Sarande Cruise Port

Port of Sarande: An Overview

Located just across the sea from Corfu, one might mistakenly believe they are in Greece upon approaching Sarande -- a charming coastal town in Albania. The town has a distinctly Mediterranean feel that mirrors its nearby neighbors. There are an abundance of picturesque beaches to choose from, as well as a string of quaint villages that are home to historic sights and landmarks, restaurants, shops and more.

--By Shayne Thompson, Cruise Critic contributor

  • Sarande: Westerdam
    This was pretty much a waste. None of the tours looked appealing, so we went into town and walked around. Not much to see. ... Read more
  • Sarande: Oceana
    Bernie The Bosun
    The tour to Butraint national park is a must if you like Greek, Roman, Venetian and Byzantine sites. all with paths shaded by olive trees between the 15 different features. We took the shorter Lower park tour that missed out the climb to the Temple. ... Read more
  • Sarande: Oceana
    A 'developing' tourist- destination. The architecture is predominantly 'soviet-era'. To be frank, there is not a lot to do - but it is cheap! ... Read more
  • Sarande: MSC Poesia
    Shopping and food/drink very cheap and easy to take a swim from town beaches but nothing else to commend it. ... Read more
  • Sarande: Westerdam
    Rose Noakes
    We regret not taking an excursion. We just got off the ship and wandered around the beach for a while. ... Read more