8 Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas Cruise Reviews for Repositioning Cruises to Transatlantic

We went on transatlantic cruise from NJ to Barcelona and it was perfect. It was my 31st cruise, 9th on RCl. Don’t believe bad reviews, it is amazing ship. If you are looking for traditional dining, you will be disappointed, but you are ... Read More
We went on transatlantic cruise from NJ to Barcelona and it was perfect. It was my 31st cruise, 9th on RCl. Don’t believe bad reviews, it is amazing ship. If you are looking for traditional dining, you will be disappointed, but you are adventurous and willing to try different restaurants, you will love it. The variety of choices for dinner is excellent. In 11 days we did not have a bad meal, no matter which restaurant we went to. The best was Wonderland-it was amazing and unique experience and definitely worth paying for. We did all our reservation 2 month ahead from home, but any time we needed to change it on the ship, it was not a problem. We changed time a few times, change the restaurants and never had any issues on the ship. The service was pretty good, a little bit slow, especially in Coastal kitchen restaurant. Any restaurant we went to dinner it took about 2 hours to have dinner. If you want fast dinner, just go to Windjammers. The entertainment was great. Mama Mia show was the best! While we were at sea, we had afternoon show as well. The cruise director Dreu was wonderful, very entertaining and very funny. The only strange thing was they did not have Welcome aboard show or farewell show, which we usually enjoy on other cruises. We had a room all the way forward #10504 and it was great. Very spacious with a huge window from floor to ceiling (felt like a skylight), plenty of storage space and closet space. The bathroom decent size with excellent flexible shower. The bionic bar was very interesting and unique. The North Star and I-fly are amazing. The line on North Star could be very long, but if you go early or on sea days, you can get to ride within 20-30 minutes. It is great view and nice experience. For I-fly you have to make reservation, but I managed to go 2 times on different days and it was very unique experience. The music venues are very nice and offer different types of music from Latino to Jazz and classical music. The ports of call were very nice and shore excursions from the ship were reasonably priced and very good and we had very good tour guides in every port. The Caves in Palma de Majorca was the best tour of all we took. Overall it was wonderful cruise and we really enjoyed it. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
The Quantum is a beautiful ship with some awesome built in amenities. The seats in the Royal Theater have vents along the backs to help keep the temperature comfortable throughout. All the different cabins we visited had well-distributed ... Read More
The Quantum is a beautiful ship with some awesome built in amenities. The seats in the Royal Theater have vents along the backs to help keep the temperature comfortable throughout. All the different cabins we visited had well-distributed vents above the cabinetry and intakes distributed below. Although we stayed in one of the less expensive cabins - an oceanview - we did not feel RCI cut the built in amenities in our room. As I have posted elsewhere, there are even hooks in the shower for your scrubbies and back scrubbers. The makeup mirror over the little desk/makeup table has wonderful lighting for doing your makeup. We got to see quite a selection of other cabins, and I have to say every one was as wonderful as the last. For those wondering about the Junior Suites, there are at least two layouts and we were impressed by both. The real jewels of this ship are the staff. I can't say enough about our room steward, Ryan, for taking excellent care of our 3rd floor cabin. If you go to Silk, ask for Nemeesh. He provided such an excellent experience, it became our favorite restaurant on the ship. The only issues we had on the Quantum had to do with the technology. Matters improved as the week progressed. Our check into the ship took a check in clerk, a supervisor, and an IT specialist. Despite all this, it took only 45 minutes from leaving the Holiday Inn to walk to the ship before we were seated on board, glass of wine in hand!   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Check-in was a free for all at southampton with staff with i-pads being surrounded by people trying to get aboard. but we got aboard within 30mins with no problems. The positives were- all the staff who were very helpful and worked very ... Read More
