Invercargill Cruise Port

Port of Invercargill: An Overview

If you are cruising to the lower extremities of New Zealand or beyond, the Heritage city of Invercargill is the last vestige of civilization you are likely to see. The rural city of 50,000-odd inhabitants can lay claim to the world's southernmost Starbucks. In fact, at 46'25"S latitude, it is the southernmost city in the Commonwealth of Nations and one of the world's southernmost cities.

The port facility is remote (32 kilometres) from downtown at a place called Bluff, a village in itself with less than 2000 residents. There is a cute maritime museum with all sorts of artifacts, but most visitors will use the port for departing on Antarctic voyages or by ferry to Stewart Island, 61 kilometres further south again across Foveaux Strait.

Don't Miss

Invercargill is a pleasant place to stroll around the streets, although it is often quite chilly, even in summer when the highest temperatures barely nudge 20 degrees.

After you've had your Starbucks latte and taken a selfie, stroll up to the Southland Museum and Art Gallery in Gala Street to see the region's history and art on display. Pride of place is taken by the permanent Burt Munro exhibition, where the rag-tag custom motorcycles built by the famous backyard speedster are on display. Movie buffs will recall the 2005 film, 'The World's Fastest Indian', in which Sir Anthony Hopkins played Munro.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

Currency in Invercargill is the New Zealand dollar. For up-to-date currency exchange rates, visit


English is the first language spoken by the vast majority of people in Invercargill. (The next most common, used by only a small percentage of locals, is te reo Maori.)

--By Rod Eime, Cruise Critic contributor

--Photo: Tom@Where/Flickr