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St. George's (Photo:Peter Rooney/Shutterstock)
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Port of St. George's

A storybook town that was once Bermuda's capital, St. George's is also famous as the second English settlement in the New World, after Jamestown. A World Heritage Site, it's a maze of quaint narrow streets with names like Featherbed Alley and Old Maid's Lane (two worth a look are Shinbone Alley and Silk Alley).

About St. George's


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. George has lots to offer when it comes to history and heavenly scenery


Want to head out of town? Taxis are expensive, and taking the local buses can be time consuming.

Bottom Line

A quaint village, St. George's is perfect for scenic strolls and visits to historical landmarks

Find a Cruise to Bermuda

St. George's also played a role in the American Revolution. Bermuda depended on the American Colonies for food, and when the war began, supplies grew dangerously low. Without the approval of the British Bermudian governor, George Washington and Henry Tucker struck a deal: gunpowder for food under the cover of night in Tobacco Bay. King's Square is the best spot for unfolding a map and heading for the sights along the tiny streets and lanes (the Visitors Service Bureau is there, ready to hand over self-guided walking tour brochures and maps). Beckoning beaches include Tobacco Bay, which also happens to be a snorkeling paradise, and Achilles Bay.

Where You're Docked

You'll tie up in Ordinance Island (merely steps from King's Square).

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

Legal tender is the Bermuda dollar, which is divided into 100 cents. BD$1 = US$1. U.S. currency is normally accepted in shops, restaurants and hotels, but currency from Britain, Canada and other foreign countries is not. Exchanging money is easy, whether it's at an ATM or a bank. The Bank of Bermuda and Bank of Butterfield are in St. George's, open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Both have ATMs. For more currency exchange information, visit www.oanda.com.

Note: Bank of Bermuda's ATMs can only take four digit-PINs.


English is understood and spoken everywhere.


Under the heading of "best deals" are U.K. imports, such as nice cashmere sweaters and Harris tweeds. You're shopping duty-free, so that means prices are at least 20 percent less than the U.S. You might get closer to a 40 percent range at some places, but prices aren't as good as they once were. You could also buy ginger beer (we think it's an acquired taste) and Gosling's rum to make a Dark 'n' Stormy back home. And don't forget the Bermuda shorts!

Best Cocktail

A rum swizzle (rum, apricot brandy, brandy, honey, lemon and lime) at the Swizzle Inn, considered the inventor of the drink. When you're done, stop in their gift shop and buy a swizzle rum cocktail shaker for concocting them back home.