disappointments, and Regent is not at fault. The 3rd party handler in San Francisco failed to provide transportation to the ship for the majority of passengers. And the New York Cruise Terminal made a two day mess of disembarkation, resulting in some passengers missing their scheduled tour of New York City. Clarifications: The ship was partially refurbished in 2014 - the lounges and dining rooms and other public areas were re-done and are very nice. The cabins and cabin hallways are tired but cabins are still comfortable. The ship will go through a complete refurbishment in 2018. Very clean ship, crew very friendly, good service. Food: Lots of food available. Much is high quality sourcing - fantastic lamb from new Zealand, milk fed veal, shrimp. Excellent bread in the formal dining rooms. Authentic spaghetti carbonara and huge delicious portion of veal schnitzel at Stelli Mari restaurant. Restaurants: In past reviews people complained about the slow service in Compass Rose. We only experienced that once and we ate their several times. Cabin: Loved the walk in shower with large rainshower head. Captain Updates: Gave us detailed updates at noon each day. Gym: Excellent high quality equipment. Fitness Manager rather pushy re trying to up sell. Self Serve Laundry: A great feature on each cabin floor. Swimming Pool: I only used it once as there are no steps going down into the pool suitable for people with mobility issues. The top step in the ladders are too far apart for my legs to reach to the deck. This problem has been resolved in the new Explorer ship. I used the jacuzzis instead. Service: I thought service was good. I'm not a smoker but my travel partner is. Smoking is limited to 3 areas of the ship. Some smokers didn't think the service re appetizers and drinks was as good as it could be. Favorite Parts of the Ship: The 11th floor covered terrace at the back of the ship for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Observation Lounge and Horizon Lounge when going through the Panama Canal and during a hurricane. Size of Ship: Perfect for accommodating around 700 passengers and 400 crew. The ship never felt crowded. Ports and Excursions: This is hurricane season with hot humid weather. Be prepared for this if you go in September. Due to bad weather we could not dock in Acapulco or Nassau. This is not the fault of the cruise line.Highlights included: Pura Vida private garden tour in Costa Rica, Cartagena Colombia Old and New Town tour (Cartagena is a hidden gem - spectacularly beautiful), post dis-embarkation tour of New York City (911 memorial is outstanding). Age Profile: Suitable for 55+. Average age likely 70-90+. Large number of people with mobility problems - may be a challenge in rough weather. Not suitable for children. Would I go again? Yes Strong Recommendation: Please do not wait until after the cruise to voice your complaints. Bring them up immediately to the crew so they can do their best to accommodate your requests. Be specific re your complaints. This cruise line is really trying to make this a memorable experience for you. Read Less
Sail Date September 2017
We chose this cruise partly because of the reviews and partly because it went to a few places that we have not been before. First, the good: They had an excellent lecturer aboard and I thought his presentation was phenomenal. ... Read More
We chose this cruise partly because of the reviews and partly because it went to a few places that we have not been before. First, the good: They had an excellent lecturer aboard and I thought his presentation was phenomenal. They had one great restaurant: Chartreuse, for French, but you can only book it once. The suite was adequate, lots of drawer space. The seating area could be partitioned off with curtains, so it could be considered an actual suite. Decor is very dark with low ceilings. I am 5’6” and could place my whole hand on the ceiling. Now the negative: We have cruised before with Seabourn and Silverseas. This did not compare to those lines in any way. The main issue is the overall experience: We felt like cattle. Like many other luxury lines, they include the tours in your price, but unlike others our experience, they make no attempt to control the quality of the tours. On Silverseas, we had a crew/staff member on every bus and on every tour. If something went wrong, that person was able to manage it or intervene. Regent makes no effort to even ask for reviews of the tours. The most obnoxious part was the tour departures: They ask you to line up early on board to turn in your tour ticket and get a bus number. There are a lot of buses on a 700 guest cruise... then you wait and wait in the very dark “Constellation Lounge” until your bus is called. Often twice a day. You spend a very long time hanging out in this lounge with staff repeating the same thing over and over... Then you line up to offload and get on the buses. I do not remember any waits or lines for the tours on with either Silverseas or Seabourn. Finally, the food is just ok. They rely heavily on buffets. Their returning customers seemed happy with that. There was exceent restaurant, Chartreuse. The other two were just OK. There seemed to be a dichotomy of opinion between people who cruised with them often and the newcomers to Regent. The returning customers thought it was just the best experience, and the newcomers were talking mutiny. Our experience was exactly what we wanted to avoid on a cruise. Perhaps it is caused by the move back to larger ships. It has put us off cruising for the future. One of the reasons we chose Regent was because of the glowing reviews. Please don’t be fooled. Read Less
Sail Date August 2017
i have just spent 16 days on a central america cruise i am an experienced cruiser the ship is superb the captain handled the ship brilliantly in a 79 uno gale the food has improved the wifi is good most of the time the staffer ... Read More
i have just spent 16 days on a central america cruise i am an experienced cruiser the ship is superb the captain handled the ship brilliantly in a 79 uno gale the food has improved the wifi is good most of the time the staffer exceptionally helpful the quality of the wines has improved considerably the shows were very good but we need more of them agreeable fellow passengers nothing was too much trouble for the crew the destinations were good in costa rica and mexico and san diego but the san diego tour guide/driver was not too good the magnificence of the ship was better than some of the top hotels in the world the swimming pool was the biggest we have seen on a ship of this size and it was very easy to enter and exit the room stewardesses kept the room immaculate and decorated it for my wife birthday champagne was in abundance Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
