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This trip was our 40th cruise and we have up until now kept away from the Mega ships but Quantem has totally changed our minds. From the moment you step aboard the ship has an amazing wow factor but also has some quiet corners to relax ... Read More
This trip was our 40th cruise and we have up until now kept away from the Mega ships but Quantem has totally changed our minds. From the moment you step aboard the ship has an amazing wow factor but also has some quiet corners to relax in. The only problems we encountered were with fellow passengers, jumping lines etc not adhering to dress codes. People who were not used to the western culture and very pushy and generally all those people who go on holiday to moan, if thats all they want to do please stay at home ! The Dynamic dining worked very well and was easy to change if you wanted to. The was excellent and RCL have certanly worked to improve the quality and is now way above P & O in my opinion. Like all ships on occaisions the food could have been hotter. All staff without exception were very friendly and helpfull and the Captain was very high profile. From seaplex to 3D films it has everything and more and there is not enough time to do it all justice. Favorite spot was 270 favorite Bar Boleros. Best excursion was to Petra what a fantastic place apart from the carriages and horses. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
In May 15 I took the Quantum of the Seas 16 Night Suez Canal - Barcelona to Dubai. These are my comments from that cruise. I stayed one night prior to the cruise at the RCCL booked hotel, Hotel Regina. This was a pleasant experience ... Read More
In May 15 I took the Quantum of the Seas 16 Night Suez Canal - Barcelona to Dubai. These are my comments from that cruise. I stayed one night prior to the cruise at the RCCL booked hotel, Hotel Regina. This was a pleasant experience and good location. Due to a last minute change in my room assignment by RCCL on the morning of my departure from the US, the luggage tag was posted to my account after I left the US for Barcelona, Spain, to join the cruise. When I arrived at the port there were no luggage tags available at the port in Barcelona. Myself and many others, were told they were always coming, but no one could tell us who went to get the luggage tags we needed. I noticed some discarded ones in the trash and dug one out of trash to use. This 20-30 minutes put me behind many people who had showed up and were now ahead of me in line. Checking in at the Barcelona port was chaotic. Many people were trying to check in and seams like no one was in charge and it seamed overwhelming to the staff. The lines were long and people were unsure of what line they should be in. This is the worst check in of any RCCL check in I’ve ever encountered. The check in staff were not very proficient in English. On the ship the customer service line in Guest Services was not heeded and people not in line were allowed to cut or just walk to a agent, especially the Chinese guests. This was apparent for the first several days until many people complained about that the Chinese guest were given preference over others. There should have been ropes set up and monitored better. We were told that the Safety brief had a video but only audio was available. People got up and left. Poor presentation. The demonstration of the life vest was done with lights out in theater until very end of the presentation. We heard the briefing but did not see demo. My room was next to the Solarium and on first day a jack hammer went on forever for work being performed in there. I was tired in traveling from the US but could not rest or read in my room and had to go elsewhere until around 1700. At wifi counter where the line was long complaining of the wifi a Chinese girl came up and the Chinese worker let this Chinese girl interrupt her while initially helping an Italian couple. She was speaking Chinese all the while to this girl that she started to help and left the Italian couple just standing there, until someone said something. I saw this happen several times in various settings with Chinese workers letting Chinese people take their attention away from the actual client. Wifi so slow that it is basically non-existent. There was always trouble logging on, staying on, and trouble logging off, which all takes away from the minutes that I paid for. RCCL advertised high speed Internet and makes us pay for high speed, but the best speed available throughout my cruise was 56k. I was told several times by the person at the wifi trouble desk that 56k was the speed. One time it took about 18 minutes to send two pre done emails. I complained after 4 days about how every day was slow and would take 5-10 minutes just to login, send a prepared email and logout and the representative awarded me 30 extra minutes. I appreciated the extra minutes but