Tan Chau (Photo:Indochina studio/Sutterstock)
Tan Chau (Photo:Indochina studio/Sutterstock)
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Port of Tan Chau

On most Mekong River cruises, Tan Chau will be either the first or last stop in Vietnam as it is located close the Vietnam/Cambodia border. It's a bustling town with a variety of unique attractions within close proximity. Located in a region once known best for its silk production, most river cruise excursions will stop at a silk factory, as well as a rattan factory where straw mats, slippers and more are made. (A handful of tours will visit a shop where rattan weaving is still done by hand in the traditional way, rather than on mechanized machines.)

Like all Vietnam "ports" along the Mekong, your riverboat will anchor in the middle of the Mekong River and you'll take sampans to get from the boat to your destination(s). All tours will be provided by your river cruise line; there is no opportunity for independent exploration.

Shore Excursions

About Tan Chau


Several nearby attractions offer a glimpse into everyday lives of local residents


Not much to see in the city itself

Bottom Line

A worthwhile stop if you want a real feel for how people along the Mekong River live

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Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The official currency in Vietnam is the dong. You'll want to have dong in hand by the time you get to Tan Chau as you will not have the chance to stop at an ATM. Any place your tour guide takes you to purchase local items (woven straw goods and silk items are specialties of the region) will also accept U.S. dollars.


The official language in Vietnam is Vietnamese and few people around Tan Chau speak more than a handful of English words.

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