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My wife & I were on the recent Singapore to Shanghai 9 night sailing. We are experienced cruisers across many brands. We love cruising & mainly look for the positives. There were some minor disappointments on this cruise but we did ... Read More
My wife & I were on the recent Singapore to Shanghai 9 night sailing. We are experienced cruisers across many brands. We love cruising & mainly look for the positives. There were some minor disappointments on this cruise but we did our homework before we left & we knew there would be some changes with the ship moving to the China market. We scored a great last minute special for this cruise & combined with doing our homework such as pre-booking most things we really did enjoy this cruise. In retrospect the minor problems were just that, minor. Maybe if we had paid full price, we may have been more disappointed in some things. Here was our experience: We flew into Singapore the night before & stayed at the Conrad near Marina Bay. This was a fantastic 5 star hotel & I would not hesitate to stay there again. Embarkation: We were Gold status & this did take a while. There were more people in our line than the newbies. I use a walking stick to get around & I appreciate when there are special lines for us people that are somewhat disabled, but only noticed one of these special lines at the security point. Ship: After we boarded, we set off to explore the ship & yes we were Wowed! The overall layout of the ship was great & everything felt new, clean & somewhat luxurious. We have sailed on the Allure so we were hoping for some funky new things on this ship that RCI had promised in its marketing & I felt in most parts they delivered. eg, The 270 lounge was amazing & one of our favourite areas to relax or see a show. We loved our stateroom, a spacious balcony up on deck 13. It was very nicely & cleverly appointed & very comfortable & loved using my wow band to open the door. We also loved the Seaplex & bumper cars as well as the North star. We did this over Hong Kong which made for amazing views & we were lucky the wait was not too long as most people were still ashore at the time. Another great venue was the Music hall, it was a great big two storey space that catered for bands, nightclub or other get-togethers. The main Theatre entertainment was a bit hit & miss. I thought the shows in the second half of the cruise were better. Unfortunately they replaced MamaMia with a new show called Sequins & feathers & other than the pretty girls on stage, lol, I really didn’t enjoy this feature show. I thought the music & dancing just didn’t have a nice mix & flow. It just looked messy & disorientated. My favourite area was the solarium up front and I spent a lot of time lounging around there. This is truly an all weather ship to suit one & all. Food & service: We sail Royal for their amazing ships not for their food. I personally have had better food & service on other Cruise lines, both cheaper & more expensive. We did however like the dynamic dining concept. We tried American Icon the first & last nights of the cruise. The first night food was not bad but the service was the worst I have ever come across of my 12 cruises. Seriously it was terrible. The last night service was better but the food was horrible. Chic in contrast was much, much better & ate there twice also. Silk was nice overall but thought the ambient lighting was just too dark. Never tried Grande. Of the fee paying eateries we tried Jamie’s twice & loved it, it was clearly our favourite on board. We also tried Chops Grill & were very disappointed. We always do a steakhouse on each cruise & they have always been great but this was terrible. Once again the lighting was very low, the service was only average & the meals bland & not worthy of the extra price. Presentation on the plate was clearly lacking & the food just didn't excite the tastebuds. Windjammer was ok food wise but it seemed everyone else on the ship was there the same time as us. Some days we did a full lap around & could still not find a spare seat/table, Once again this is extra annoying as remember I use a walking stick, so trying to find a spot while balancing a plate of food ain't easy! Food from the cafe's were very quick, nice & easy but the pizzas were quite bland also. The 270 cafe was a hit for us, good food for breakfast or lunch & never crowded. We had Royal Replenish drink packages which we had pre-paid from home. These did work well from bars for coffee’s, water, etc, but some of the automated machines often seemed to be out of order. In regards to C&A & M&M we did receive all info in our Staterooms as normal & the normal type of events were held. Ports: Pre booked ship excursions for Vietnam – local town of Vung Tau, & Xiamen China – city highlights. Both trips were just ok, nothing special. In Hong Kong we docked overnight & used this extra time for our self organised trip to Macau. This was a very long day but well worth it, got to see Giant Panda’s, the old & new towns & the amazing Venetian Casino which is said to be the largest in the world. Guest services, well this was where a lot of improvement could have been made. Lucky we didn’t have to go down there very often. Constant long lines & the mostly Chinese staff had very little English skills. Admittedly, I don’t know much chinese but this was a bit frustrating when trying to organise our passports for a visit to Macau. It took 3 separate trips to Guest services to get this organised & then on the morning we arrived in Hong Kong & went to go pick up our passports so we could make our way to Macau, there was a total shambles in the Port