Check-in was a free for all at southampton with staff with i-pads being surrounded by people trying to get aboard. but we got aboard within 30mins with no problems. The positives were- all the staff who were very helpful and worked very hard. The cabins were big and clean and our balcony was big enough. The facilities were very good The gym was wll equipped, This is our 6th cruise, The activities were excellent (rip cord, trapeze, flow rider etc) The shows were very good, i also enjoyed the guest acts music hall had great entertainment The negatives were- poor check-in free wi-fi advertised when you have to pay for it queueing for anything that can't be pre-booked, -we queued for 3 1/2 hours for north star, but was amazing when we eventually got on . We queued for 40 mins for bumper cars but they all ran out of charge before we got to ride them, then queues were even longer every other night lack of vegetarian options bionic bar didn't work most nights and when it did work there was a 20min wait the 15% added to the drinks package after you bought it was a shock (maybe because i'm british but i wasn't told about it until i read my statement) also after buying the drinks package there was a number of drinks that weren't included so had to ask any time i wanted a different drink in a different bar Overall this was a very good cruise which could be great if the issues raised are addressed, as the ship was really very good and staff were excellent   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
There were glitches getting on the ship but it was to be expected since we were the first revenue passengers. Once on the ship it was amazing. Very elegantly beautifully designed with a lot of smart technology. Some of it was still in ... Read More
There were glitches getting on the ship but it was to be expected since we were the first revenue passengers. Once on the ship it was amazing. Very elegantly beautifully designed with a lot of smart technology. Some of it was still in trail mode but it will be amazing when all the bugs are worked out. Royal did however reward us well for the little glitches, $300.00 OBC and 25% of our fare in a future cruise credit, free drinks the first night, most speciality dining was comped, and if you bought the internet package that was refunded too. Dynamic Dining was awesome a wonderful change for RCCL. Wonderland was by far my favorite speciality dining, the food and service was amazing. Silk was my second favorite, the food and service there was just as good. Chic followed by American Icon were my next favorites. I was very surprised how fast the service was in American Icon. Devenly Decandence was a complete waste of space on the ship. The food was awful, she was so full of herself that she was the only one that mattered. I watched her the next day berate a bartender at great length in front of his crew and us guests because she wanted space in the galley freezer for her Pineapples. Really with all the exec's on that cruise she could have shown some professionalism and addressed her concerns to management and not harass a very hard working bartender. Jamies wasn't really much better. They were out of Ribeye and instead of just saying they were out the server made up this story about how the chef thought the quality was not good enough.It is to my understanding that chef worked for Jamies. But I am sure that a Royal Caribbean chef would never let anything on the ship that is not of top quality. We never got our main entree. From talking to a manager that works for Jamies I got the feeling that he was there to transform Royal's crew to something better and that Royal really didn't know how to do it right. Really I don't understand why they have either of those places when Royal Caribbean has the most amazing head Chef Neil Gallagher. For years he has given us wonderful menu's, wonderful dining options, and now Wonderland. When Royal already has the best why did they look elsewhere. 270, the room, the shows, and the wonderful bartenders in there who could ask for more. 270 is the most amazing place on the ship. Music Hall was a whole lot of fun also. Michaels Pub I found the same vibe as I did with Jamies and Devin's there too it seemed like they were there to make sure Royal does it right. But for 3 days I went in there sat at the bar and for 3 days bartender's looked at me didn't greet me and they were too busy to give me a drink. So I find myself once again saying Royal already does it right, the pubs on all the other ships are 1000 times better than Michaels. I really found that on this cruise it was the best of the best of Royal Caribbean's staff to make sure we had a great time. I was very impressed at how much Royal rolled out the red carpet for the meet and mingle on this sailing. That by far was the most impressive fun meet and mingle I had ever had the pleasure of going to. I was so totally impressed with Quantum of the seas that after being home 3 days I rebooked for the November 23 sailing. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Yes, let’s start with the ship herself. She is not a RCI ship in look or feel, she has the stunning class, style, décor and charisma of an X ship (namely the Solstice class). From the stylish two tier shopping area, to the soft ... Read More
