Klaipeda Cruise Port

Port of Klaipeda: An Overview

Klaipeda is one of Lithuania's most historically significant cities and remains one of its most important sea ports -- it's the only Lithuanian port that has the capacity for modern mega-ships. The city has an historic Old Town with a number of culturally significant landmarks and sights as well as a modern downtown area with lots of shops, restaurants and more, making it a well-suited destination for a variety of travelers.

--By Shayne Thompson, Cruise Critic contributor

  • Klaipeda: Seven Seas Explorer
    I did the Soviet Nuclear Weapon Site tour (I'm retired USAF, what else would I do?) Was an amazing tour, and a little freaky, too, knowing that you were in a missile silo that would have launched weapons at Western Europe with the push of a ... Read more
  • Klaipeda: Marina
    Not much in the city. Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, is inland. But we did see the cost and the peninsula. ... Read more
  • Klaipeda: Vision of the Seas
    Random Acts
    We met with relatives here, so did not take an excursion. Klaipeda is kind of grimy and run-down compared to glitzier other ports, but is a decent size to walk around in, has all the same mix of old and new sights and good people. it's worth a ... Read more
  • Klaipeda: Serenade of the Seas
    Gem Lover
    We visited a museum that gave the sad history of the people of Lithuania during the war. We were serenaded by a local church group. We visited a beautiful homestead. We had a tour of the property and wonderful refreshments baked by the owner. ... Read more
  • Klaipeda: Wind Surf
    We took the ship's arranged tour called Legends of the Hill of Witches -- we had the most marvelous storyteller for a guide, and we loved every minute. Such an interesting history, and we were fascinated by his description of their lack of identity ... Read more
  • Klaipeda: Nautica
    We took the Oceania excursion "Fairy Tales &Legends". The tour was fine, the tour guide very good, but the sights were mediocre. ... Read more