hall & no-one from RCI seemed to know what the procedure was & we along with many other disgruntled guests spent 1-2 hrs waiting to get our passports, & then made to feel that the mix up was all our fault by the Chinese RCI staff. Their rudeness in the matter shocked a lot of us passengers. So much for Customer Service? As for Shanghai Disembarkation, well no-one can be blamed for the fog & it delayed our docking for several hours. However the whole process was handled very poorly. The ship apparently anchored out of the harbour at about 3am, It would take another 5 hours of sailing from this point to Dock. So, unaware of this, all passengers were up early to meet in their respective areas to get ready to get off the ship, but No, it wasn't until about 9am that they told us we would still be hours away from docking (maybe 4 –6pm) and we could return to our rooms. They could have told us this two hours earlier & we could have slept in some more or not have rushed to Breakfast, etc. They did give us free internet & lunch. Later in the day when we finally could get off we were lucky that we did self assist with our luggage & didn't have to put up with all the craziness in the terminal. However we were in line waiting to get off the ship for a long time because many people in front of us who still had to pick up their luggage in the arrivals hall, had gotten into line well before their number had been called. This just meant that not only did they hold us up, but they then standed around waiting in the cramped area in the terminal waiting for their luggage & adding to the confusion. This was very poorly handled by RCI. We then got a taxi into the city where we already had a hotel booked. The Raddison New World Hotel. A nice hotel but not as nice as the Conrad in Singapore. This was the largest Cruise Ship to ever visit Asia, so the welcome we received in each port was a real highlight, with lots of Chinese Dragons & drums & dancing. Our balcony was on the Starboard side & we always seemed to dock on this side, which worked out well for us as we had prime viewing for these great welcome exchanges. Overall we had a great time & would cruise the Quantum again for the right price/Itinerary. Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
Embarkation was an orderly mess. We got to the cruise terminal before 11am, but boarded the ship around 2pm. Boarding was color-coded, and we were surprised that they were calling all the colors except ours -- 10 colors were called ahead ... Read More
Embarkation was an orderly mess. We got to the cruise terminal before 11am, but boarded the ship around 2pm. Boarding was color-coded, and we were surprised that they were calling all the colors except ours -- 10 colors were called ahead of ours, although the terminal had only a few hundred people when we arrived. And Windjammer was full when we went up for lunch, so it probably wasn't FIFO from the terminal. Debarkation was worse. Quantum wasn't sailing out the day we reached port, as they had an event at Royal Theatre with Shanghai government officials that night (so that's why we needed to get to Baoshan quickly, in spite of fog). The right thing for the hotel dept to have done was allow us to leave the rooms when they called our luggage tag numbers, and not force to crowd 4,239 guests in Royal Theatre and 270. They also closed out the food outlets an hour before we reached port, so Deck 5 public spaces were all crowded with nothing to do and standing room only for a lot of people. Upon reaching the terminal, many people who debarked ahead of us were still there. It was just fortunate that we booked our own Shanghai tour and I was able to update our guide constantly with our arrival info, so we were able to meet up at the offsite parking area in good time, in spite of private vehicles not being allowed to park near the terminal due to the Quantum event that night. Dynamic Dining (now Dynamic Dining Choice) is good for people who booked together, such as families and friends. It's just like going to a restaurant with reservations. If travelling alone, traditional dining (or Dynamic Dining Classic, for Quantum Class) would definitely be better. All our reservations were there, so I never experienced the "missing reservations" problem that other people had. It's also so much easier to modify reservations on the Royal IQ app than on the RCCL website. Lesson learned -- dine early to get to the shows that don't need reservations, and be at Royal Theatre 15 minutes before a show to avoid pillar obstructions. Windjammer after the show if you get hungry. The restaurants were a mixed bag. The only one we paid for was Jamie's for lunch ($15), and it was very much worth it. We usually had excellent food, a good server, and good service times, although it was rare that we got all three in one meal. The menus were changed twice -- menu A on the first 3 nights, menu B on the next 3, and back to menu A with additional Chinese dishes (but without many of the Signatures and Classics) on the last 3. One thing I was happy about was that we were able to get ice cream or sherbet at every restaurant, even when it wasn't on the dessert menu. North Star -- long lines whenever we passed by, so we didn't go. iFly -- did it twice, because fog on the last day made the captain open up a lot of activities. It might have also been possible to fly without reservations on the second to the last full day, as iFly personnel told me to come back on that day, although I didn't. Waverider -- sister says there were times that only two people were using it alternately, but there were always a lot of people when I passed by. Entertainment -- only Starwater was reservable, but