Yes, let’s start with the ship herself. She is not a RCI ship in look or feel, she has the stunning class, style, décor and charisma of an X ship (namely the Solstice class). From the stylish two tier shopping area, to the soft furnishings, to the way the elevator lights changed colour to announce they had arrived at your floor, to no Bingo announcements, to the bathroom with the large shower, and the ladies leg shaving bar, to the balcony furniture with the footstool, to the covered solarium... I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Now this is not a problem for me as I love Celebrity cruises and their ships, but people who have not done their research may have a bit of a shock. I know that Quantum herself is off to the far East but when Anthem sails out of the UK next year I suspect that the ‘tattoo and football shirt crowd’ who are used to the Independence in British waters may have a bit of a shock. Perhaps this design is a conscious effort by RCI to ‘up’ the brand and the clientele they attract. And the prices of the cruises of course as Anthem next year from Southampton is extortionate! So to the crossing itself. On arrival at Southampton our luggage was quickly tagged with the new tracking bar code bag tags. I was disappointed to see that the peeled off bit was just dropped on the ground though – so at the end of the day there would be approximately 8000 pieces of peeled paper floating in the English wind! It took me about 30minutes from ‘kerb to ship’ so a long way short of the promised 10 minutes; but I was sensible enough to realise that a new ship would have a few ‘glitches’. Many people claimed it took them several hours to check in. I had downloaded the Royal IQ app but apparently I had no luggage registered. Would I spend 8 days with no change of clothes?? The check in process was slightly chaotic with the InterCruise staff standing with iPads so there were many wavy bending lines. A few weeks prior to the cruise the completed online check in details had been lost; of course those of us on CC were alerted to this and resubmitted the info; but many of course did not realise this which aggravated the delay. On board after the initial WOW feeling and rushing around to take pictures to be posted on FaceBook before she sailed; the word spread that the enigmatic wine machines in the Vintages wine bar was dispensing free wine - Vintages has never been so busy! In fact they were free all week ( a fact I failed to notice!). Then all drinks were free at all bars until 9pm that night. This was the start of the extent of the effort that RCI went to; to keep us all ‘happy’. It has been posted that they gave us $300 per cabin in OBC which was refundable if you did not spend it; and a 25% FCC. They also refunded the internet packages, and all movies in the cabins were free for the duration too. RCI went above and beyond IMHO. In addition to the above there were also gifts almost every night (although I notice on ungrateful person had his commemorative book for sale on eBay in the UK within minutes of it being left on their bed!). So onto the cruise itself….. The first day was not good. Many were seasick as the weather was very rough. After that the weather was glorious for the remainder of the crossing. We had an emergency stop in the Azores for a medical evacuation. So, let’s get down to the changes. Dynamic Dining – I love it and cannot imaging going back to the Main Dining Room concept again. There are 4 restaurants to choose from; I had made previous reservations on line but to be honest there was no need to do this unless you wanted a specific restaurant on a specific date/time as there was just one line for those who wished to dine –booked or not. This does need to be ironed out and there should be 2 lines. Each of the 4 restaurants has its own kitchen and its own cuisine. The food in all was excellent with the biggest compliment (surprisingly IMO) going to Silk. You must have the chocolate desserts in Silk and Chic. You must avoid the peanut butter cheesecake in Silk and the Red Velvet cheesecake in Chops. I do not actually think there is a need to dine in the specialty restaurants as there is such a variety of menu in the ‘free’ restaurants that you can dine on a rotation basis through the 4 and not repeat your choices (apart from the chocolate desserts in Silk and Chic of course …!) Johnny Rockets was a disappointment as it was not a proper restaurant but more like a takeaway stand. I never saw them do any business all week. By all accounts Wonderland was sublime. We did dine at Chops and it was very good (better than our meal the previous month in Chops on Oasis). Much has been said about the Grande restaurant and the RCI website mentions that it is “formal night every night.” Unfortunately, as many of us suspected, this was not enforced. It was such a shame to see approximately 90% of people dressed ‘properly’ (and yes there were many ball gowns and