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Franz Josef Land, Located in the Arctic Ocean, Russia, With a Red Helicopter in View Around Clouds and Glaciers, Wild Cliffs and Snowfields (Photo: Maksimilian/Shutterstock)
Franz Josef Land, Located in the Arctic Ocean, Russia (Photo: Maksimilian/Shutterstock)

Caroline Costello
Cruise Critic Contributor

Port of Franz Josef Land

A far-flung Russian archipelago, Franz Josef Land is home to wild Arctic landscapes, beautiful glaciers and even some historical sites. Franz Josef Land cruises offer adventurous travelers the chance to spot Arctic wildlife in a remote and uninhabited part of the world. Many North Pole expeditions stop in Franz Josef Land.

Pick your adventure: Paddle a sea kayak around icebergs or photograph polar bears and walruses in the wild. Other indigenous wildlife includes Arctic foxes, countless species of seabirds and a variety of whales.

Shore Excursions

About Franz Josef Land


The Russian High Arctic is one of the most remote parts of the world.


Be prepared for lots of ice and challenging weather conditions.

Bottom Line

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in Franz Joseph Land.

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