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4 Port Canaveral (Orlando) to Baltic Sea Cruise Reviews

We sailed on the Enchantment of the Seas on Aug 25th on a 4 night cruise. I have sailed three Disney cruises (fantastic but costly), one Carnival Cruise (Sensation....never again!) and Royal Carib Liberty of the Seas (loved it!!) A little ... Read More
We sailed on the Enchantment of the Seas on Aug 25th on a 4 night cruise. I have sailed three Disney cruises (fantastic but costly), one Carnival Cruise (Sensation....never again!) and Royal Carib Liberty of the Seas (loved it!!) A little background were a family of 4, hubby, wife, (in our 30's) and 11 year old son and 7 year old daughter. We are from New York, take one big vacation a year, but I always try not to overspend and live on a budget. Disney is just too much money for us, so we needed an alternative. So for those who can relate, read on! And maybe those who cant, can pick up a tip or two. We flew in from New York to Orlando and picked up our rental a day before the cruise, we rented from Thrifty and checked our rates the minute we put a deposit down on our cruise. The rates went up and down and I would hold with no penalty until the price dropped which was a few weeks before the cruise. We stayed with family the night before and drove the 40 minute ride to the port. We parked at the park and cruise, this is simply a no brainer, but I must say out of all the cruises I took this was the first time I parked here! But now that I've parked here, will never park at the port ever again. Right off the highway and half the price!! Park your car here!!!!!! We got to the port at 12 and after a short wait on line we were walking on the boat, we passed on taking the picture. We were an entire family of 12 extended family on the boat, and we all skipped this photo opportunity. Yes, we went straight to windjammer, yes it was crowded, but got a seat quickly, and enjoyed the food. The staff got our lemonades and even asked if we needed anything. We got the soda package before the cruise,and we loved loved loved the soda machine, never more then a line of one to get our cups refilled. Rooms were ready at 1/1:30pm and we had a balcony (room 7616), room was kind of tight for the four of us, but we managed and enjoyed the balcony, never heard our neighbors, but did hear the music from the pool, but once we closed the balcony, didnt hear a thing! Our waiters Sissy and Karan, were fantastic, food was always hot, always fast, and always delicious. We really liked them. Every night they did a trick for the kids and we all loved it. Every meal, and I mean every meal was delicious from the My Fair Lady dinning room to the windjammer! You could never go hungry. Im a picky eater, and I enjoyed everything. Never went to the pay restaurants (stuck to my budget). We could not go to the private island due to Hurricane Crystal Ball making the ocean very active, our first and last night of the cruise, was very rocky. I tried to ignore it, but it was a rough ride. We were really looking forward to going to the private island, but the captain decided to cruise slowly to Nassau at 3pm instead. There were plenty of activities on the boat, but we stayed by the pool and my family was very happy there. Seats were hard to find, because everyone was on the boat! The next day we decided to get off the boat at Nassau after eating breakfast at the My Fair Lady (really good sit down food) then headed to Nassau. Ive been to Nassau a few times so i knew what to expect, and walked right through it, with a polite "no thank you." We decided to go to Junkanoo Beach (free), it was a 15 minute walk and was absolutely great! You can ask any of the locals and they will tell you how to get there, its a straight walk (no dark alleys!)I knew what to expect from the beach by doing my homework and it was a great free beach break for us, and there were plenty of other cruisers on the beach too! When we got hungry around 2pm we walked backed to the boat and had lunch! The kids went to the Kids club and some days they loved it, others they didnt. Either way they went for an hour to give me and my husband some time alone. We went to Love and Marriage, was cute, went to Michael Jackson trivia, we tied for first place (was fun), went to 11pm all white dance pool party (liked it). We met a few cruiser who didnt enjoy the cruise. Yes its an older boat, but I expected that. Its not gawdy like the older Carnival boats, and the crowd was a perfect mix of everyone and every age! I truly feel like, with any vacation, its what you make of it! We took many opportunities to go to the shows that we would enjoy and bring the kids to the pool not only during the afternoon but after dinner, around 9. Then there were times we stayed in the room and relaxed, we even ordered breakfast one morning, and it came on time and it was good! We work hard all year and we danced, laughed, swam in the pool and the ocean and ate great meals. I truly cant afford the bigger boats, we have to fly to Florida so thats an added expense. We disembarked according to our floor and we were selected for the 8:40 disembarkment, and we were off the boat and on the shuttle to our car by 9am! I loved this boat and this cruise! Tips: Go to Junkanoo Beach, if you want to sun bath and swim, expect it to be not the most fancy but its free! Bring a few waters for your room, so you can take them to the beach. Be patient, and you will get a table at the windjammer!:) Park at the Park and Cruise (its fantastic!) Bring a pillow (they are a little uncomfortable) Bring some cash so you can give an extra tip to those who you feel deserve it. Smile and Enjoy yourself!! (I know my review is long but hopefully it will help someone!) Read Less
