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We started our journey with a night in The Holiday Inn, Southampton, which was right next to the cruise entrance. Great hotel and perfect location for Southampton Port. We boarded Quantum on the Sunday, very excited about the sidewalk to ... Read More
We started our journey with a night in The Holiday Inn, Southampton, which was right next to the cruise entrance. Great hotel and perfect location for Southampton Port. We boarded Quantum on the Sunday, very excited about the sidewalk to ship in 10 minutes. It took us 50 minutes to board. There did not appear to be many staff in the cruise terminal checking people in. It seemed like a long process as staff were getting used to using the hand held tablets. Once we were on the ship we headed straight up to the cabin to collect our sea pass cards, but we could not access the cabins untill 1pm. So, unsure what to do without a sea pass card we went to explore the ship (we later found out that you use your set sail pass until you get your sea pass. We went up to top deck and were immediately wowed by the North Star and pool area. We then headed down to the Royal Esplande where we were once again wowed. It's a beautiful space with new shops and beautiful artwork. We continued to look around the ship taking in the beautiful art all around. One of the areas that I thought gave us the most wow factor was 270. A gorgeous area to sit and relax in the day with stunning views out of the glass windows. We had lunch in here from the cafe 270 where we had the roast beef sliders. It was great! We then headed back up to our cabin, where my sea pass card was outside. We went in, and fell in love with the room. We had a category D7 balcony, which was very spacious with plenty of storage space. On the bed was one wow band. For some reason my husband had not had a sea pass card or wow band delivered. So it was off to queue up at Guest Services. They tried to tell us that his card and wow band were in the cabin, which they definitely were not. Other guests also said that they had theirs missing. We had the card reprinted and were asked to come back later for the wow band. We decided to go and get a drink, so we headed up to the sky bar where we were told drinks were complimentary until 5pm. Following this it was time for Muster Drill so we headed to Jamie's where we were stationed. There were far too many people in this area to be comfortable. It filled up pretty quick, seats and standing, and still they were trying to cram everyone into the space, it was pretty uncomfortable. Prior to leaving we had booked restaurants, from complimentary to paid so that we could get a feel of the dynamic dining. And I must say that on the whole, we loved it! We enjoyed the variety of the restaurants, and were able to change times on the ship to better suit us. The food was of a good standard everywhere we ate, however some the service left a lot to be desired. In Jamie's our waiter didn't appear to notice that a couple sat next to us were on their third course when we had only had a starter, and they had came in after us. Somehow the order had got lost in the technology. The food we had was good, but we only had the starter and main course before leaving as we had been in there quite some time by then! We also ate at chops, where the food was ok but the location is terrible. It is right above the music hall and all we could hear was a dull thumping noise and feel vibrations through our feet, seats and table. Not the quiet place we have been to before. When we mentioned this to the head waiter he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nothing he could do. Wonderland was amazing, we had a great waitress who got us to try things that we might not have ordered on our own, and if we didn't like it, it was ok as we could just order something different. Out of the complimentary restaurants, American Icon was probably my favourite. We had great service and food was great too. We tended to have breakfast at cafe 270, they have great egg muffins! And lunch we generally used the windjammer which always had a good selection. After the first couple of days the alcohol supply seemed low, and there were many cocktails that I couldn't have due to not having the ingrediants for them. This was disappointing, especially as we had paid for the premium package so that we could sample the newer ones. The bionic bar was amazing to watch when it was working!! There were always tech guys with it to try and sort out the problems. Mama Mia was amazing, fantasti. I would have watched it again if I could!! Star water was ok, not quite my thing but my husband enjoyed it. One of the highlights was arriving into Cape Liberty. Royal threw a great party up on deck from 04.30 am!! It was lots of fun. Disembarkation was slow, but not Royal's fault as port authority stopped people disembarking. Once we did get off we headed to find our transfer to a day hotel before flying back that evening. We walked down the walkway where there was holes in the walkway covered with wood and cemented down. My husband walked on the edge of one and fell through it. Not a good end to the holiday, but luckily wasn't seriously hurt, just a couple of scrapes. We waited for our transfer to leave, it took about another hour before we finally set off. We got to the Doubletree by Hilton, which was a beautiful hotel. We learnt there that our transfer to the airport would be by the free shuttle from the hotel, not actually from Royal Caribbean, which I was a little unsure of as our paperwork said all transfers were by Royal Caribbean. However it worked well and before we knew it we were flying home. There was definite ups and downs to be expected by a maiden voyage. But one of the highlights of this trip is the friendships I have made from this cruise, and this, for me, has made up for any let downs by Royal Caribbean. I would still go back and do this cruise again. And I will sail with Royal again, they certainly have the wow factors for your holiday!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Unlike other reviewers, the check-in went very quickly, but we arrived at 1.30, and most of the problems were then over. Our cabin was an inside with a virtual balcony. As it was a transatlantic, it was nothing more than ocean after ... Read More
Unlike other reviewers, the check-in went very quickly, but we arrived at 1.30, and most of the problems were then over. Our cabin was an inside with a virtual balcony. As it was a transatlantic, it was nothing more than ocean after ocean, and it finally actually annoyed me, so switched it off and closed the curtain. The cabin was extremely quiet, and bathroom and storage is much improved and appreciated. The cabin temperature seemed to be locked in at 71,2 F, but it never actually cooled down to that. It was difficult to get someone to look at it since the maiden voyage was flogged with so many other issues that personnel were busy with, but finally we were able to cool the cabin down. Dining, the royal IQ app crashed everyday for extended periods of time, which only added confusion to the matter. In all complimentary restaurants, the desserts were not at all appealing. In the American Icon, 2 of their 5 desserts have peanut butter mousse in them... most deserts left me with one word, "WHY?" who thought of such a dessert, and why did they put this on the menu? Best meat was the prime rib in Chic, but for the rest, I was not impressed with Chic, and didn't go back. I did like the Grande, and Silk was a pleasant surprise. Our waiter brought every appetizer out and made it like Dim Sum, which was spectacular. It also had the best dessert, the strawberry mouse with some pound cake thing. Windjammer was a tired scene after the first day, while I usually love the Windjammer. I understood the ship wasn't properly provisioned, so maybe after this first sailing they will bring it back up to standard. It took them until day 4 until half and half appeared, and 5 days until the Ranch dressing appeared and honey for tea. Sour cream for baked potatoes finally showed up on day 6. Ice cream in the Windjammer never made an appearance... My favorite eating venue was Cafe 270. Can't fault anything on the food, only the processes, very inefficient and inexperienced restaurant personnel meant I avoided it at busy times, so I timed it carefully and enjoyed it thoroughly. In general restaurant personnel appeared to be mostly inexperienced. Mama Mia was the bomb. Solarium spectacular. Stateroom attendant was so-so, and not up to the standard I'm used to RCI. Internet was evidently not up to snuff, when we got within the shoreline of the states, it started working, and it was decent and fast, not spectacular. Inside furnishing and feel, very modern and art deco like, a break from tradition, and extremely well done. Everything was good, but as I mention in the title, it seemed to be a classy 8 cylinder vehicle that couldn't manage to hit on more than 6 cylinders at anyone time. The cruise was good, I enjoyed myself and got a lot of rest, and let irritations of the working go, but in the same breath, I wasn't wowed like I am accustomed to by RCI. I considering booking it May when she sails back to Europe, if only to see if they managed to worked out the seemingly endless operational faults and if the personnel is more experienced. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Quantum of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.5
Dining 3.5 3.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 3.0 3.2
Service 5.0 3.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.1
Rates 3.0 N/A

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