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6 Cunard Queen Victoria Fitness Cruise Reviews

Problems from the start. Ticketed as new cruisers when in fact it was cruise #3 for us , it took 3 visits to the pursers office (waiting in line) to correct that error. Even then, there was no way to ensure early dinner sitting, a ... Read More
Problems from the start. Ticketed as new cruisers when in fact it was cruise #3 for us , it took 3 visits to the pursers office (waiting in line) to correct that error. Even then, there was no way to ensure early dinner sitting, a requirement of our booking, yet never advised as a problem until we had been ticketed and fully paid up. Different table at most dinners. Did I say dinner? A sample from the Britannia's international menu follows. And I challenge you to find this in any cookbook. Taglioline (ribbon pasta) in a light tomato sauce and sitting on top: TWO turkey breast schnitzels! Missing items -No fried egg on top, and no chips! From what hell's kitchen did this dish emerge? Try cutting up turkey schnitzels on top of pasta without ruining whatever qualities you may have thought were present underneath! In the Lido each day, for breakfast there were the same 3 kinds of (possibly, it wasn't labeled) yoghurt, along with 2 or 3 kinds of melon: water, rock (sometimes) and honeydew. On the one morning bananas were served, they were soft and very close to black.In Sydney, our departure port, there were available abundant quantities of papaya, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, mangoes, plums, white and red grapes and pears. None of these was available. Instead we had the aforementioned melons, cut pineapple, and canned peaches, pears, prunes and pineapple rings. Smoked salmon with your breakfast? Forget it. Beef sausages? Forget those too. No just pork or chicken, every morning, day in and day out. And as for fish! Have you Aussies ever heard of a "long tailed snapper" that had all the markings of a sea mullet, (dark, large u-shaped remnants of scales on the black skin with brown flesh underneath, and the only whitish flesh in the centre. The whole lot tasting like something you'd normally throw to the gulls? )Try Cunard for a whole new understanding of this delicacy. In the Verandah restaurant which prides itself on a long tradition of French cuisine, I had to wait for French mustard to be sourced from somewhere else to go with my sinewy, overcooked rack of lamb. A French male, raised in a Paris restaurant, met at the pool, told me with a sad shake of his head, there is no French cooking in that restaurant. (The head chef is Indian, by the way, according to the staff announcement one evening.) The French man had been served a sole, and found it inedible, due to having been "white frozen" at the tips and edges.You know, that's when your fish has been exposed to too much air after a long, long time in the freezer, with lots of openings and closings.. Another Britannia restaurant special featured monkfish wrapped in bacon. Quiz question for junior cooks: how do you cook bacon to a point where it is cooked if you wrap it around monkfish? Answer: you don't worry about the fish Just make sure the bacon is cooked, and to hell with the fish. Another. What is the difference between a green bean and a khaki bean on a Cunard liner? Answer: none. Cook the crunch and the colour out of it. Some people might love khaki coloured beans. Fancy an early morning swim? Two outdoor pools are available, and you'd better love an icy cold shower to follow your swim, because there are no warm ones. Want a warm dip? $35 (AU $50 approx) per person per day will get you into a spa pool which on cruise lines at half the price are free of charge. Who spends all day in a spa pool? Even $5 for an hour might be reasonable, but $50 is outrageous. Glass of wine with dinner? $AUS20 for a "specially selected Cunard chardonnay. Origin ? Vintage? Who knows? House white we call this type of wine in Aus. Not happy? Try the Devlin's Mount Unwooded Chardonnay, not well known but only $AU 60 a bottle! I have a similar wine at home that I buy for $4. Not $40. Just $4. If your thing is 1960's pub food, 5th rate entertainment (you had to be there for THAT), drinks at outrageous prices, staff with attitude (understandably--some of these guys are ex QE 2 in the glory days, but are now trapped in a Cunard time warp) and prices about double the competition's, then indeed, Cunard is for you. No? Then forget it. Try Royal Caribbean or Celebrity instead. Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
Great cruise on the QV from New York to San Francisco. PROS: - Fast embarkation in New York, since times were staggered and many had boarded in Southampton - Very comfortable, quiet, well furnished cabin with king bed, love seat and ... Read More
