Saba Cruise Port

Port of Saba: An Overview

As you approach Saba, the island appears as a pointy, triangular mountain rising straight from the sea. You wonder how pirates ever managed to land their ships here, until you sail around to the airport side of the island, where the slope is gentler and harbors can be found. You may wonder how your ship is going to manage to anchor off this remote, unprotected coastline -- and oftentimes, bad weather prevents a port call from taking place. Once on land, driving the one main road that cuts from one side of the island to the other, you may wonder how people actually live on such steep slopes and in such an isolated area.

Saba, formally part of the Netherlands Antilles, is now a special municipality of the Netherlands (and, as such, boasts the highest point in the Dutch kingdom, the aptly named Mount Scenery). Possibly the biggest reason some smaller, luxury lines call here is for bragging rights and a definite lack of crowds. But the island has attractions in its own right, and is worth a visit -- if you can manage to get to shore.

Don't Miss

Diving: For the lucky few cruisers who do visit Saba, there are essentially three main activities. The first is diving the Saba Marine Park off the island's coastline. Within a half-mile from shore, sea depths can be 1,000 feet or more, and you can see underwater lava flows, reefs with tropical fish and coral, and possibly a shark.

Hiking: The second main attraction is hiking in the rainforest and getting amazing views of the island and even nearby islands like St. Eustatius, Nevis and St. Kitts. Look for exotic fruit trees, seabirds, lizards and some friendly goats.

Shopping: For everyone else, coach tours will take you around the island past the well-regarded medical school to the tiny airport, with a stop, likely in Windwardside, to purchase some of Saba's famed lace or the island's rum liquor called Saba Spice.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

Currency on Saba is the U.S. dollar. For up-to-date currency exchange rates, visit There is a bank in Windwardside.


Dutch may be the official language, but everyone speaks English.

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