tuxedos on board) and then there were gentlemen who were in short shirt sleeves and no tie. One big bad mark against RCI for not enforcing the dress code. The line for Grande was also the longest ever night. To me this meant that people liked ‘dressing up’; and perhaps they should keep the formal night concept throughout the ship? Around and about: There were so many comfy chairs, where you could curl up with a good book (or that should be kindle..who reads a book these days), there was so much to look at. The 270 area was simply stunning, such a versatile use of space both day and night. To be honest there were not as many activities on during the day as I thought there would be. It was almost as if the Cruise Compass was produced with wide spaces between each activity/event to make it look as if there was more on! And things kept changing. My next big bad black mark goes to the Casino. This was basically smoker’s corner – it was impossible to breathe in there; and smokers did not stay to the smoking section – they were smoking everywhere. It was horrid. And the smell of smoke floated up the stairs to the Royal Esplanade….and even worse; along the corridors where you were waiting in line for dinner at the restaurants on the same level. Design failure. If they have to allow smoking indoors (and there was a perfectly good outside, covered area designated for smokers) then there should either be doors on the casino so it cannot escape. Better still, stop allowing smoking indoors. Rant over. Royal Esplanade and Via. I dislike the Royal Promenade; I think it has as much ambiance as a shoe box; so I loved the 2 tier elegant flow of the RE and Via. Very like the 2 tier flow on board X. And there were even ‘Xs’s’ in the window decoration….. Shops on board were high end; Bulgari and Cartier, a good selection of Omega and Tag watches, and a Michael Kors shop. There were no $10 Bijoux Ternier bags or the inch of gold offerings. Entertainment –There was a charming violinist called Analiza Ching who was on Britains Got Talent and a hypnotist called Christopher Carress. The CD was pretty useless IMHO. The full production of Mamma Mia was outstanding. Starwater was just weird. I never saw the robo-screens working in 270. We did not have the Gatsby show, or Sonic Odyssey, or Wink or the Mamma Mia after show party. No reason was given.. The Music Hall venue hosted live bands - the 80s band and Archie’s band Horizon were good. The Diamond Lounge joined the Music Hall and the overflow from the DL sat in the Music Hall. The DL was open 5.00 – 8.30pm on the crossing. The DL hostess never walked around or introduced herself so I do not even know her name . Seaplex to me was strange. It had odd opening hours and it always seemed to be under utilised. Cabins – the cabins seemed bigger: longer and with a much larger balcony than usual. The cabins followed the same alternate formula as on X – that is one has the bed by the balcony, then the next has the sofa by the balcony. As already mentioned the bathroom was very X. There was no clothes line in the shower but there was a little hook. The shower was on a pole which could be moved up and down. The shower itself was huge (very X…) with a large curved door that opened outwards, giving even more room. There is no more ‘gloop’ but rather little bottles of shampoo and bars of soap. There were wardrobes built around the bed, one long and one shorter with 2 deep drawers. There was a huge flat screen TV which pulled out so you could watch it from the sofa; there were 2 chairs with foot rests on the balcony. . I could not find a balcony light. There were no nets at the window so if you were getting dressed in port you would need to pull the curtains. The hairdryer is in the drawer of the dresser. On our cruise the mini bar was empty. There are plugs for both US and European plugs and there were also 2 USB ports. The power did NOT have to be on (via the card in the light control) in order for items to charge via the USBs. The décor was taupe and blue. There was also a power socket by the bed. We were on deck 13, upgraded from an inside virtual balcony (like so many others). A good position with only slight noise when they were moving the chairs in the morning in the solarium above. But at the very end of the corridor was a (very heavy) door that led straight into the Solarium which was handy. The room service menu seemed to be smaller than usual, and there is now an additional charge for hot items at breakfast - so if you want eggs/bacon etc they cost $3.95 per item. Movies were free all week (because so many people were seasick.) They seemed to be pretty current offerings like Maleficent. Solarium – take the covered solarium on Oasis and then add the covered solarium on Solstice and put them together to give 2 large solarium areas. Perfect for cold weather cruising. This does mean that the outside pool area was rather small should you have perfect weather. I guess you cannot