King George Falls in Wyndham, Australia (Photo: paulmichaelNZ/Shutterstock)
King George Falls in Wyndham, Australia (Photo: paulmichaelNZ/Shutterstock)

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Cruise Critic Contributor

Port of Wyndham

Wyndham is a tiny town in the Kimberley region of Australia, located on its western coast at the end of the Great Northern Highway. Wyndham is the epitome of an "outback town" and an excellent shore excursion option for active cruisers hoping to get a taste of the authentic outback lifestyle.

There's a small history museum in town, but most visitors will want to see and experience Wyndham's many natural attractions like Parry Creek Road, which offers stunning views, King George Falls and gorges like The Grotto where visitors can take a dip in a pristine swimming hole. Those who want a glimpse of Australia's legendary crocodiles should visit Parry Lagoons Nature Reserve, but for the more cautious traveler, a stop for a photo of "Big Croc," the giant crocodile statue that marks the entrance to Wyndham, should suffice.

Shore Excursions

About Wyndham


A visit to Wyndham gives cruisers the chance to see the authentic Australian outback firsthand.


Less active travelers may be somewhat limited, however there are some handicap and wheelchair accessible attractions.

Bottom Line

Outdoorsy cruisers and those curious about true outback culture will marvel at the tiny town of Wyndham.

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