Melk Cruise Port

Port of Melk: An Overview

Melk, a quiet city, is located on the Danube River, just off the scenic Wachau Valley in Austria. Like many of the ports in this region, Melk's history as a city harkens back centuries, and this is apparent in the town's architecture.

Don't Miss

The indisputable main attraction is Melk Abbey, a breathtaking monastery perched above the city on a hilltop. Your cruise line should offer an excursion there that includes a sweeping tour of the building and its grounds and a spectacular view of the city. Inspiration for Umberto Eco's well-known mystery novel, "The Name of the Rose," was taken from the abbey and its unforgettable library.

Getting Around

Don't be afraid to wander around on your own in Melk; it's a relatively small port, so it's difficult to get lost. One main path leads you into town from your ship, and a small town center with shops and a few eateries serves as the backdrop for your stroll.

Good to Know

Be aware: Due to age, flooding and construction, Melk's cobblestone streets have taken a beating and may be dangerously uneven in patches.