Sail Date August 2014
We booked with NCL and this re-location transatlantic cruise primarily because it was the itinerary that we wanted. It was our first time trying the "free-style" sailing and for the most part was a good experience. We found the ... Read More
We booked with NCL and this re-location transatlantic cruise primarily because it was the itinerary that we wanted. It was our first time trying the "free-style" sailing and for the most part was a good experience. We found the crew to be friendly and doing what they could to make our cruise a good experience. We had most of our evening meals in the Seven Seas dining room. Service was good, however a little different not having the same waiters every night like one has on other cruises. The biggest disappointment came near the end of the cruise docking in Nynaeshamn, Sweden instead of Stockholm. We were mislead by our travel agent that the ship was docking in Stockholm. Nynaesham was an hour away and since we had to take a tender into port it made for a very short day. Anyone with NCL tours were given priority and were the first off the ship. Although Nynaeshamn was a quaint little town it was not Stockholm and we were not able to make it to our reservations that we had previously made. It seems Princess was docked right in the port of Stockholm where we thought we were to dockThe second downer was that a number of people got very sick the last evening on the ship. It seems everyone that had eaten their mixed seafood cocktail got a bad case of montezuma's revenge. I tried to find some pepto or even tums with no avail and was told they could not do anything without seeing their doctor. Not easy to do in the middle of the night. And not a good condition to be in with long flights the next day. There were several on our flight that were very sick... I had gone to the Garden Cafe early in the morning and asked for a banana for my wife but was ignored. Finally after some persistence a kind staff person found one for me.A big plus for NCL was their ice cream bar. We enjoyed that. The Cruise Critic group on the cruise was wonderful and we so enjoyed that. Big thanks to MickyAlthough we enjoyed our cruise as the ports of call were marvelous it is doubtful we would choose NCL again... Happy Cruising to you and yours Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
This was a 24 night cruise (15 night repositioning and 9 nights in the Baltics).Embarkation was very quick and easy.We had an oceanview cabin that was so small, that the bed was positioned in front of our window. Unless we wanted to climb ... Read More
This was a 24 night cruise (15 night repositioning and 9 nights in the Baltics).Embarkation was very quick and easy.We had an oceanview cabin that was so small, that the bed was positioned in front of our window. Unless we wanted to climb on the bed, we had no view. We had about 6 inches of space between the bed and the walls, so getting we had to walk sideways to get into and out of bed. The room was clean and there was adequate space for our clothing. The windows were filthy and were never washed throughout our 24 night voyage.The Garden Cafe, (buffet) was ordinary and the food was tasteless.We decided to eat all of our meals in the dining room. The variety of the breakfast menu was adequate. We were shocked to see that the lunch menu was the same every day. There was very little to choose from. This is the only cruise that I have been on that did not vary their lunch menu. The dinner menu was adequate at best. It offered five entrees options each night. Some of them appeared to be the same food that was offered the night before with a different sauce and a different name. Overall, the food was good. The desserts were limited. I pretty much stuck to ice cream each night. The biggest joke on the ship was the cheesecake. Someone should inform the chef that cheesecake is not a pudding. The waiters were courteous but incompetent. They really need more training. We finally found an experienced waiter and stuck with him throughout the cruise.Room service was an adventure. I ordered coffee that was sent up quickly and efficiently. However, they sent a coffee pot but never sent a cup. I ordered yogurt and they sent it with a fork instead of a spoon. I ordered Raisin Bran cereal and they sent it up without a bowl.This is still a pretty ship. I love the fact that it is medium size. It is well maintained. However, the public rest rooms were not well kept.The entertainment was wonderful. The production shows were very entertaining. The only problem was that all the entertainment and entertainers repeated their acts during the last nine days of the cruise. This was inexcusable. The theater was mostly empty during these last nine days. When the passengers complained, we were told that the entertainment was booked by the NCL office. Our cruise director Pedro was the best we have ever had.This was a repositioning cruise and at one point we had six straight days at sea. To save money, NCL had no lecturers, Bridge instructors and no other forms of entertainment. They did have a trivia quiz and Name That Tune each day which of course did not cost NCL any money.All in all, we had a good time. However, all this cost cutting by NCL has convinced me to look elsewhere for my next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
Here is my review for our sailing aboard the Carnival Glory on 9/6/03. If you are a stickler for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, this review is not for you. It is late and I am quite tired of staring at this computer, so please forgive ... Read More
