7 Disney Dream Cruise Reviews for Fitness Cruises to Bahamas from Port Canaveral (Orlando)

This cruise was basically the third change we had to make to our vacation plans thanks to work schedule. We originally booked our cruise with Allure of the Seas, but watching too many videos of that ship I had the impression that the ... Read More
This cruise was basically the third change we had to make to our vacation plans thanks to work schedule. We originally booked our cruise with Allure of the Seas, but watching too many videos of that ship I had the impression that the Oasis-class ships are nothing but mere floating malls in the ocean - no theme, no character. We wanted a cruise that was going to be memorable before I head to a long deployment. After much deliberation, we went back to the Dream as our last cruise with them three years was exactly just that - it was magical. This cruise went out exactly the same way as we had it three years ago. We got our transportation arranged from the airport, and the whole embarkation process was smooth like before. Once on the ship, we had our cabin on the tenth deck, middle, just below the pool deck. I found our location to be very convenient to wherever we needed to go. We had access to two nearby elevators, and the pool deck are just a deck up. We also noted that our balcony is directly below the pool deck, so like an awning, it was well protected from the elements which I found nice. The room itself had shown some age to it. I'm not sure when and if the ship have ever been refurbished, but with my OCD, I quickly found scuff and wear marks on the light switches and fixture parts that have been heavily touched through the years. Expecting a premium product for this price, it was hard for me to see past that glare of the wear. Our embarkation lunch at Cabanas were not too pleasant. It was way too crowded, open tables were hard to find, and I found some of the servers unwelcoming. Once we got our seats, we did find the food less desirable than the last time we were on the ship. We brought these issues to management and were given immediate answers to our concerns. Over the following days, we experienced the same magical moments that we had the first time we cruised with these ship. Public spaces were clean and looked just as ornate as before. For those that haven't cruised on this ship, Disney did not spare on the small details in creating their theme on the ship. Their shows were of Broadway caliber, especially beauty and the beast. Their character meet and greets were always a hit with the kids, if you don't mind waiting up to a half hour. And because this was a holiday themed cruise, they went over the top for showcasing Santa. As well, their pirate show fireworks on the top deck was an extravaganza. Hands down it was the coolest experience I've ever had at Sea. Our day at Castaway Cay was just Divine. I still can't forget how beautiful and perfect the island looked. It didn't feel over crowded and there were ample opportunities to just unwind and take it all in. Buffet services followed us there and it was great. No complaints. Food was something that this ship have to at least revamp. It was almost the same menu we had three years ago, so we were not as excited this time. Also, we were not served lobster on this cruise, not one time, which I found surprising. On the other hand, we were able to enjoy our previous favorites instead. I was about to write off Disney from our future cruise consideration after this trip, but what made us book another future cruise with them is the fact that our daughter had the best time of her life at their Kids club while the peace of mind it gave us allowed us parents to enjoy our own time at Sea. I don't think we even want to risk trying that out with other cruise lines and be disappointed. Another biggest factor that made us decide to book another future cruise with them is their customer service. They truly went above and beyond to ensure that, despite the issues we raised, we had a magical experience on this ship. Our guest manager was exemplary, and nothing short of commendable. When we disembarked, we felt highly satisfied that the cruise fulfilled our expectations. So much that we ended up cancelling our Royal Caribbean cruise for next year, and ended up prebooking our next Disney cruise with an even bigger family in tow. Disney cruises are not the cheapest out there, but the many repeat cruisers we had on board can't be wrong on going again for the Disney experience. With the amount of people already prebooking their cruise, we can't be wrong on making that decision either. It's simply the best cruise experience for families, and definitely something to strongly consider if you've never cruised with Disney cruises before. Read Less
Sail Date November 2018
My wife and I sailed on the Disney Dream the last week in Nov 2017 to Nassau and Castaway Cay. Overall it was a good cruise. We were by ourselves so will review the adult areas of the ship for those sailing without children. A Disney ... Read More