I don't think everyone had a chance to watch because 270 was spacious, but had much fewer seats than Royal Theatre. Unlike earlier cruises where the entertainment was posted in the Royal website, we only knew the shows for the day when the Cruise Compass came out, which made it difficult to match reserved dining and going to shows. The Music Hall was a useful venue, but they seemed to have turned it into more casino space now. Guest Services -- laundry dept lost one of my underwear, and cost to replace was a little under $10. Chinese girl at guest services kept on saying that laundry dept couldn't find it anymore, so I would be credited $80. I thought that was impossible, because I was claiming $9+, and wash & fold was only $30, so I thought maybe she was saying $18. The next day, $8 was credited. Please practice your English more. Lesson learned -- have it in writing and signed. Now that I've been spoiled by Quantum, I'm not sure if I'll ever go on another class of ship again. Read Less
Sail Date June 2015
Having done more than forty cruises, ten of which have been with R.C.I. this is without doubt the worst cruise my wife and I have ever been on. The problems started before the cruise began with total confusion over the need for an Indian ... Read More
Having done more than forty cruises, ten of which have been with R.C.I. this is without doubt the worst cruise my wife and I have ever been on. The problems started before the cruise began with total confusion over the need for an Indian Visa. Despite the fact that I made it known to R.C.I. that I did not intend getting off the ship in Cochin I was informed that I would not be allowed on the ship without an Indian Visa. Having gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to obtain one you can imagine how angry I was when I found out that a visa was not required if you were not leaving the ship in Cochin . Embarkation at Dubai was a shambles with little or no supervision. As a diamond member I was supposed to have priority boarding but had to join the stamped. Boarded the ship at 11.45am but luggage had not arrived in time to change for dinner at 8.15 pm. Spent large part of the cruise queuing to see Guest Services or the one person attending to problems with the internet packages. For a smart ship the internet service was extremely poor. Port information for passengers doing their own thing was none existent. Most cruises provide you with a map and some local information The ship was clean and smart but lacked the wow factor. Has less wow than the Freedom Class ships. Windjammer was like a cattle market most lunchtimes with people wandering about with plates looking for a table while i saw four people sitting playing cards and nobody doing anything about it. The food choice was limited and often not very warm. The only alternative lunchtime dining was in the American Icon which was only open for two hours The main restaurants were fine and the food very good but the menus were a bit limited. The ship was obviously gearing up for the Chinese market and there was large crew changes with several hundreds of Chinese crew members joining the ship mid cruise with many receiving training during the cruise. Training should have been done in small numbers on other ships before they came onboard. Highlight of the cruise was disembarking. This was the smoothest disembarkation ever. Congratulations to the Singapore Port Authorities. R.C.I. No more. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
There isn't enough room to write all the wrong from this cruise. Never again will we travel R.C. Embarking was a nightmare, Debarking was a nightmare, construction was on going with workers walking around with strong smelling cement ... Read More
There isn't enough room to write all the wrong from this cruise. Never again will we travel R.C. Embarking was a nightmare, Debarking was a nightmare, construction was on going with workers walking around with strong smelling cement cans.,casino was closed and being worked on, restaurants were closed and being worked on, if you were American-they swept you under the rugs, Card room was only reopened (after being told they didn't have one-but we knew they did-the last day of the cruise, shows were cancelled and others were put in place to cater to 'other ethnic' culture, they didn't give credit unless it was going right back into their pockets, everything was way Over-priced. I could go on and on and on. I and anyone that we encountered will never use R.C. again. Food was discusting, Sometimes we didn't even get service in the dining rooms once we were seated, they tried to cheat us out of monies we paid (what they asked for) for the Spa to get nails done-got there and they wanted 20.00 more (which was already 3 x's higher than I pay at home normal) just to take off the polish that was already on!. I refused and then it was a hassle and took days to get refund!. tried to call guest services and after two min of music,finally got the ring and then phone went dead-said 'time out'!!!!. Standing in LINES at guest services for any little thing was another huge issue. Everything was terrible. Room was decent with enough storage-the only good thing I could say! Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
As loyal regular celebrity cruisers and after a fabulous transatlantic with them on Silhouette in November, we were persuaded by friends to join them on the Quantum -Barcelona -Singapore cruise to celebrate my 50th birthday. The ship ... Read More