Traveling is my passion, but my dream vacation with Regent Cruses turned into a nightmare. If you are thinking about cruising with Regent you need to read about the series of unfortunate events that happened to me on my trip aboard the ... Read More
Traveling is my passion, but my dream vacation with Regent Cruses turned into a nightmare. If you are thinking about cruising with Regent you need to read about the series of unfortunate events that happened to me on my trip aboard the S.S. Mariner that began with our not having heat in our cabin, suite 735, for the first four days of the cruise, and culminated with my sister and I developing severely chapped skin, and me developing bronchitis and a fractured ankle. The trip was Regent Seven Seas Cruises headquartered at 7665 Corporate Center Drive, Miami, Florida 33126. Our cruise was from Montreal to Miami from October 21, 2016 through November 4, 2016. We boarded the S.S. Mariner in Montreal in the afternoon of October 21, 2016. It was a sunny day in the 50s. Although it was a bit cool in our cabin, we did not think much of it and dressed warmly for dinner. The next morning we were quite cold when we awoke. It was October 22nd and it was in the 40s where we were in Quebec City. We turned up the control on the suite heating system. When it remained cold during the day we thought possibly we were not operating the system properly. We asked our Steward to come show us how to increase the heat in our room. He did, and we had all the red lights lit for maximum heat that night. We went to bed convinced that it would be better by morning. By the next day, October 23rd we were at sea all day, and our room clearly had no heat whatsoever. It was a very dry cold. I went to the boutique and bought a $3 tube of Chap Stick for my chapping lips. We notified the Steward that we had “no heat”. The Steward said he would report it. After no one came we phoned Reception. Then after no one came we reported to the Concierge. Meanwhile we re-reported to our Steward and our housekeeper. By late in the day we were phoning Reception, the Concierge, the Steward, our housekeeper, and a waiter more times than we could count. That night we slept in our clothes. I wore a silk long sleeved turtle neck thermos top with a fleece jacket, stretch pants, and socks. By morning I woke up with a very sore throat, cough and a cold. We both had chapped skin as well. I went to the salon to try to get a gentle moisturizer. Even eye cream, the gentlest cream we had, would make our skin sting. The skin expert was not available, but the man at the counter suggested something. Because it cost $186 (a lot of money to me) I decided to wait and talk to the skin expert. The next day we repeated our efforts to try to get someone to the room. By then it was October 24th, and we were in Sydney, Nova Scotia where the temperature was in the low 40s. I was in bed with my cold all day. Still, I frequently called Reception, Concierge, and 8888 (the number for room service and the Steward). It was always difficult to know if whoever we were talking to understood because their English was not very good. I happen to speak English, Spanish, Italian and Russian so I could communicate with those crew members, but most were from other places. I tried to keep the message simple “no heat in our cabin”, but still no one came. In the afternoon, a nice man from Bulgaria showed up to fix our balcony door. Obviously we were misunderstood by someone we reported our problem to. Somehow someone we called thought that cold air was coming in our room because of a broken balcony door. The door was fine. The man’s English was quite good so we again explained to him our dilemma. He understood. He was quite tall, and he put his hand up to the vent on the ceiling, and said “yes there is not any heat in this cabin.” He also said he would try to get help from an appropriate repair person. A young boy came who after tinkering with the control got in the ceiling in the closet to make repairs. His English was quite poor. When he left we weren’t sure if it was repaired or not. But we gave it some time to get warmer. Thankfully, very gradually it began to become warmer in our room. On October 25th we were in Halifax, Nova Scotia where the temperature was in the upper 30s. Our room was still chilled, but some heat was coming through. It was never actually warm during the next week. It wasn’t truly warm until we were in South Florida, but at least it was not near freezing anymore. Still, by that time we were physically experiencing the consequences of four days without heat. Hypoallergenic eye cream still stung our skin. The dry cold had made our skin everywhere, including our scalp, red and sore. On October 25th, I went back to the Canyon Ranch salon, and talked with the skin expert, Joanna. Joanna suggested the $186 jar of skin cream. I sampled it, and it too stung my skin. She said: “This is the gentlest moisturizer we have. Madam, your skin is severely damaged.” During the next week our skin flaked off (everywhere including in our hair). Our skin did not stop flaking until after our return to south Florida in early November. Meanwhile, my cold and cough worsened. When I saw my pulmonologist after returning, he explained to me that the cold temperature of the air going into my lungs created an accumulation of mucus. The accumulated mucus attracted bacteria, and that made it inevitable that I would develop bronchitis. On the evening of October 26th while we were cruising to Portland, Maine, I went to the ship’s doctor. They immediately handed me a mask because of my cough. He performed an influenza test and a CBC blood test. I had a 100 degree fever, bad cough, and was given an antibiotic, cough medicine, and masks for both myself and my sister to wear. I returned to the cabin and spent the next several days in bed. The next day, October 27th, I phoned my doctor, and she suggested that the ship’s doctor give me enough antibiotics for the remainder of the trip (10 days). I returned that evening, and he did. On October 29th we arrived in Manhattan. Before the cruise my boyfriend had purchased tickets to “Fiddler on the