trying to do anything with 56k max baud speed is non-productive at best. Every day was like this. The Internet was worthless in trying to do anything. RCCL should reimburse my cost due to false advertisement of high speed and lack of net capability. It was very frustrating!! Day 4. Ate lunch at American Icon restaurant. It took 20 minutes to get salad and over an hour to get entree. Everyone at table ordered at same time and all had finished their desserts and some left before I got my entree of chicken. I ordered and ate my dessert alone. I told head waiter Igor Crnac and he apologized. He told me later that it was kitchen mistake. But after this one event I had many positive eating events in all the restaurants. The sound in theater for shows was perfect and not to loud. The shows overall were good and of quality. But this is the first of many RCCL cruises that shows do not start on time!! I complained and a message left on my room answering machine told me that it was to let late guest get seated. Why penalize 95% of people who come on time for people 5% who will always be late because RCCL waits for them. RCCL is just rewarding their inefficiency. Start on time!! The presentation "the Great Egyptian Dream" speaker was more than 20 minutes late. No excuse!! And when he came the presentation was pathetic. He started off with a film and the film had English subtitle on top of English subtitle with a completely different script. Myself and probably more than half of audience got up and left. Taking passenger passports is understandable but they should be available to guest in any country they get off the ship at. There are many situations outside of what RCCL representatives can intervene in that having your passports is in the guests best interests. I am extremely fearful of having an incident that is not my fault and beyond my control where the ship would leave port with my passport on board. And I do not believe that RCCL will always leave the individuals passport with an on shore representative for passengers that do not board and the ship sails. The best solution is to let passengers that want their passport while in a foreign port the opportunity to retrieve it and turn it back in upon returning to ship. When we arrived in Dubai and passports were handed out in the theater it was absolutely crazy. Passports were laying and sorted on the stage floor and people were crowding around and passports could easily have been taken by the wrong person or stolen. Absolutely no control of the situation and passengers. The Enrichment Lectures reference court cases presented were poorly presented. The speaker basically read from his notes and used other people's power point slides. Most people feel he must be getting a free cruise for his time and substance does not count. As Crown and Anchor member I never received any (zero) invitations to any Crown and Anchor events. I went to Guest Services and asked about if there had been any Crown and Anchor events. I talked to Linda Zwang who called someone and then told me to go see the “girl” in Next Cruises who organized the events. I went to Next Cruises, stood in line, and waited until Diana was available. I walked over to Diana and before I could finish a sentence she told me in effect that she had work to do and was to busy to help me and I'd have to see one of the others. I told her that I was told to see her but she basically picked up her stuff and left. Diana was very rude in doing this. I talked to the Guest Services Manager, Keith Murphy, the next morning and he apologized for the staff member. That evening there was a bottle of wine in my room with an apology from him. The jester is admirable, but I don't drink alcohol. And an apology from the staff member would have went a lot further and I still have NOT received any data on if the Crown and Anchor people met or were going to meet before I got off the ship or why I have never received any invitations. One Guest Services representative told me that she was going to give me 10% off for my trouble on a future cruise, but I never received any thing in my room or email. Luminita Nica (head waiter), Radu Vlad Moroeanu (restaurant) and Hilda Ramos (restaurant) in American Icon restaurant do an outstanding job of customer satisfaction. Ms. Nica, a professional, was always pleasant, smiles, and makes sure everyone feels special. Rose Cells (restaurant) in The Grande is a professional in every aspect. Imade Ariyana (stateroom attendant) was very thorough and efficient. There was a lot of construction in renovating the ship to meet future Chinese requirements and some sort of promotional (as I was told) filming by a Chinese crew. Seems like the construction and filming were always around what was supposed to be a non-evasive cruise. The Royal IQ app should have the daily schedule posted and allow items from the schedule to be posted on an individual's calendar. The Dubai tour, Wonders of Dubai, left 25 minutes late waiting on people that never came. This put the whole schedule behind and we had less time at the first stop. I have several future RCCL cruises scheduled and will use RCCL again, but will not cruise on the Quantum of the Seas again. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
