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Amazing staircase at Melk Abbey
"Amazing staircase at Melk Abbey"
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Amazing staircase at Melk Abbey

(Jan 2016)
Amazing staircase at Melk Abbey
Spending time in one of the Christmas Markets of Vienna, Austria!
Learning to make traditional Austrian food
Budapest was rich in stature, history and grand waterside architecture.
Ceiling of a monetary we visited near Krems Austria.
Cafe Thomaselli in Salzburg is a must stop during your walking tour of the old city. Pastry and a coffee on a chilly damp morning!
The abbey graveyard in Salzburg and spot where famous scene was filmed in The Sound of Music.
Church in a mountain - Budapest
Opera House - Budapest
Arch of Triumph....Bucharest
The Black Sea/Romania
Street in Passau
Street Sign in Passau
Coat of Arms for Passau. using the figure for 8 and then cutting it off to
Passau Sign
Mime outside the castle in Vienna
Budapest, at the end of the journey
Prague is another favorite destination. I

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Amazing staircase at Melk Abbey