Great cruise on the QV from New York to San Francisco. PROS: - Fast embarkation in New York, since times were staggered and many had boarded in Southampton - Very comfortable, quiet, well furnished cabin with king bed, love seat and 3 closets on Deck 4. Had outside obstructed view cabin. View was only partially blocked by a lifeboat, and was definitely worth the small extra amount of money over inside. Was cozy and perfect for one, but would recommend either a larger cabin on Deck 1 or a balcony cabin for two. - Overall excellent crew. The tone was set by the very professional captain - the first female captain in Cunard history. Pleasant steward (though somewhat shy), good waiters (especially Nitin), some great bartenders (especially Bojan, Quentin and Roger), and good photographer (Lucas). Would give special commendation to Dan, the guest artist who taught the water color classes, Carlo, the brilliant pianist and singer in the Commodore Club, Graham, the DJ in Hemispheres, and Libby, the Entertainment Director for many of the trivia contests. - Beautiful decor overall, with thankfully little glitz. The emphasis on the history of the line is very nice. - Large, well staffed and stocked library and bookstore, and good variety of lectures. As usual, Cunard places more of an emphasis on intellectual pursuits than standard cruise lines. - Excellent gym and spa, with prices in line with luxury hotels, especially with the myriad on board specials. The royal bathhouse with the hydrotherapy pool and various steam rooms was especially good on the five chiller days at sea. Nicola did a great job leading classes, Silvio was a great massage therapist, and Francesca did great a facial - all had a wonderful attitude as well. - Ship is very well laid out, with good passenger flow. Despite being full, the ship never seemed crowded. - Emphasis on thoughtful activities, such as fencing and ballroom dancing, and the obligatory trivia contests. - Pool areas rather quiet, with soft music. Only poolside live music was mid-day by one pool, so it was easy to relax, read and sleep, rather than having to listen to dreadful Jimmy Buffett and reggae music. - Food is average to good in the dining room. The spa choices and simpler dishes were the best bets. Portions are small, so helped with trying to lose weight during voyage. Breakfast was good, as they did a good kippers with runny poached eggs. The dining room is beautiful, as well. Lido was good for a buffet restaurant, especially good for Sunday English roast lunch and Asian buffet, though pastries were rather sad, and a larger variety of ice creams would be welcome. Todd English was good, though not well marketed and never crowded. Golden Lion is good for pub lunches, though packed at peak hours, and they do run out of popular items later. - Not as much of a constant hard sell or nickel and diming as on other lines, especially Celebrity. - Enforcement of dress codes in the dining room - formal night means just that, and casual night is a jacket with no tie. Nice seeing people properly dressed for a change. Those on Cunard usually understand this going into a voyage, and are happy to adhere to the code. Those who want to wear flip flops and cut offs have other lines to sail. - Intelligent, well mannered, interesting passengers for the most part. CONS (very few): - Stewards seemed to have a lot of cabins to service, so it was hard for them to do extras such as fold clothes left on the sofa. - Several employees with a bit of an attitude - one of the Indian waiters in the Golden Lion became a bit of a joke as the worst employee on the ship. One of the male staff at the pursers desk and one of the female staff at the photography shop could have done with some lessons in customer service. But the vast majority of crew had a good attitude. - Minor caveat here, but they need to tone down the florescent lighting the hallways. PORTS: Cunard ran a shuttle in Fort Lauderdale to and from the Galleria, which was well used and very welcome. General consensus was that one day in Jamaica was enough for a lifetime. Montego Bay was quite charmless, and there was a constant feeling of being hustled. The Doctors Cave Bathing Club was a nice respite with a good beach, but unfortunately was overrun with a lot of loud, overweight Carnival passengers. Cartagena was charming as usual, and almost everyone wanted more time there. Huatulco was a happy surprise - small and safe with beautiful beaches and a pleasant center (La Crucecita) - the safety aspect was especially good for the number of elderly passengers on board. The transit of the Panama Canal was the highlight of the trip. Fascinating nine hour trip from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean - well worth doing at least once. SUMMARY: Would sail on the QV again in a second. Surprisingly, preferred it to the QM2. As spectacular as the QM2 is, the QV is better laid out and on a more intimate scale. The ship had the right balance - big but not too big, plenty of activities, but plenty of quiet spaces. Well done Cunard. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