My wife and I sailed on the Disney Dream the last week in Nov 2017 to Nassau and Castaway Cay. Overall it was a good cruise. We were by ourselves so will review the adult areas of the ship for those sailing without children. A Disney cruise is obviously designed for families with children ages 5-13 (in our opinion) but they also have adult areas and activities. This was our 22nd cruise overall and 2nd on a Disney ship, prior was the Disney Magic. We preferred the larger Dream as it had more activities and common areas, also a larger adult pool area and more adult clubs. EMBARKATION: We booked the early embarkation at 11am as we drove over from Orlando. Plenty of parking at the terminal for $85 for 5 days/4 nights. I splurged for preferred parking right next to the terminal for $105 and boy was that a mistake – it was outside parking and a flock of birds must have liked my car as it was covered in bird droppings. I wasn’t parked under a tree so no clue why. Next time it’s the $85 parking garage across the street! Getting on was a snap at 11am, we were on the ship within 15 minutes. Bit of a line at security but it moved fast. We had lunch in the dining room rather than fight the crowds at the buffet. Cabins were available at 1pm. CABIN: We had a balcony stateroom with an obstructed view (9012) which was slightly cheaper than a regular balcony. We didn’t mind the obstruction as it gave us shade in the front area and sun in the back. We really liked the room layout, especially the two bathrooms (one shower/sink, one toilet/sink). There was plenty of storage in the room. Our cabin steward was excellent and kept the room clean and made up. TIP: In order to have lights and air conditioning, you have to insert a card in a slot by the door. Designed for your room pass obviously, but any card will work (credit card, etc). This way you don’t have to keep inserting your room key. FOOD: We liked the rotational dining concept with the same servers each night in a different dining room. Our servers were terrific, as good as you’d expect from a Disney cruise. Overall the food was very good. Mostly seafood which my wife enjoyed, I prefer beef and chicken and those dishes were good but not great. Steaks were a little tough. TIP: If you are adults-only, pick late dining as there are fewer children then and thus a quieter experience. We rarely went to the buffet as we heard it was crowded. For breakfast and occasional lunches we went to the dining room instead and had great meals in a peaceful setting. As we spent most of our ship time on Deck 11 by the pool and spa, we took advantage of the food café’s between the adult and family pools. The pizza at Luigi’s wasn’t good at all, but Flo’s Café had great sandwiches (inc panini’s) and a selection of fresh fruit. Tow-mater’s Grill had good hamburgers and other grilled items. We usually had a late afternoon snack here as we had late dining. Never crowded and you can take the food to your pool chairs if you prefer. Soda machines are to the back on Deck 11, also in the buffet on Deck 11. CLOTHING: Disney has casual dining now so you don’t need a suit/tie. You can wear jeans and shirts to dinner if you want. They do have an optional dress-up night which was our 2nd night at Nassau. The next night was Castaway Cay and they had the optional pirate dress-up night and fireworks display. POOL: Adult pool area was very relaxing and also had two large Jacuzzis. On our 2 port days, you could get loungers pretty easily. On our sea day, loungers were gone by noon but there were more loungers on Decks 12 and 13 forward for adults. The family pool area was always very crowded and I can’t speak for chairs there. I did the Aqua Duck water slide once, it was okay but not worth waiting in line for. I did it early afternoon when we were at Castaway Cay so there was no line. SPA: We booked a day at the Rainforest Spa online before the cruise. Onboard we visited the spa and booked it for 2 more days. The Rainforest has 10 thermal couches and 2 small jacuzzis (each seats 2) plus an assortment of saunas and fancy showers. Unfortunately it lacks any other chairs or loungers. The thermal couches are very warm so you can only spend an hour at most before the heat gets to you. If we did it again, we’d only go with the one day pass and use it on the sea day. Good news is it wasn’t crowded except for the jacuzzis. ENTERTAINMENT: A very definite plus for Disney! We loved the three Disney performances and the other night’s entertainer, a comedy ventriloquist, was very good. One of the Disney shows was their new Beauty and the Beast show which was fantastic. Just over an hour in length but included all of the songs from the movies. TIP: Get to the shows at least 15 mins early, preferably 30 mins early for Beauty as it was packed! The other thing we liked was their movie theater. That week they played Coco which was a new release so we saw it for free. They also played Thor: Ragnarok that week. NASSAU: We had been to Nassau so weren’t excited about it. We booked the cheapest Atlantis tour which included a guided tour of the “Atlantis ruins” and their shark tank, about 2 hours of walking. Then we were free to explore the resort. They ran shuttle buses back to the ship every 30 mins. As it was late November, the water was too chilly for any water activities in our opinion (we’re from Florida). CASTAWAY CAY: We like Castaway Cay but that day it was rainy in the morning and the