We are from Germany and this was our 17th cruise, most on Royal Caribbean ships a few on Celebrity. So we are Diamond Club members. We travelled together with some friends (they are Diamond Plus) We had balcony cabins on deck 7 ... Read More
We are from Germany and this was our 17th cruise, most on Royal Caribbean ships a few on Celebrity. So we are Diamond Club members. We travelled together with some friends (they are Diamond Plus) We had balcony cabins on deck 7 Midship. Our intension was to visit New York and explore the new “Smartship” on a relaxing Transatlantic Cruise. Embarkation was easy! Probably the fastest process ever. It took about 10-15 Minutes from the terminal to the Pool-Deck. But we were early. The Terminal was empty. And I don´t know what happens if there are hundreds of people arriving at a time. Because the procedure itself seemed more or less the same as before. Only difference: Now the handle it with a tablet, before they have counters. To be honest, it´s more cost saving than improving something… The Quantum is a beautiful ship. The style is extremely modern, a bit like Celebrities Solstice Class. But as always, style pays the bill against functionality! For example, they don´t have a promenade deck to stroll around the ship or to use a lounge chair. Only very small areas on the deck ….. And also there are no upper levels for sunbathing and to escape the crowd like on the Radiance-, Vovager- or Freedom Class Ships. Food: The food was really good in all complementary restaurants. Not as on Celebrity ships but very good. Depending on your personal preferences you can pick the style of the restaurant and the food. Service was in most cases fast and attentive. One night we tried Jamies Italien because we saw all the positive reviews. This was a huge disappointment! We had antipasti and bread to share (4 people) Nothing special. No oil, no balsamic vinegar average quality overall. The main course was better every night in the complementary restaurants and the dessert was ok. But definately not worth to pay extra! Cabin: Awesome stateroom. Spacious and very modern. We never had so much space in the wardrobe. Good for 4 suitcases. Nice balcony with good lounge chairs. The shower was even better than Aqua Class on Celebrity. The TV program was a joke! Every day the same main channels, no Movies to select without charge. Great to be on a smart ship! Service: It was the repositioning cruise from USA to China. So lot´s of the staff was from China. But they did a quite good job. Nothing to complain. The service in the restaurants (except Jamies) was as usually good, they had waiters and assistant waiters every night and also for lunch in American icon. Our room attendant did a ok job, not extraordinary but good. Entertainment: Here we have a kind of a black and white… Mama Mia was amazing, just like the Broadway show. Starwater in the 270 (which is a stunning location) was boring and even the technical features were not spectacular! We went to Sonic Odyssey only for 10 Minutes, again, average. Nothing compared to the shows on the Oasis! The other things like Bumper Cars, Northstar, and IFly are quite cool, but is it really a must have feature I am looking forward for every cruise??? I think it is a nice to have, not more! Internet was slow as on every ship! They explained me, that the satellites are not ready yet for the “Transatlantic- or European Market”. Well, in that case I wouldn´t promote this! And charge 30,-! Dollar per day. Especially when the regular prices in the Caribbean is only 15,-! This was a rip off! Customer Service: Well, we were from Germany (together with 300 other people). And there were also a lot of other Europeans. But they did nothing to make the “daily business” easier for them. NO German menus, NO German announcements, a ridiculous bad translated cruise compass. The Guest service manager told us that there is no need, when the ratio is below 10%. Hard to understand, this was the first time. And again, this is a “Smart-Ship”... To draw up a summary, not our No. 1 ship. Nice to see once, maybe twice, but we prefer the “traditional-cruising”. In fact, we would prefer the Oasis-Class always compared to the Quantum. And of course all the other ships in the fleet. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
Quantum of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.5
Dining 3.5 3.2
Entertainment 4.0 3.9
Public Rooms 5.0 4.3
Fitness Recreation 4.0 4.0
Family 4.0 4.0
Enrichment 3.0 3.2
Service 5.0 3.6
Value For Money 4.0 3.1
Rates 3.0 N/A

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