We've made six cruises on the Queen Vic and all in all they have been enjoyable and met our expectations for food, service, safety , and entertainment. However, our last two cruises on the Queen Victoria have been less than ... Read More
We've made six cruises on the Queen Vic and all in all they have been enjoyable and met our expectations for food, service, safety , and entertainment. However, our last two cruises on the Queen Victoria have been less than satisfactory, as much for the attitude of the ship's staff as the specifics of our displeasure. Seems there is a trend aboard the Victoria toward "hucksterism" in the Spa...the selling of promises of loosing eight inches off the waste, unheard of physical improvements, and such, if only you'll buy these expensive products and services. They really have no shame. All the while the Spa staff ignores basic care and attention of the fitness center; spa shower shoes are cleaned by the staff in the sink in the restroom/sauna; blinds on windows are broken, the chiller in the water cooler is broken, rap music blairs, towels and wipes are not available, the list goes on! Meanwhile down below, the beautiful Queens Room, once home to perhaps the best ballroom dancing at sea, has been taken over by "dance clubs" or groups seeking a dance teaching platform at sea. The result is the ballroom is no longer a venue for the casual passenger to have social dance but home to competition dancers wishing to impress the world. It's saddening to see couples, once quite at home dancing in the Queens room, disappear night after night and give way to "wanna be" Dancing with the Stars and dance students. All that said, the good news is Queen Vic (and Cunard) do so much right and hold to so many wonderful seagoing traditions that they still can claim a unique niche that has had us coming back to them and other Cunard ships. We only wish they would remember those traditions and put the breaks on what appears a downward spiral. Unfortunitly the spiral will continue unless the ship's staff musters more than a big "Oh, Ho-Hum" which is all I got. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
My Mother, may she rest in peace, use to have a saying, "Some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope"... it must be because new ropes would be scratchy on your neck - a problem that wouldn't be worth ... Read More
My Mother, may she rest in peace, use to have a saying, "Some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope"... it must be because new ropes would be scratchy on your neck - a problem that wouldn't be worth complaining about for very long. My wife and I just completed our 45th overall cruise on the Queen Victoria. It was our 7th on Cunard. Our theory about all the complaints we always read about in cruise reviews and hear occasionally around the ships has always been simple. People have expectations that are unreachable. That coupled with "they paid too much" for the cruise, spent too much, drank too much and toured too much on the ship's tours. You can also ad in ate too much, exercised too little and you have a recipe for complaints and discontent. See... that's pretty simple. Oh... I almost forgot the review! We sailed on Queen Victoria from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on Dec. 6, 2011, heading to a number of places on my all time wish list. I'm 64 and my wife 56 are both retired and have been for 15 years. We flew in the morning of the cruise from Atlanta for $49.00 each on Airtran. The cab ride to Port Everglades is 3 miles and cost $14. No hotel, no lost bags, no hassles! We knew NOT to get to the ship before 3:00 pm for a 9:30 pm departure. We dropped our bags in the front receiving area and were on the ship in less than 10 min. If you get there at 11:00 am you'll wait 2-3 hours to get on the ship... but you learn a few basics after 45 cruises. When was "not knowing" a benefit? Be a traveler... not a tourist! We booked the cruise at the last minute on line $2,400. That's not $2,400 +++. That's $2,400 period... including all port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges and gratuities... EVERYTHING! That's $75 a day per person for a room, 3 gourmet meals a day, unlimited room service, 6000 miles of transportation, 5 Broadway style shows, comedians, pianist, lectures, entertainment, computers, computer classes, 4 hours of Free computer time, a