3 Port Canaveral (Orlando) Holiday Cruise Reviews

Good - Coco Cay was wonderful. Enjoyed swimming in the beautiful water. The Ship Director and Wife were very good. Our waitress was outstanding. Bad - Sewage smell in our bathroom and hallway. They tried to cover it up by spraying ... Read More
Good - Coco Cay was wonderful. Enjoyed swimming in the beautiful water. The Ship Director and Wife were very good. Our waitress was outstanding. Bad - Sewage smell in our bathroom and hallway. They tried to cover it up by spraying something, which helped a bit. The food was hit and miss, especially the breakfast being not so good. Powdered scrambled eggs. Lasagne at dinner was terrible. The Christmas Brunch was a disaster. Lines went on and on to try to get into the 9 am start. Prices varied for the same drink at different bars. My husbands's prescription sun glasses were stolen from a table we sat at in the bar. Went back to retrieve them and they were gone. Checked with guest services many times -- not there. The Ugly - Our brand new piece of Jeep hard side luggage had a huge dent and crack. We had to wait for almost an hour before they brought it to us. Apparently, they didn't want people to see it on the conveyer belt! The REALLY UGLY -Bed Bugs in Cabin 4060. I took photos of my leg and the bed sheet. Upon reporting this, today, I was told that I have to go through a long legal process for any compansation. Also was told by RCCL that the shorter cruises have more problems. Really? That's nice to know. I'm writing this to let people know of the problems they can encounter on this cruise   Read Less
Sail Date December 2013
If you have the choice, do not go on the Carnival Dream. We just got home from a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise (Dec 12 - Dec 19) and the experience was terrible. Nobody likes long story-like reviews so I will summarize all the knocks ... Read More
If you have the choice, do not go on the Carnival Dream. We just got home from a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise (Dec 12 - Dec 19) and the experience was terrible. Nobody likes long story-like reviews so I will summarize all the knocks against this ship as briefly as I can: - The ship cannot handle the number of guests. Everywhere we went felt like Macy's the day before Christmas. We were ~400 guests below capacity and yet the over-crowding was terrible. - Long lines for everything! If you wanted to see a comedy show you better had lined up 30 minutes before to get in the room. Also, It was impossible to get food without waiting in a 20 minute line. That is completely unacceptable. - Woefully understaffed. ONE cook making omelets on a ship of this size is ridiculous. Our waiter each night looked like he was going to have a heart attack trying to serve all the tables he was assigned. No matter the time, food stations were either closed down or had lines stretching for as far as the eyes could see. - Room service often never arrived. Other times they quoted wait times of over 1 hour. We were often conflicted whether to go to the Lido deck and wait in a 30 minute line for the buffet or sit in our room for an hour for room service that may never arrive - Our hallway smelled like a toilet. How is this possible on a new ship? - When approaching ports our room vibrated like we were in a San Francisco earthquake. This always occurred very early in the morning so we were never able to get a good night's sleep. - We had multiple billing issues. Someone else's drink order somehow appeared on our card one day. Then in two other instances the bartender rung us up for high-priced cocktails when we had ordered much less-expensive beers. I'm willing to let an error or two slide, but three over-billing errors on one trip is unacceptable. I chalk these human errors up to a symptom of an understaffed ship. - Want a glass of water on this ship? Good luck finding one. - Never did an employee offer us water, coffee, etc. while dining on the Lido deck. - Want a sure fire way to find ship staff? Look no further than the gym and the Caliente night club. The gym was constantly packed with employees (ogling my fiancE no less) and the nightclub always had a good contingent of employees getting drunk in the evenings. I have no problem with employees enjoying the ship's facilities, but the optics of this are terrible on a ship that suffered so much due to under-staffing. Was anyone actually in charge of this ship? While this was by far the worst cruise I have taken, I will nonetheless try to end my review on good notes: - All three billing errors were rectified within 24 hours. - Our waiter and assistant were extremely nice. We felt pity for them since they worked so hard at a job that desperately needed additional manpower. - Our room attendant (Mohamed - 2nd floor deck) was awesome. He always had a smile on his face, greeted us by first names, knew our schedule after only one day, and cleaned our room flawlessly. In summary, we will never cruise with Carnival again. Two very disappointed thumbs down. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