water was chilly. We didn’t see many folks in the water but the sun came out later on. We did the Castaway 5K Race which was a lot of fun. You sign up at Guest Services or Port Excursions desk. The group meets at 8am and you head off the ship first for the 9am fun run. There were almost 200 runners but the course is well laid out so there was plenty of room for the fast runners, or plodders like us, and walkers. DEBARKATION: The breakfast times depend on your dining times – early dining had breakfast at 7am, late dining breakfast was at 8:30am. The buffet was open also, I believe, although there was some confusion with the printed schedule. You could walk-off the ship at 6:30am with your luggage if you had to go early. We were glad for a leisure morning and we didn’t depart the ship until 9am. Customs line was a little slow so we didn’t leave the terminal until 9:30am for our car. Again, it was parked right next to the ship so easy to find. Just had to go to a car wash in Orlando to clean off the bird stuff lol! Read Less
Sail Date November 2017
I've cruised many cruise lines, Disney was honestly a disappointment. First the cost is double so you should be able to expect double right? Wrong. Employees with no personality waiting for their 8 months to be up ! People pushing and ... Read More
I've cruised many cruise lines, Disney was honestly a disappointment. First the cost is double so you should be able to expect double right? Wrong. Employees with no personality waiting for their 8 months to be up ! People pushing and shoving at Cabana for the brief time that the buffet is open each day. We actually missed a few meals because of lack of opportunity at Cabana and dining room being gorgeous but unappetizing for the human palate. The room was amazing and probably the cleanest boat Ive been on. Having a tub and huge floor to ceiling window was gorgeous! The shows are disney shows...no adult comedy club and thats one of my favorite entertainment. Everything closed down about 6 pm so on top of the steep price, they shut ya down at 6! Gym closed early and wont let muscle fitness 15 yr olds work out with adult even. Movie theater was a bonus but not the bonus I would've preferred on my first disney cruise. We missed all meet and greets due to lines or lack of tickets. The adult only pool area was nice, but of course my kids couldnt go so we tried not to stay too long. We all did the waterslide only twice because of long lines..15 year old didnt enjoy the teen club so he stayed in the room a lot. Yup... it was a waste of money in my opinion. If my kids had been younger and we hadnt been to Magic Kingdom 3 times a year while they were young, it might have been worth the extra cost. Im actually anxious to get back to Carnival in November and possibly adventure over to Royal Caribbean for son's graduation. Hopefully I can find the best ship out of Florida on RC. Read Less
Sail Date March 2016
We recently returned from our Jan 19-23, 2015 4 night cruise on the Dream, 2 parents in mid 30's and 2 daughters, 5 & 7. This was our first Disney cruise but we have been on 7 RCCL cruises, mainly on the Freedom class ships ... Read More
We recently returned from our Jan 19-23, 2015 4 night cruise on the Dream, 2 parents in mid 30's and 2 daughters, 5 & 7. This was our first Disney cruise but we have been on 7 RCCL cruises, mainly on the Freedom class ships (Liberty, Independence). We have also been on 1 Carnival cruise. In summary, the cruise was excellent and we would highly recommend it to anyone. My biggest concern is the value for the money. We were in 7690, an aft balcony room, which cost ~$2800 and was booked 11 months before the sailing. A neighboring (standard) balcony room was ~$2600 and interior rooms were ~$2300. The increased cost from an interior to an aft balcony seemed very small compared to our prior experiences with Royal Caribbean ships, where interior to balcony costs can be more than double. So we splurged on the aft balcony for this trip. Parking in the port- For the 4 night cruise parking was $75 in the General Parking or $95 for Preferred Parking that you pay upon entering. There was a hard sell from the parking attendants to park in the preferred area when it was only 30 yards closer. They said there would be a line of cars in the general area upon leaving which would delay our trip home. This was not the case, leaving the parking area could not have been easier. By the way, the parking attendants do NOT take the disney gift cards, only debit/credit and cash and they did NOT take large bills so come prepared. Porters- The cruise got off to a rough start. My 7 year old had saved up $54 and innocently put it in a clear baggie in the outside of her luggage (the water bottle pouch). There is no way the baggie fell out of the luggage or was misplaced anywhere else. The luggage arrived at our stateroom by 2pm with the baggie of money missing. We immediately notified our stateroom attendant, who encouraged us to report it to guest services. Three to four DCL security personnel discussed the matter and stated they are only responsible for issues arising on the ship, that we could report the issue to a Florida sheriff on land before the ship sailed off. This seem futile given the