two story library with enough books to read in 100 lifetimes, 2 pools, a complete gym open 24/7, all the clean pool towels you can use, soap, shampoo, body lotions and gels, hair dryer, iron, unlimited laundry service (self), 8 countries to visit, all the coffee, tea & juices you can drink... and 2,000 of your newest friends to pal around with for 2+ weeks and who have the same things in mind that you do! . After all, you're all on the same ship! We booked a "guarantee inside" but since we've sailed Cunard 6 previous trips, and the ship was not over sold, we were bumped up to an outside cabin with a large balcony. The balconies on the 4 deck are larger than any other floors do to the design of the ship. That part was just dumb luck on our part. Our balcony cabin on Deck 4 (4027) starboard side forward was perfectly fine for our needs, storage was sufficient with plenty of wardrobe space and large drawers under the bed. The bathroom was small but adequate. Our steward kept it spotless for us. The flat screen TV (20 inch) was a little small for the size of the room... but who goes on a cruise to watch TV? We ate all of our dinners in the Britannia restaurant (first sitting). We didn't eat lunch in the Golden Lion Pub but played cards there occasionally and the food looked and smelled good. We took afternoon tea one afternoon in the Queen's Room. Our table mates were from Beverly Hills, CA, Belfast, Ireland and Toronto, Canada. It was the highlight of the cruise. Table mates can make or break your cruise experience. Unless you bring your on party with you it's really a crap shoot as to who you get seated next to. We just hit a home run on this cruise with ours! We enjoyed the food, for the most part, and were happy with our meals. The Salads and dressings were great, the Lobster dinner was GREAT! I ordered surf and turf... a $100 meal at a landslide eatery. Breakfast was in the Britannia when at sea and the Lido in port as my wife and I are the "first off the boat" kind of people. The Lido was always very good for breakfast and but was slow if you wanted pancakes or waffles, but otherwise good, and with the bread, meat and cheese available, we could make sandwiches to take on shore excursions, which we liked. The ship we found to be truly lovely, like a country club, as usual with Cunard every member of the ship could not do enough for us, the food was excellent (getting too much for us by the cruise end!}, what ever we asked for the answer was 'yes'. The Panama Canal crossing was was what we call a true "pinch yourself" moment, a wonderful day that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. In addition, the Theater is stunning with the first opera boxes at sea. , The boxes were always full, and a lovely touch if you wanted one for a special evening. They are extra for show nights but Free for all other events in the theater. Obviously there are going to be issues with any airline, hotel or cruise... especially when you're dealing with 2000 cruisers, not to mention an additional 1000 crew members from 100+ countries ... but our experience was that when these were brought to the attention of the proper person they were promptly addressed. We cannot speak highly enough of the officers and crew of the Queen Victoria and on the ship itself that provided all the service and comfort that was expected. We look forward to our next Cunard adventure and suggest to some of the critics should take a deep breath and enjoy themselves. Isn't that what cruising is all about? We went on board to enjoy every day of the voyage and the Queen Victoria made it just that. We are saving up for our next Cunard adventure. When the price and time are "right", we'll be there to take full advantage. See you aboard the ship on our 46th... coming to a ship near you! Overall, we will do Cunard again in a heartbeat. What's not to like when you use a little common sense and enjoy the moment... Cheers! Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
SUMMARY: We loved everything about Cunard and the Queen Victoria. The Cunard people were amazingly organized and efficient. The ship has an understated elegance with a very comfortable feel. It was easy to find our way around the ship. ... Read More
