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Chilean Fiords
"Chilean Fiords"
Member photo by Pet72Vet:

Chilean Fiords

(Feb 2016)
View from our cabin day one in Antarctica
Iceberg near Palmer station Antartica
Chilean Fiords
Chilean Fiords
Glacier Alley
Isolated Penguin
Crabeater Seals
Deception Island - Fur Seals and Penguins
The Captain pulled the ship as close as possible to this large iceberg to give us a better view. The berg was taller then the ship and was small compared to others we passed. Just another example of HAL going that extra yard for its guests
Our HH3422 fully obstructed view provided great viewing at the aft
Our cabin steward, Kadek, took towel folding to new heights!
A look through our porthole as we go through a lock in the Panama Canal
Pipe organ
Zaandam in port Icy Strait Point
Outside of window to cabin 3300
Ship at doc in port
Antarctic from our room


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Chilean Fiords