amount of money and the likelihood of it being recovered/prosecuted. The biggest concern wasn't the $54 but the loss of innocence and having to explain to a child that the money was not just lost and why we can't leave it where others can see it. Characters- Meeting Anna and Elsa were highlights for our daughters. Immediately after boarding the ship we waiting in line for 40 minutes to get tickets to see Anna and Elsa (could only see them by tickert) the next morning and also to meet other princesses (princesses TBD) in the atrium. This ended up being Belle, Tiana, Snow White and Rapunzel. With the tickets in hand, the lines were only a 5-10 minute wait. Guest Services FTW- In true Disney fashion, guest services inquired what my daughter liked and created a very nice gift package including a Frozen doll and picture frame to help make the situation better. This was delivered to our stateroom in the middle of the cruise. This is just one more example of Disney going out of their way to make an unfortunate situation better, when they could have simply filed a report and moved on. I have to give Disney all the credit in this situation and honestly, I'm not sure how other cruise lines would have handled this situation. Gluten Free- My wife was diagnosed as having an allergy to gluten within the last year and Disney went above and beyond in all instances with preparing GF meals for her. The Waiter and Head Waiter would ensure she picked out her meal the night before and it was specially prepared for her. Even at Castaway Cay, she had a special plate that was waiting for her for her lunch. She said she felt spoiled by the extra special care and attention she was given. She especially liked the GF donuts and the bread basket that was prepared for her each evening for dinner. Castaway Cay- The port was very nice. My main comment is that Castaway Cay is in the Bahamas so I was surprised how cold the water was. I am used to cruising in the Caribbean where the water is much warmer. The beaches are white sand but there are definitely some rocks along the shore, however I would not say you need to have water shoes here. We also sent a few post cards from their Post Office. The post cards are $1.35 and each stamp is $.65, so $2 total. Make sure to bring cash (dollars, not Bahamian), they do not take the ship card (Key to the World) or credit/debit. The post office attendant was super friendly and a great extension of the experience from the ship. Oceaneer Club and Lab- Our kids LOVED the club and lab. They were torn between doing other onboard activities and the club. My wife and I were equally impressed and there seemed to be many more workers to kids compared to the kid's clubs our kids have participated in with RCCL. Our kids enjoy the RCCL kids clubs but they were extremely excited about the Disney clubs. In room movies- Just a reminder that you are able to view nearly every movie Disney has created via on demand, for free, from your stateroom. You are also able to watch the entertainment shows (Golden Mickeys, Villians, Believe) on demand. Food/Dining- We were not impressed or excited about the food in Animator's Palette and only slightly happier with Enchanted Garden. The filet in AP was just okay, probably as exciting as Friday's (TGIF). The shrimp in EG was flavorless. Honestly, the best food items we liked of everything we ate was the french onion soup and the watermelon soup, both served during the same meal at Royal Palace. I personally much prefer the food in the main dining rooms on the RCCL ships. If it weren't for the exceptional treatment and options for my wife's GF needs, I would be much more critical in this area for Disney. We did not do any of the upcharge dining. However, 2 soups shouldn't be the food highlights for a 4 night cruise. Ship Layout- I am a huge fan of the promenade layout on the RCCL ships compared to the Dream's layout. I could not get used to walking through Cabana's (buffet area) to get access to the pool area. Also, the atrium of the Dream is nice except it nearly deserted by 11:30pm. Jogging Track- there is a jogging track on the 4th deck and 2.5 times around = 1 mile. The forward and aft sections are fully covered and it makes jogging a little difficult due to the tight corners. Also, there is a smoking area right beside the track. Fortunately, there were no smokers outside in the early morning hours when I used the track but it felt like an interesting location between these 2 locations. Entertainment/Shows- Disney excels in their production shows. We especially like the Believe show but also liked the other production shows. They are must see and had plenty of jokes that kept the adults entertained as well. The Villians show was not too scary for our kids, we were a little hesitant at first but are glad they went. We were not as impressed with the illusionist although I think the kids liked him. Overall, we had a wonderful trip. Given we have been on 6-8 night cruises with RCCL that cost nearly half as much as a 4 night Disney cruise, it is difficult to justify the value for the money. I'm very glad to have experienced this cruise but given the shorter duration and wanting to take advantage of the Disney experiences, it definitely was not as relaxing as past cruises. I could see going with Disney again but I still feel RCCL hits the happy medium for relaxation and a good value. Read Less