Roof” at the Broadway Theatre. The tickets cost $314. Beginning on October 26th we contacted the Concierge to help us sell the tickets because I felt I would not be able to go. I gave her all the details of the tickets, and was even willing to sell them at a loss. She told me no one asked for tickets. When the tickets didn’t sell, I slept all day, bundled up, and went to the theater with my sister. During the play I was coughing so badly that I got up to go to the lobby. I fell, and later learned I fractured my right ankle. My sister and another person in the audience took me to the lobby where I raised my foot and put ice on it. My sister ran to a drug store to get a wrap for it to help me make it back to the ship. We did make it back with me holding on to my sister and hopping on my left leg, and the added help of a very cooperative taxi driver. When we boarded the ship we did not receive any help whatsoever from the crew. The next day, October 30th, I phoned for someone to bring a wheel chair to take me to the ship’s doctor. I returned to the ship’s doctor who again handed me a mask because of my bad cough. His x-ray equipment appeared to be malfunctioning. He gave me an injection of something (he never told me what), gave me some sample packets of ibuprofen for the pain, gave me an additional bandage for compression and support on my ankle, and told me to see an orthopedist as soon as I got home. I figured I would find out what the injection was when I received the “Medical Services Bill”, but a bill never arrived. They did let me borrow the wheel chair which I found easy to maneuver. Between the wheel chair, holding on to things, and hopping on my left leg I was able to function. I did try going to dinner one night because we had reservations at the Prime 7. Having my leg down for that long proved to be too painful. Incidentally, because I was on antibiotics I wanted water to stay hydrated. People’s wine glasses were filled several times, on this all-inclusive cruise, to each time I managed to get water. When they came I tried to tell them that I needed a lot of water, but again I think the language barrier got in the way. Therefore, I chose to stay in my room with my leg elevated and order room service for the remainder of the trip. On November 4th in Miami we woke up early ready to disembark. Several days earlier I had arranged for someone to assist us in disembarking since I was confined to the wheel chair and my sister would be handling both carry-on bags. I reconfirmed our arrangements on November 3rd , the day before disembarking. Whoever I spoke with on the phone told us that someone would be picking us up at 8:30 a.m. I questioned them because our instructions were to be out of our room by 8:00 a.m., and she assured me that 8:30 would not be any problem. No one came. At 9:00 we called 8888 or Reception. They said they were running behind. At 9:30 we phoned again, and they indicated someone would come. Around then we started phoning every 15 minutes. When it was nearly 11:00 we got a call saying “Madam, why have you not left your room?” Apparently we had been forgotten! All our phone calls asking to be picked up were ineffective and ignored. Apparently when you report any sort of a problem it is ignored! Finally, someone came. By then the ship was absolutely empty. No cabs were available because the disembark time was over. The person at the taxi stand did phone for a cab, and 10 minutes later we actually got one. My sister drove me back to Fort Myers where I had prearranged for an electric scooter chair to be delivered to my home, and I had a doctor’s appointment at 3:00 p.m. that I was able to drive to on my scooter chair. Although I had been on antibiotics for 10 days my bronchitis was severe. They decided to call an ambulance and take me to Gulf Coast Hospital. In the hospital they gave me a breathing treatment, and performed several other tests and X-rays. They determined I had severe bronchitis and a fractured right ankle. I was given three prescriptions for my bronchitis including another antibiotic for another 10 days, a steroid, an inhaler, and an orthopedic boot for my fractured ankle. I am now receiving follow-up care from my primary care doctor, a pulmonologist, and an orthopedist. The orthopedist said that although I have the most painful sort of fracture, my ankle should heal completely with possible physical therapy in around 12 weeks. It appears their crew truly doesn't speak English, and they are programed to perform certain duties such as to smile and fill a wine glass, but if you have any problem major (no heat) or minor (needing help disembarking or getting water at dinner) you are out of luck and destined to be extremely disappointed. Incidentally, Medicare does not cover injuries outside the US. My medical bills have exceeded the cost of my trip! Read Less
Sail Date October 2016
The total cruise was very good, up to the expectation for Regent. Having spent over 400 nights on various of their ships, this did not alter my high expectations and observations. We had some bad luck with the weather, Hurricane edge ... Read More
The total cruise was very good, up to the expectation for Regent. Having spent over 400 nights on various of their ships, this did not alter my high expectations and observations. We had some bad luck with the weather, Hurricane edge off of Mexico-some deep holes in the water to go through- but the ships and crew seemed to handle it well-the guests were very quiet!. Jamie and Dana Logan were the cruise directors and keep things humming. Though we had to skip Cabo because of the swells, the rest of the trip was as promised and up to the Regent standards. The Destinations group reacted to challenges quickly and were very helpful in each of the ports. The routine of exchanging reservation slips for tour groups went well in almost all of the instances. This was my first time on Navigator, and at first was disapointed in the scaled down version from Marsiner and Explorer. Seemed that Main Street was Main Alley, but in retrospect, the compact style layout workes well, it was a surprise that all of the main public lounges are in the aft of the ship. No public areas in the forward portion so you could only see where you have been. The spa occupies these prime forward locations-maybe should be placed elsewhere and open to an observation lounge as on the their shops. The debarcation in Montreal was very efficient. All were off the ship by 9:30, which was a blessing. Would I go on on Navigator again??--Yes, I have booked an African leg in 2016 Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
