West Point, Falkland Island Showcasing Hills with Flowers and a Teal Building (Photo: JeremyRichards/Shutterstock)
West Point, Falkland Island (Photo: JeremyRichards/Shutterstock)

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
Cruise Critic Contributor

Port of West Point

West Point is a small island in the Falkland Island chain off the coast of South America, and it's considered one of the most scenic destinations in the region. West Point is actually privately owned and operated primarily as a sheep farm and vacation destination.

West Point was formerly known as Albatross Island as the black-browed albatross along with many other types of birds are native to the island, making it a wonderful place for both amateur and professional ornithologists to explore. Devil's Point -- a high spot on the island's sandstone cliffs -- is a particularly popular spot for bird watching.

The island is also home to quite a variety of marine life, including whales, sea lions, dolphins and penguins, which can be spotted on any number of boat and land tours.

Shore Excursions

About West Point


With its untouched coastline and abundance of wildlife, West Point is a nature lover’s paradise.


Beyond taking in the flora and fauna, there isn’t much to do in West Point.

Bottom Line

A port stop in West Point is all about the animals and breathtaking scenery.

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