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Port of Perth (Fremantle)

It's the world's most remote capital city, but Perth -- capital of Western Australia (WA) -- epitomizes the essence of city living in Australia with an outdoorsy easygoing vibe in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Throw in great weather, beautiful beaches, scenic parkland, a buzzing bar and cafe scene, and world class wineries, and you end up with one of the most livable places in the world. Many Australians and overseas visitors go to Perth and never leave; this place, which is all about lifestyle, has become something of a hedonists' playground.

About Perth (Fremantle)


This friendly Western Australian town is home to creative types with lots of pubs, museums and galleries


If you are only there for one day it is not possible to see both Fremantle and Perth

Bottom Line

A pleasant alternative to trekking into Perth’s city center

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The city of Perth is served by the port of Fremantle, which is 12 miles (19 kilometers) to the south. Despite its proximity, "Freo" (as the locals call it), it has a completely different personality. This is where artists, musicians and writers like to hang out; it's even more laid-back than Perth, with a fun and friendly atmosphere set among historic buildings, good museums, interesting art galleries and relaxed pubs and cafes.

On weekends, Perth locals make the short trek south to Fremantle to bar-crawl their way around the small city and mix amicably with the bohemian Freo crowd, something which pretty much sums up life in that part of the world.

If you're only there for a day, it's not really possible to visit both Fremantle and Perth; you'll have to choose one or the other. Fremantle is the easier option because of its proximity to the port and its compact size. However, if you want to experience a slice of "big city" life, and you've been to Freo already, then it's worth heading up to Perth for a look.

Where You're Docked

Ships dock at the Port of Fremantle, which is only a couple hundred yards over a railway line to the compact downtown area and historic district.

Good to Know

If you're tempted to go for a swim at one of the many great beaches in this area, bear in mind there are sharks, and swimmers and surfers have been attacked.

Currency & Best Way to Get Money

The local currency is the Australian dollar, and ATM's are easily found in Fremantle and Perth, most of which will take international cards. At the Port of Fremantle, where ships dock, there's a Commonwealth Bank ATM on the waterside external wall of the E Shed Markets, and a general ATM is located at the B Shed Ferry Terminal.


The English spoken in Perth/Fremantle is much the same as in the rest of Australia. You're more likely to be greeted with a "howsitgoin'" or "howyadoin'" than the stereotypical "g'day mate," which is now something a "bogan," the Aussie equivalent of a redneck, would say. And if you're from the United States, don't be offended if you're referred to as a "seppo"; it's short for "septic tank," which is rhyming slang for Yank. Confused? Don't worry about it; just go with the flow, and you'll have fun.