SUMMARY: We loved everything about Cunard and the Queen Victoria. The Cunard people were amazingly organized and efficient. The ship has an understated elegance with a very comfortable feel. It was easy to find our way around the ship. The elevators were never very busy or crowded. In short, everything worked. The itinerary did not disappoint. Venice and Istanbul are two indescribably interesting and beautiful cities. We could have easily spent an additional week in each city. The other ports each had their own charms but were only worth a one-day stopover. Split, Corfu, Piraeus-Athens, Kusadasi-Ephesus and Santorini were as expected. Rhodes was a pleasant surprise. BACKGROUND: My wife and I are in our mid 60s. We are physically active with no mobility problems. This was our 20Th cruise but the first with Cunard. We had been to Venice and Rome prior to this cruise but all the other ports were new to us. We like to explore on our own so we do not book ship excursions unless it is something that we can't do on our own or it is something that would take us far from the ship. On this cruise we did not book any ship excursions. We chose this cruise because of the itinerary and booked it through the cruisecompete.com web site. PRE-CRUISE: As is our normal practice, we flew into Venice the day before the cruise. Since we spent the first night of the cruise on board the ship, we had two full days in Venice. Upon our arrival at Marco Polo Airport we took the Express Bus (5 Euro PP) to Piazzale Roma. From there we dragged our bags about ten minutes to Ca' San Rocco, the small hotel where we stayed for the first night. It was well located in a very quaint neighborhood. We had a high-ceiling room with a large king-size bed. The included breakfast was served on a tree shaded terrace. It was a great place for a pre-cruise stay in Venice. We spent the evening and morning before the cruise walking and riding around Venice. EMBARKATION: We dragged our bags back to Piazzale Roma where we took the "People Mover" to the cruise dock. It was about a two hundred yard walk from the station to the ship. Getting on the ship was a breeze. We were at the registration building at 11:30 AM and within an hour we were in our stateroom. By the time we came back from lunch all our bags had arrived. THE CABIN: We booked an obstructed view outside cabin on deck four. It was roomier than similar cabins we have had on other cruises. There was more than enough room for our clothes. It was well located and very quiet. We especially liked its proximity to the free laundry. The bathroom , as usual, was small and tight. Our steward was polite and unobtrusive, and kept the cabin clean and tidy. THE SHIP: The Queen Victoria has an understated elegance. It is not as tacky as a lot of the cruise ships today. We thoroughly enjoyed the traditional British ambiance. The ship is well laid out and it was easy to find our way around. There was never a long wait for an elevator, nor were they ever overcrowded. The Captain was young and brought some humor to his job. He was around the ship a lot and was always making interesting announcements. Our only complaint was that the Promenade Deck does not go all the way around the ship. THE PASSENGERS: The average age of the passengers was said to be 57 years old. I would have guessed a bit higher. Needless to say, we felt very comfortable in that demographic. Half of the passengers were British and about one fourth were from the USA. We loved interacting with the various non-USA passengers. THE FOOD: On port days we ate breakfast in the Lido Buffet, usually having either a custom-made omelet or a custom-made waffle. They were always delicious. The choices for meat, breads, fruit and beverages were excellent. On the two at-sea days we ate breakfast in the Britannia Dining Room where we had classic Eggs Benedict. The Lido Buffet was never too crowded and the service in the Britannia Dining Room was prompt and attentive. Because this was a port-intensive cruise, we almost never ate lunch on the ship. At most, we grabbed something quick from the Lido as we came back to the ship. At night we always ate in the Britannia Dining Room at the early seating. We chose to eat at a larger table with other couples. We enjoyed our dinner conversations and looked forward each night to catching up with our table mates about their activities on shore. We were always one of the last to leave the dining room. The food was as good as any we have had on a cruise ship. The service was excellent and the food was well prepared. The menu was different every night and offered more than enough choice. THE ENTERTAINMENT; We never missed any of the shows. The Royal Court Theatre is a good venue with no blocked sight-lines, comfortable stadium seating, and no drink tables. Every seat was a good seat. We usually arrived about 15 minutes before showtime, which gave us our choice of seats. The entertainment was the usual mix of song and dance productions, singers, and comedians. All the shows were worthwhile, but none were spectacular. Even though we are regular ballroom dancers, we only danced a few times in the Queens Room. The dance floor and the music were fine. We were usually too tired by the end of the evening, and we were usually back in our cabin by 10 PM. I can't comment on the gym and