have everything. I just loved the Solarium area. Always plenty of chairs, they have a multi-level plunge pool and several Jacuzzis in the front 2-level solarium and then a larger pool in the second area. Again, artfully done with plants, statues, and wonderful furniture. Unfortunately the covered round rattan chair would not fit into my suitcase. Other bits There is a very large pink bear. Why? Because they can. There is sky diving. Why? Because they can. There is a pod that rises 300 ft above the ship and then swings out 90o over the side. Why? Because they can. There are dodgem cars, a circus school, roller skating. Why? Because they can. Because of the weather North Star was not ‘flying’ as much as she could. I waited in line for about 40 mins and I was one pod-load (she takes around 15 each trip) from boarding and it was cancelled due to the weather. The next time I waited about 50 mins and got on. Where on earth can you soar above the Atlantic and get such a unique view of the ship. I think it must be beautiful to do this in the Caribbean whilst sailing between the islands. I do suggest that they take bookings for this though to negate the long wait times. I also did the iFly. To be honest I didn’t like it very much but I can say I have done it. They take bookings and it was a very smooth slick operation. Again around 12 to a group and then at the end your instructor shows you how it should be done. I just loved the Bionic Bar. Yes it wasn't working as smoothly as it should - but that meant drinks were free whenever I went (hic). They were so cute, especially when they 'shook' the drinks! Moaners and groaners Goodness it was like the ship of complainers. .People seemed to be wanting to out do each other with their complaints. They were finding fault when there was nothing wrong – like the man who was shouting at the GR lady that there were ‘no shops on board’ and he couldn’t buy toothpaste. Strangely enough I found the toothpaste in the General Store. My take on this is that RCI were overly generous with their early OBC and FCC offers and people then were of the mindset of ‘what else can I get out of them if I try enough’. I was ashamed of the behaviour of some of my fellow cruisers. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence would know that there were bound to be a few hiccups when they chose to sail on a ship that was 2 days old RCI went above and beyond in my opinion. All wifi charges were refunded, in addition to the OBC and FCC. On the final morning we were all up early for the spectacular sail into NY. It was a beautiful clear still morning…..New York themed tunes were blasting out; champagne was served, North Star was flying…I think many shed a tear at the sight. What a great way to end. So, in summary: Oasis met Solstice and they had a baby called Quantum. I personally had no issues at all with boarding times, service, food, or anything else that people are complaining about. My two ‘black marks’ are regarding smoking in the casino and not enforcing the dress code in Grande. Both of these can be easily rectified by RCI management. She is a beauty, and one of the best cruises I have taken. Would I cruise Quantum again? Yes, you bet……! Thank you for reading.   Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Let's start off with an important caveat: This was the maiden voyage of Quantum so some of the things that happened on our cruise will hopefully not be indicitative of the new Quantum class product. I feel it only fair to point this ... Read More
Let's start off with an important caveat: This was the maiden voyage of Quantum so some of the things that happened on our cruise will hopefully not be indicitative of the new Quantum class product. I feel it only fair to point this out from the start in order to provide a balanced and fair review. Ok, let's get going... Appearance: This ship is visually WOW inside, especially when you compare it (as you naturally would) to every other Royal Caribbean ship in the fleet. There are the Royal touches that make you know what brand you are sailing with but then there are so many new elements which make you feel they have created a hybrid company between Royal and Celebrity. I can honestly say that this makes it the perfect combination of Celebrity style and finesse and Royal activity and excitement and we love this new era of sailing. The inside spaces have been carefully considered and there is a real shift of feel as you move about the ship. I especially loved the transition between the Via and the Esplanade. The feeling of serenity as you walk through the "empty space" with the butterflies and calming music is really well constructed. I have seen several comments about the lack of Viking Crown in the design and how un-Royal it felt--I could not disagree more. The design is crisp, well constructed and misses nothing through the lack of Viking Crown lounge. Art: Quantum has more art that you could ever hope to see in one