"Dissatisfaction". 1. Upon arriving on the ship the Dream there was a STRONG smell of "sewer". We thought maybe this was coming from something in the Port... but the whole week, the smell never went away. Apparently ... Read More
"Dissatisfaction". 1. Upon arriving on the ship the Dream there was a STRONG smell of "sewer". We thought maybe this was coming from something in the Port... but the whole week, the smell never went away. Apparently Carnival is aware of this issue as we were explained by a crew member that it was a design flaw that they were working on, but had not fixed it yet and were told by the crew member to keep our fingers crossed and hope for "Good winds" to help with the smell. 2. The thermostat in our room was malfunctioning and was always hot. We asked to have someone from maintenance look at this twice, but no one ever came. 3. The spiral staircase in the main lobby is so unsafe that I feel down the second night of the cruise. I was not seriously hurt, a very large bruise and some scrapes but did not use those stairs for the rest of the trip. They were the size of 2 by 4's (no I am not kidding) and very hard to walk on. I was not the only person that fell down these stairs this cruise. 4. The staff... WOW! They were SO rude and condescending in every way and department except for the front desk and camp Carnival. We saw and heard staff arguing with each other in front of guests. WITH guests... about guests in front of guests. It was embarrassing! One night at dinner the rest of my family got their dinner 35 minutes before I did because I ordered my steak rare. The waiter said it should only be a few moments so I agreed to have my family start eating... But 35 minutes was horrible. When the waiter finally came back after being missing the whole time I told him I had changed my mind and would just go to the buffet. On Christmas morning we went to brunch in the restaurant and we were seated very quickly which was great. Our waiter came over and handed us our menus and asked what we would like to order? Confused, I said you just handed me the menu, we have no idea what is even available and he state that we either order now...or wait 10 minutes for him to come back because he had 5 other tables to assist! Again this was not said in a nice way, he was actually mad at us about not knowing the contents of the menu. We said we would wait, but as soon as he left our table we asked to be moved to another area and waiter because of this. Funny enough it must have been a bad morning for most of the waiters this morning because as we were leaving we had to walk thru a fight between the hostess and 2 waitresses about a family that originally asked to be seated for a table of 6...and then 4 other people in their party arrived and they had asked to be moved to a bigger table or simply move two tables together, not sure why this was such and issue that required and all out fight in the dining room...but I am certain that more than half of the dinning room heard the argument. All in all the staff was simply horrible. 5. The food, except for my night with the 35 minute steak the dinning room food was not bad. But the buffets were borderline to say the least. What they would do everyday is prepare the food and set it out on the buffet line about 45 minutes before the buffet would open and cover the food with cafeteria trays so no one could get to it. By the time they opened the food was almost cold and not appetizing at all. They also advertize a Sushi buffet...be aware it is not. You stand in line for a half hour and wait for 3 small pieces of pre prepared sushi and are sent on your way. 6. Here is the straw that broke the camels back. We upgraded our cabin to a deck 11 Spa cabin because we were told that we would have unlimited use of "You would have unlimited access to the thermal suites which are laconism tepidarium oriental steam baths and aroma steam baths and also unlimited access to the thalasso therapy pool which other guest do not have access to unless they pay. You would receive 2 complimentary fitness classes per person. Also, spa branded bath robes & slippers for use during the cruise. Last, the cloud 9 products in your stateroom is Elemis, Shampoo and Conditioner, 1 hand and 1 body Elemis Soap dish. Elemis shower get and body lotion. (Basically the high end spa products). You receive a Welcome Reception at the Spa too. As soon as you board you receive a welcome letter from the spa with instructions." On Dec 22cnd & 23rd I went to the Spa with my 7 year old daughter to take advantage of the package we had purchased. We were advised that because she was a minor she would not be able to enter the whirlpool because of the temperatures, which I fully understood but she was more than welcome to use the thermal heated chairs, which was what we were going to use anyways. But on the 24th we were blocked at the door by an Indian woman that I forgot to get here name. She was EXTREMELY rude and actually blocked & stood in