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My husband and I had a fabulous time on the Glory. I surprised him and booked a suite, instead of the inside cabin that he thought we would have. When we arrived at Port Canaveral, I was very happy that we did upgrade. It was about 12:00 ... Read More
My husband and I had a fabulous time on the Glory. I surprised him and booked a suite, instead of the inside cabin that he thought we would have. When we arrived at Port Canaveral, I was very happy that we did upgrade. It was about 12:00 noon, and the regular line was soooo long. But, we zipped right through the VIP registration line, and we were on the ship in less than 10 minutes. We had to wait awhile for our cabin, so we went to the Red Sail Restaurant for lunch. I tell you people get crazy our buffets, so be careful. You'll probably find all the tables taken in the front of the restaurant, but just keep going back, or better yet go upstairs, hardly anyone was up there. Plus, the seafood restaurant is upstairs, and they have some fantastic fish & chips, calamari/onion fritters, and awesome bouillabaisse. There is a good asian counter, as well on the first floor. Later in the week, I had the chicken and mushroom dish, and the soup (which I added some of the jalepeno vinegar and soy sauce, so it was like a hot sour soup). We purchased a soda card ($46), and my husband and I were able to share it all week. The bartenders never compare your sign & sail card to the soda card. There's also free iced tea and punch, as well as coffee. After about an hour, we went to our cabin. My husband still didn't know that I had upgraded to a suite. The look on his face was priceless when he opened the door. He said, "Oh my God, what have you done!!!" I was smiling from ear to ear. The suite was magnificent. If you can afford it, go for it. It's about twice the size of a regular room. Two huge windows and the door looking out to the balcony. The king size bed is very comfy, and the couch makes out to a bed, if you have a 3d person. Tons of storage space. There's a dressing room, and the bathroom is awesome!! Jacuzzi bathtub, two sinks, and marble everything, so roomy and sooo nice. I had ordered a bottle of champagne, and we sipped champagne out on the balcony, as we set sail, and watched the horizon fade into the distance. That will be a memory that sticks with me forever. The muster drill (which was before we set sail) was uneventful, but wait awhile before you go to your designated area. It is sooo hot, and if you get there early, you'll be stuck in the back with tons of people smashing you against the wall. FOOD: Overall the food was very good. We dined at 8:15 in the Golden Dining Room (table 183) on the main floor. This was a good location, as the waiters do little song and dance shows almost each night, and they're entertaining to watch. Mr. Veeeeee......the Maitre' Deeeeeeeeeeee .... is quite a character too. The chocolate melting cake is wonderful, and I'm not really a chocoholic. Our head waiter was Cesar and his assistant was Louie, both were wonderful. I brought wine on board, and he never charged me a corkage fee. Best yet, we dined at the Emerald Room Supper Club one night, and the steaks were the best we ever had!!! I had the filet mignon and my husband had the prime rib roast. He's a big steak guy, and he said it was the absolutely best steak he'd ever had. Be careful though, with all the appetizers, salads and stuff ... I was full b/f they brought my main course. BTW, you can order as much as you want, several appetizers, salads, soups ... probably entrees too .... but we were so full, we couldn't even finish ours. Don't forget about the free room service. We had pre-breakfast coffee, tea, and croissants on our balcony almost every morning, then we go to the Platinum Dining Room for breakfast. Room service also offered lots of different sandwiches and salads which were wonderful when I returned form scuba diving and was starving to death. The hamburger/hot dog counter provided quick service, and they were very good. The pizza counter was also quick, and the pizzas were very typically Italian in nature - great crust. The de chevre pizza was my favorite (goat cheese and mushrooms). Both hamburger stand and pizza counter are in the back of the ship, Deck 9. LAYOUT - I'd studied the layout before we arrived. I would highly recommend a review of the layout, b/c you can only go from one end of the ship to the other on Deck 5, maybe Deck 2 too. The best way to navigate is use your Deck and just go down to whichever area of the ship you wish to visit. There are 3 sets of elevators, back, middle, and front - so this is the best way to get around. For example, we were in the front of the ship, so I would just walk all the way down the hallway in Deck 7, go up 2 floors, out the door, and there was the pizza, hamburger, and ice cream stations. Plus, that's where the adult pool is, much quieter than the main pool area. BARS/ENTERTAINMENT - My husband and I are not late night people. We only made one show, the Illusionist (don't remember his name, but he was great!!) However, I did attend a wine tasting in the Emerald Supper Club (cost $10) with 5 different wines to sample. Lots of fun, and I learned a lot. Also, I attended an art auction. They give you a couple glasses of free champagne. Very interesting - they actually