We sailed on "Seven Seas Voyager" in June 2014 and had such a wonderful trip that we booked on "Seven Seas Navigator." Wow! It's like we are on a different (and much inferior,) cruise line! First, the ship ... Read More
We sailed on "Seven Seas Voyager" in June 2014 and had such a wonderful trip that we booked on "Seven Seas Navigator." Wow! It's like we are on a different (and much inferior,) cruise line! First, the ship itself.... Negatives: "Navigator" seems old and tired. There is a positively ALARMING prolonged vibration at times when underway...and we were on the top passenger deck, Deck 11. I saw this mentioned before we sailed in other reviews, so obviously Regent knows about it. But, clearly, they have done nothing to correct it. Nor do they mention or explain it onboard. It's like the proverbial "elephant in the room." The stabilizers, which I believe I read were retrofitted to this ship, do not do much to dampen roll. Additionally, the ship's short length accentuated pitch (forward-to-back motion.) Both combine to provide a much less stable cruise than "Voyager." The rugs and upholstery throughout the ship are stained and often worn-looking. The furniture and paneling are dinged, banged-up and scratched. The first water run into our bathtub was always rusty, (though it did clear quickly.) Here's a BIG one for us. Most of the deck where the Connoisseur Club smoking lounge is positively stank of cigarette smoke. Just walking from the front elevators to the Seven Seas Lounge, where most tours met, resulted in my hair and clothing stinking of smoke for several hours. Phew eee! The 3 elevators, both fore and aft, are arranged in a semi-circle, not in a straight line like "Voyager." I assume this is because "Navigator" is so much smaller. The problem with this is that they wait a very short time after coming to the summons of the button. You have to stand in front of the middle one and sprint to catch whichever of the side ones comes. (We joked that they had a sensor to tell them where you were standing, so the could offer you the one furthest away!) I rolled my husband around on a wheelchair we rented, and we missed A LOT of elevators because it was so difficult, on the padded carpets, to get him to the open one on time. We saw people on foot get left behind, too. We could see when we were ashore that only the very large, high-priced suites had the very comfortable "rattan" lounge chairs and tables on their balconies that we enjoyed in our Penthouse Suite on "Voyager." Our Penthouse on "Navigator" had metal chairs with plastic mesh fabric. Not as comfortable, at all. Positives: Can't think of any for the "physical plant." We should have had our first cruise on "Navigator," not on "Voyager!" Food & Beverages..... Negatives: Service was very slow and spotty, especially at La Veranda and the Pool Grill. It seemed as if the wait staff was more concerned with their own agenda that with the passengers' comfort or needs. At the Pool Grill, we heard a staffer, whose back was turned to the buffet as he worked on equipment behind the buffet, tell a man starting to dish up his breakfast from the that "The Breakfast Buffet here is closed. Go inside to La Veranda." I informed him that the food was still sitting RIGHT THERE, and that I was going to dish up breakfast! He did not object. For heaven's sake!! Repeatedly, main course dishes were not cleared to make room for our dessert. Indeed, wait staff would be busy setting up for the evening dinner service at La Veranda, when it becomes Setti Mari, rather than attending to the guests they had at present. When asked, they did clean the plate, but not the salad plate, rolls, etc. Often, we weren't offered beverages until we asked for them. Service could also be very slow in Prime & and Compass Rose. We spent almost 2 hours getting dinner at Compass Rose, and actually left without dessert because we had sat so long, with out empty entreé dishes before us We didn't want to wind up spending close to 3 hours for the complete dinner. THAT goes from "leisurely" to "too slow!" The beef onboard, whether at Compass Rose or at Prime 7 (which features "USDA Prime beef," they say) was tough AND virtually tasteless, except for the Filet Mignon, which was tender and tasteless! We noticed this on "Voyager," too, and chalked it up to European beef. We had anticipated a good, American steakhouse steak, at least at Prime 7. At these prices, why doesn't Prime 7 have dry-aged prime beef?! They promote it a so special, but it's not special at all. The pasta salads at the Pool Grill were often dried-out, with hard, chewy pasta. Undercooked? Left out too long? Can't say. The first "house" red wines offered were always sharp, rough and acidic. The Sommelier always brought a softer, mellower red when asked, however. Every "Rum Punch" I ordered (when in the Tropics...!) was prepared differently...light and dark rum/only light rum, different amounts of juice and Grenadine, different garnishes, some handled and some dispensed with tongs, etc. Positives: Except for the tough, tasteless beef, the food was very, very good. It was cooked to perfection, and very tasty. (BTW, steaks were always cooked perfectly, as ordered, too.) The pastry chefs are wonderful! Everything they made was delicious! (Too delicious!) Plates and utensils were always clean, with new utensils for each course. Wine glasses in Compass Rose were polished and sparkling. Butler Service: As with "Voyager," our Butler, Abhi, was WONDERFUL. He seemed to truly CARE about our experience. Once, I was in line to talk to Destination Services about a Tour the next day. He had simply seen me walking there with my Tour Tickets as he took a wheelchair passenger upstairs. He came straight back down and asked me what I needed, telling me to go relax while HE took care of it for me. Abhi kept our Suite positively perfect, keeping the refrigerator and fruit dish stocked and bringing us the single-malt Scotch we wanted. He served us dinner, from the Compass Rose menu, on the nights we couldn't face the spotty service at Compass Rose, and breakfast on the mornings we had early tours. He even got me some special almond cookies from the Setti Mari menu! Our butler on "Voyager," Samir, was similarly attentive. I really think the Butlers have their OWN code of conduct, setting for themselves the highest