front of the door in a manner as if she was ready to attack me and my 7 year old daughter if we took a step. She stated my daughter was a minor and NOT allowed in the Spa. I explained to her that was not the case for the past 2 days before when we were welcomed at the Spa. When I asked to speak with a manager she got on the phone and actually "ordered" me to "Have a seat" as if I were a new puppy that was being trained. When a manager finally came out it was the assistant manager and I explained to her that my daughter and I had visited the heated spa chairs the previous two days with Spa personal knowledge and permission and we were confused as to why the third day we were being refused an amenity that came with the room that we paid extra for with Carnival. She explained that the two previous employees must have been new and untrained but because my daughter was a minor they would not allow her in the heated seats. I explained to her that it seemed as though they were changing the rules daily to accommodate the Spa and not the customers. The Assistant manager had no other explanation other than they did have some new employees and those must have been the ones that we had spoken to at the beginning of the cruise. When I asked to speak with the manager "Mia" I was told that she was in a meeting but to go back to my state room and she would call me at 2:30pm to discuss this issue. I went back to my room and waited until almost 4:30pm with NO call from "Mia" I waited 24 hours to give her the benefit of the doubt...but still no call. When I tried to call her at the Spa, I was told she was unavailable...of course. I then took my matter down to the information Guest Services desk and spoke with "Clara" She was very understanding and agreed that I was not treated appropriately. She then tried to reach "Mia" which took about 20 minutes. When she finally spoke with "Mia" she was told the same thing that I was told. "Clara" said that she would bring this up to her manager and see what they could do to accommodate us and also explained that Mia would be able to call me later that day. Mia did finally call me in my stateroom and again in a very condescending manner told me that there was nothing that she could do because even though we paid extra money to have a "SPA" cabin which came with free use of the whirlpool and heated chairs, that we did not actually pay the Spa anything because the Spa was a separate entity from the ship so therefore she did not have to accommodate me in anyway. I brought this issue back to Clara and she asked that I give her some time to work on the issue to see if Carnival could make it up to us. (As a side note while we were speaking there was another guest at the front desk complaining of a similar issue with other Spa employees and he had also expressed that what he was doing was authorized the day before and was also confused as to why he was now being refused services.) Clara left us a voice mail the next day as well as sent us a letter explaining that there was nothing they could do on the ship but instructed us to call Corp. when we got home. This of course made it impossible for me, my husband or my family to use the Spa for the rest of the trip because we were made to feel very uncomfortable @ the Spa at all because of the sheer horror of what was going on. What we actually found out later is that the Spa was only suppose to sell these special wrist bands to an extra 45 people on the boat for $250 a piece to have to amenities that were suppose to be "included" in our cabin package that we already paid for. (we got the wrist bands upon arrival) Now they had sold more than the 45 extra and had to try to limit who could go because of complaints from the people who bought the wrist bands. We did call Corp. when we got home and explained to them all of our concerns, we tried to work with them and come to some sort of mutual accommodation and explained that this was our 3rd cruise with them in less than 2 years and we already had another one booked with them for the July 31st-Aug 7th , 2010 sailing which would be our 4th cruise in 2 years. They had nothing to say other than "We are sorry that you did not enjoy your cruise" They offered no refund of any kind (which we feel we are entitled to after this mess), no on board credits for our upcoming cruise, no upgrades for our upcoming cruise. The attitude was "too bad". We went up to the supervisor and were told the same exact thing. Basically we were told that if we were so unhappy we should have got off at one of the Ports of call and gone home and they would have given us a partial refund. Had we known this was an option I can assure you we would have done just that. Carnival obviously does not care about customer services and I can tell you that they have just lost 4 frequent Carnival cruise customers. This was suppose to be a Happy Christmas for our family... As you can tell...that was NOT the case. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009

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