cruise and some of it is incredibly creative, bold and clever. There is the obvious big pink bear, which provides for the best photo backdrop ever on a ship through to the flower eyes as you enter the Windjammer (keeping an eye on the number of times you go in and eat even more food am sure!) to the butterflies adorning the Via and down towards two70. Different things would catch your eye each time and I was really pleased to see such a great connection between the art and the spaces. Entertainment & Activities: I simply cannot begin to describe how two70 takes theatre and socialising space to a new level. As a concept it is so simple but so cleverly put together. It was always busy, even during rehearsals and testing and a great space to watch the roll of the ship as we sailed through the choppy North Atlantic in November--maybe a little overwhelming at times and a cocktail or two needed to calm the nerves, or make them worse perhaps! The view out of the back with the several storey windows is superb and mesmerising. Then....wow oh wow...comes Starwater. As someone with training in the theatre I literally couldn't contain my excitement when we saw Starwater for the first (and mostly the second) time. The robo screens and the soft porn at sea cast were jaw-droppingly good. Sadly, the second time we saw it with some friends the screeens weren't working which really does affect the levels of interaction in the show but it was still performed to such a high standard. We realised at the end of the cruise that only once did we go and see something in the theatre--very unusual for us. This was of course Mamma Mia, which again was superbly put together and worth the wait after the sea caused postponed shows. Two70 and the Music Hall were definately the spaces of choice and changed how we usually spend time on a ship. The Music Hall is a really nice addition and much better concept that the usual large lounge space Royal have for entertainment. The 80's nights were so much fun and all good intentions to be in bed early were thrown out of the window thanks to the excellent tribute band. Our most frequented spot on the ship though (apart from the Diamond lounge and Pool Bar!) was the Sea Plex--we love it. Although the bumper cars were on the shy and tired side--not wanting to charge apparently--we did get to experience them twice during the cruise and we had such a giggle on them. Such a mad idea for a cruise ship but I am a big fan of crazy ideas so bring it on! We watched some of the circus skills stuff but never participated as we were alway en route to somewhere else, or in need of a hot dog at the back--yum yum!! Outside of the Seaplex is even more excitement with the rockwall, Flowrider and i-Fly. The first two are old hat for Royal but still nice to see. The latter however is simply a must-do activity when on board--so much so we did it twice, nearly three times had the weather not got rough again. The team leading the i-fly were superb and clearly loved their jobs, making it so much more enjoyable for everyone. The nerves quickly fluttered away when you are in the chamber being manhandled by the fittest men you could ever hope to fly with! The North Star...yeah...what more to say--cherry picker in the sky. Queued three hours, only because it had to be done but not really worth it. Novelty of it was fun but wouldn't rush to do it again. I nearly forgot to mention the Bionic Bar--well it didn't work on the Maiden voyage, but thanks for the free testing cocktails Makr Shakr team :)! We even created a new dining venue during these tests--the Bionic Bar Buffet and very nice it was (thanks Sorrentos) whilst sneaking in another multi-coloured freebie. I am looking forward to the Bionic Bar being fully functional and hope it does work! Dining: Ok, so this is a big change for Royal and there are good and bad points to it, some of which we put down to it being the maiden voyage but some of it we feel needs changing. Silk is a-ma-zing and we cancelled Jamie's Italian in order to join friends to eat there again on the final night. Chic and the Grande equally great but American Icon needs some work. The menu is odd (think Windjammer style but not as hot--yes, even more luke warm than the usual Windjammer food!) and for us just didn't work. We heard others saying similar things. Devinly Decadance is a great change to the Solarium Bistro and we loved the relaxed atmosphere it had, alongside some amazingly tasty food. Will definately be booking to go back on our next Quantum adventure in May. Then we come to Wonderland--if you have friends on board then do Wonderland as a group. We (somehow--thanks Alice/Helena!!) managed to eat there twice as a group and getting a whole load of dishes to share was fab. I want to say the food is simply out of this world, but it really isn't. It is just really well-prepared and presented food. The decor and staff (especially Helena, Oliver and Rudy) are what make it and we had