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Cesky Krumlov (Photo:MikeNG/Shutterstock)
Cesky Krumlov (Photo:MikeNG/Shutterstock)
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Port of Cesky Krumlov

A Danube River cruise itinerary is full of medieval cities, castles and gardens. So what makes Cesky Krumlov, a town in the Czech Republic, so special? Its scope and degree of preservation. With a historic center that was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cesky Krumlov has been fortunate to avoid bombings, fires and other hazards that decimated similar cities in Bohemia over the years. Thus a walk through the town, bisected by the Vltava River, provides plenty of twisty church spires and tiny alleys, plus an atmospheric 13th-century castle with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements.

Cesky Krumlov is usually offered as a full day included or optional excursion on Danube River cruises. While getting there involves 90 minutes on a coach, the architecture and sheer cuteness of the town -- you won't want to miss the surprisingly sophisticated theater inside the castle -- makes it well worth the trip.

Shore Excursions

About Cesky Krumlov


Visitors can climb the Cesky Krumlov Castle's bell tower for sprawling views of the town


Pickpocketing is a concern to tourists in busier areas of town

Bottom Line

This storybook town boasts a castle with gardens, riverside bars and cafes, and timeless charm

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Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The official unit of currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (Kc, CZK), which is divided into 100 hellers. Most shops and restaurants take euros, however. ATMs are available throughout the city.


Czech, but most people in the tourist trade speak English.