Glacier Bay Cruise Port

Port of Glacier Bay: An Overview

Photos don't do justice for Glacier Bay National Park. One of the most sought-after spots on Alaska's Inside Passage, Glacier Bay comprises ever-changing glaciers (including one of the most photogenic, Margerie Glacier), sheltered fjords, rainforests and an abundance of wildlife.

Many cruise itineraries include Glacier Bay, although the experience varies depending on the cruise line, ship and time spent within the bay, as it is regulated and cruise ships don't actually dock in the National Park. Guides also are required to be present on every ship.

While navigating through the park, keep your camera handy at all times. Glacier Bay is a popular hangout for humpback whales; grizzly, brown and black bears; sea otters; bald eagles; and more -- and there's a good chance you'll spot at least one of them.

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