Trapani (Photo:leonori/Shutterstock)
Trapani (Photo:leonori/Shutterstock)
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Port of Trapani

Located on the western coast of Sicily, Trapani is a walkable fishing village that features a handful of shops, restaurants and panoramic sea views. Ships dock right next to a fishing wharf, and you can watch fishermen leave in the morning or return with their hauls in evening.

Most excursions from Trapani visit Erice, which can be reached by cable car when wind and weather cooperate, or by bus or car. From the top of Mount Erice -- 2,460 feet above sea level -- you can see as far as Africa on a clear day. Erice's cobblestone streets wind through gardens, shops and homes.

The region is heavily influenced by the Phoenicians and Normans, and medieval forts and walls still stand.

Only a handful of cruise ships -- mostly smaller vessels -- visit Trapani, so the port city has fewer tourism options than bigger cities like Taormina.

Shore Excursions

About Trapani


Walkable town that serves as gateway to Erice


Little to do in Trapani itself 

Bottom Line

A fascinating look at history in a relatively quiet port

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Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The euro is the currency in Trapani. For up-to-date currency exchange rates, visit Several ATMs and banks are dotted around the wider terminal area.


Italian -- with a Sicilian dialect -- is spoken in Trapani. A limited number of people -- usually those working in the tourist trade -- speak English.