standards of care and concern for their clients. They are a true asset to Regent! Personnel in general: Our personnel problems were mostly related to my husband's need for a wheelchair for long walks. In anticipation, we actually rented a wheelchair, rather than ask Regent personnel to provide one, as we had on "Voyager." There were many, MANY wheelchair-using or elderly passengers on this ship. (One woman was 94!) We imagine that they all shared our problems: It often seemed to us as if this was an "Outward Bound" cruise. The Tours were so strenuous and unaccessible! Indeed, walks to the "tours" were often up to a mile, UPHILL, even if the tour itself was not strenuous. However, unlike some lines, Regent provided no pier-shuttles...you had to walk from the ship or miss out! The "Enrichment" lectures were a wonderful asset tour trip...even though Regent did not provide a way for my husband to appreciate any of the cultures he mentioned. DON'T THEY KNOW THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF THE MAJORITY OF THEIR PASSENGERS?? The people who booked this cruise, by and large, older and sometimes handicapped in some way. But the ADA simply does not apply with this ship! The Destination Services Manager was oppositional and uncaring. Because of her, we cancelled tours we had been looking forward to. She insisted they were "too long a walk," or "too strenuous" for my husband, even with me pushing his chair. In retrospect, she was often wrong about this, since it was eminently possible to wheel him to a tour and keep the wheelchair there for our return. (He can walk, climb steps, etc., but doesn't much stamina.) BTW, I had to push, because no one from Regent was available to do so!! This was not the case on "Voyager." They wheeled him to faraway busses, etc. The Security Staff at the gangway were uncordial and grudging in their assistance to me. My husband could walk down the gangway just fine, but I (I'm 69) could not get his wheelchair down myself. I usually had to ask someone to bring it to the pier for me. Then, no one EVER offered to help me wheel him. Luckily, on Roatan (The place with the mile+ uphill walk,) a Port Security officer carried us on his golf cart to and from the ship. Even I could not have negotiated that grueling walk! I assume it is so long because Royal Caribbean, who built the Port facility, wants passengers exposed to the many, many shops enroute to the busses. hence, they offer no transportation that would by-pass those shops. I can only speculate that Regent gets a cheaper docking fee by also forcing us to endure that long walk, rather that providing us with transport to the busses.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Our first Regent cruise was on "Voyager" in June 2014. We enjoyed it so much that we booked this one from Miami to Cozumel, Roatan and Belize. At first, we were disappointed with "Navigator." The warm, empathetic ... Read More
Our first Regent cruise was on "Voyager" in June 2014. We enjoyed it so much that we booked this one from Miami to Cozumel, Roatan and Belize. At first, we were disappointed with "Navigator." The warm, empathetic personal care we got on "Voyager" seemed to be lacking. Staff seemed very task-oriented, and not very personal-service-oriented. I mentioned this to the gentleman in charge of this area, and changes were immediately apparent. Staff priorities changed dramatically. We even overheard other diners mentioning it at breakfast. One man said to his wife, "Gosh. They cleared my empty dish right away!" Kudos to Regent and to this manager for being receptive to passenger comments and wishes! "Navigator" is a pleasant, compact ship that fits into many smaller ports. There are fresh flowers everywhere, and lovely places to dine. It IS plagued with an alarming vibration while underway. This is something Regent should address, even if it means taking the ship out of service for a while. There is also a strong, very objectionable smell of cigarette smoke throughout much of the midship area on Deck 6. Surely, better ventilation of the Club Connoisseur, which is the smoking area, is possible. I must say that Regent apparently has not looked carefully at the demographics of their passengers. A great many of our fellow passengers were elderly (one woman was 94) and many were using canes or wheelchairs. However, most of the shore tours planned by Regent required a very great deal of walking just to get to the tour. Unlike, say, the Carnival ships we saw at some ports, Regent does not provide a shuttle to the pier entrance, or to the tour itself. This caused us to have to cancel one planned tour and take another, and to entirely skip touring at another port. At Roaten, we would have missed the tour, which required an uphill walk of over a mile. Luckily for us, a Port Security officer took pity on us, both before and after the tour, and drove us in his golf cart. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
A point by point list of my impressions on my first cruise wth Regent. First off, Regent's Scan Design style of decor is not to my liking, which is a shame as it set the tone for my first impressions of the ship. However as I was ... Read More
A point by point list of my impressions on my first cruise wth Regent. First off, Regent's Scan Design style of decor is not to my liking, which is a shame as it set the tone for my first impressions of the ship. However as I was lucky enough to get this cruise at an amazing price, my negative initial first impressions were offset by the quality of almost everything else that Regent is known for, so it balanced out. Plus this was my Bucket Cruise of a Lifetime so I was excited about that alone. I waited a few months to do a review as I've noticed my feelings tend to change over time. Point in fact, when I disembarked I thought it unlikely that I would sail on Regent again. Now - a few months later - I have changed my mind. Especially if the price was right again. I am sailing on Oceania's Marina in a couple of months and am blown away with their exorbitant pricing, which doesn't offer all the bells and whistles that Regent does. So, back to Regent... Or even Celebrity, what with their new Suite Experince. However, back to my cruise on the Voyager: Tour director.... I particularly enjoy his Meet the Crew and Quirky Moments segments. I turn his show on first thing every morning to see what is happening and to watch them. However I still feel the comparison of the steaks in Prime 