Bratislava Cruise Port

Port of Bratislava: An Overview

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is an up-and-coming cruise port along the Danube River. It borders both Austria and Hungary, and it's located just miles from the capital cities of Vienna, Austria, and Prague, Czech Republic.

Port Facilities

Most medieval buildings and walkable tours are located in the Old Town, but Bratislava is also undergoing a more modern architectural boom in the 21st century. This has resulted in more recent landmarks, such as the UFO Bridge, known as the Most SNP, a restaurant resembling a UFO, atop a tower, atop the world's longest cable-stayed bridge.

For a more classic touch, don't pass up a chance to sip a cup of authentic hot chocolate at Cafe Maximilian, located right on the town square (prime for people-watching). In December, this becomes the place to browse one of the city's main Christmas markets. With typically just a few hours in port, you might only have time for a walking tour. As you wind down streets and alleys of Old Town, you will be sure to pass (perhaps unknowingly) under Michael's Gate, the only city gate preserved from former medieval fortifications. However, if you're looking for a daytrip, Bratislava is home to two castles -- the Bratislava Castle and the renovated Devin Castle -- located away from the city center.

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  • Bratislava: AmaCerto
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    Lovely if somewhat the worse for wear in political changes through the centuries! Worth seeing! Unusual and wonderful equestrian statue at the castle! ... Read more
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