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I am a retired Navy Captain with 30 years of service and a Doctor with 2 postgraduate degrees. My spouse is retired and has a computer science engineering degree. I have spent 2 years aboard a naval aircraft-carrier and 2 years aboard a ... Read More
I am a retired Navy Captain with 30 years of service and a Doctor with 2 postgraduate degrees. My spouse is retired and has a computer science engineering degree. I have spent 2 years aboard a naval aircraft-carrier and 2 years aboard a naval destroyer tender, which had approximately the same propulsion system as the Seven Seas Navigator, two controllable pitch propellers. We departed New York Harbor 26 Sept 2015 around 8:00 PM. As the ship began backing away from the pier, we noticed heavy vibrations and the rear section of the ship began shacking violently. The heavy vibrations and violent shacking remained throughout the duration of the cruise. We noticed that the Captain reduced the cruising speed to try and reduce the vibrations. At times it become much worse. We had approximately 3 hrs of sleep that night, with calm seas. 27 Sept., we arrived in Newport, Rhode Island on time in calm seas, with blue skies and high clouds. Departed on time calm seas. Heavy vibrations and noise from ceiling, drawers, cabinets and doors. Unable to sleep, period. 28 Sept., we arrived in Boston on time. After two nights with very little sleep, I went to the Guest Relations desk and asked if I could change to a room further forward. I was told that would be impossible, because the ship was full. I stated that there is something wrong with the ship’s propulsion system causing excessive vibrations. They looked at me with a total blank stare and declared, “There is nothing wrong with the ship.” Lie #1. 29 Sept., arrived Portland, Maine with calm seas and fog. It is now obvious that the action of the seas is NOT the cause of excessive vibration. That evening the Captain announces that we will not be stopping in Rockland, Maine, due to the weather and that it would be difficult to operate the tenders. Another sleepless night. 30 Sept., as we slowly limp our way North to Saint John, NB the vibrations and noise level in our stateroom and La Veranda dinning area increased dramatically. At breakfast in La Veranda, the room was shacking so badly that passengers were holding on to the tables attempting to eat. Many just got up and left. This has now escalated into a safety and comfort issue for many of the passengers. This was unacceptable. My spouse and I went to the Guest Relations area to speak to the General Manager, Davor . I asked him directly and politely what is wrong with this ship and I informed him that I believe that there is something very wrong with the propulsion system. He stated there was nothing wrong with the ship that the vibrations were due to the action of the rough seas. Lies #2 & #3. I also stated that I believe that may be a contributing factor, minor at least, that we were unable to visit Rockland, Maine. I suggested that at the very least to compensate the passengers with free wifi. This set Davor off in a rage. In front of other passengers and staff, he said, “if you do not keep your mouth shut, I will throw you off the ship”! We pull into Saint John, NB that evening with heavy wind and rain. 01 Oct., Saint John, NB. at breakfast the Captain makes an announcement. He did not realize the low tide was more extreme than expected, due to the full moon. As a result, we would not be able to leave the ship for a few hours until the crew can place the gangway on the starboard side. Note: the ship was docked with the stern facing the storm rather than bow and I believe that there is a disembarkation exit on a higher deck on the port side? 01-02 Oct., night sailing from Halifax to Sydney finally got to sleep with the help of sleeping pills supplied by another miserable passenger. Woke up in the middle of the night by 4 extremely loud bangs on the hull?! 03-05 Oct. asked to see the Captain on the bridge. Told by the Guest Relations Dept., that would not be possible. I only saw the Captain once with another officer walking through the restaurant La Veranda ,while we were experiencing heavy vibrations. 06 Oct., Montreal: As the ship backed up along side the pier on the port side, I noticed a large crane and 2 enormous trucks with the name Divex Marine Inc. emblems on the sides of each truck. This company is noted for its underwater ship repair services and has been used by the US Navy. Once the ship was securely docked they had 3 divers in the water. The divers worked continually 24-30 hours in rotating shifts. I spoke with one of the divers and he said that they were working on one of the propellers. In conclusion: 1) In speaking with some of the service crew, one who had only been on the ship for one month and worked on other Regent ships, they all said that they have never seen a ship shake so violently, for so long. 2) In speaking with one of the restaurant managers early on in the cruise as to why the ship vibrates so much and he said that there is a problem with one of the propellers. Staff also indicated the ship was going in for an overhaul/refurbishment in March 2016. 3) There were several passengers at any given time at the Guest Relations Dept. desk complaining about wet, moldy carpet in their rooms, stained passageway carpets, heavy vibration and noise in there staterooms. It is obvious that the Captain,Chief Engineer and General Manager knew of the condition of the ship. Yet, they chose to, or were told to go to sea. They put the safety and comfort passengers at risk. I personally spoke with the president of Divex Marine Inc., Mr. Michel Birs, phone # 450-441-2974. He confirmed that there is a problem but could not go into detail because he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Obviously, one must conclude that ship staff and management is trying to coverup a very big problem. My spouse and I feel we deserve a full refund from this experience, and hope Regent will do the right thing. We chose this cruise because we have sailed on the Seven Seas Mariner to Alaska, and had a fabulous time on a wonderful ship. We will not accept credit toward another/future cruise as compensation. In short, we found our Regent Seven Seas Navigator experience a complete disaster, and Regent Management dismissive and far short of the standard of service one would expect from a five star passenger vessel. To think we paid over $20,000 for this dismal experience. Read Less
Sail Date September 2015
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