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5 Cunard Queen Elizabeth Gay & Lesbian Cruise Reviews

This was the first ever cruise for both me and my partner. Cunard wasn't our first choice. We had planned to go with Celebrity Cruises on recommendation however there were a few snags with the cruise we were considering and we looked ... Read More
This was the first ever cruise for both me and my partner. Cunard wasn't our first choice. We had planned to go with Celebrity Cruises on recommendation however there were a few snags with the cruise we were considering and we looked for an alternative which happened to be this cruise with Cunard. Honestly we weren't aware of the Cunard reputation when we booked and we were a little bit daunted when we read online about the high standards and strict dress-code. We flew down to Southampton and it cost about £20 in a taxi from the airport to the port (which seemed a bit steep really). We were met at the port by friendly staff who took our cases. The embarkation system was very organised. We were a lot earlier than our scheduled time but this wasn't remarked upon. The only issue was a problem with the bridge (which seems to be fairly common with this ship) which meant that everyone present had to wait 30 minutes or so to board. We weren't bothered by this but some other guests seemed really annoyed and impatient! Once we got on board, we found our cabin and the cases were left outside the room soon after. The cabin was an Inside Deluxe on the first deck. Everything was very nice and met expectations. The main cabin was bigger than we expected with lots of storage space. The bathroom was smaller than expected but you do get used to it. The facilities on the ship itself were great. I won't go into detail because this information can easily be found elsewhere. We are both in our 30s so you could say we are well below average age for a Cunard traveller, or indeed any cruise line. We were concerned that we wouldn't fit in but we needn't have worried. Everyone on board from guests to staff were delightful. We shared a table at dinner each night with two retired couples who we got on fabulously with. I should probably mention the infamous dress code! The formal nights are what you would expect. It was the informal nights that are still very smart. Jacket is still required for men but ties are optional. If you don't want to dress up you have to eat in the buffet and aren't meant to go anywhere else on the ship! The restaurant was quite hot on some nights and people did remove their jackets which was fair enough to me but is technically against the rules. Honestly I didn't mind the dress code and it was quite fun to dress up for dinner. Before 6pm you can wear more or less what you want around the ship, within reason. We dined in the Britannia restaurant and found the food quality and menu variety excellent. The table service was generally very good although there were a few slight errors on occasion which is understandable with so many guests. Dining on the ship is like a military operation and I don't know how they do it. Cunard prides itself on the White Star service and they certainly do treat you like royalty. Very impressive. We did eat a handful of times in the Lido restaurant which is seemingly open almost round the clock. As with any buffet, you have to get used to it being crowded and people going the wrong way in the queue etc. It was alright but we far preferred the main restaurant. Our expectations for the entertainment on board were fairly low based on reviews we had read but it was actually of a far higher standard than expected. The shows each night were sufficiently varied and at about 45 minutes, just the right length. The dancers were superb, the singers were pretty good and even the comedian was actually very funny! The programme of activities was very good, especially on the sea days. As you would expect, a lot was geared towards the older market but by no means everything. On the last sea day there were even two or three things I wanted to do that clashed, which illustrates the range of choice. The lectures on board were all interesting and we often watched the movie shown in the theatre each afternoon. These were all fairly recent releases from the past 6 to 12 months. There were a vast range of excursions at each of the 4 ports we visited. We had panicked when we tried to book a trip online a few days before departure and saw everything fully booked! In fact they only seem to advance sell a percentage of tickets and keep plenty back for sale once everyone is on board. The one exception to this was the Flam railway for which tickets were like gold dust. We actually heard people say that it was over-rated so we didn't feel like we missed out too much. The trips do seem very expensive and yes you probably could do most of them yourself for cheaper but you are paying for the peace of mind and to save hassle. There was a handy in-ship TV channel which gave information about the ports and trips available ahead of time and it was actually very useful. We did our own thing at Stavanger and Bergen where there is lots to see close to the port and went on Cunard excursions at Flam and Andalsnes where there isn't much at the port itself. The two excursions we did were very good and although we felt they were pricey, we weren't disappointed overall. Apparently there