Sail Date January 2015
Firstly I'd like to say that I'm _not_ a huge Disney fan, specially when it comes to pleasurable vacations. Oversold ("at capacity") parks, over-crowded hotels, huge lines everywhere, people yelling, children screaming, ... Read More
Firstly I'd like to say that I'm _not_ a huge Disney fan, specially when it comes to pleasurable vacations. Oversold ("at capacity") parks, over-crowded hotels, huge lines everywhere, people yelling, children screaming, scorching heat and so forth. Not my idea of pleasure (or fun). However, for a family reunion, we decided to give Disney Cruise Lines a chance. And I tell you, we're are incredibly glad we did. The ship: The Disney Dream is an absolute marvel of artistry and engineering. From the outside a towering and imposing yet friendly presence. On the inside, the ship is simply breath-taking. Granite/marble flooring, flamboyant chandeliers, picturesque stairs, beautiful stained-glass murals in the common areas. Incredibly spacious staterooms many with mind-blowing views and balconies. And in all of its humongous beauty, it's incredibly easy to navigate your way around the ship. Dining: forget what you know about Disney food (on terra firma). The food on board is absolutely exquisite. The three main dining facilities (each with its own beautiful theme) offer all sorts of amazing food and delicacies. The "informal" dining is anything but casual: five-star world cuisine but in self-service format. Cabanas is such a neat place to eat, specially if you score a good table. Amazing tropical paradise views + amazing food, it simple does not get any better, at least in my opinion. Service: this, in my humble opinion, is what made this cruise so special. They have chosen a mantra of not just going above and beyond, but moving heaven and earth in order to please you. But don't get me wrong, it's not the flaky, artificial demeanor that's so annoying to many. No, it's simply a mantra of :ask and ye shall receive. Entertainment: Disney at its best. The three shows we saw at the Walt Disney Theater were nothing short of a true Broadway production. Amazing technical production, stage management and the wardrobe and costumes are flabbergasting. The acting crew is amazing and incredibly talented (and some of them will change attire and roles in a matter of seconds), some of them had quite the physical aptitude and pulled some acrobatics that were simply stunning. There is also entertainment for the whole family (dancing, fireworks, etc.). The little ones can be checked in at the Small World Nursery and they'll be handled by the awesome child-care crew. Kids around seven-years-old, can check in at the Oceaneer's Club which is an amazing themed mini park inside the ship. The personnel is super friendly and security is VERY, VERY strict when it comes to picking your kids up (which definitely gives peace of mind). Character Interaction: if you have little ones and not-so-little ones, they'll be in for a treat. Character appearances are by the bushel. Often characters randomly show up in the basketball court (as it happened to us) and shoot a few hoops and play with the kids. The princesses encounters are great and often so you'll have several times to get that "magical" picture you'll use to embarrass them in a few year's time. Other: the stateroom cleaning staff was always very friendly and attentive. Our stateroom was always spotless. All the facilities were also spotless, the upkeep for such large vessel must be quite a task, but DCL pulls it off. Public bathrooms are so pristine and clean that I would consider having a meal in one of them. In short, amazing ship, amazing staff, amazing cruise you won't regret. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
As my children have grown up, I decided to try a Disney Cruise for the first time without children. I had previously cruised both the Magic and the Wonder with my two sons. We were celebrating a major birthday of my companion who is a ... Read More
As my children have grown up, I decided to try a Disney Cruise for the first time without children. I had previously cruised both the Magic and the Wonder with my two sons. We were celebrating a major birthday of my companion who is a big fan of Disney but had never been on a Disney Cruise. Dream vs Magic/Wonder: The ships were very similar although the Dream is bigger and the Dream definitely looked sparkling new and had the latest in electronics and features. Had an inside stateroom for the first time on a cruise and definitely enjoyed the virtual porthole. Was surprised to see so many different characters coming through the porthole and not just the same ones over and over again definitely enjoyable. The Aquaduck was fun even for us adults although it wasn't running the day at sea because of the weather and the game with the electronic pictures was very clever also. Food was the same except for Remy's which at first I thought was ridiculously priced as a $75 add-on but because it was my partners birthday we made reservations way in advance (must do if you are going to go to Remy's otherwise