Here is my review for our sailing aboard the Carnival Glory on 9/6/03. If you are a stickler for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, this review is not for you. It is late and I am quite tired of staring at this computer, so please forgive the errors. quote: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- In the words of one of my many Big Cats friends... Hi y'all The following is my families account, and solely my family's account, regarding our cruise on the Carnival Glory on 9/6/03. This is also my first time posting a review, so bare with me. While I am a veteran on the boards of Cruise Critic, I am a rookie at posting reviews. This was our fifth cruise, fourth aboard Carnival. We are a family of three, consisting of George, Anne, and our little princess (as she became known by fellow big Cats) Arrielle. With the exception of one cruise, all of our cruises have been to the Caribbean. We hail from the "Valley of the Sun", otherwise known as Phoenix, AZ. There is something about escaping from the desert (although Phoenix is the fifth largest city now) to the tranquil blue waters of the Caribbean. So, with all the formalities out of the way, here is our review... Flight: We flew in a day early on Sept. 5th so that we would be well rested getting on to the ship and wanting to avoid any possible flight problems. Flew out on American Airlines and actually arrived early in Orlando. Nice change if you have been used to flying on Continental or America West, as we have. Note to anyone who got sucked into their promos about extra space between their rows of seats..."BULL"! I'm 6' 5'' and I did not see any difference from any other airlines that I have flown. Port Canaveral/Budget: We rented a rental car from Budget (on a side note, Budget is now the closest Rental agent to the port, now that Avis has been exiled from the Radisson), and had absolutely no problems with them. On the drive to the Radisson we hit a wall of rain that was so violent, we could not see an inch in front of us. I now what its like to drive blind. We really like how everything is laid out on Astronaut blvd; everything is quite simple to find. Radisson Hotel/Grill's Restaurant: The Radisson is a great hotel. I know this hotel has gotten some recent bad reviews, but we found both the grounds and our room to be quite clean. They have a great pool, but unfortunately, due to the weather, we were unable to enjoy it. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone. That night, we met up with fellow "Big Cats" Dawn, David, Jacob and Marie at Grill's restaurant for dinner. We had a great time and the food was excellent and quite reasonable. Grill's is a can't miss if you are looking for somewhere to dine by the Port. First Impression of the Glory: I stopped off at a store not far from the port to pick up some "spirits". A gentleman walked in quite disturbed because he could not find the Disney cruise ship as I was walking out the door. As I came up on the Glory, I could not believe the size of this ship. And as I passed it, I noticed the Disney ship, dwarfed in comparison to the Glory that the gentlemen in the store had inquired earlier. There is something to be said when approaching a brand new ship with fresh paint of that magnitude...wowwwww! Embarkation: I don't know what Carnival and Port Canaveral did, but whatever it was, it works. We took the Budget shuttle over to the Port around 10:45 am and we were walking on the ship before noon. No problems with luggage, no bus rides, very painless process. We were so impressed with how quickly everything went we will be taking our next cruise from Port Canaveral also. Walking on the ship: From the pictures that I seen on the internet, the Glory came off as almost gaudy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The ship is quite beautiful in both color and decor. Pictures do not do this ship justice. I will say this though, while I liked the colors, I did not like the layout of the grand atrium. It seemed quite small, and that center pillar spiraling up through the center is a waste of space. Our Room: We were in stateroom #7373, which is a category 8B with a balcony. Our cabin was a quad cabin, located about twenty cabins from the back of the ship, with both an overhead bunk bed and a couch that unfolded into another bed. It really is nice getting to sail on a new ship; our cabin still had that new look and smell to it. The only negative about it, was the side to side movement that we experienced throughout the cruise. With that said though, we pretty much experienced the movement throughout the whole ship; the movement just increased steadily the further back you got. Muster Drill: Once again, quite quick and painless when compared to the cruises that we have taken out of Miami. I don't think we were outside in our life jackets longer than ten minutes. Meeting the Big Cats: All I can say is "what a great group of people". From the Cruise Critic boards we had no idea how much fun this group of characters would end up being. Without mentioning names, because they are to many to list, these people made our cruise experience the best one for my family and I. We had so much fun that several of us are hard at work pricing cruises for a reunion next year. We have truly made lifelong friends. We were quite surprised at the large turnout that we had. Almost the entire group made it. I would like to go into some of the escapades of this group during our seven days, but they are many and it would take a book to write. I have a lot of photos of the group that I will share, as soon as we get things caught up around the home. Pool Areas: Yes, they still are saving chairs with just about everything that you can imagine. Some days we were on the lower