was a problem with one of the excursions and a lot of people received partial refunds but it sounded like it was something outside of Cunard's control that went wrong. Disembarkation was also fairly smooth. It was a bit of a pain to have to leave your case outside the cabin by midway through the last evening when you are expected to still be dressed up for dinner etc. We had to do some rather creative packing, including suit jackets in our hand luggage which was not ideal. We were also a bit miffed that our steward (otherwise incredibly friendly and helpful) was trying to get us out of the cabin about 30 minutes before we were due to vacate. Overall we had a fantastic cruise and will definitely travel with Cunard again. It wasn't perfect but I think because so much is of a very high standard it tends to magnify the handful of things that could be a bit better. Certainly we had no major issues and would definitely recommend them, but Cunard may not be suitable for everyone. Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
This was my 10th cruise and my first on a Cunard ship. I've always held Cunard - with its British roots and regal history - in great esteem. Often when I look so forward to something and build it up in my head, I am bound to be ... Read More
This was my 10th cruise and my first on a Cunard ship. I've always held Cunard - with its British roots and regal history - in great esteem. Often when I look so forward to something and build it up in my head, I am bound to be disappointed. Not so in the case of Cunard and Queen Elizabeth. What I received was a well-polished cruise product on a beautiful, grand ship drenched in Anglo-rific maritime history. This is not a cruise for the ultra-active and uber-hip that so many other cruise lines seem to be going after. This is a cruise for those who appreciate an old-world, quiet, reserved, relaxed experience that celebrates history, the majesty of the North Atlantic and being at sea for 8 days straight in often stormy seas. The ship itself is beautiful and under-statedly elegant. Lots of exotic woods, creamy beiges, rich blues and warm leathers seems to be the general décor theme. Public rooms were stately and always very polished. My balcony stateroom (#8113) was not the largest I've enjoyed in recent years, but it was very clean, well-designed and had enough storage space for a week's cruise. The bed and bed linens were by far the best I have ever enjoyed on any cruise ship and in most hotels. At 48 my fellow passengers were a good 20-30 years older than me on average. For me, this only made the cruise more enjoyable. It's the first cruise I've been on where everyone easily had interesting and long conversations with complete strangers. I would say 65% were Brits, 15% American, 10% German and 10% from everywhere else. People adhered to the fairly formal dress codes - again adding to the experience for me. There were three formal nights - black tie for the gents - and five informal nights - jackets for gents, but ties optional. And people really did adhere to these codes. I never saw anyone in the dining rooms (or any of the public rooms) after 6pm in jeans or even khakis. Impressive and fun. The entertainment was good when it wasn't trying to be what other cruise lines offer. There was a harpist, and a violin quartet, and a concert pianist, and an opera signer. They were all wonderful and added to the special, old-world atmosphere of the ship. My favorite entertainer was the jazz pianist in the Commodore Club. His name is Graham Wellard and he has recently released an album. Both as a piano player and vocalist he perfectly captured the mood of the space and the passengers. Not as impressive was the ships group of singers and dancers. However, they were a new cast, and due to stormy seas we only got to see one show. But the one show we saw was - awful. Perhaps Cunard really needs to consider whether or not this type of show is really necessary on their ships. I don't think it is. The food was plentiful and terrific in every venue. I ate dinner every night with terrific tablemates in the Britannia Grill. I had no complaints. Our waiter and assistant waiter worked extremely hard and did a wonderful job, The Lido Buffet had a good selection of treats 24/7 and I never had a hard time finding a table. Room service was always on time - even early on several occasions - and the food was fine, although the room service coffee could use some real improvement. Staff throughout the ship were professional, efficient and charming without being fake or solicitous. However, some of the staff were beginning to show symptoms of disinterest as a result of compulsory tipping I expect. The best staff were found in the Commodore Club. They always demonstrated that perfect balance of chumminess with professionalism, so many others in our world are unable to master. Although the ship arrived late into Southampton and therefore embarked and left late, Cunard managed the chaos quite well and offered each passenger a $50 credit for any troubles. We also sailed through very rough seas most of the trip, and although the Captain tried to make up the time, was unable to get us into NY on time. I appreciated his regular updates and commitment to caution. My best experience on this cruise was the opportunity for a Behind The Scenes Tour. If you have the opportunity pay the $120 and do it. It's a three hour tour that includes several meetings with department heads. You go from the engineering control room up to the Bridge and everywhere in between. You learn so much about the ship and I found it all very fascinating. Well worth $120. Most of all I am writing this review because I don't want this type of cruising to disappear from the face of the earth. It is such a special experience, and I know there will continue to be a lucrative audience for it if Cunard and Carnival will continue to commit themselves wholeheartedly to it. Well done Cunard. Read Less