7 as being the 'best in the world' is ridiculous. They're good, but I've had much better. Food - is very good. Being a stalwart fan of Oceania mainly due to their exemplary food, I didn't expect to enjoy Regent's food as much as I have. Everywhere - but especially during the deck service's lunches and two evening meals. Twice there were amazing meals offered on deck that I was immensely impressed by.... The BBQ especially. And to feed the whole ship all at once! Amazing! Ben - the Executive Concierge is very pleasant and very helpful. Chris - the Destination Manager is extremely kind and caring. He asks how I'm doing at every tour and tries to help in any way he can. Roni - my Butler. Did I say that he was amazing? All Wait staff and, in fact all staff, were very polite, always greeting you, saying good morning etc Wine sommelier excellent. However the wine tasting offered was just that... A tasting of half a dozen different wines offered buffet style. That there were no 'seminar style' tastings offered - especially with so many sea days - was a real disappointment. I learned so much on Oceania's (and spent a considerable amount purchasing my new favourite wines after them). There was a very expensive wine and food pairing offered, but that isn't going to teach me anything as I'd never order wines priced so high and of that caliber. Anything over $100 is just too pricey for me. So I was extremely disappointed not to have had an informative wine tasting. And that the Wine Sommelier had been one of Oceania's sommeliers who had given one of their three (count 'em, three!!) Wine Tasting seminars was like rubbing salt into the wound! Tours: the two 12.5 hr. and 13.5 (really 14.5) hr tours REALLY need more bathroom breaks - 7 hrs plus between WC stops is too long. Many of us are old with weak bladders/kidneys etc. and the toilets in the buses are too difficult to access for many of us. All the tour buses have had excellent A/C except the one we had in Safaga, it had very weak AC, and no reading lights. With 7 hrs uninterrupted travel on the buses, both of those would have been welcome. Also would have appreciated a WC stop. In Turkey and Israel the tour agent was always asking if we wanted a WC break. We assumed it would be the same everywhere else. If not, then the agent should have made mention that there weren't going to be any stops, and told everyone to use the WC before departure. Safaga - Ancient Luxor Tour: Snack on Safaga return was a nice gesture but was very poor. Would have been more tasty (and nutritious) if there was just some juice, a piece of fruit, a piece of cheese and a cookie. Luxor Tour: Driver didn't know where the hotel was where we were to have lunch. Wasted a good ten - fifteen minutes doubling back to it. Not good when you are on such a tight schedule. Then we were dropped off a good two plus blocks from restaurant, way too far. As a Handicapped person, the ten minute walk in that heat was not good. I have to say that the food however was excellent and the buses were at the restaurant door to pick us up. Suggestion re Destination Services onboard: 1. Use one channel on the cabin tv's for the next day's tours (as is currently done) 2. Use 2nd channel of the whole voyage's tours, constantly looping, it would make it easier for guests to review (and perhaps re-evaluate) their selected tours earlier in the cruise, rather than only having the day before to evaluate whether or not the chosen tour was the right one. Would make it less hectic for everyone the day before each tour. As these videos are not available (why not?) prior to the cruise, it would make life easier for all. Read Less
Sail Date October 2014
Once we decided that a trip to the Baltic was on our bucket list we started searching cruise lines. Fortunately for us, our research ended with the choice of Regent Seven Seas and the beautiful Voyager. While there were a few things that ... Read More
Once we decided that a trip to the Baltic was on our bucket list we started searching cruise lines. Fortunately for us, our research ended with the choice of Regent Seven Seas and the beautiful Voyager. While there were a few things that didn't quite meet our expectations, for the most part it was a perfect cruise. Pre-cruise lodging, transfers and embarkation: The only complaint here is the quality of the pre-cruise hotel which was definitely not in line with a luxury cruise. The Scandic Copenhagen is well located but the rooms are typical European small with 2 twin beds and limited air-conditioning. The transfers were well managed and embarkation on the Voyager was seamless. Excursions: We got off the ship in every port and for the most part, utilized the complementary excursions. We did pay for a trip to the Hermitage and The Gold Room which was definitely worth the extra spend. Overall, the complementary excursions were fine - the problem was that a couple of the ports weren't all that historic or exciting. But the tours were well managed and generally the guests were too. Ship and Stateroom: This was our first time on a smaller ship and now we understand the appeal. We loved how easy it was to maneuver around the ship, find friends, make new friends and get to know the staff on a fairly personal level. Our stateroom was great - wonderful king size bed, vanity station and full marble bath with luxury toiletries. We were fortunate enough to have a butler assigned to us and having canapés delivered, special requests attended to and shoes polished was a great addition to our experience. However, I think those without a butler had just as good of a time as we did. Regent's dress code of "elegant casual" after 6pm added to the ambience of the dining rooms and other public areas. Food: The food was good. Not great but certainly not bad. Some meals were really tasty while sometime things seemed a little bland. The house wines were actually really good and we were fine staying with them for dinner. Plus most of the "top shelf" liquors are included in the cruise so you're never at a loss for a good quality cocktail. Service: This is where Regent won us over. We've never been treated so well by so many staff. From the security checking you back in after a tour saying "welcome home" to the great bar staff and waiters - everyone did their best to make us feel like they were truly glad we were cruising with them. We can't say enough about the level of service and attitude of the staff. Summary: We met some great people on this cruise, people that we hope we will be friends with forever. The intimacy of the ship plus the attitude of the staff made it easy to meet and socialize with others. As long as Regent has itineraries that meet our upcoming cruise needs we will definitely be sailing with them again.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2014
