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2 Vantage Regensburg Cruise Reviews

Vantage offered a great Christmas cruise on the Danube at an excellent price. I had never done a river cruise before, but am an experienced ocean cruiser and travel on my own quite a bit as well. I would definitely cruise with Vantage ... Read More
Vantage offered a great Christmas cruise on the Danube at an excellent price. I had never done a river cruise before, but am an experienced ocean cruiser and travel on my own quite a bit as well. I would definitely cruise with Vantage again. My quibbles are all minor. Logistics: We arranged our own flights and Vantage would not transfer us from the airport to the ship, as we arrived a few days before the cruise started. I was told that we could only be transferred if our flight arrived the same day as everyone else’s. Not a big problem, but know that if you arrange your own flights, you will need to call the ship the night before the cruise to find out where it was docked. Our cruise was stated as Munich to Budapest, but it turns out that the ship was to dock in Regensberg, not Munich – it would be helpful if this was clearly stated in the cruise documents. Still not a problem, but when we called to find out where the sip was docked, we were told that due to low water levels, the cruise would leave from Passau instead. I called back later to find out exactly where the ship would be docked and was told that it wasn’t in Passau, it was in Vilshoven. Late that night, I received an email with the gps coordinates of the ship, but no address. Fortunately, google maps works with gps coordinates and there was train service to Vilshoven. It would have been a great service for Vantage to transport people who had made their own arrangements once the location changed. Cabin: We had a lower-level cabin with a window, not the French doors. The windows are narrow and located at the top of the wall (similar to a clerestory window), so don’t think you will be gazing at the scenery through them. The room was adequately sized and it was only difficult to squeeze past one another when the closet door was open – it’s a shame that the hinges don’t allow the doors to open to 180 degrees. We had three burned out lights in our cabin and when the bulbs hadn’t been changed by the second day, I reported it to the front desk staff and they were changed. It was a thoughtful feature to have a light in each closet, but one of them never did work. The cabin was cleaned and serviced efficiently daily; I never saw the crew and we didn’t have a specific cabin steward as you do on an ocean cruise. Good storage in cabin and bathroom. No cotton swabs. The round bathroom mirror was on too short of a stem to look at the back of my head, which was annoying. There were some varied noises coming from the ship while moving (may not be an issue on upper decks), and the bathroom door vibrated in the door frame unless we stuck a washcloth in it. Activities: An odd feature was added to this cruise – bizarrely, a horror movie was created by the new “ship animator” (I think they meant videographer, but he was always referenced as an animator) and teens aboard the ship. They filmed in hall on Christmas Eve afternoon while we were trying to nap. There was much yelling about blood (so restful and Christmassy!) and no notice was given to us. Live local music was provided twice on the ship, and it was excellent. Port tours and activities: Martin and Renata were a very good team and both were pleasant, knowledgeable and professional throughout the cruise. The ports themselves were great, although I wish we had more time in Salzburg (lengthy bus ride). The included walking tours were fine; guides were knowledgeable and the pacing was generally good. Nothing amazing, but solid. The private music performance in Vienna was performed by competent professional musicians, and the lunch in Salzberg was in an amazing venue (although it took far too long). Because we were shuttled to Regensberg, we could not eat aboard the ship and we were each given 20 euros as lunch money. Food: Much of the food was quite good and I appreciated being served normal (not oversized) portions. Breakfast was served buffet-style and was very nearly identical every day. A little variety and a few more choices would have been appreciated. I would have liked a teapot instead of a coffee cup to steep my tea, and wait staff should quit trying to top up tea with water, as it waters down the tea. There was a decent seletion of teas aboard ship, but please offer me the tea box so that I can select my tea or just put it out with the self-serve breakfast things. Lunch in the dining room was okay – mostly the same salad bar/sandwich makings on offer with a rotating pasta dish cooked to order. I ordered a cheeseburger one day and it was truly awful. It was dried out and the edges were so overcooked that I couldn’t bite through it. There were a few missteps with food, and sometimes the portion size was off. One night we were served cream of green bean soup, and another night we were served a frozen ham ice cream-type appetizer that was unnecessarily gigantic (prob 4-6 ounces) and very few guests ate much of it. Wine was always palatable and was not the same every night. Read Less
Sail Date December 2016
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