have paintings by Marc Chagall, Picasso, Rembrandt, and other big names. Someone actually paid $72K for a Picasso - way outside my budget. The lobby bar and entertainment were wonderful. There was a classical music ensemble, and a very talented duo who sang romantic songs in the evening. It was wonderful b/c we were close to the elevators, and the beautiful music wafted up through the atrium to our room. I would just lie in bed w/a glass of wine, and be lulled to sleep by the wonderful music. EXCURSIONS - I'll write a separate review of these; however, I booked all my excursions through Carnival - scuba diving in Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras, and the Jeep Tour Adventure in Freeport, Bahamas. I would highly recommend the diving through Carnival - wonderful vendors. DEBARKATION - very smooth! We were # 7, and we were off the ship by 7:45, on the shuttle bus by 7:55, and off to Orlando by a little after 8. Good luck everyone!! I'm so jealous b/c you're going to have a great!!! time! Christine Read Less
Sail Date June 2008
This was my first cruise ever. I am a divorced 49 year old male who went with my girlfriend. First I want to be fair and say, in general, I had a good time. However, I will add the following based on my experience and speaking to fellow ... Read More
This was my first cruise ever. I am a divorced 49 year old male who went with my girlfriend. First I want to be fair and say, in general, I had a good time. However, I will add the following based on my experience and speaking to fellow Carnival passengers with previous Carnival experience. I had no major problems getting onboard with only my drivers license and certified birth certificate. There was a computer glitch on this trip that held other passengers out of their cabins for over four hours. These Carnival employees were helpful and friendly. Once onboard our luggage was to be delivered to our room in approximately four hours. All of it came except for one suitcase. The missing suitcase was reported to my room steward who did nothing to retrieve it or even ask if I found it at all the entire trip. The suitcase showed up 8 hours after departure at the pursers desk by a man dropping the suitcase and disappearing. My girlfriend happened to be there at the time in line. We don't know if he was an employee of Carnival or not. The next morning I found this suitcase to have been opened and gone through as if someone were looking for something. They removed 2 1/2 pairs of socks. I complained to the purser and got a letter of apology. Not horrible, but upsetting. The ship itself was fine. The cabin was clean, although a couple of times we had to ask the room steward for ice and beach towels. The food was okay, nothing spectacular. We went to a couple of shows that were fun. I'm not big on shows so I won't say anything negative here. Our first stop was at Key West. A short but sweet stop. I'll go back again someday. I liked it there. We went on one Carnival excursion at Belize to snorkel. That was a lot of fun. The boat was nice and the crew was very friendly and helpful. Belize City was a tourist trap and I won't go back there ever again. In fact, I'll write elsewhere about that one but here I'll add a warning: "Don't go outside the gates at Belize City!" We didn't use the pools because they were generally crowded with children. I'm not complaining here either, just stating a fact. We didn't use the hot tubs for somewhat the same reason. I'm amazed at adults who bring infants into public hot tubs with diapers on. We went to one formal dinner. Again, not my thing. I'm not about getting dressed up on vacation. However, our waiter, Frederick and his female assistant, no name unfortunately, were outstanding. Everything was served in a highly professional and enjoyable fashion. They were the best employee experience of the whole cruise. The band "Simple Friends" were great. Pictures were taken every night at dinner and daily, as you left the ship at port. We really enjoyed the onboard casino because we won more than we lost. Cozumel was another good stop on this cruise. I really enjoyed this port because of the snorkeling at Chankanaab park. Great place to go. Cozumel was a fun inviting city as well. Progresso was the final port and it was disappointing in that there's really nothing to do. Another tourist trap. I will mention this as well speaking to the cruise ship part. On the outside decks there seemed to be a "who cares" attitude with cleanliness, waiting on you both, at the bars, and even coming around to take an order for anything. The same of the decks around our room, generally dirty, trash left on the floor from the previous night. The crew was either intimidated, being young and predominantly of foreign decent, or out of touch. All in all Carnival was okay. After talking and comparing notes with other passengers, veterans of Carnival say that Carnival has gone downhill and some even indicated this will be their last Carnival cruise. I will try someone else next time. I wasn't impressed enough by either the cruise line or the ports to do this again. I'd go back to Key West and Cozumel again anytime. I hope this will be helpful to anyone going on a cruise for the first time. Read Less
Sail Date April 2005
Carnival Glory Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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