This cruise was our first...booked at the last minute as a "shake-down cruise" to familiarize ourselves with cruising prior to a 15-day cruise we had booked for Autumn. I chose Regent because of an ad in "Travel and ... Read More
This cruise was our first...booked at the last minute as a "shake-down cruise" to familiarize ourselves with cruising prior to a 15-day cruise we had booked for Autumn. I chose Regent because of an ad in "Travel and Leisure" magazine, and I am so glad I did. We booked a Penthouse-level suite, and so had Business Class Air and a pre-trip hotel in Copenhagen as part of the package. Regent offered Icelandia Airlines Business Class, but my research indicated we would be disappointed with them, so we upgraded (for $2500! Seemed like a lot, to me. Regent must get REALLY cheap "business class" tickets!) to Air Canada, which flew us non-stop to CPH. A Regent agent met us at CPH and seamlessly organized our transfer to the Marriott Hotel. Our room was lovely and very comfortable. We took a canal boat tour that first day, arranged through the hotel concierge, and enjoyed it very much. The next morning, Regent picked up our baggage to take to the ship, and provided us with a very nice coach tour of Copenhagen. Once on the ship, Regent gallantly helped my husband, who does not walk strongly, up the long gangplank on one of their wheelchairs. We were soon in our comfortable handicapped-equipped suite, being greeted by our wonderful butler, Samir. He introduced us to various features of the suite and the ship, and looked after us SO efficiently for our entire trip. As much as anything, he sold us on Regent! In talking with Samir, we had come to realize that some of the tours we had pre-booked would probably be too strenuous for my husband. This is an area Regent could improve on...It seems clear that they often simply take the tour operator's word for how "strenuous" a tour is, and do not check it themselves. The resulting misleading descriptions can cause real discomfort and anxiety for those who are not physically strong. Samir helped us cancel and rebook tours, but in Warnemunde, we simply stayed on the ship. No tour was "gentle" enough for him, in terms of terrain and stamina. In Tallinn, we took the shuttle into the town, thinking it would go to the scenic "tourist" area. When it stopped a 10 minute or so walk from that area, we simply rode it back to the ship. That was a disappointment. The service and food on the ship, with 2 exceptions, was exemplary. I have read a negative review written by someone on this same cruise and simply could not believe it! we never saw disarray or a lack of cleanliness. Just the opposite, in fact. One day, I noticed a maid on the floor actually POLISHING the brass strip between the carpet and the wood floor. This ship was spotless, everywhere we looked. The many glass and chrome surfaces had NO fingerprints, smudges, etc. There were giant bouquets of lovely fresh flowers everywhere, etc. The staff were all so friendly that we jokingly complained about how very many times we had to respond to "Hello. How are you today?" as we walked about the ship! We were constantly asked if we wanted anything and every effort was made to be sure we were content. Perhaps you get back what you give out. I cannot otherwise explain how there could be complaints about this crew! The food was consistently very, very good, and the desserts were TOO good! However, there was so much fresh fruit and delicious vegetables that I gained only 4 pounds...and have already lost it, 2 weeks later. We were disappointed in the steaks at exception of the steak in Prime 7, which we found to be only average...a bit tough and short on flavor. We chalked that off, with typical American chauvenism, I suppose, to the rest of the world perhaps being impressed with beef we regard as only average. Certainly, it did not appear to be prime beef, properly dry-aged. The whole Prime 7 experience was otherwise very nice. The other exception was Setti Mari, which we visited only the last night. We found the service to be disorganized and careless... the old tablecloth still on our table, no water glass at one of the place settings, ALL the utensils cleared when the canapé dishes were cleared, cold soup, etc... as if the staff were new or untrained. The Maitre de', who we normally count on to notice and correct such problems, was apparantly too intensely interested in talking to a select few special guests to supervise the quality of service in his "room," and we all suffered for it. Upon disembarkation, we were escorted efficiently to Stockholm airport by a Regent agent, who went "the extra mile" for me. I had ordered a wheelchair from the airline for the airport, but, even though we were flying business Class, none was forthcoming. It seems it was a holiday weekend in Sweden (watch out for "Midsommer"!) This lovely Regent lady found a chair for us, and then helped me get him to the baggage-check line. I am very grateful. We were so impressed that i am right now in the process of booking a 17 day Carribean cruise on Regent for November of this year. Read Less
Sail Date June 2014
We had booked the cruise with a travel agency in Dallas. I had requested everything to be first class big handicap friendly suite for my parents, handicap friendly limos to and from the airport, etc. My Dad was recently diagnosed with ... Read More
