Korcula Cruise Port

Port of Korcula: An Overview

An island near the southern tip of Croatia, the country to which it belongs, Korcula is steeped in shipbuilding and maritime history. Through the centuries, Korcula has been controlled by Greeks and Romans, and rival fleets from Venice and Genoa also fought to occupy the land before they both became part of a united Italy.

Don't Miss

Dubrovnik, the nearest major city to Korcula, is easily accessible for a day in port. Should you choose to stick around on the island, however, you won't want to miss Old Town, where you'll find St. Mark's Cathedral among other grand buildings that showcase gothic and renaissance architecture surrounded by stone walls. Art collections, museums and beaches also abound, and you'll get a glimpse into the Korculan culture as local men perform the Moreska, a historical battle dance that features swords and dates back more than 400 years. (Performances are held weekly during the summer's peak tourist times.) For exploration farther afield, take a half-hour walk to St. Anthony's Hill, where you can climb 101 steps to the top to see rows of cypress trees that were planted more than 300 years ago, all within the view of a small 14th-centry church dedicated to St. Anthony.

Food and Drink

For a bite to eat, grab a table at any of several local restaurants that specialize in fresh fish. Don't forget to try some of the local wine, too; Posip (white) and Plavac mali (red) are two of the most well-known varieties.

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