Calm beaches and relaxing ambiance make The Bahamas a classic cruising favorite. This is where most cruise lines have their private islands, and water sports -- such as snorkeling, sailing and Jet Skiing -- are also popular shore excursions.

What is the best time to cruise to The Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a year-round cruise destination, but the winter months (namely January) are prime time to see the islands with fewer crowds. Hurricane season can affect the summer and early fall months. For more: Best Month to Cruise to the Bahamas.

What cruise lines go to The Bahamas?

A huge variety of cruise lines visit The Bahamas for short weekend cruises or as part of longer, warm-weather itineraries. Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and Bahamas Paradise are just a few of the cruise lines who routinely stop in Nassau or Freeport. Most of cruise lines' private islands are located within The Bahamas.

What are some things to do in The Bahamas?

Beyond sun and sand, The Bahamas is home to incredible snorkel and dive sites, the opportunity to swim among wild pigs and even culinary walking tours. For more ideas: Best Bahamas Shore Excursions.

Do you need a passport to take a cruise to The Bahamas?

You can visit The Bahamas without a passport on a closed-loop sailing (one that begins and ends in the same U.S. port). Examples include sailings that depart and return to New York or Miami.

What should I pack for a cruise to The Bahamas?

In addition to your swimsuit, shorts and tanks, pack sunscreen, a hat and a reusable water bottle to stay cool and hydrated in the Bahamas heat.