can't get in). It ended up to be the most amazing experience I have ever had at a restaurant of any game and was definitely for me the highlight of the event. It is a 3 hour meal (ours took 3 hours and 10 minutes to be precise) and you wouldn't know it until you looked at the clock. I for one am generally known as a fast eater. Children vs no children: Disney goes out of the way to make special activities and events that cater just to adults. Watching the children geared event reminded me how special a cruise Disney is for children and was for my children when they were younger. In my opinion if you can afford it there is no more magical experience for children 5-12 then a Disney Cruise and that includes the theme parks. However, I must say despite all the effort that I still at times felt like an Adult intruding on a children's show as the restaurants (outside of the adult only ones), the main entertainment and a lot of the peripheral action are geared toward families and the younger ones. Compared to my recent Carnival Cruise and RCL: I would say that while I loved my recent Carnival Cruise (with my boys) to Alaska that Disney Cruise definitely bettered Carnival in almost all categories: food, entertainment and service. However the Disney Cruise comes at a premium price compared to Carnival so the question is the extra cost worth it. In my opinion if you have young children a definite yes (my two older boys loved the Carnival teen area and were two old for the character stuff so in their case no) or if you want a short special cruise and hit Remy's then it may be worth it. However in general without kids at least for me the premium price of a Disney Cruise isn't worth it for just a pair of romantic adults. Castaway Cay was our other stop but not listed as a port here I guess because it is a private Disney Island. This place was a great place for a day at the beach with very pretty beaches and nice swimming. You can snorkel and do Sting Rays there also but those things are pretty mediocre and don't expect to see much fish snorkeling. But for swimming, laying at the beach and a nice stroll it is hard to do better. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Just off of the Disney Dream - and she's a real beauty! I was on a trip that consisted mostly of travel agents - she was sailing at around half capacity. Here's my quick take: Cabin I had a deluxe oceanview with ... Read More
Just off of the Disney Dream - and she's a real beauty! I was on a trip that consisted mostly of travel agents - she was sailing at around half capacity. Here's my quick take: Cabin I had a deluxe oceanview with verandah - absolutely LOVELY - loved the double bathrooms that are standard in most Disney cabins. The decor is plush and nautically themed -- the beds are just FANTASTIC - I heard that from everyone else as well. My cabin steward, Ike, took GREAT care of me. I did have the cabin to myself and got very spoiled -- found myself wondering how I ever shared one of these with two other gal pals on a sailing on the Wonder a couple of years ago! The new idea of raising the bed up a bit higher to allow for more storage space is a GOOD one! Two ample closets - nice refrigerator - no mini bar (fine by me!) - Disney is one of the few (if not only) cruise line that allows you to bring alcohol on board. I was on business so I only brought one bottle of wine to enjoy with co-workers at dinner. All in all, a great cabin experience. Embarkation Perhaps I should have listed this first but no big deal...got to the port around 10:30 and we were on board by noon. No fuss, no muss - Disney has this area down. Might be a bit different when she's sailing at full capacity but we had no issues whatsoever. Dining Cabanas is a nice buffet - only had lunch there on embarkation day and breakfast there on Nassau day so I can't really say much. Food was good at the buffet - nothing to make you jump up and shout but nothing to make you sit down and cry either. There were hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza, sandwich stations, etc during the day that I did not try either - I was actually trying to watch what I ate on this one so...I didn't try as much as I could/should have. I was saving my calories for... REMY Yes, it's an upcharge of $75/pp and YES, it is WORTH IT! An amazing dining experience - elegant and absolutely delicious. Unparalleled service, incredible scenery - just fantastic. This is NOT an area where you will be allowed to skimp on dress code, however - jackets are required for men and women MUST wear a dress or very nice slacks and a top - no flip flops, etc. Just fantastic! PALO Have done this several times on the Wonder so we had to try it here. More of "Vienna" theme in the decor - a little more elegant and less streamlined than Palo on the Wonder - food just as fabulous, service just as great - and the chocolate souffle? Well...I don't really have to tell you, do I? YUM! Adult areas/Entertainment The District is the bar/lounge area for the 18+ scene -- really terrific - surpassed the Wonder by far - and I like the Wonder very much as well, don't get me wrong! 