Sail Date January 2015
My partner and I recently returned from a 12-day Mediterranean cruise onboard Cunard's QUEEN ELIZABETH. This ranks as one of those trips that was just about as near perfect as one could wish for. For those only interested in the ... Read More
My partner and I recently returned from a 12-day Mediterranean cruise onboard Cunard's QUEEN ELIZABETH. This ranks as one of those trips that was just about as near perfect as one could wish for. For those only interested in the pictures, and there are over 600, here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eroller/sets/72157637358470363/ We flew to Rome nonstop from Miami on Alitalia. The agent took a liking to us and blocked four seats just for us in the center section. Off to a great start! The flight was very comfortable with good service, and it's the first time I've experienced live cameras providing a forward and ground view on the in-seat monitors. I thought that was pretty cool. Upon arrival in Rome we were met by Cunard's airport staff who really went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. They took our luggage and the next time we saw it was in our cabin. We only had to wait about 15 minutes before we were on the bus headed to the ship ... or were we? Actually since we were so early Cunard provided a motor coach mini-tour of Rome before heading to Civitavecchia where the ship was docked. This was certainly an unexpected surprise, and what a difference from our Costa experience in April where we basically had to loiter around the airport for almost four hours before they took us to the ship. Embarking QUEEN ELIZABETH was a breeze, with no lines, no waits, and a very simple check-in process. Disembarkation in Venice 12 days later was just as painless. I was anxious to see QUEEN ELIZABETH having already sailed on her sister QUEEN VICTORIA and the Cunard flagship QM2. The QE is the same basic design as QV but with some minor changes to the layout and a more art deco interior design. I quite liked it and immediately felt very comfortable in my new surroundings. The ship was spotless and essentially looked brand new. QE is a Vista Class, but with a custom layout for Cunard that includes far more multi-level spaces and public areas that are more airy and bright compared to her counterparts sailing for Holland America. In fact you would be hard pressed to realize QE was even related to her HAL cousins unless you knew in advance. The overall ambiance of QE is Cunard through and through. For those not familiar with Cunard, it's truly the last seagoing experience that beckons to a bygone era of tradition, formality, and civility. The atmosphere onboard is sophisticated, spacious, elegant, and yes very British! Our passenger compliment was probably around 60% British, 30% American, and 10% a mixture of Japanese and Europeans. Daytime activities include enrichment lectures, an afternoon message, lounging by the pool, and of course afternoon tea. Since this cruise was so port intensive, most days were spent ashore. In the evening a jacket is required after 6pm as the minimum dress code. Everyone honored the dress code which was a breath of fresh air. Not a single T-shirt or flip flops spotted in the dining room! Cunard cherishes its history, and is probably the only cruise line with an authentic bookshop onboard selling Cunard memorabilia as well as ocean liner books, cards, and puzzles. My partner who has little interest in ocean liner history really loved the Cunard experience, and surprisingly wanted to stop by the bookshop almost every night. It was something unique that he had not experienced on any other ship. To accompany the book shop is a fully stocked two level library complete with librarian. Proudly displayed all over the ship is artwork and artifacts from Cunard's illustrious past. If you require even more reminding that you are sailing with a company steeped in tradition and history, then a channel on your TV is dedicated to programs about Cunard history and its past vessels. Needless to say this was my favorite channel! Evenings on Cunard are quite elegant and formal, with music throughout the ship, costume balls in the Queens Room, ballroom dancing complete with gentleman hosts, big band, production shows of a fairly decent quality, and yes even disco dancing! The fine art of paying attention to the details is not lost on Cunard. There are nice touches like sparkling wine upon arrival, turndown service with chocolates on your pillow, Gilchrist & Soames bath products, robes & slippers, and even a daily newspaper delivered nightly with news from your home country. Many cruise lines have done away with these amenities, but Cunard continues to uphold the tradition. What you won't find on Cunard are endless revenue producing announcements, obnoxious art