On the Pacific Ocean, coastal Asia inspires a spectrum of adjectives: ancient, futuristic, sacred, industrial, peaceful, riotous and breathtaking. A trip through East Asia usually includes port stops in the busy urban centers of China, Japan and South Korea. Southeast Asia cruises, traditionally sailing between Singapore and Hong Kong, provide opportunities for ecotourism and beach time in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

What is the best time to cruise to Asia?

Asia is a vast continent, but most countries have a wet and dry season, rather than winter and summer. Dry season tends to be in the late spring and summer months. There is also a typhoon season to consider (similar to hurricane season) from July through October. Many river itineraries take place in October.

What cruise lines go to Asia?

A wide variety of oceangoing and river cruise lines go to Asia, whether it's a cruise from Singapore on Celebrity, sailing to Dubai on Oceania or cruising the Mekong, Irawaddy or Yangtze Rivers on lines like Emerald Waterways, Pandaw, Uniworld, Tauck and more. Many lines cater to North American (and European and Australian passengers) looking to cruise Asia, but there are also Asian-based ships and companies sailing the region, designed for Asian passengers. For more: Cruise Lines to Asia

What are some things to do in Asia?

Asia is a rich destination offering thoroughly modern cities with world-class shopping and entertainment, along with villages that offer an authentic look at local culture. Journey to the Great Wall of China or explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Take in the lesser-known treasures and temples of Myanmar (Burma) and Taiwan. Don't miss out on the street food. For more: Best Southeast Asia Shore Excursions.

Do you need a passport to take a cruise to Asia?

Yes. Be advised that some countries in Asia require visas. For more on visa requirements: Countries That Require Visas for a Cruise.

What should I pack for a cruise to Asia?

Certain regions of Asia advise vaccinations and malaria precautions; a travel clinic will have the best advice on what you might need prior to visiting (and while you're there). Otherwise pack lightweight fabrics that might protect you from bites. Be advised that temples throughout Asia (Thailand and Bali, for example) have dress codes that might require covering knees and shoulders -- a simple sarong serves well for either.