We had booked the cruise with a travel agency in Dallas. I had requested everything to be first class big handicap friendly suite for my parents, handicap friendly limos to and from the airport, etc. My Dad was recently diagnosed with Leukemia as well, so we wanted this to be a special cruise for the three of us and our caregiver. We had traveled on Carnival, Celebrity and Princess before. Carnival was a nightmarish cattle call of humanity...Celebrity was middle of the road with very unfriendly staff and Princess was great but crowded, so we were attracted to the fact that this ship only had 490 passengers and over 800 staffers. After we booked the rooms (I was disappointed that no handicap rooms were available...more about that later), I researched the Navigator online. Apparently it started out as a Russian research ship, then was converted to cruise ship, refurbished in 2006-2008 and the company was subsequently sold from Radisson to Regent. The only negative thing I could find was a lot of discussion online about the famous Navigator rattling sound so I brought as portable fan with me just in case. After 8 days on the Navigator, let me just say that even with my room (531) right next to the dining room, THERE WAS NO RATTLING SOUND to speak of in my suite. I did hear some rattling upstairs prior to some of the shows but that was it. My parents are almost 80 years old and spoke with many of their friends who had traveled on both Regent and Crystal and most found that Regent was far superior in service and food. The average age on Regent was also in the 50-60 range, while everyone told us that Crystal's age was about 80. All drinks are inclusive (Cokes AND spirits) with Regent, so that was a plus as well. We didn't book it until about 90 days before so we ended up paying about $3000/person. The airfare was booked using Advantage miles so we saved about $500/person there. American Airlines was wonderful to work with regarding my father's use of a wheelchair. They called me prior to our departure from Dallas. Someone from A/A was always there for us to help lift my Dad into his seat, whether in Dallas upon Boarding or Fort Lauderdale upon arrival and going back as well. KUDOS TO AMERICAN AIRLINES!!! The limo to the airport in Dallas was great (memo to wheelchair users...better to get a handicap bus next time with a wheelchair lift) but the real nightmare was in Fort Lauderdale. Our travel agent's first screw up was booking a trailer/van to pick us up!!! There was no way my Dad could be lifted into that contraption so I had to call her and she snapped to it and got us a limo (for $210...the going rate for the 3 minute trip to the cruise ships). We didn't get to the docks until about 2:00 (after waiting 45 minutes for the new limo to show up) but once we got there I felt like royalty after being greeted by the Regent staff. They were everywhere!!! "May I help you..." "Yes sir..." "Let me get that for you..." Now I know we are paying for the service BUT IT SURE FELT GOOD!!!! We were greeted with champagne and they even rolled my Dad all the way to his room where we found the next nightmare....The travel agent had requested that a ramp be placed in the room so that the bathroom floor was flush with the suite AND IT WAS NOT THERE....HELP!!!! Well we called the Regent staff (Martha was especially helpful) AND THEY BUILT A RAMP FOR US IN ABOUT 30 MINUTES!!!!! AMAZING SERVICE!!!! I went to my suite and was very pleased with the size of the room. It was especially spacious for me since I was all by myself in the room. Huge walk in closet with safe and wood hangers. Beautiful marble shower and separate tub. Big flat screen TV. Separate sitting area. At first I was disappointed that I had one of the few rooms with no balcony but honestly since I only slept, dressed, showered and ate breakfast in my room during the cruise, I really didn't miss it that much when all was said and done. We changed for dinner and ate in the Compass Room. I loved the fact that there was no assigned seating (like being in the 3rd grade on most ships) and we could dine at whatever time we chose, within reason for dinner and breakfast. Also 24 hour room service, which their caregiver used at 1:00 a.m. to order a sandwich, which got there hot in about ten minutes!!! I ate breakfast almost everyday in my room after that and it got there right on time, was hot and delicious EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!! After dinner they went to the show and I went to the casino. I love poker and craps and was disappointed that they had taken out the poker table, but was quickly assured by Helene, the casino staff manager that the craps table action would more than make up for it. AND SHE WAS RIGHT!!!! I spent most of the next 6 nights at the craps table either right after dinner or after the show for the evening and met some great folks there (Chet, Danny, Kirby, Richard) and the casino staff was fantastic!!!!! KUDOS TO HELENE!!!!! Quite by accident we met the couple in 529, which was the room in between our two rooms and we spent the rest of the cruise with them (Holly and Joe) and their friends (Chris and Jamie). I won't say more, except we have met new friends for life and are still communicating with them and we have Regent to thank for bringing us all together (the first thing or the second thing?...what thing?...OOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!) We ate dinner one night in Portofino's and was disappointed by the food...EAT AT COMPASS!!! The shows that I saw were mediocre at best. The Buddy Holly impersonator was about as good as a bad Karaoke singer and the Vegas Rat Pack review was just awful (how can you do Elvis with no sideburns or sunglasses? how can you do Dean Martin without a drink in your hand??). My parents and their caregiver loved the Motown show and everyone talked about how our caregiver was dancing on her feet throughout the whole show (I guess she was easy to spot, what being the only African-American woman on the ship!). There was always room at the pool...I never had to wait for anything...It was just wonderful!!!!! One very bad incident. Our caregiver had a seizure in Puerto Rico (she had a history of heart problems) and had to be hospitalized and we later flew her home to Dallas...(NOTE...ALWAYS BUY TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE,,,IT PAID FOR HER ENTIRE HOSPITAL STAY, THE FLIGHT HOME AND ALL ARRANGEMENTS,,,WHEW!!!!). The quality of food was excellent, especially the soups which were indescribably delicious!!! The level of service was amazing, especially since ALL TIPPING WAS INCLUDED!!!! I had a massage, which was awesome and my Mom had two complete makeover days (all free since when we boarded we all had any where from $300 to $600 ship credits given to us to spend on massages, cigars, Regent wear, etc.) Look...if you want a non stop party cruise with lots of screaming and yelling and drunk idiots, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU...But if you want class, fine dining, great company, quiet and efficient service, then by all means...BON VOYAGE!!!! I AM DEFINITELY CRUISING AGAIN WITH REGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2009
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