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Gravdal, Norway (Photo: Andrejs Marcenko/Shutterstock)
Gravdal, Norway (Photo: Andrejs Marcenko/Shutterstock)
4.0 / 5.0
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Port of Gravdal (Lofoten Islands)

Gravdal is located on one of Norway's scenic Lofoten Islands, and its gorgeous landscape offers visitors astounding vistas seemingly everywhere. In addition to mist-covered mountains and hilly shoreline, fish drying on timber racks are not an uncommon sight. At Gravdal Beach and various other points throughout the village, including the lighthouse and the Viking memorial, visitors can spend a few hours strolling and simply enjoying the surroundings.

--By Shayne Thompson, Cruise Critic contributor

Shore Excursions

About Gravdal (Lofoten Islands)


Gravdal is relatively small and has just a single highway, making it easy to explore independently


It can be very windy and occasional chilly in Gravdal, even during the summer months

Bottom Line

Gravdal is a lovely destination with a striking landscape, ideal for a day's visit

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