Eastport Cruise Port

Port of Eastport: An Overview

The tiny town of Eastport, Maine – it's just four square miles – comprises several islands, the largest of which is Moose Island. Its primary claim to fame is that it's the easternmost city in the United States and residents claim they are the first in the United States to see the rising sun every morning. Eastport also has some of the largest tides in the world; located near Canada's Bay of Fundy, tides in the area reach a peak of almost 28 feet. Such tidal fluctuations give rise to the "Old Sow," the northern hemisphere's largest whirlpool. Invisible most of the time, the whirlpool kicks into high gear during the two hour period directly between low and high tide (or vice versa).

U.S. history buffs will appreciate Eastport's historic importance during the War of 1812, as England and the United States fought for coastal land along the North Atlantic. British troops occupied the town for four years before it was finally given back (permanently) to the United States. The small Barracks Museum, where officers were housed during the War of 1812, tells the story of these years.

Don't Miss

Raye's Mustard Mill & Museum: Started in 1900 with one mustard flavor used for canning sardines, Raye's is the only mustard mill in the United States to cold grind mustard by stone. (That means you never have to refrigerate the mustard, even after it has been opened.) Today Raye's makes more than 20 varieties of flavored mustards. Visitors to the museum can see the grinding in action and taste a number of different mustards. If your cruise doesn't offer a tour to Raye's, you'll find Raye's employees down by the dock offering free rides up to the mill. (Or you can walk there in about 20 minutes.)

Campobello Island: The true main attraction in the Eastport area is a couple of hours out of town (so make sure you have enough time in port). Campobello Island, home to Franklin D. Roosevelt's 34-room cottage and the only international park in the world (it's jointly run and operated by Canada and the United States), lies just across a one-mile wide strait. However, there's no direct route from Moose Island. Getting there requires a 45-minute drive to Lubec, Maine and then across the FDR Memorial Bridge to Campobello. Because Campobello Island is in New Brunswick, Canada, you'll have to go through Canadian immigration before getting onto the island. There are no taxis in town, so your only option is to rent a car. A ferry between Eastport and Deer Island and then from Deer Island to Campobello may resume in the summer of 2016, but that is yet undetermined.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The American dollar is the official currency in Eastport.


English is the official language.