auctions, constant nickel & diming, bellyflop contests by the pool, rock climbing walls, shorts in the dining room, or buckets of beer. If these are things you will miss then Cunard is clearly not for you. We opted for a standard outside cabin thinking it would be too cold to make use of a balcony. Were we ever wrong on that one. The weather was amazing the entire two weeks with warm air and cloudless sunny skies. It might be the best weather I've ever experienced on a cruise. The seas were as equally calm as the skies, and never once did we feel the ship move. I was actually a little disappointed in that fact, but it was perfect for my partner who is prone to motion sickness. I really enjoyed our cabin and its location on Deck 1. Our midship Deck 1 location was perfect for a port intensive itinerary. The gangway was never too far away and the main lounges were a short jaunt down the hall or up a deck. The window and its opening was large enough to sit in and read a book. Bedding was very comfortable and decor was soothing. Our cabin stewardess Rosalina was one of the best we ever encountered. Three things lacking were drawer space, a proper shelf in the small shower, and an interactive TV. We did order room service on occasion and it was always delivered right on schedule and delicious. The dining experience on QE was quite good. We opted for late sitting and a table for two. We were in a nice section near the windows very close to three other tables for two. Two of the tables were next to us and another behind us. If you were looking for a private dining experience this arrangement would not have been ideal, as the tables were quite close to each other. As it turns out we got along great with our fellow two-tops and enjoyed some great conversations (thanks Dee & Michael!). Our serving team did a great job as did the wine steward who appeared every night almost as we sat down. I'm glad Cunard has kept the wine stewards and not placed the task on the already overworked wait staff as many cruise lines have done. One option missing from the experience was an "always available" selection on the menu. This is offered on most other lines and usually includes a steak, fish, salad, and chicken option. It's always nice to have such options in case nothing appeals to you on the main menu. Luckily we never had that problem but I'm surprised it wasn't offered in the Britannia Restaurant. We dined in the Britannia Restaurant every night except two. For my birthday we dined in the Verandah Restaurant, which is an a la carte speciality dining experience drawing its roots from the original QUEEN ELIZABETH and QUEEN MARY. I opted for the tasting menu which was very French and very unusual for my taste buds. I quite enjoyed it but it was a lot of food. The overall experience was quite nice but I still feel Celebrity Cruises has the best speciality restaurants at sea. Another night we dined up in the Lido Restaurant with the Spa Manager and the theme was a steakhouse. The upcharge was $10 per person. It was satisfactory but the steak was certainly no better than what was offered in the main dining room. Lunch was taken either ashore or in the Lido Restaurant & Grill. The quality was good as was the variety. This cruise was very port intensive, with only two days at sea out of twelve. For those ports where we docked in a remote location, Cunard provided a complimentary shuttle service into the center of town. This was certainly not expected as most cruise lines charge for such a service, but it was certainly welcomed! In almost all the ports we enjoyed lunch or at minimum some coffee/tea/soda at a cafe in order to take advantage of free internet. It's so much faster than what is offered on the ship. I'm not going to detail much on the ports, but I will let you know how we enjoyed each one ... Salerno. We booked a Cunard shore excursion to Pompeii. I was really fascinated with Pompeii and it was a great way to spend the day. Cunard did and excellent job with the organization of the entire tour. Highly recommended. Messina. We booked a Cunard transfer shore excursion to Taormina. Basically it was a motor coach ride to and from the small cliffside town of Taormina with free time once you are dropped off. Again highly recommended. Taormina is charming and picturesque. We enjoyed shopping, people watching, and lunch at an outdoor cafe. Santorini. One of my favorite Greek islands. We went into town on our own, taking the funicular up to the main town of Fira. We enjoyed some shopping, ship spotting, and an amazing lunch with a view to die for. Pretty much a prefect day in my book. Rhodes. Since we have been to Rhodes several times, we opted to walk the walled city on our own, again enjoying the sights and a lunch at one of the main squares of the old city. Kusadasi. We were here fairly recently and toured Ephesus. This is a must and we strongly considered going back for a 2nd look, but instead took it easy and strolled around the waterfront near where the ships dock. Athens. In that past we have toured Athens quite extensively, so again it was a light day of strolling around the port area of Piraeus. This is a great area for ship spotting if you're into that sort of thing. There is a hop-on-hop-off bus that circles Piraeus and another that goes into Athens itself. These are great options if you prefer to save a little money and have a bit more