two of the best meals ever thanks to them. We will never forget the Big B!! Cabin: These cabins are bigger, obviously in relative terms being a cruise, and look so much crisper. We were uber excited about being the first paid passengers and the first people to sleep in the bed (ok, we knew we weren't really but we like pretending!) but we got into our room and there was a half drunk bottle of wine in our fridge and the bathroom wasn't clean--not a great start. This was sorted promptly though but still shouldn't have happened on the first cruise. We also had an issue with the balcony partition which took two days to resolve (Guest Services are just as useless in the main on this ship as they always were--no point dwelling on this as Royal never does anything about empowering Guest Services to do anything!). Once sorted this gave us a great cabin, in a great location but the first two days were frustrating to say the least--also resulting in us having to sleep in another (unfinished) cabin on the first night after much complaining. I need to shut up now but there is so much more I could say about this cruise and this ship but let's not bore you all to sleep. I should of course leave something for a follow up review in May! The ship, when completely finished, will be stunning. As I am sure you can see from other reviews of the maiden voyage, there were lots of things that went wrong, but hey Royal Caribbean who are known for having rubbish technology have launched a ship that is full of it from top to bottom--something was clearly going to go wrong!! Being seasoned cruisers we knew things were going wrong--it was a maiden voyage peeps--and it made for a more memorable cruise, especially given the gifts in return!! The fabulous crew on board also made up for the mistakes and broken bits. We booked the transatlantic back to Europe next May and are taking some friends who have never been on a cruise before. I want to go now--this ship really does change everything...bring it on! Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
We had a great time on this cruise, the ship is beautiful and the staterooms very well appointed . When we booked we knew this was going to be a maiden voyage and that RCI would have only just have taken over the ship, we expected there ... Read More
We had a great time on this cruise, the ship is beautiful and the staterooms very well appointed . When we booked we knew this was going to be a maiden voyage and that RCI would have only just have taken over the ship, we expected there to be issues and challenges so we had a open mind from the start as to what was likely to happen. Looking at other reviews here it appears some guests had not thought about any of this. Yes there were a number of issues,some more annoying than others, but in our opinion nothing which impacted our enjoyment of the trip. We had a couple of days and nights of 'motion in the ocean' but we were in the North Atlantic in November and this must be expected. The 3 sunny and warm days were a bonus we never expected. There were a lot of people on board who did nothing but complain, we heard the following for example: Why are there no soup spoons in the windjammer? The ship is too big I have to walk too far from my stateroom to the restaurants? No ice cream. We also met lots of other very nice people who like us expected issues and were just getting on with having a good time. We thought the food was excellent in the majority of restaurants, we dined in The Grand - excellent , Chic - very good , American Icon - OK, Silk - OK, Jamie's - excellent. Due to the problems with the reservation system we gave up trying to reserve and ate in the Windjammer on the other evenings which was very good. We were not impressed with the Dynamic dining system and prefer the Any Time dining option as we like to eat when we want to eating not have to plan in advance. The 270 cafe was great at lunch time, the beef sliders were delicious. The drinks voucher system for Diamond and above worked well but in the main we visited the Diamond lounge in the evenings going into the Overflow Music Hall, there were over 1000 diamond and above onboard. Mamma Mia was excellent worthy of the West End, we saw the American singer who was also very good but did not go to any other theatre shows, Starwater in 270 was very different and very unique. The crew were lovely and we're learning about the ship as we were, we got the impression that in certain areas, especially the Windjammer, they were very understaffed. We loved the solarium and indoor pool for relaxing during the day. I tried the IFLY which was fun and something I would have never done on land. The bumper cars were great fun and we did them a few times. North Star was also an experience we enjoyed, and yes there were long queues. The deck party on arrival at New York was amazing to see almost all the ships company and guests on deck enjoying the early morning arrival. We felt the compensation of 25 % of what we paid for the cruise plus the OBC of 300 USD were and very nice bonus for the minor issues we faced. We had a great time and believe that once everything settles down and the issues get ironed out Quantum will be a superb ship Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
