Regensburg Cruise Port

Port of Regensburg: An Overview

The largest medieval city in Germany and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2006, Regensburg was founded in 179 A.D. by the Romans. It eventually became the second-richest city in the Holy Roman Empire, prized for its trade of "White Gold," otherwise known as salt. It was even once the capital of Germany until it was moved to Munich.

Fortunately, most of the city was spared destruction during World War II. With Romanesque and Gothic structures, courtyards, squares and a stone bridge, the city of roughly 150,000 residents makes you feel as if you're stepping straight into a storybook setting.

Don't Miss

Your ship will dock right at the city's edge, just minutes from the Stone Bridge, which was completed in 1146 and is arguably one of Regensburg's most famous attractions. Another important site is St. Peter, a Gothic cathedral built between 1274 and 1520. If you're a BMW fan, you might also know Regensburg as home to the production facility for several of its models. Ask if your ship offers excursions to BMW's factory.

Most of your time, though, could easily be spent wandering the narrow lanes that are lined by merchants' and craftsmen's houses. There, you'll find spices, pralines, handicrafts and jewelry. You should also visit one of the many beer gardens in the city, many of which feature hidden patios in the back. Enjoy a cold brew, perhaps accompanied by a Regensburg sausage.

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