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Pulled Pork Sandwich-Awful
"Pulled Pork Sandwich-Awful"
Member photo by John N:

Pulled Pork Sandwich-Awful

(Aug 2015)
Pulled Pork Sandwich-Awful
Beef Wellington-Good
Scallop Dinner - Skimpy
Cafe near the Louvre
Normandy lunch
Coffee at Quasimodo
Final farewell dinner
The BEST chef EVER. He attended to all my food allergies and intolerances better than anywhere I’ve ever been. I was never sick. And the food was super delicious, not bland. ❤️❤️❤️
Our amazing crew
Lovely top deck with Captains Wheelhouse.
beautiful outdoor lunch
In the dining room, where food rivals that in the city.
Coffee station
Breakfast was especially good on the Rinda, with fresh omelettes, good yogu

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Pulled Pork Sandwich-Awful