level, some days we were up high. It wasn't really an issue for us; we just accept it as part of the cruise process. It's not worth getting worked up about, you will still be able to find a chair, just don't expect poolside every time. Also, make sure you watch your towels, or it could grow legs. Cabin Steward: We did not meet her until the third day of the cruise, and that was because she had to have us sign off on a piece of paper that we had met. I don't recall her name; but then again we did not see much of her during the cruise. With that said though, she did come to our room once in the morning and once in the evening to tidy things up. She did her job; she just was not a personable type of person. I think we got spoiled with the all the past room stewards that we had from previous cruises. We really enjoyed getting to know them and share stories of our families and our homes with one another. We made the mistake of assuming that this room steward would be just as approachable as those that we had in the past. Dining Room Team: We were lucky enough to change tables to one that seated all but one Big Cat. Unfortunately, that was the only good thing about being at that table. Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't have taken another table in its place, just another table waiter. We were in the Platinum dining room, seated at table #438, 8:00 pm main seating. Our table waiter was Kim, and his assistant was Monica. We closed the dining room out each night, and it had nothing to do with our eating habits. Heck, we were lucky just to see the food finally arrive. We were getting out of the dining room each night between 10:30 and 11:00. I can't begin to tell you how bad the service was from mostly Kim, it almost seemed deliberate. All I can say is that even the Maitre'd got all over him to pick it up and constantly had to apologize to us for him. Kim also seemed to have a problem with showing any kind of respect for both his boss and his assistant Monica. Kim was seen and heard by all at the table belittling Monica on numerous occasions, really felt bad for her that she had to put up with that kind of abuse. Several of us complained throughout the cruise, and it took the Maitre'd Ken till the sixth night to finally replace him with a lady by the name of Petra. What a team, they really complimented each other quite well, and made our last two nights of dining memorable. We do somewhat hold Ken responsible for letting Kim go as long as he did, it should have never went past night two, and Kim was obviously not qualified to be a waiter. I will say this though, Ken is the most entertaining/visible Maitre'd you will ever find. He sang for everyone every night, and could be seen mingling with everyone throughout our dining. I think we would have been screaming a lot more, if it had not been for the company and conversation that went on at our table each night. Food: Lido deck - We saw a big drop off in quality and selections of food, when compared to our last cruise on the Paradise. The grill is still great for burgers and hot dogs, and the Pizzeria is good as ever. Also, big drop off in desserts and the salad bar. Platinum Dining room - Quite pleased with the food in the dining room, especially the seafood selections. I can only think of a few items that I did not care for the whole week. Sports Bar: What kind of sports bar only has one channel? Guy's, if you are thinking about seeing the games on Sunday...forget about it! I'm getting tired, so I am going to be brief on the islands. If you have any questions, please ask. I will be more than happy to answer them if I can. Nassau: We visited Nassau last year, and really didn't care to visit again. We mostly walked around taking in the sights and doing a little shopping. Very little shopping that is, we were there on a Sunday, and almost everything is closed. A word to the wise be careful in the straw market. Things can get quite heated between the vendors when they are arguing over your business. St. Thomas: Anne and I took the Paradise Point tram up to the top. You will not find a more picturesque place to take photos than the top of Paradise point. Awesome ride up, although Anne didn't think so due to her fear of heights. I'm proud of her, although she did not look at anything other than her feet all the way up, she still had the guts to get in that tram and go all the way up there. As far as shopping goes, the best shopping is pretty much right they're by the ship. Probably around one hundred stores to choose from, with something for everyone. St. Marten: Easily our favorite of all three islands. We spent the day with several other Big Cats on a tour of the island. We hired our own driver for twenty bucks a head, ten for children, and went on a three-hour tour of both the Dutch side and the French side. A great way to see the island if you are not on an excursion. Closing: Sorry I am being so brief on the islands, I'm just tired of typing. In closing, we truly enjoyed this cruise. I think the Big Cats and our frame of mind played a much bigger role in that, than the ship itself. While the ship is beautiful, it's quite harder to find your way around than the Fantasy class ships. We will sail Carnival again, just not next time. We will probably take a break from Carnival and try RCCL for our next one. I hope that my review was helpful (did I mention this was my first review) in some way to you. Like I said earlier, this was our experience, and I am sure there are others who have also sailed the Glory, who will have had an entirely different experience than we did. I need a Miami Vice... Read Less
Sail Date September 2003

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