the spa since we didn't use it. THE WEATHER: Late September is a great time of the year to visit the Eastern Mediterranean area. The weather in each of the ports was wonderful. Not too hot and not too cold. We were comfortable walking around in just a short-sleeve shirt. We saw no rain whatsoever in any of the ports. At the Acropolis in Athens it was sunny and warm and there was a gentle breeze. Ephesus was the same way. Those were the two places where we were worried about the heat. In Istanbul and Santorini it was much cooler than we expected. In both places there were strong winds which almost required a light jacket. THE PORTS: Venice: We spent the better part of two days walking and riding around Venice. Even though we had been to Venice three years before, there was still much to see. A map, a vaparetto pass, and a good pair of walking shoes is all you need to enjoy the wonders of Venice. In fact, just meandering aimlessly around the city is all you really need to do. We enjoyed the sail away from Venice with drinks on the Promenade Deck. Split: To our surprise, we tendered in Split, but the tendering was hassle free. Once on shore, we took the "Spirit of Split" combo tour that included a 45 minute guided open top bus tour of the Split area and a 45 minute guided walking tour of Diocletian's Palace. We finished the day by walking around the medieval town next to the palace and walking along the harbor front promenade called "The Riva." Corfu: It was a short day in Corfu- 9AM - 2PM. We took a free bus from the ship to the terminal and then a free Cunard bus to the edge of Corfu's "Old Town." We spent a little time walking around the "Old Town", but spent quite a bit of time at the Old Fortress. The fortress had great views of the city, the harbors, and the beaches. It also had a quaint Romanesque church on site. Piraeus and Athens: After getting off the ship, we walked through the terminal and got on the Piraeus hop on/hop off bus. It included an English language audio guide. We toured Piraeus and got off the bus at the Acropolis. It took about a half hour to get to the Acropolis. The Acropolis provided several surprises. Since it was Sunday, there was no admission charge and the top of the Acropolis was not nearly as warm as we were expecting. There was a cooling breeze and quite a bit of shade. We spend l l/2 hours following Rick Steves' self-guided tour. What's more, the climb to the top was not as arduous as we were led to believe. We just had to be careful when walking on the slippery rocks. We did see a woman take a fall. We got back on the bus and did the full Athens tour without getting off again until we returned to the Acropolis. There really wasn't much to see. Athens is not a very attractive city. Before heading back to Piraeus we walked around the neighborhood at the base of the Acropolis where we had lunch at an authentic Greek restaurant. Kusadasi and Ephesus: A month before the cruise we booked a private tour with "Ephesus Shuttle." We chose "Ephesus Shuttle" because it was rated the #1 thing to do on Trip Advisor. Our private tour included a visit to the House of the Virgin Mary and a guided tour of the Ephesus ruins, including the Terrace Houses. A similar tour through the ship would have cost about the same but would not have included the Terrace Houses. We finished the tour with the required stop at a rug store. The sales pitch was not too aggressive and the rug making demonstration was actually quite interesting. The tour was excellent though a bit rushed. Before returning to the ship we walked around Kusadasi and had a small glass of raki. Istanbul: We watched our arrival in Istanbul in two comfy seats in the Commodore Lounge, high up in front of the ship. Like Venice, Istanbul is a great city for just walking around. There is an inexpensive tram that runs from the cruise docks right through the tourist area, but it is all very walkable. Because the ship's dock space was not available when we arrived, we were tendered off the ship. Cunard supplied a free bus to the Grand Bazaar. On the first day in Istanbul we toured the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia and spent time at the Grand Bazaar. We had a light Turkish-style dinner at an outside restaurant that was next to the tram line. Among other things, we had a blown-up pita pocket that was the size of a football. On the second day in Istanbul we visited the Topkapi Palace, the spice market, and the Underground Cistern. Rather than take the tram, we walked across the Galata Bridge back to the ship. Two days in Istanbul were enough to take in all the major sites, but we could go back and easily fill up another couple of days in Istanbul. Rhodes: Rhodes was a surprise. The town is very picturesque. The ship was docked