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The Library at Ephesus, Turkey
"The Library at Ephesus, Turkey"
Member photo by fafert:

The Library at Ephesus, Turkey

(Apr 2016)
The old city wall in Dubrovnik.
The Library at Ephesus, Turkey
The Parthenon (atop the Acropolis), Athens, Greece.
View of Dubrovnik at the top of the cable car ride.
Viking Sea behind sail boat in Toulan, France
Athens Greece
Wine tasting
Viking Sea at anchor in the Gieranger Fjord picture taken from the Eagles Nest viewing point
One of the many incredible Churches we saw.
Peter the Great's Summer Palace with fountains (with no pumps)
Peterhof - St. Petersburg, Russia
Church on Spilt Blood - St. Petersburg, Russia
Hermitage - St. Petersburg, Russia
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bergen, Norway
Viking Sword Fight
View from atop St.Thomas
Coming into Madeira -- a wonderful tour and place!

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The Library at Ephesus, Turkey