This was our first cruise and we had watched the ship being built. We had heard all the promises, but were sceptical it would all be ready as it was only delivered to RCCI 6 days before. So here goes. Embarkation in Southampton was slower ... Read More
This was our first cruise and we had watched the ship being built. We had heard all the promises, but were sceptical it would all be ready as it was only delivered to RCCI 6 days before. So here goes. Embarkation in Southampton was slower than promised, but we were still on board in 45 minutes which to us was still in in good. We were guided well at the port rather than queuing there were lots of staff with ipads and we were checked in fast and politely. Our uploaded photos that we had done at home didnt come through, but it was quick enough to get them re done and we were on our way. Still faster and more efficient than an airport so we were pleasantly surprised. First impression of the ship was WOW. It was very beautiful and fresh. Our eyes were everywhere. The staterooms were all ready for us. We were on deck 7 so we walked up the stairs and found our cabin no problem. It was well laid out with plenty of storage. The bathroom was lovely and there was lots of space to move around. the shower was huge! We were in 7690, a D1 hump so the balcony was slightly larger and we had a nice view out watching everyone else get on. Then we went to explore. There was plenty to see and do. We put on our complimentary WOW bands, used an old card in the slot for the lights, met Rowena our stateroom attendant and ordered our ice for every afternoon. She was lovely and went to explore. The ship never felt overcrowded. The Via was a fantastic place to walk through, the butterflies and the music to match was lovely. It relaxed you as soon as you took one step through it. The different kind of chairs dotted around the ship were awesome and at some point we decided we needed to try and sit in all of them! The shows, Mamma Mia and Starwater were excellent and would highly recommend. We had prebooked all of our dining and shows that we didnt want to miss. We were lucky and had no problems at all. We did this back in May. We had fun picking where we dined this holiday. It worked out perfectly for us. We also loved American Icon for breakfast, other than that we had breakfast in the WJ with an amazing view. We loved Dynamic Dining. Silk was fantastic and Devinly Decadance was out of this world. However, Jamies Italian was truly spectacular. Worth the wait as we had a late sitting. We couldnt have eaten lunch as well on any days as there was just too much food and loved the walking around the ship. We actually lost weight just walking round. Our only gripe would be the food was not piping hot for some reason. Wherever we ate, very odd. We loved the bingo, great fun. We loved the dance classes for Michael Jackson. The Ifly was very thrilling and would love to do again. The weather meant the north star lines were too long, but hey you cant do it all and we werent disappointed. We were given lots of gifts for a first sailing which was great. The internet was great as promised so it was refunded. The bay of biscay fought back so sea sick people in their cabins could watch movies for free (all week). For the late embarkation we were given $300 and FCC. Technology on the first night was a fail and as we had pre paid our drinks packages we got a refund for the first day. They were very graceful. I wouldnt say anything stopped us enjoying ourselves so if a future cruise is absolutely perfect then we have nothing to worry about as nothing really disappointed us on this one. A few grumpy rude guests maybe, but the staff were fab. A few were outstanding, but other than that overall they were great. We had the Select and Royal Replenish drinks packages and whether we broke even or not I dont know, but it was certainly convenient for us with our WOW bands just to swipe or use the cards whichever we had with us. No signing of multiple pieces of paper every time and we tipped well in the middle and at the end to those that served us well as we had pre paid our gratuities as well. I have no other cruises to base this on, but for a holiday with no stops and it was cold, we loved it. We loved the ship, the atmosphere, the dining and everything it had to offer. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
Quantum of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.5
Dining 3.5 3.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 3.0 3.2
Service 5.0 3.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.1
Rates 3.0 N/A

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