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Rudesheim (Photo:Ekaterina Pokrovsky/Shutterstock)
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By Jamey Bergman
Cruise Critic Contributor

Port of Rudesheim

Rudesheim (pronounced roo-des-hyme) is a town built for tourism. Its omnipresent oompah bands and sprawling hillside vineyards tickle all the right notes of "quaintness" for the river cruise traveler who's looking for a picturesque German village. But the town and its environs -- particularly through the craftsmanship evident in the region's food and wine -- offer more than just a simple stereotype for those who want to peer behind the old-fashioned facade.

About Rudesheim


This storybook German village offers traditional touring options, while being easy-to-navigate for independent explorers


While the town is walkable, the streets are cobbled, so if you don't walk carefully you might risk injury

Bottom Line

Rudesheim offers a taste of classic German culture, scenic views and plenty of opportunities to indulge

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It is easy (and worthwhile) to allow yourself to be swept along in the festive currents of music, tempting aromas of grilled meat, free-flowing Rheingau wines and crowds of travelers who seem to find their way to the town's narrow Drosselgasse ("choke alley") year-round. The nice thing about Rudesheim's size and setting is that you can also make a quick exit from the melee. Within minutes, you can find yourself wandering through row upon row of ripening grapes to an uncrowded vista over the Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- or relaxing in a beer garden (biergarten).

Rudesheim is little, but it has a little bit of everything in an easily accessible package. So, indulge yourself. Take a gondola ride, taste some Rhenish wine and enjoy the summer sunshine on the Rhine Valley. Or meander through a winter evening's Christmas market in the warmly lit confines of ancient cobbled streets ... and if you fancy a nightcap, top off your coffee with local brandy and set it alight.

Where You're Docked

Rudesheim is quite a small town, and river cruise vessels dock very close to the town center.

Good to Know

The cobbled streets can pose a trip hazard, and the size of the town necessitates a healthy amount of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and mind your step. One additional caveat is that many cafes, bars and taverns are smoker-friendly, which can be a shock to the system if you're coming from a region where smoking is not allowed indoors.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

Germany's currency is the euro. For currency conversion figures, visit www.oanda.com or www.xe.com. There are only a handful of ATM's in Rudesheim. The closest, within a few hundred yards of the river cruise mooring points, is the Nassauische Sparkasse (Nassau Savings Bank) at 34 Rheinstrasse. Credit cards are widely accepted in restaurants, bars and shops.


German is the local language, but English is widely understood and spoken there and in much of Germany. A few handy phrases in German will always enamor you to the locals, though, so try these:

Hello / good afternoon: Guten Tag (GOO-ten tahg)
Please / Thank you: Bitte / Danke (BIT-tuh / DAHN-kuh)
Yes / No: Ja / Nein (yah / nine)
Excuse me: Entschuldigen Sie (ent-SHOOL-de-gen zee)
Beer: Bier (beer)


Rudesheim's most common tourist offering is probably Rudesheimer Kaffee, a flaming coffee drink whose signature fire is fueled by Asbach Uralt brandy, a locally crafted spirit. And the town capitalizes on the popularity of the drink, offering boxed sets that include all of the instruments -- special ceramic cups and saucers and extra-long spoons to stir the coffee after it's been lit without burning your fingers -- and ingredients you'll need.

Rudesheim is also a great place to buy Christmas ornaments and decorations -- even if you're not there during the traditional Christmas market season. Try Kathe Wohlfahrt on Oberstrasse. Also on Oberstrasse, a couple of wine shops feature the tasty, local wines of the Rheingau. You'll find Pinot Noir, Riesling and even sparkling wine from local vineyards.