freedom to plan out your day. Both leave from the port area just outside where the ship docks. Corfu. We really loved Corfu. It's quite different from other Greek islands due to its location and the fact it's so green. It feels more like Italy to be honest. A free shuttle was offered into town but we felt like walking. We strolled around the waterfront and then into the city. Chris went to a "fish spa" where these little fish suck all the dead skin and calluses off your feet! It was an interesting experience for him and fun to watch. Dubrovnik. This was probably my favorite port of the entire cruise next to Venice. We took the free shuttle from the ship into the walled city and just spent the day exploring all the amazing sights this beautiful city has to offer. This is someplace I would truly like to return to for a week or more. Some of the cliffside hotels outside the walled city looked quite inviting. Ravenna. Probably the most disappointing of all the ports. The ship was supposed to overnight in Venice but due to port congestion the overnight was canceled and Ravenna was added in its place. The closest major city is Bologna and tours were offered there, but we were not interested enough to book one. The ship docks in a fairly industrial area and it's about a 30-40 minute ride into Ravenna itself. We were there on a Sunday and things were pretty quiet, but if you're into Mosaics then this is the place for you! Ravenna is quite famous for them and they are beautiful, but I would have preferred the overnight in Venice. Venice. We took a water taxi from the port area directly to our hotel which was really cool. I quite enjoyed the experience but be forewarned that water taxis are very expensive. Roughly 80 Euros for a 15 minute ride. Our hotel was the Westin Europa & Regina located right on the Grand Canal. We had a superior room facing the Grand Canal and I can tell you it's not a view I would ever tire of. I highly recommend the hotel and a visit to Venice in general. It's one of those places that really lives up to every expectation and perception and even exceeds them! From Venice we took a train to Milan and spent a night there before our flight home. I was disappointed in Milan as it lacks all the Italian character we came to enjoy in Venice, Salerno, Messina, and even Ravenna. We stayed at the Sheraton Malpensa which is actually connected to the airport. This is without question the most modern and luxurious Sheraton I have ever stayed in. Since the hotel is connected to the airport, it made catching our 9am flight to New York JFK quite simple. We flew home in Business Elite on Delta and it was a fantastic way to end a truly wonderful vacation. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, this trip was nearly perfect in every regard. We loved the ship (including the food, service, and entertainment), the new friends we made, all the ports, and were treated to picture perfect weather. The logistics of getting to and from the ship went without a hitch, and spending some time in Venice at a truly gorgeous hotel helped ease the disappointment of having to part ways with the lovely QUEEN ELIZABETH. What I've found is the best way to get over a great vacation is to have another planned, and next up is ROYAL PRINCESS this coming Sunday! Please enjoy the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. Ernie   Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
My partner and I sailed on 10th Aug 2013 from the port of Southampton. We booked to go on the Cunard Queen Elizabeth in a Balcony stateroom for 8 nights. Our Destination was to Norway on a Fjords and Waterfall Cruise. Here is our ... Read More
My partner and I sailed on 10th Aug 2013 from the port of Southampton. We booked to go on the Cunard Queen Elizabeth in a Balcony stateroom for 8 nights. Our Destination was to Norway on a Fjords and Waterfall Cruise. Here is our experience with this cruise: Embarkation- We went to the port of Southampton early in the morning, having travelled from Kent. We arrived in Southampton at around 10.30 and after a look around the town ( to kill time before our allotted time to embark) we drove down to the main terminal. We were showed where to pull up in the car, from very helpful dock attendants. We had booked for our car to be valet parked and looked after while we were on the cruise. I would highly recommend this service ( cruise and passenger service) we had no problems with them and as soon as we pulled up a team of porters took our luggage and a car park representative came and within minutes the car was driven away and we entering the terminal. Once inside check in was quite quick. We were given our key cards and once passed security we had our picture taken before going on the gangway to get on the ship. ( I felt though the photographs were a little forced on you. And I believe that you should have the option to say no and walk onto the ship) anyway, we were greeted be a small team of ships company and they told us directions towards our cabin. We then got in the large lift to Deck 6 and found our cabin with ease. Cabin- We were in Cabin 6163 a starboard side Balcony cabin. we placed one of our keycards into the slot to turn the electricity on and we were quite impressed with the room. we had a super large comfortable bed ( which could fit 3 persons in, it was that wide) and nice writing desk and two