687 is the sports bar -- very well done -- a really "clubby/pubby" feel to it if that makes sense - lots of TVs and places to sit and watch the games. There is also a little alcove in the District area that houses a "nosh buffet" if you will -- for those folks who need a late night snack while they're out and about. District Lounge is kind of a stopping point on your way to/back from all the areas. Evolution is the dance club with the "Evolution Dancers" who appear from time to time for an impromptu performance -- it's connected to "Skyline" which was our hands down favorite place to go for a cocktail - there are "windows" behind the bar that display a different cityscape every 15 minutes or so -- New York, Rio, Chicago, Hong Kong, Paris - really well done! Try the "Ooh La La" -- that was my favorite of their specialty martinis -- they also have a bunch with the glow in the dark cubes. "Pink" is the champagne bar and it's BEAUTIFUL - but you might have a hard time getting the guys to hang out there for long -- it's very much something that looks like a good start to girls night out! Taittanger (sorry if I'm misspelling!) has their "Pink" rose champagne here - at the daunting price of around $21 a glass - but it's yummy. You can also get a glass of the bubbly that was specifically bottled for the Dream, complete with a picture of the ship on the bottle - we had some at sailaway where they were offering it freely - just great! We only made it to one show - "Believe" - and it was absolutely fantastic -- a real Broadway feel - encompassed all the big Disney shows and a lot of favorite characters - we thought it was fabulous! Quiet Cove Pool/Cafe Here's where I have a problem. This pool seems WAAAAAY too small to accomodate adults when the ship is at capacity. Granted, since the ship is doing the short Bahamas runs, there won't be too many "at sea" days -- but it just isn't well laid-out in my opinion. Most of the lounge chairs for the sun worshippers are on the deck above the pool area, making it hard to take a dunk when you get too warm. There are stools for the bar that are IN the pool, which makes you think they were trying for a sort of "swim up bar" feeling -- not so much. I was a little disappointed by the pool area since it's where my husband and I would spend a lot of time if we took this cruise. Oh well - guess you can't have it all! Cove Cafe is great - a really nicely laid out coffee bar - staff was great, you can get on your laptop there (service is sketchy at best or at least it was for us so don't plan to work from the ship - but why would you?). Senses Spa I had a hot stone massage - it was fantastic - I did not get a big sales pitch for anything afterwards -- a refreshing change since I avoid ship treatments for this reason -- co-workers said they DID get a pitch so I guess it can go either way! My only complaint is that the staff (who are NOT Disney employees) really need to get it together on their consistency. We were told it was an extra $16 charge to use the Rainforest area on top of the charge for our treatment. We heard from other cruisers that they were charged $15. We also noticed that there was no way to tell who had paid to use the rooms and who was just going ahead and helping themselves before or after a treatment. If the spa is going to charge, they'll need to come up with some kind of wristband like some other cruise lines use. Of course, my opinion is that they shouldn't charge for it - keep things consistent between the ships - I'm guessing I'm going to read future reviews that talk about the spa issues...they'll need to get the kinks ironed out now that the first "official" sailing has headed out to sea. Kids Areas I don't have kids but I really wanted to check these areas out so I can tell my friends who DO...what can I say?? Disney has it down to a fantastic science in these spaces. I was blown away by the interactive "floor games" in the Oceaneers Lab/Club -- "Andy's Room", a playroom with - you guessed it - a Toy Story theme for the little ones - just fantastic! Tinkerbell's area with dress up for the little girls - all the princess costumes available - and there's even a talent show where the kids can perform for their parents later. I was told by one of the counselors that some of the kids stay there ALL DAY and even through dinner and I was NOT surprised. Now...the Aqua Duck...VERY cool and a LOT of fun - not a real "thrill" ride but it IS a water coaster at sea and it's fun for EVERYBODY -- little ones who meet the height requirement will not be afraid of it and adults will still think it's a great time!! This ship is just breathtakingly beautiful and a great idea for family fun - my only disappointment was the layout of the adult pool (oh well, head to Serenity Bay on Castaway Cay instead! GREAT time there!) and the spa needs to iron out a couple of things -- but those are really minor things -- overall, this was an INCREDIBLY great time!! Read Less
Sail Date January 2011
Disney Dream Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabin 3.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 4.2
Entertainment 5.0 4.6
Public Rooms 4.0 4.7
Fitness & Recreation 4.0 N/A
Family 5.0 4.2
Shore Excursions 4.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 3.0 N/A
Service 5.0 4.6
Value for Money 5.0 N/A

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