right next to the town's fortifications. The town is a walled city filled with medieval architecture, small touristy shops, and interesting restaurants. As we walked around the town we visited the "Master's Palace" and stood at the head of the Old Harbor where the Colossus of Rhodes once stood. Santorini: We were on the very first tender off the ship. There was no wait to get on the cable car to the town of Fira. We immediately headed for the bus station to take the half-hour bus ride to the town of Oia where the picture-postcard scenery is. Once in Oia we walked along the streets that follow the edge of the caldera, taking photos the entire way. The views were spectacular. The town was filled with music as there were strolling groups of musicians everywhere. Just as the town was getting crowded we headed back to Fira where we walked around a bit and had a drink overlooking the caldera with the Queen Victoria sitting in the middle. There was a short wait for the cable car back to the cruise dock. Since we were the only large cruise ship in Santorini that day the crowds were not as bad as they can be. It was an easy day in Santorini. DISEMBARKATION: We chose the Cunard provided bus transfer from the port of Civitavecchia to the Rome airport. Three years ago we ended a cruise in Civitavecchia and, on our own, took two different trains to Fiumicino Airport. The trains worked fine, but it was a little tight making our flight due to the chaos that is the Rome Airport. We left the ship at 8:30 A.M. and we were at Fiumicino Airport about an hour later. Since our flight was at 1 P.M. we had over 3 hours to spare. As was the case three years ago, we easily ate up that time checking our bags and getting through security. By the time we got to the gate, they were just starting to board the plane. We didn't have time to so much as buy a newspaper. My advice to everyone is that you have to allow a lot of time because of the inefficiency and disorganization at Fiumicino Airport. Getting there is not the problem. Being there is the problem. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
Crusing for me is one of the best ways of spending my vacation time. My partner enjoys it as well. This cruise was the longest we have ever vacationed. As you can imagine we loved having other take care of the chores while we endulged. ... Read More
Crusing for me is one of the best ways of spending my vacation time. My partner enjoys it as well. This cruise was the longest we have ever vacationed. As you can imagine we loved having other take care of the chores while we endulged. There were some highlights. Alison Farr played spectacularly on piano with fellow inspiring violinist for several concerts. I was messmerized and thrilled by their flawless interpretations. Another gift of the voyage was a former airline captain who kept audiences in stitches on several occations with his commentary and naughty film publicity clips. The people onboard were mostly mature and cultured guests. Only on rare occation did I witness passengers behaving poorly. One such occation, followed an accupuncture talk, where a senior citizen cut in front of the few people waiting to make appointments with the ship's therapist, ignoring those clearly waiting before her. The ship's staff did not ask her to wait for her turn. Another complaint was that a couple of the guests with electric wheelchairs would drivers into other passengers. Nobody was injured, but nerves were freyed. There were multiple stories told about ill-tempered passengers who hogged laundryroom equipment. One such incident only ended after the ships armed security staff had interviened. For myself, the one incident that could have been handled differently, was Cunard's standard response after having damaged my new luggage. It was considerate of Cunard's staff to use a piece of silver duct tape to close the hole they made in the $150 luggage. But, it seems odd to be told by the perser's staff that one's only recourse is to file a insurance claim, providing I had the forethought to protect my investment from Cunard's carelessness. All in all, there are a lot of words above devoted to describing what passengers might see on any cruise. I would like the reader to take away the notion that I was generally happing with staff's service, decor, weather, safety, and much more. I recommend going on this cruise. Do not let my discription of the few Read Less
Sail Date February 2011
Queen Victoria Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.2
Dining 5.0 4.1
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.8
Family 3.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.5
Enrichment 4.0 3.7
Service 4.0 4.3
Value For Money 4.0 3.6
Rates 3.0 3.7

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