seated sofa. A large TV and mini bar. In the bathroom, it was quite small but equally well equipped. a shower, toilet and basin with storage facilities and complimentary little lotions and cotton buds/pads. The Balcony was of quite good size and gave excellent views. Our Cabin Stewardess Valentyna was very attentive and very friendly and approachable. She came in twice daily to make the room up and turn down our bed at night. it was quite remarkable as we never saw her do it. we went down for breakfast ( at different times each day) and when we came back, the room was spotless. the same was in the evenings unless we decided not to leave the cabin. Dining- We were assigned to the Britannia restaurant ( the main dining room) and as requested by myself before the cruise, we got our two seated table in a secluded area of the room. our waiter Edward was a very nice chap whom was informative and did not rush you when making choices. our wine waiter though, we found quite in your face and rude. questioning you as to why we were not in the dining room sometimes through out the voyage and why we did not buy lots of wine!! because of him, we only ate in there twice through the whole voyage. We instead dined in the Lido Restaurant and buffet. The food in there is the most loveliest food ever. a wide selection and self serviced, you were not questionable to anyone and the fresh pizza opens were the best!! a must try. Room service was excellent and we had a few room service breakfasts, which is complimentary to all guests and staterooms. Entertainment- very good. going to the theatre felt like you were in the West End. The ships singers and dancers were quite good but a little repetitive with moves. perhaps I noticed it more as I'm an ex West end performer. We on one formal night booked a private box. at an extra charge but well worth it. we had champagne chocolates and a small bottle of pink Champagne. we had pre Theatre nibbles and was escorted to our box by a bell boy. very nice. There is also a very large ballroom for all you ballroom pros which has a house band with it. Facilities on board- On the whole pretty good. The swimming pools and whirl pools were lovely. nice and warm and the decks were not that busy. Even in the heat. you were always guaranteed a lounger. The select coffee bars were competitively priced and the staff were fast and friendly. Alcohol on board was not over priced for what we wanted and a sunset Blush cocktail is a must. I had three and they certainly hit the spot. The ship had a selection of shops and a casino. and there were quizzes and Bingo in the Golden Lion pub. Our itinerary was a little more to be desired. our ports of call were Stavanger, Burgen, Gieranger and Olden. 1st port. Stavanger- a healthy little town with a selection of shops and places of interest. it only took us a couple of hours to look around it and went back onto the ship. 2nd port. Olden- Beautiful but boring. you are here for the longest time from 8am- 5pm and it was literary like 'Little house on the Prairie' with less interesting people and even less amount of buildings. the scenery was lovely and waterfalls and streams were also good. we, as most passengers on the ship, lasted about hour and a half to two hours before heading back on board. 3rd port. Gieranger- A personal highlight and what sold this cruise to me. it is a stunning little town, deep in the Fjords. we went passed the seven sisters waterfall and I got my picture taken with it in the back ground. At this port it is a tender boat port. Queues off the ship were not that large and 4 boats were used to get us to shore. A delightful array of shops and quirky houses. We walked up a long road and the views were breath taking. though the walk almost killed me!! 4th and final port. Burgen- The larger of the ports of call. we were so glad that this one and not Olden was the last port. A large selection of shops and things to do. Including going up in a cable car to the top of a mountain. Sea front orientated place with a large fish market and market. Sea Days- A wide variety of entertainment options available including an afternoon Cinema screening in the Theatre. There was also Bingo and quizzes in the Golden Lion Pub and enrichment talks from special guests on board. Afternoon Tea was always served everyday between 3.30 and 4.30 in the Queens room. Results On the whole, a very enjoyable and luxurious cruise ship, highly presented and the majority of the staff were very helpful. we have decided that next time, we want to come back to Cunard but purchase a Princess or Queens Grill stateroom so we can have access to all areas of the ship. We would say as a first time cruise on this cruise ship line, to go on the Norway itinerary to see if it is for you. One thing I will say, It is a class ship. What I mean by this, it is set into two classes. First and second. First Class- Queens and Princess Grills and maybe Britannia Club rooms Second Class - Balcony, Outside View and Interior Staterooms. you can tell who is in what class in terms of the rudeness to staff and the high almighty attitudes they process. ( from the first class) I had to on several occasions pull rank on some First class passengers for the continual rudeness and disregard of others, both staff and fellow passengers. ( I am not saying all Queens and Princess Grills guest are like this, but there are a select few and from myself coming from a privileged and aristocratic background with title, I can say this) We are looking forward to our next cruise with Cunard.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