As loyal regular celebrity cruisers and after a fabulous transatlantic with them on Silhouette in November, we were persuaded by friends to join them on the Quantum -Barcelona -Singapore cruise to celebrate my 50th birthday. The ship looked great in the advertising, and the ports appealed.. However as we found out. Marketing was not reality.. While the first leg Barcelona to Dubai had enough going on with its port visits to make the negatives seem less obvious, the leg from Dubai to Singapore, where we couldn't even get off in India (the only reason we did this leg) and were stuck on board for 10 days due to an India visa mess up and poor communication by RCC was best described as boring and tedious at worse torture.. and we only wish we had got off in Dubai. Never again will we cruise with Royal Caribbean. Positives first.. These were the cabins, they were lovely. We give them 5 stars. We also liked the Dynamic dining and food in general was good. The evening drinks for Diamond members were a positive bonus as well.. We liked our one experience in the skydiving i fly. Most of the staff as usual were wonderful young people doing their best in a bad situation. Here the positives end. Our biggest complaints were.. The ship was undergoing major renovations..!! It should never have been placed in service for customers. It failed to provide alot of what was promised in its advertising.. It was noisy in cabins and venues near this reconstruction, it stunk regularly of fumes from toxic chemical /glue/paint fumes. Many venues were closed due to renovation. We constantly had sore throats and coughs and headaches from the toxic air on this ship. Entertainment particularly on Dubai to Singapore leg was limited repetitive and dreadful.. The top reason we booked this cruise was that Mamma Mia was the show.. However they cancelled that (without warning us or giving option to rebook another cruise) and replaced it with a basic Cirque copy style show and an even worse Vegas showgirls production.. In the daytime there was nothing to do if you were not a person that liked to bake outside in 32 plus temperatures in full sun.. In 30 days we didnt get to go on the Northstar. It was either not working or had huge lines in the heat. For a cruise that had most if its days at sea, the lack of daytime entertainment was shocking.. There were no movies ( probably because they were renovating all venues that could have happened in!! Or maybe because they charged $12US per movie on stateroom TV. ?! ) There was only one wine tasting event, The Vintages was a great space.. Totally underutilized. It would help if even one person working in there knew a thing about wine or service! The library was very basic and small and in a very noisy part of the ship. There were limited areas to quietly read in whole ship.. The beyond the podium lectures were very poor. The internet service was bad. The entertainment was repeated on second leg so if doing back to back cruises there was nothing new to follow.. Live music was very limited throughout the ship and in some cases poor. The ship was totally understaffed.. Particularly in the areas of customer service and help desks. It was over staffed by new Chinese crew members with limited english skills and bad attitudes. We did not receive the message about needing India Visas before we arrived in Barcelona. On check in at Barcelona, they said we could pay $400US and they (RCC) would take care of everything.. We filled out all the forms etc and left the staff to take care of this. It was not till the evening before we arrived in india when we went to collect our passports that we found out..Tough luck.. No Visa.. On further investigation it was discovered that those representing RCC in Barcelona didn't even seem to file the paperwork.. As with staff attitude in general on this ship.. It was as if no one cared.. Sad for ys as we really only did this leg to visit India. Yet we had to remain on the ship with others who had the same problem.. Everything was about getting this ship ready for its great money making casino conversion for rich Chinese gamblers/ cruisers. Those of us on the ship for its repositioning cruise felt we were just along for the ride while the boat had to reposition to China.. It was not about the cruise and the people already on this boat.. It was about the new Chinese market.. We were very please to disembark in Singapore and husband is sadly put off cruising for a long time.. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
We spent 29 nights in Quantum, sailing from New York to Dubai on the first two legs of her repositioning from the US to China. I’ve waited a month to write this review, in order to try and give as balanced a view as possible. ... Read More
We spent 29 nights in Quantum, sailing from New York to Dubai on the first two legs of her repositioning from the US to China. I’ve waited a month to write this review, in order to try and give as balanced a view as possible. Embarkation: Embarkation in New York was particularly well handled. Queues were short, and the staff handling the throng were helpful and friendly. Cabin: Our balcony stateroom on deck 7 (7682) was excellent. Storage space was massive by the standards we’ve experienced on other ships, and we didn’t come close to filling it. The glass shower cubicle was particularly appreciated (no wet, flapping shower curtain), as was the bathroom night light – ingenious. The sound proofing was awesome – in our 29 nights onboard we never heard a sound from adjoining cabins. The sliding door to the balcony was a wonder of engineering – light to operate, and once closed there was zero external noise. Our only quibble was that ship’s announcements could not be heard in the cabin, and there was no way to receive them on the otherwise very comprehensive in-cabin entertainment system – this seemed a very odd