The public rooms on 'Queen Elizabeth; are all decorated very elegantly and pleasantly, and after 3 years still look almost brand new. The impressive Grand Lobby, with the Viscount Linley marquetry/inlay panel is very reminiscent of ... Read More
The public rooms on 'Queen Elizabeth; are all decorated very elegantly and pleasantly, and after 3 years still look almost brand new. The impressive Grand Lobby, with the Viscount Linley marquetry/inlay panel is very reminiscent of the Golden Age of the liner. The Queen’s Room is one of my favourites with two royal portraits, the bronze bust of The Queen from QE2, as well as various pictures of royal residences. The room is used for the ‘white glove’ afternoon tea, dances and large gatherings. Our cabin [balcony stateroom on deck 7] was very pleasant; and I might have made more use of the balcony had our immediate neighbour not insisted on smoking whenever conceivably possible. I’m pleased to hear that from next year smoking will not be allowed on any of the balconies! The thing I noticed at night was the incredible silence: no cars, no city noise, no dogs barking  just total silence. Our fellow passengers seemed very considerate; and there were very few children on board. The lofty, two-tiered Britannia Restaurant [clearly Art Deco-inspired] did not disappoint either. The menus included some familiar favourites, and some intriguing soups and sometimes fusion dishes. I need not have worried about tea, as we could enjoy as many extra cups as we wished in the self-service Lido Restaurant. There’s plenty of beautiful artwork, polished wood, glittering chandeliers on board. There’s no neon or glitz on this ship. Every bar or lounge has something beautiful in it. I ventured into the Golden Lion pub only once for lunch, and enjoyed that. One has to self-disciplined about food on almost any ship, I guess. There is so much of it, 24 hours a day. Room service is included too at no extra cost. There’s live music all over the ship. A pianist played during afternoon tea. Then, in the evening, a harpist, pianist or string quartet played in the Grand Lobby. Many of the musicians come from Russia and the Ukraine. The evening performances in the theatre were excellent and very entertaining. Well done, Amanda Reid & Co. It was fun exploring the rest of the ship: the library, card room, bookshop, puzzle corner, tiny Fortnum & Mason section, the Harrods section, the bars. I did make it to the gym, but decided I preferred to walk briskly [or occasionally jog] around the promenade deck while admiring the views or taking in the sea air. After all that good food, exercise was sorely needed. I hadn’t been looking forward to the formal nights, but they also proved to be far more enjoyable than I’d expected. The Captain and the officers are all British, and friendly. The rest of the crew come mainly from the Philippines, India, Eastern Europe and are clearly very well trained and always polite. What I loved too was the ease with which we arrived in a different country: no immigration queues, no forms. Everything was handled by the company in advance, and we simply stepped ashore. So easy! In every port a shuttle bus was laid on to the town/city centre, and some passengers chose to use this for independent travel, but I do not regret booking excursions. We stepped off the ship, and on to coach and were whisked to a place of interest. The tours seemed reasonably priced. I saw many fascinating places and as I studied Latin for so many years, the ruins of Herculaneum had to be one of the highlights. The ruins of Ephesus are far more spectacular than I’d expected. We sailed from Civitavecchia to Salerno to Messina, Santorini, Rhodes, Kusadasi, Piraeus/Athens, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Ravenna, and finally Venice. Santorini is picture postcard perfect! Several ships had docked in Piraeus the morning we arrived, and the Parthenon proved to be overcrowded. Still, I count myself fortunate to have seen the famous ruins. The tiny republic of San Marino perched in the mountains - also proved to be far more interesting and beautiful than I’d expected. We were lucky enough to see some of the famous mosaics at Ravenna too. And for the first time I got to see some of the many sights of Venice. For the whole time the sun shone and the skies remained blue. It was late October/autumn, but pleasantly warm. Only in Venice did the skies darken ever so slightly. Even there we did not feel a drop of rain. What luck! My only gripe: the internet [via satellite] seemed expensive at 75c a minute, or $24.95 for 2 hours. So would I like to cruise again? The answer must be a resounding YES! Perhaps it will be Queen Victoria next time, or Queen Mary 2. Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Queen Elizabeth Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.3
Dining 4.0 4.0
Entertainment 4.0 3.5
Public Rooms 5.0 4.4
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.8
Family 3.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.5
Enrichment 5.0 3.6
Service 4.0 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.5
Rates 4.0 3.5

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