omission in a virtually new ship. Itinerary: We thoroughly enjoyed the combination of sea days and fascinating ports. The two ship’s tours that we did (Pompeii and Petra) were very well organized and coordinated, and were highlights of the trip for us. Entertainment: We saw Mama Mia on Broadway 3 days before joining Quantum, and then again on board 2 days after sailing. Without reservation, it was the best show we’ve ever seen on a cruise – and, the Quantum version was, in our view, superior to the Broadway version. We loved it, and it appeared that the cast were enjoying every moment of their time entertaining us. In fact, all of the shows we attended were good to very good. The onboard lecturers who joined the ship for the Barcelona to Dubai leg were also very good, as witnessed by the ever-growing number of attendees as the lecture series progressed. Dining: It would be interesting to go back in time to the concept meeting that decided to use RCI’s newest ship to conduct a bold radical experiment in dining. Maybe it was the work experience kid who put up their hand and suggested ‘let’s do away with a main dining room’ – given that it’s proving to be a horrible and probably very costly mistake its unlikely that anyone more senior will be prepared to wear the heat. We booked this cruise fully aware of the Dynamic Dining onboard. Our first indication of how bad an idea it is was came when we sat down, 41 days before embarking in New York, to book our dining times and places. For the first leg of the cruise (New York to Barcelona) we were able to book exactly 2 dinners in total in the 4 complimentary restaurants – every other day showed the restaurants as being fully booked, for all time slots. So, instead of the days leading to our cruise being filled with a growing sense of excitement at the adventure we were about to embark on, we spent each day worrying about not having bookings, and concerned that we’d end up eating each evening in the Windjammer. I haven’t seen this particular problem discussed in other postings about Quantum, so I don’t know how common our experience is. I have seen suggestions that by logging on 100 plus days before your cruise, then haunting the online booking system to pounce on cancellations; you can end up with the bookings you want. Even if it’s true – why on earth would you want to spend time doing that, in the lead up to what’s supposed to be a holiday? A more selfish possibility, that we heard about from a fellow cruiser who claimed to have done it, is that some cruisers made bookings for every restaurant for every meal – to then decide on the day which one to attend. Whatever the truth – the online booking system didn’t work. Once onboard, it very quickly became clear that despite the booking system, there was plenty of space in the complimentary restaurants – in fact we ended up eating where we wanted, when we wanted, and none of the venues was more that 2/3s full when we were there. Being onboard for 29 nights quickly raised another issue with the restaurants – each had two menus, which were swapped each week. So, within a quite short time, the novelty was gone, and it became an issue of ‘from this menu which I’ve selected from 4 or 5 or 6 times before, which of the limited choices will I repeat this time?’ The food was overall good to very good. Service was patchy at best. Plenty of other commentators have said lots about it – suffice to say that the setup is not conducive to the standards other ships have as the norm, and never will be. A final note on dining; we had noted that the Grande maintained a dress standard, and as we quite like going a little formal occasionally we’d packed appropriately. So, when men showing up to dine in the Grande turned up in collared t-shirts, jeans and sandals, we expected they’d be asked to go and change into something more appropriate. Sadly, no – they were loaned ill fitting waiters jackets, and shown to their seats. Really? The ship: I preface the remarks that follow by recalling our cruise in Oasis of the Seas 2 years ago. On that cruise, even on disembarkation day we were wandering the ship, blown away by the ambience, by the daring imagination that went into her design, and by the sheer wonder of all those things that make her fabulous. Sadly, Quantum is cut from different cloth – there was, for us, no wow. The walking/ running track on deck 15 is basically unusable for most of the day, because sun lounges and heavy strolling traffic make it almost impossible to walk with purpose. The Royal Esplanade is particularly disappointing: we likened it to a poorly designed strip mall lined by top end stores that nobody went into. Because it’s only two decks high the scale is all wrong, and the limited strolling space was further restricted by the tables of all the usual tat being sold at ‘super discount’ prices. The North Star was a nice gimmick, as were the bumper cars, and the iFly, but once was enough. The Robot Bartender on the other hand was a piece of tedious nonsense that blocked an already crowded passageway – perhaps suggested by the same genius who thought Dynamic Dining was a good idea. So – an odd conundrum: we really enjoyed the cruise, but will not cruise in Quantum again. The bizarre experiment with Dynamic Dining and the ordinariness of the ship will ensure our time and money are spent on other ships. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
Quantum of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.5
Dining 3.5 3.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 3.0 3.2
Service 5.0 3.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.1
Rates 3.0 N/A

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